Sunday Night Fantasy

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Black And

It was a normal lazy Sunday night and I just got out of a hot shower and slipped into my soft white terry cloth robe. Walking into my bedroom, I quickly locked the door behind me. Fumbling through my wide range of body lotions, I pulled out my new Pink Sugar body lotion that I had just purchased earlier that morning. I opened the cap and poured some of the white lotion into my palms. I rubbed them together and smoothed the silky lotion onto my newly shaved thighs. The lotion was cool and it felt so refreshing, my skin was now so soft and smelled like sweet sugar and cotton candy.

My hands moved up to my soft, white breasts and I slowly circled my pink nipples with the lotion. I shivered slightly and noticed my nipples were hard. I slathered the lotion on my arms and reached over into the Victoria’s Secret bag. I pulled out the hot pink camisole and thong, grabbed a scissor and snipped off the tags. It was a hot outfit, the thong was crotch-less and its only purpose was for looks.

Stepping into the thong and pulling it up, I looked in my full-length mirror. How scandalous! It didn’t cover my pussy at all, and it looked so naughty. I pulled the top over my head and put my arms through the straps. I loved Casibom the top, my nipples poked through the purposely-designed lacy holes. A hot pink bow was tied right above each nipple. I looked back at myself in the mirror, what a great treat I would make for someone. Too bad there was no one to eat me up.

Walking over to my bed, I laid down with my head against my white pillows. My long blonde hair cascaded around my shoulders. I had white sheets and pillowcases and pretty white sheer curtains in my room. It looked very innocent even though I was anything but innocent. I started squeezing my exposed nipples and tugging on them, one of my favorite feelings. My nipples are so sensitive and it makes me so wet.

Eagerly, I grabbed my hand mirror and propped it up in front of me. Spreading apart my legs, I could see myself exposed. My pussy looked so hot, the pink lace from the panties surrounded my lips, and I loved the way the fabric felt against them. I licked my middle finger and started to rub my clit slowly in circles. Mmmm… I loved how this felt.

My hands grazed across my soft breasts. I squeezed my nipple with my left hand as I was rubbing my clit. I pushed my finger down further Casibom Giriş and inserted it into my hole, the entire time watching myself in my hand mirror. I could see my finger being swallowed up by my pussy. I pushed it all the way in, and then withdrew it; I loved watching how my pussy would be stretched open and then slowly close with my finger removed.

I reached over and grabbed my favorite hot pink vibrator; bringing it to my mouth I sucked on it making sure it was wet enough. Turning it on low, I started rubbing it over my clit, but I knew I wanted it deep inside me. I wanted to watch it plunge in and out of my pussy, stretching it more each time.

I slid it down to the opening and pushed it in gently. My pussy was so damn tight, there was so much resistance pushing it in, but I loved the feeling. After I got it in, I started pushing it in and out and rubbed my clit with my right hand.

My thoughts started to wander; I started thinking how I wished you were here watching me. I want to see you stroking your cock in front of me, show me how you do it. You could even bring it up to my face, tease me with it, run the head across my lips and slowly push it into my mouth. I would love to suck on your cock as you watched me fuck my pussy. Push it deeper into my mouth, fuck my face! These thoughts excited me even more as I imagined you here with me.

Feeling myself getting used to the vibrator, it was much easier for me to push it in and out. Pulling it all the way out I would look in the mirror and see my pussy stretched wide, I loved it. I wished you could see it too. I would love for you to slide two of your fingers into my silky wet pussy as I rub my clit with the vibrator, watch me touch myself.

As I continued fucking myself, I started feeling extremely sensitive, my thighs were tense, I wanted to cum for you. I pushed the vibrator further and further into me and rubbed my clit faster and faster. My clit got so tingly I could feel all the sensations at the tip. Imagining your cock slowly being pushed in and out of my mouth, I rubbed my clit once more and felt myself pushed over the edge. My pussy gripped the vibrator again and again as I continued thrusting. I let out a moan and was breathing so hard, I was panting. My face felt so hot and my chest was as pink as my sexy camisole.

I shuddered as I pulled the vibrator out of my pussy. I touched it and felt my own silky wetness all over it. I wish you could be here right now, touching my wet lips; you could slide your cock right in and do whatever you wanted to me, I’m so ready for you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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