Swing Club Ch. 02

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Authors note: This is a story of loving wives, in other words married women having sex with other men. If you can’t handle it or if you can’t handle the explicit language, I suggest you don’t read it instead of don’t send me nasty e-mails. Not only will you not get a reply, it won’t even be read. If you do however wish to send me positive criticism, I’ll be glad to read your personal comments or remarks.

As like all of my stories, my hubbies and my name are real, the other people’s names have been changed.

This story is the continuance of swing club # 1…


With a clean bodies Bart and I arrived back downstairs at the bar. I knew it was a good idea to bring a spare set of underwear for the both of us, although I didn’t plan on having to use it until we left… There were a couple of people slow dancing on the dance floor, not the least bit ashamed to feel each other up right in front of everybody. A couple of women were stroking several men and the men returned the favour by placing their hands on and in their fuck slits.

Bart and I were sitting together at the bar with him facing the way to the pool. I noticed him after a while looking over my shoulder, fixated on something. I turned around and saw a woman, wet from swimming, was walking back to the pool. She was wearing a thong bikini bottom and a bikini top that looked like it had very little fabric in the front, since it had only a very tiny piece of string across her back. She was tall, taller than I am, which is already pretty tall, and long wavy blond hair. She was not fat, but not too skinny either. She had well rounded hips and shapely long legs, even on bare foot, they looked great. I hadn’t ever felt anything for a woman before, but judging from only her back, I could see why Bart was in la-la land for a bit there. When I turned back to Bart I made a comment to him about the people dancing, since they were also in that direction, to try and hide the fact that I noticed why he got quite all of the sudden. I don’t think he noticed and after she was out of sight we continued our chat.

“Wanne go for a swim,” I asked Bart, ‘it has been pretty long since we have done that and since there is a heated indoor pool right here…”

I didn’t have to ask him twice, he quickly finished his drink and we walked over to the pool. Of course, we weren’t alone, but there weren’t as many people as I expected, about 7 – 8 I guess.

We jumped into the water and I cuddled a bit while I was searching for the women. I found her behind the back of another woman in a group a four. She was absolutely stunning. Blue eyes, radiant smile on her face and a pair of the biggest real tits I had ever seen. You could see by the way they wiggled when she moved, but they didn’t sag much at all. I knew Bart would love to “talk” to her but didn’t dare to do something, worried about my reaction and he can be surprisingly shy. So while he was holding me and kissing my neck and tits, I was trying to make eye contact with the woman.

It worked, a first couple of small short looks, seeing if she was interested in getting to know us too, then making the looks longer and added short smiles and winks. 10 minutes later she broke from the group to swim a couple of laps up and down. If I was going to do anything, this was my chance. I did this for Bart, but I must admit I also did it for myself, I found myself attracted to this women.

I told Bart I was going to swim a few laps and bursa escort bayan glided myself over to the women. While slowly, barely swimming, going up and down the pool, we started to make some small talk. I found out her name was Nathalie, she was 28 and single. Well, not quite single, just not attached to a guy.

I introduced my hubby and asked if she wanted to get a drink with us. 5 minutes later we were sitting at a table drinking a cocktail of some sort, me in the middle with Bart and Nathalie on either side of me. She was telling us who she was, her previous relationships and how they failed and why she wanted to stay not attached for a while. I found myself intrigued by this women, I just wanted to lean over and give her a long kiss. But since she didn’t give any indication of being bi, she only talked about men when it came to sex, and me not having any experience at all in that department, I didn’t dare to take a move.

Once in a while I noticed Bart, not talking too much, but mostly looking all over her body and especially her tits, which were indeed covered by only a very small piece of fabric. Bart has always been a “tit man.” She responded well to him, smiling at him, wiggling for him, stroking her hair for him, … The sight of another women coming on to my guy like that made me even hotter.

Then I decided I had to try it. I asked her if she liked my husband, to which she strongly agreed. I told her she turned him on too and that whenever he saw you Bart got quiet and just fixated on you, probably trying to undress you with his eyes. I looked at Bart and saw his mouth fall open. He obviously didn’t know I noticed him looking. “He gets even more turned on by seeing two women together,” I said, I looking at Nathalie with what must have been a very red flushed face.

She didn’t say anything but placed her soft hand on my thigh and started to kiss me ever so softly. “Then why don’t we give him something we really enjoys…” Nathalie said after the kiss, looking deep into my eyes.

She stood up and grabbed my hand. “Let us go upstairs, where there is more privacy,” she said.

Bart and I followed her to a private room which had a huge romantic canopy bed. She and I laid down while Bart sat himself on the. It didn’t take her long to remove my lingerie and for me to remove her bikini top and bottom. When we were naked she pushed me down on the bed and started from my waist down to lick me all over my body, coming up very slowly. She stopped and took extra care of my tits and nipples with her tongue while her hand had found my bald, well fucked pussy. She continued upwards and when we were kissing she was moving her upper body so that her nipples were forming circles around mine. I think I came about 2 – 3 times by her touch before she stopped. She stopped quickly after another of my orgasms and moved to straddle my face without losing any time. She definitely has done this before… She sat her trimmed cunt on my lips and I started licking her pussy.

I flicked my tongue lightly over my clit and trailed my tongue over her pussy lips which were extremely swollen. That pussy had also welcomed a cock (or cocks) earlier that evening… While I was eating her out, she was wild, moaned and screamed loudly, called me every name in the book. She was moving her hips furiously over my face. She was being really aggressive and I loved it. When she came, she gushed my face with her female fluids. I had often bursa anal yapan escort heard about women that can cum so much, but never seen it. I can cum hard and often, but I don’t squirt unfortunately.

