Sybil’s Sybian

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I’d never really thought much about my neighbor’s daughter as she was growing up.

Sybil was pretty quiet and introverted and if I said hello to her she’d make some unintelligible sound in response, avoid eye contact, and then scurry away. Hate to admit it but I simply didn’t give her much thought.

Then when she hit sixteen she went from being shy and quiet to being Chatty Cathy. It was quite the change and she started speaking to me and that turned into a lot of long conversations on my front porch. I might add that her transformation also included becoming a young woman who was in my personal opinion just right.

Only after she turned eighteen did she get invited inside the house to talk.

And talk she did!

There was a rapid fire series of dates from the crop of boys at Kansas City Community College but nothing ever got serious. I got to hear all the details of the various dates and how the boys had failed to meet Sybil’s standards for a boyfriend and thus that role had yet to be filled.

Her freshman year ended and the summer came along with the usual heat and humidity of a typical KC summer. Our chats moved from the porch to the much cooler basement where I’d made a very comfortable and windowless living room. The space was carpeted and I’d had a triple layer of padding installed under the carpet to give some extra insulation in the winter and it had the added bonus of feeling great on your bare feet. The furniture was what you’d expect with a couple over stuffed chairs, a coffee table, and a cozy futon sofa/couch with a big screen TV on the wall. I might also mention the wet bar and the full bathroom I’d installed.

Somehow the new location changed the tenor of Sybil’s chats with me and she started to breach the subject of sex rather often. Her openness might have had a little to do with the fact that I made my liquor cabinet available to her.

One afternoon after a few Mint Juleps she confessed that she’d never had a very good orgasm although she didn’t come right out and say it like that. I had to decode her very circumspect way of addressing the subject until I figured it out and just said, “Oh, you mean you’ve never had one of those toe-curling orgasms you’ve heard about?”

The shy version of Sybil briefly appeared as she flushed with embarrassment.

“Have you ever tried any sex toys?” I asked.

Her eyes rolled at me, “Oh my God, my parents would lose their shit if they caught me with something like that!”

“What if you could keep it here?” I said, gesturing to my very comfy basement.

She knitted her eyebrows as she responded, “Wouldn’t that be a little inappropriate?”

I shook my head, “No, you could come down here when I’m at work and do whatever you want. And then you can keep it to yourself if you wish.”

She mulled it over a moment. “You wouldn’t mind?”

“Nope, not at all. You need some personal space and I have space that you can use for personal reasons, how’s that?”

She looked down at her feet and then back up at me. “You really wouldn’t mind?”

“I said it, didn’t I?”

Chatty Cathy surfaced again as Sybil started a whole new conversation about sex toys and where to order them, what to order, and how to use them. After maybe a half an hour chat I pulled out my phone and got on Amazon. A few clicks later there was a decent assortment of sex toys on their way to my house.

Sybil went home for dinner and I left the requisite type and number of batteries on my basement coffee table for her to use.

The next morning I took off for work and just before lunch time I got a text saying that my delivery had arrived. I smiled figuring Sybil would have a nice afternoon setting up and maybe even getting to try out some of her new toys.

When I got home the house was empty. I headed for the basement and everything was in order. I smiled when I checked the trash can and found several empty packages in it. Then I looked around the room and saw a small bag next to my sofa and picked it up. Opening it I found the two vibrating dildos (one shaped like a slim penis and the other a G-spot stimulator), and I also found the two silver bullet vibrators…one large and one small. All four of the toys were heavy with batteries.

I sniffed them hoping to get a scent but Sybil had either demurred to use them or else she’d been responsible and cleaned them after she was done with them.

I didn’t see Sybil that night so I wasn’t going to hear the details of her day. I figured she’d tell me when she was ready.

The next day was much the same for me, a commute to work, a boring day at work, and then a commute home.

When I got home I opened the front door and could hear noise downstairs.

“Sybil?” I called out.

“Just a minute!” came her plea from down below.

I headed for the kitchen to find a cool drink and start some dinner. It was a few minutes later when Sybil came upstairs and it was pretty clear she’d been in a rush to get dressed.

I smirked and said, “I gather you had Bostancı Escort a nice day?”

