Taking it for Granted Ch. 03

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I love the area our home is in, it’s peaceful and quiet, somewhat secluded and I spent a lot of time in the back of the house where I can read and enjoy the scenery. One day as I sat in the sun reading, my son came home with a friend, whom he introduced as his roommate from school. When we shook hands, I could see in his eyes that he knew about my son and I. I looked at my son and he just grinned, not saying anything.

After a few minutes of small talk, my son mentioned that his friend was interested in photography and would like to take some pictures from down on the beach. He asked me if I wanted to come along and of course, I agreed to. As we walked along the beach, the young man took quite a few pictures, mentioning how beautiful the area was and how he was enjoying being there. Not paying too much attention to where we were, I suddenly realized that we had reached the end of the beach and the log that my son and I fucked behind was just off to our left.

“Wow, look at the size of that log,” my son’s friend said, pointing at our log. “It’s hard to understand how a log that big can be washed up on shore so far away from the water.”

“Yeah,” my son answered. “It is a big one isn’t it? Let’s go over and have a look at it.”

As I followed the two of them, my cock was stirring in my shorts. I stood back a little from them as they examined the wood and I could see my son’s hands weren’t just touching the log but were rubbing against his friend too.

“Wow, this thing is big,” my son’s friend said as he stood looking at the log. “You could hide behind it and no one would know you were there, couldn’t you?”

My son leaped over the log and disappeared behind it. His friend followed him and they were both soon out of sight. I waited a few minutes, expecting them to come out again and when they didn’t, I went closer to the log. As I stood beside the log, I could hear some faint sounds coming from the other side of it. I tentatively looked over the log and saw two sets of legs laying on the sand, one on top of the other. I waited a few minutes and hopped over the log and came face to face with the two of them. They both had grins on their faces and were naked, their cocks sticking straight up from their groins.

“God, it took you long enough,” my son said. “We didn’t think you were going to join us.”

“If I’d had known you were waiting for me, I would have been here sooner,” I said, lowering myself down beside my son, grinning at the two of them.

I looked at my son and then his friend, taking in the beautiful sight of their two hard cocks and quickly decided to join them. I was hard too and they grinned even more as I took off my shorts and joined them in the sand.

“You were right,” my son’s friend said as he watched me lower myself beside him. “He has a great cock.”

Without bursa escort looking, I felt a hand on me, rubbing up and down my length, teasing my balls and sliding through my slit, wiping the wetness away. I took my son’s cock in my hand and did the same thing to him, making him groan softly at my touch. It had been a few days since we had been together and he wanted it as much as I did. Now though, we had a third and I wasn’t quite sure, exactly what was going to happen but I was happy to be involved.

“Oh Dad,” my son said quietly, as I continued to rub his erection. “You always have such a soft touch when you rub my cock.”

I looked up into his eyes and smiled at him.

“I love to touch your cock,” I told him as I started to rub it a little harder, pumping it.

I quickly looked over at my son’s friend and he had moved away from us and was on his knees, his camera up, taking pictures of the two of us. I turned back to my son and he had lowered himself down onto the sand, his eyes closed as I continued pumping his cock.

“So you want pictures, do you?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, Dad. Let him take pictures of us as we fuck,” my sons said, lifting his head slightly to look at me. ‘You don’t mind, do you?”

“Hell son. If he wants to take a roll of pictures of us, let him. I don’t mind.”

He grinned at me before lowering his head to the sand again. I continued rubbing his cock and them leaned down and ran my tongue through his slit. He groaned louder when he felt my tongue on him. I sucked the precum out of his slit and ran my tongue down to his balls. He lifted his ass of the sand, giving me easier access to them and then groaned again as I sucked gently, one then the other ball into my mouth. I could hear the clicking of the camera as I continued and it made me hornier.

“Dad, please fuck me,” my son said, pulling my head off him.

I leaned back and let him roll over onto his stomach. He lifted his groin off the sand and pointed his ass at me, inviting me to fuck him. I quickly looked over at his friend and he was clicking away with his camera, getting closer and closer to the two of us.

I leaned down and started to rim my son’s ass. He groaned loudly as he felt my tongue start up his crack, circling his hole and tunneling into him.

“Oh yes, that feels good,” he said quietly. “Tongue fuck me. Stick your tongue up my ass. I want to feel it inside me.”