She moved around when leaned over. I remember so clearly the first time a women’s mouth touched my pussy. She was completely turned around now and taking it very soft and slowly. I came mini orgasms each time her tongue flicked my clit.

I guess Bart couldn’t take it anymore, because not long after we switched to our 69 position I saw Bart coming over my face and sticking his finger into the cunt I was licking. My hubby used her slick juices to lube up his cock and slowly penetrated her. I was right under it as he penetrated her. It felt like I was watching a porn movie in close up.

Soon, Nathalie was so engrossed by the joy my hubby was giving her, she was unable to concentrate on my pussy anymore. I can tell from experience how difficult it is to keep giving head when you are constantly cumming. I decided to leave the 2 lovers alone and for me just to watch them.

When I sat down in the chair I placed next to the bed, Bart was just moving Nathalie on her back and laying her feet on his shoulders. He plunged his cock into her and they both just moaned in pleasure. I could tell Bart was getting close to another orgasm and about 10 strokes later, in a position were he could penetrate this slut as deeply as possible, he shot his load deep into her cunt. Their bodies just smelted together in pure lust.

Bart and Nathalie were kissing and touching each other as he popped out her sloppy cum soaked pussy. But she slid her hands in between her legs and grabbed his cock and started stroking it. In the mean time they didn’t stop kissing and fondling each other. This time Bart had completely forgotten about me. A feeling I know myself very well.

After about 15 minutes of resting he started to swell back up in her hands. Bart had successfully fingered her pussy all the while and smeared their combined cum on her big tits and then tastefully licked it back up. He also loved doing that with me. We must both have the same cum fetish…

They rolled on their left side and she held her right leg straight up in the air as Bart penetrated her again. They were facing me so I had a perfect few of him sliding back into that fuck hole. Looking at their faces, full of lust, I couldn’t hold it anymore either and starting rubbing my clit with my fingers.

Bart must have noticed the movement in the corner of his eyes, because he looked up at me and when he saw me masturbating he got this really big grin on his face.

I never thought I would enjoy being a voyeur, watching my man fuck another woman, but it was absolutely beautiful and very arousing. I came a couple of times on my fingers while I watched them, but it couldn’t quite take the edge off. So I took a bottle of shampoo which has standing at the bathtub and violated myself with this as I watched my husband fuck this perfect slut right in front of me.

After cumming himself already 3-4 times this night, it took him a little longer to cum again. But Nathalie and I didn’t mind. He showed her every corner of the bed, in every position imaginable before he froze again deep inside of her.

We took another bath together in which we washed each others bodies, exchanged phone numbers to stay in contact and then bursa rus escort left for home. It was already past 3 am.

In the car we talked about the good time we had at the swing club and decided we definitely had to do that again. I confessed to him that, although they were a true torture, those “chinese” balls” he made me wear for 2 days, had gotten me hotter than ever.

A small hour later, we got home and fell right asleep.

Sunday afternoon Bart woke me with a rose and a cup of coffee in bed. He told me he had another surprise for me, but I could refuse if I wanted to.

Why would I refuse a gift?? So Bart went out the bedroom and guess who came back in with him: Pascal and Stefan, already completely naked!!

“I asked their phone numbers last night, so we could be in contact afterwards,” Bart said. “I called this morning with the question if they were free today and if they would be willing to come over…”

My jaw fell open, I was completely speechless, couldn’t say a word. It was still different. Here I was in my bed with only a nighty on and there was plenty of light, not some dark impersonal bar.

But the guys took my silence as approval and walked over to the bed. Pascal took my cup from me and Stefan pulled on my legs so I fell on my back on the bed. He pulled my legs apart and lubricated his dick with some saliva before he slowly penetrated me.

Pascal fondled my tits and took my hand to place it on his cock. At first, I didn’t really want to, I was still kinda fucked out from the night before, but my body took over quickly. Stefan had sunken his cock completely into my slutty cunt and stroked it in and out a couple of times when Bart said it looked like we would be busy for a while so he would come back later. With that we left the room and I heard him go downstairs.

Pascal, Stefan and I got into our rhytm after that though. I was really starting to enjoy myself again as Pascal and Stefan were fucking my shaven pussy like the slut I was. The guys gave it to me again a couple of times before they collapsed, completely spend, on the bed.

By then several hours had passed though. I had never met a couple of boys that were able to hold out for so long after multiple orgasms. Also, in this whole time, Bart didn’t show up a single time to check on us.

When the guys were cleaned up and dressed they said good-bye to me and left. I didn’t have the energy to stand up, so I stayed in bed, covered again in cum.

I heard Bart thanking them and letting them out. Only then did he come back into the bedroom.

“Did you have a good time this afternoon?” he asked me.

“I sure did,” I said, “but why did you leave and didn’t you come back anymore?”

He said he had been most of the time on the other side of the wall, just listening to us moaning and groaning. He said, not being able to see what we were doing, but hearing us was really wild. He had the horniest visions about what we were doing, and he shot his load twice into his hand.

We didn’t come out of the bed anymore the rest of the day. We spend it laying there together, cuddling, watching TV, just being in love with each other.

That night, I told him I would repay this gift to him and have Nathalie join us a day for nothing but fucking a whole day.

He turned on top of me and fucked my snatch one last time that week-end before it was Monday and time for us to go to work again for a whole long week.

This week-end was definitely the real start of our new life-style: hard working, polite, nice employees during the week and a pimp with his whore in the week-end…

I hope you liked this story of ours, let me know if you did and if you would like to know more of our sex life.



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