She looked down at the floor, “Uh, yeah…sorry I wasn’t ready for you the time just got away from me!”

I uncorked a bottle of Cabernet as we had a polite conversation about work, the weather, them Dodgers, and etc.

After the second glass of wine was poured I asked her about the toys.

She responded with a bunch of evasive comments until I finally just said, “I just want to know if you had your toe curling orgasm yet?”

Her lips scrunched up and then she just said, “No.”

Pulling her tank top down a bit she continued, “It’s not like nothing happened because it did. I tried the dildos and they were nice. The small silver thing was nice but the large one was just too big.”

I encouraged her to give the toys that worked some time and I also encouraged her to help herself to a glass of wine before her sex play to maybe relax her and get her more in the mood. She agreed and said she’d try that.

On the way home the next day I stopped by Costco and picked up one of their fluffy oversize bathrobes figuring that Sybil needed something to put on when ‘time got away’ from her again. It was well received.

That evening we sat out on the porch and chatted a bit about Sybil’s needs. In the course of the chat I had an idea.

“Sybil, would you mind if I tried to build you something?”

“Um, what?”

“I’m an engineer and we solve problems by building things. You have a problem so I’d like to build a solution. What can it hurt?”

She agreed to let me build something but made no promises that she’d use it.

That evening I was pretty excited and started doing a ton of reading on Sybians. Seems the main feature for them is the vibration but I noticed that some of the women who commented about the devices complained that they were missing the thrusting aspect of sex.

So for the next four weeks I ordered parts, assembled them, tested them, altered them, threw some away, gave up on one approach and then started another, until finally I was finished!

I arranged to have Sybil come over on Saturday for the unveiling and first test ride of my new project. Her parents were away in Wichita to see family so that gave me all of Saturday and on into Monday morning to play with Sybil.

It was ten sharp when she came in the back door of the house. She wore a cute little sunflower dress and from what I could tell, little else. Myself I was in a t-shirt and gym shorts as is usual for me on a Saturday morning.

I was treated to a perky “Hi!”

“Hi, yourself! Care for a cup of coffee?”

“That’d be nice, thank you!” she politely replied.

We sat down at the kitchen counter and I deliberately avoided talking about what it was I was going to unveil for her. I wanted her to ask about it.

It took a while but it eventually came out, “Okay, so where’s this thing you made?”

I sipped the coffee and then put it down. “In the basement, of course.”

I led the way and when we got downstairs there it was in the middle of my living room floor covered by a sheet. I’d moved the coffee table to make room for it.

Sybil looked at me.

“Go ahead, it’s yours.”

She uncovered it and there was a little gasp as she beheld and understood the device.

It was a Sybian but with my own improvements.

The device was bolted in the center of what looked like a chair. The Sybian itself was the seat. There were stirrups on either side of the saddle for Sybil’s feet and the straps made it clear her feet were to be secured. And then her arms would be secured into the armrests. She’d be comfortably secured in a riding position.

There was the requisite ridge down the top of the saddle but instead of the usual small cock-like device mounted on top I’d added a soft silicone cock of modest size. The soft silicone cock had a hollow aluminum core embedded inside to better conduct the tremors from the vibrators that were hidden inside the saddle. The aluminum core was wrapped with a subtle heating element. A bit less than four inches of the cock extended from the saddle. There were also a few other surprises.

“I’m supposed to get on this?”

“Yeah, that’s the idea.” I said.

She looked around it and touched the cock. Then she looked at the restraints. “Um, how do I use the thing if I have to be tied into it?”

I shook my head. “You don’t control it, I do. That’s part of why this is going to work better is because you won’t be anticipating what comes next.”

“Wait a second, you want me to get naked and get on this thing in front of you?”

I shrugged, “Well, yeah. I’d say wear your robe but I expect you’re going to get pretty sweaty and the robe will just make you hotter. Besides, after all this time don’t you trust me?”

I could tell I had her there.

“You won’t laugh when you see me naked?”

“No, I won’t. I promise no laughing.”

She thought about it and then said, “Okay, but I need another glass Kadıköy Escort of wine.”

