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It was a quiet Sunday afternoon. A light drizzle fell outside, but it was warm enough to keep the windows open a little, so even on the inside the atmosphere had a misty quality. It was the kind of day where you sit around and read the entire Sunday paper or watch old movies on television all day. But I had other activities in mind as I sat on his lap facing him, straddling his legs with mine. I traced his jaw line with the tip of my tongue. My lips grazed over his neck until my mouth rested on his nape, nuzzling his thick black hair. My breasts, covered only by a thin t-shirt, pressed against his broad chest. He sat there looking straight ahead, saying nothing. I stopped to look into his eyes. They seemed hazy and tired but looked right through me. His face seemed calm yet somewhat disturbed.

“What?” I asked. He didn’t answer. “What?” I asked again, this time nudging him slightly with my hand on his shoulder. He raised his one finger to my lips and gently pressed it against them. “Shhhh….” he instructed me. His finger then traced the outline of my lips. I parted them a little and took his finger into my mouth, sucking it. His mouth curled slightly upward at one corner in an unbelievably sexy half-smile. He rolled his eyes and sighed. “What are you doing to me?” he asked.

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what I was doing to him exactly. It’s just what he does to me. I don’t think; I simply react to the way he makes me feel. He gave me a broad dimpled smile and pulled his finger from between my lips. He took my hand and placed it between his legs. “You see what you’re doing to me?” he asked.

I smiled, feeling his cock growing under his jeans. Knowing exactly how he liked to be touched, I traced my fingers over his denim-covered hard on. He cocked his head to the side and stared into my eyes. There was something on his mind, but he didn’t have to say anything. I knew I was doing the right thing. I continued to rub him teasingly and fuck him with my eyes until finally he grabbed my hand and pulled it away. “What?” I asked.

“Is that all you know how to ask? ‘What?'” he questioned.

Suddenly Bostancı Escort I was a shy little girl being reprimanded for something she had no idea was wrong. I looked down at the cushions. He moved to sit back against the arm of the couch. I could still see his cock straining under his zipper. He kept his gaze on me as though he was examining me. Then he nodded towards me. “I want to see you get off.” He said softly. I wasn’t sure how to take this so I asked, “What do you mean?” He smiled, looking at the floor and then at me. “I want to see you get off. I want to watch.” I realized what he meant. I suddenly grew nervous. I had never done that for anyone. I didn’t know if I could do it. He was growing impatient. “Touch yourself.” He urged. His voice seemed soft, delicate, yet firm and serious.

I moved to the other end of the couch as he followed me with his eyes. His hand was resting only a fraction of an inch above his hard on. Lying back against the arm of the couch, I closed my eyes and ran my fingers over my inner thighs, making my nerve endings tingle. Knowing he was watching me made my heart race. I was already wet from thinking about everything I wanted to do to him and I started to rub myself over my denim cut-offs. My legs slowly parted and revealed my activity to him. I could hear him lick his lips and reposition himself on the couch. I was getting hotter and I felt his hand touch my knee and spread my legs further apart so he could see better. I heard him sigh when he saw that I wasn’t wearing any panties and caught a glimpse of my shaved pussy.

His reaction made me feel bolder and my fingers slipped underneath my shorts to caress my dripping wetness. I gasped when I touched myself at first at the intense sensation. My fingers slid gently over the hot and wet space between my legs, stroking my swollen, wanting pussy lips, finally dipping a finger into my burning slit. My pleasure was becoming more intense as I slipped in a second finger and stroked myself deep inside. Little whimpers were occasionally escaping my throat now as I slid a finger up to trace delicate circles on my distended Erenköy Escort clit, which had been begging for attention. My breathing was becoming ragged and I pushed my t-shirt up so I could caress my breasts with my other hand. Then the sound of his voice again jolted me.

“Look at me.” He ordered. I was nervous but the stimulation was so intense that I obeyed, opening my eyes to meet his. He had unzipped his jeans and had taken out his beautiful thick cock, stroking it with one hand, the tip glistening with precum. The sound of our rough, uneven breathing and the sweet scent of my pussy nectar filled the air around us His hot stare was making me all the more eager. I maintained contact with his passionate hazel eyes as my fingers slipped back down into the hot folds of my pussy. I pulled them out, dripping with my honey, and brought them up to my soft, full tits. I returned his heated gaze as he watched my soaked fingers dance lightly over my hard nipples, coating the little pink buds with my juice, all the while stirring my inflamed clit with the fingers of my other hand. He groaned a little and rubbed his cock a little faster and then watched as I put the hand that had just been caressing my tits up to my mouth and sucked my cunt honey off my fingers, licking them clean, my eyes never leaving his.

That was it. It was all he could take. As I moaned on the brink of cumming, he quickly lunged forward, pulling my shorts off and throwing them to the floor. He held my hands to either side of my head and thrust his gorgeous monster easily into my tight, dripping snatch. As I felt the length and thickness of him fill me up, I couldn’t hold back anymore and I came fast and hard, writhing under him. He gasped at the feel of my muscles clenching around his cock and my juices flooding over him. I cried out in pleasure turning my head to the side as his hot mouth made it’s way over my throat in forceful kisses until finding my mouth. His tongue probed for mine, drinking me. His hands let go of mine as they roamed down the length of my body and his mouth sought out my nipples, rock hard and still wet from the pussy Göztepe Escort juices I had painted on them. He took one in his mouth and moaned as he tasted me, his cock thrusting deeper and harder in me, setting a steady rhythm of long hard strokes that he knew I loved. I moved one of my hands so it was back down at my clit, fingering it has he fucked my drenched pussy. I watched the lust on his face as he saw what I was doing. He brought his lips up to my ear and growled. “Yeah, that’s it baby. Get yourself off while I fuck that hot little cunt of yours. Make that sweet little pussy cum for me again.”

His words sent me over the edge and I screamed and shuddered as I climaxed again, hearing him groan loudly as I dug my nails into his ass and bathed his cock in my juices for a second time. “Oh yeah baby. God, I love your sweet cunt.” His breathing was more labored and his thrusts grew more demanding. He was up on his knees so he could pound into me harder. He was almost withdrawing completely, then forcing his thick meat back into me, making me feel every slippery inch of him. He grabbed my wrist with one hand and pressed it back into the sofa cushions. His other hand wrapped lightly around my throat; never applying pressure, just caressing my tender skin with his large hand.

Both of us relished his complete possession of my body at this moment as he drove ever harder into me. “Sweet…so sweet…” He murmured, staring down into my eyes. I reached up to his neck with my free hand and pulled his head down, desperate to have him closer. His thrusts sent waves through my body and I sighed his name on the verge of cumming a third time. He moaned l and his breathing on my neck became rapid and unsteady. “Fuck, baby…cum with me!” He cried and then came with such force that he nearly stopped breathing. His hot cum flowed inside my already soaking pussy and I tightened myself around his thrusting cock, cumming again with an intensity that matched his. The air was filled with our cries of ecstasy. As he lay on top of me, beads of sweat rolled from his forehead and landed on my shoulder. He remained inside me as we both breathed heavily, trying to catch up with ourselves. In the silence that followed, he lifted his head to look at me and kissed me deeply. He started to laugh and soon I did too. We rolled off of the couch and onto the floor, laughing and kissing the whole way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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