Surprised By Daddy

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It was late in the afternoon and I was home from classes early and no one else was home. The house was actually quiet for a change and so I took advantage of it and decided that it would be hours before anyone else came back to the house that I would read my newest book on the couch, but I wanted to do it naked. It always felt so much more amazing reading my books while I was free from any clothes, especially since the book I was reading was a naughty book. Heaven knew that my daddy would be upset with me if he caught me reading it. I may be a college student but I still had to follow his rules, but he wouldn’t be home for hours, so I thought it would be safe.

Running upstairs to my room, I grabbed my book from it’s hidden place and stripped out of my clothes. I took a quick look at myself in the mirror and gave a small sigh. I honestly didn’t think I looked that great but that was my own opinion. As I started to head out of my room, I backtracked and grabbed my vibrating dildo from my pantie drawer. Considering the content of the book I was reading, I thought it would be best to be prepared in case I wanted to play while I read.

I quickly made my way back downstairs and got myself comfortable on the couch, and quickly got absorbed into my book. This book had so many different sex scenes in it, but the ones that truly got me wet were the ones were the girls were bound and helpless and couldn’t do a thing to stop the guy. I had, had my share of sex but the few guys I had been with were so tame and well, quite boring. So reading books like this, and reading how forceful a guy could be with a girl just got me going so much. I had spent many nights with my dildo ataşehir escort just fantasizing the different scenarios I had read about.

As I kept reading, I started to squirm a bit, my pussy juices starting to drip down my ass. My hand grabbed my dildo and slowly started to rub it against my pussy and my clit as I kept reading. Teasing myself I made myself even more desperate as I moaned and begged an imaginary guy to just shove his cock in me and fuck me. Slowly I penetrated myself with my toy, until it was in me all the way. I felt so full and I couldn’t help but moan in contentment. I turned the vibrator part of it on to low and just let it vibrate away in my pussy as I tried to concentrate more on my book. A little time went by and I was so close to having an orgasm when my world froze in time.

“What do you think you are doing!?” The voice of my father screamed at me. He was home early! My heart felt like it stopped, but my body was to desperate for that orgasm to care and I went over the edge, screaming both in pleasure and in fear. Daddy took advantage of my being unable to do anything to stride over to where I was writhing on the couch and grabbed me by the wrist to stand me up. He then seated himself where I had been sitting, pulled me back down so I was bent over his lap, and pulled the toy out of my pussy.

“You are such a little slut. I always knew you were, I just didn’t know how bad of one you were.” His voice was cold as he kept me pinned to his lap as I struggled against him. “You also broke the rules, I see this smut you’re reading. And you know to not have these nasty toys in the house.”

I cried and tried to plead with kadıköy escort him and beg for his forgiveness but he ignored my words. This time I had really pushed his anger to a whole new level and my punishment was not going to be a simple grounding.

With no warning his hand hit against my ass as hard as he could, causing me to cry out in surprise and pain. I don’t know how many times he did this, but I was bawling by the time he finished, my poor ass feeling so red and abused. Thinking that my torment was over, I was surprised when he shoved me off of his lap and proceeded to unzip his pants and pull his cock out. I tried to back away but he grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face to his cock.

“You want to be a little slut, well then you’re going to be treated like one. Now suck my cock.” I whimpered but after a few seconds I slowly opened my mouth and he proceeded to shove his cock into my mouth. After a few minutes of me sucking on his cock he took my head with both of his hands and proceeded to roughly fuck my mouth. I had tears flowing from my eyes as I gagged repeatedly on his cock as he tried to shove it down my throat, yet, while I was scared my body was becoming turned on by this treatment. Just as the realization hit, daddy managed to shove his cock down my throat, cutting off my airways. He then proceeded to pinch my nose closed and I started to panic. I was running out of air!

He soon realized my head and I quickly pulled off of his cock as I gasped for air. It was then that I had the biggest surprise of my life as daddy pinched and twisted one nipple, and then the other, before he placed clamps upon each, causing me to once again bostancı escort bayan cry out. I had no idea where the clamps even came from, but he laughed at my pain and confusion.

“You really are a clueless little slut aren’t you? There is so much about your daddy that you don’t know about. In time you’ll find out, but the only thing you need to know now is that I’m now your master and you will obey me.”

My mouth wouldn’t work as my brain tried to process everything he said. I was stunned and shocked, but my pussy was wet and dripping. My body wanted this, and I honestly had never felt better in my life. So when daddy asked me to get on my hands and knees, I answered, “Yes, daddy.” and proceeded to get on my hands and knees. The chain from the clamps swung in the air as the pulled on my poor nipples. Daddy pulled on the chain which made me cry out, distracting me long enough to surprise me yet again as he plunged his cock deep into my wet pussy. He had one hand pulling on my hair, and another one pulling on the chain as he pounded into my pussy. I begged him to let me come, I needed to come so badly.

“Come my sweet little slut. Come for daddy.” With those words I started to come, and as I did he took the nipple clamps off causing me to go even further over the edge. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. I felt daddy start fucking me even harder before he slammed into me once more and I felt his seed go deep inside of me. He pulled out of me minutes later, and walked away, leaving me in the middle of the living room, naked and fucked.

It has been months since that first time with daddy, and now I am his little slut. I love it so much. He’s introduced me to everything that I’ve always fantasized and then some. Things like having my ass fucked, and having a riding crop used on me. I’ve been tied up in so many different positions and he’s even let a couple of his friends use me. I love my daddy.

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