I obliged and shortly returned with a large glass of Cabernet. When I came back to the basement Sybil had already doffed her dress and put on her robe. I have to admit that I felt myself getting hard thinking about the fact that her bare body was the only thing under that robe.

Sybil surprised me and downed the glass of wine in one shot.

“Okay, what next?” she asked.

I handed her a bottle of lube. “First thing is for you to lube up that thing,” I pointed at the cock, “and I’d recommend putting some on yourself before we get started.”

“Oh, man,” she giggled, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

She put some of the lube in her hand and got her hand around the cock. She squeezed it and felt it and then she reached her hand under her robe where I imagined her slick fingers lubing her pussy lips.

“Okay…” she said.

I put out my hand to her. “Give me the robe.”

She looked at me for a second.

“Trust me.”

The robe came off and she handed it to me. I caught my breath at the sight of her creamy tits with their gumdrop nipples.

The robe got tossed onto the sofa.

I took her hands in mine and guided her onto the Sybian. “Okay, just gently sit down onto the cock and I’ll do the rest.”

She jumped a little as her pussy made contact with the warm cock. “Oh, wow, this is crazy!” she smiled as she said this.

“Just ease yourself down, it’ll be fine.”

Sybil bit her lip and shuffled her hips around. Then she made a little back and forth motion before she drew in a breath as she settled herself onto the Sybian.

“Okay, now let me get you secured so you don’t fall off this thing and get hurt.”

I started with her arms and got her strapped into the padded armrests. Now between her arms being restrained and her pussy being impaled she had no way of getting herself off the device. Then I put her feet into the stirrups and tied them in.

“How are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m fine but I can’t believe I’m doing this! My parents would never forgive me if they found out!”

That reminded me of something. I reached for a small remote control and then pushed the button.

“Okay, Sybil, before we go on you need to clearly say to me that you consent to everything I’m going to do today and tomorrow and that I am not coercing you to do this in any way.”

“Um, yeah.”

I shook my head, “No, I need you to say it or else we’re done.”

She nodded, “Okay I consent to everything you’re doing and you’re not coercing me.”

“Good.” I picked up my glass of wine and the remote control for the Sybian and then sat down on the couch to gaze upon my willing captive.

I turned on the power and then barely turned the dial for the pussy ridge vibrator.

“I feel that.” she said.

I left it that way for a bit and sipped at my wine. Then I turned on some music. I’d picked out a playlist of cheesy porn music and in a moment it filled the room.

I turned the dial up a bit more. Sybil just knitted her eyebrows for a moment and then settled down.

“How you doing?” I asked.

“Fine.” was all she said.

I hit the button that said ‘lube’ on it and I saw Sybil jump.

“What was that?”

I gave a little laugh. “Tell me what you felt.”

“It was like a warm something got squirted inside me!”

“Like this?” I hit the button again.

“What’s it supposed to do?” she asked.

“Let me show you.” I turned another dial just a little and then I watched Sybil’s face. She looked around the room for a moment and then looked at me.

“It’s moving!” She struggled to get away from it. “It’s going inside me!”

It was going inside her. The three inches or so of the cock that Sybil had sat down on was only the first three inches of a seven inch silicone cock and the hollow aluminum core in its center was also how the lube was injected into her, making her pussy open up for the cock. That seven inches of silicone cock was now slowly pushing itself into Sybil’s pussy. At the current setting it would be two minutes before it bottomed out.

I turned on the vibration for the aluminum core and set it to 3 before I did the same with the pussy ridge vibrator. Sybil started breathing harder.

Then I put my glass down and got up.

I went to the wet bar where I had a sous vide cooker plugged in. It was set to 100° F or just a little warmer than body temperature. Retrieving a bottle of warm baby oil I got behind Sybil and poured some on her back.

“What are you doing?” There was a little panic in her voice.

“I’m just going to rub your back a little. That’s all.”

I rubbed the warm oil all over her back and treated myself to a little side-boob action while I was at it. Sybil flinched when my fingers made contact with her tits and I elected to concentrate on her back for now. I could tell the cock was retreating from her pussy now and I focused on giving her a deep massage to complement Göztepe Escort her sexual experience.

When my hands moved to her neck she rolled her head forward to expose her neck to me and in doing so I knew she was surrendering to me as well. This went on for quite a while until my hands were getting sore and then I washed up and went back to my couch.

Sitting down I picked up the remote and touched the lube button a couple times. She didn’t seem to notice. Next was setting the two vibrator dials to five and then I set the tempo of the cock to three. Sybil was now getting a deep, leisurely fuck from her Sybian and so far as I could tell there was no discomfort.

I sipped at my wine and looked on as Sybil’s head lolled about from the combined effects of wine, fucking, and a nice massage.

It was time to do the next thing. I turned on another dial and set it to four. A sucking sound could now be heard coming from inside the Sybian.

I walked over to the Sybian and knelt down in front of it.

“What are you doing?” asked my captive.

I looked at her face and then looked at her cute little tits. Then I looked down between her legs where a purple silicone cock was slowly sliding back and forth. The real cock in my pants was now begging me to be let out to play.

But first things first. I didn’t reply to Sybil but instead opened the door at the front of the Sybian and pulled out two tubes. At the end of the two tubes were a pair of round, almost mouth like things made of the same silicone as the cock. I set them down and then reached for the warm baby oil again.

I freely squirted the baby oil over Sybil’s cute tits and then put the bottle down.

“Hey, you’re not going to touch my…”

She didn’t even finish the sentence before my hands were on her tits massaging the baby oil all over them.

“Shush, Sybil. Trust me.”

I gave careful attention to her nipples and they responded to my touch almost instantly. Sybil whimpered her approval of my touch.

Leaning down I picked up the two tubes and attached each of the little sucking mouths to Sybil’s erect nipples. The sucking sound went away with a “Fwhoop!” as the little mouths sealed themselves onto her buds.

I couldn’t help myself now as I got up and then leaned down to Sybil’s face. I took her chin in my hand and then kissed her. I wasn’t at all disappointed when she kissed me back.

I had to peel myself away and go back to my couch. Sipping the wine to give my sense something else to think about I reached for the remote control.

I increased the tempo of the cock to eight. That meant the purple cock was now fucking Sybil once every second. Then I increased the pitch of the cock so that on the last part of every stroke it would give an extra nudge inside of her.

The vibrators I upped to eight and was instantly rewarded with Sybil’s reaction. Her jaw trembled as a moan escaped her lips.

At that point I wanted to jack off and cum all over her but I was being patient.

I sat back to watch Sybil’s pleasure rise.

She was struggling with her restraints at the same time she was struggling with her oncoming ecstasy.

I let her go a few minutes as she hovered on the precipice. She was a thing of pure sexual beauty as she was helpless from the onslaught between her legs and the erotic suckling on her tits.

There was yet another surprise.

Picking up the remote I turned another dial to one where it clicked in place. There was a second ‘lube’ button and I touched it a couple times. Sybil was so far gone at this point that she didn’t notice the warmth squirting her in yet another private place.

I turned the dial to two.

“Oh my God, what’s that?” she managed to say.

I activated the third and final vibrator and set it to eight.

Then I turned the dial to ten and let it click into place.

Sybil wailed as a warm, knobbed and vibrating stainless steel rod steadily impaled itself into her virgin ass. Between the intense vibration and the ample lubrication it easily slid into Sybil’s ass and then slightly canted to lock her pelvis down against the saddle.

I could wait no more! I turned each of the dials to 10 and watched as Sybil was getting her pussy fucked three times a second all while her senses were being assailed with vibrations and sucking and then…finally…she screamed as her body went into orgasm!

I made sure to give her pussy more lube but then just sat back and watched as Sybil screamed her way from one orgasmic peak to another. It was magnificent to see her raw sexuality on display like it was.

Standing up I took off my shirt and dropped my shorts. The relatively cool air felt good on my cock and balls. I was the hardest I’d been for a few years.

Sybil would have normally freaked out at the sight of me naked but right then she was too busy screaming and gasping for breath.

“SSSSssssstop it!!” she begged.

I watched her for a moment and then saw her go into another seizure of pleasure. That lasted at least three minutes before I heard her voice again.

“Oh, God, no more…please!!”

I hit the first lube button and then hit the second one. Both times I held the buttons down so she’d feel the warm lube spraying into her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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