I licked up and down his crack, using the flat of my tongue. He groaned over and over again, moving against my tongue. I stuck my tongue inside him and licked at his hole, my saliva wetting him as he groaned again and again.

“Dad, please fuck me now,” he pleaded. “I want your cock inside me. I want to feel it slide up my ass.”

I moved up between his legs and pointed my head at his hole, thrusting forward, entering bursa escort bayan him easily.

“Fuck, that feels good.”

I hit the end of his canal and rested against his ass. He waited for a minute before starting to push back against me, signaling me to start fucking him. I slid myself out of him slowly then back up into him fully, my balls slapping against his ass. He groaned again and pushed back against my thrust.

“Yes, Dad. Fuck me,” he groaned softly as I started to thrust in and out of him.

Again I heard the clicking of the camera in my son’s friend hands but didn’t pay too much attention to it. I started speeding up my thrusts and soon was sliding in and out of my son’s ass easily and quickly. I held his hips with my hands and helped him push back against me every time I thrust into him.

I got into a steady rhythm and leaned forward a little, resting against his ass as I fucked him. He was groaning louder now and wiggling his ass.

I caught sight of his friend out of the corner of my eye every now and then. He was moving around us, taking different shots from different angles. He was watching us through his lens and I could hear the click every time he took a picture. I didn’t care that he was there. All I was interested in doing was coming inside my son’s ass.

I suddenly came, spewing my hot come deep inside my son’s ass. He groaned with me as I came.

“Fill me with your come, Dad,” he almost yelled. “I want your come filling my ass.”

I grunted as I finished emptying myself into him and slowly started to pull out of him.

“Stay in me Dad,” he said. “Don’t pull out yet.”

I leaned against his ass and rested, trying to hold my softening cock inside him as long as I could. I looked over at my son’s friend.

“Wow, you two really go at it, don’t you?” he said, grinning at me.

“I grinned back at him but didn’t say anything.

“I got some great pictures of the two of you. I’ll probably need two CD’s to keep all of them.”

Still inside my son’s ass, I felt a twinge in my balls and I started to get another erection. My son felt it too and groaned softly. I waited for a few minutes, letting myself grow inside him and then started thrusting in and out of him again. I took my eyes off his friend but I soon felt his tongue on my ass as I fucked my son. He circled my hole every time I pulled back and I slowed down a little to let him have my ass more and more. Finally I stopped and let him suck on my ass hole, sticking his tongue up into me.

I groaned when I felt him enter me and I pushed back against him, wanting his tongue further up inside me. I felt his tongue leave my ass and I thrust a few times in and out of my son. Then, I felt the head of his cock pushing against my hole. I leaned forward a little, opening myself up to him as he pushed escort bursa his head into me. He was larger than my son, and it felt like I was getting stuffed by a huge piece of wood. His head entered easily and I soon felt him pushing up my canal, his head reaching the end of me, his balls against my ass.

I waited for him to thrust in and out of me a few times then tried to match his movements. I was soon fucking my son’s ass as his friend fucked mine. What a feeling. My cock was surrounded by my son’s tightness as his friend’s cock was sliding in and out of my ass. It was more than erotic it was overwhelming. The feeling of getting fucked as I fucked my son overwhelmed me and I found I was having trouble concentrating on my son as his friend fucked me harder and harder.

I finally gave in to the pounding my ass was getting and leaned forward, stopping my thrusts. I reached around and wrapped my hand around his thrusting cock as it pounded in and out of me. My fingers quickly became soaked with the moisture of him and me. I kept my hand in place until I felt him stiffen, his cock twitching inside me. I suddenly felt him come deep inside me, his hot come warming my ass as he spewed up into me. He came over and over again, grunting every time he spurted more come into me.

When he finished, I started fucking my son again, only this time I tried to keep the cock inside me as I continued. I moved slowly and finally, I felt my cock start to spurt my hot come deep inside my son’s bowels. He groaned when he felt me come and I held myself against his ass as I emptied myself into him. I spurted over and over again into him, every time, he groaned as I filled his ass.

I groaned once when I had finished because his friend was slowly pulling himself out of me and I wanted him to stay inside me.

“Please, keep it inside me,” I pleaded as I pushed back against his groin.

He couldn’t stop as his cock popped out of my ass with a wet sound. I looked around at him and he grinned at me.

“That was the greatest feeling, having my cock buried deep inside you.”

I pulled myself out of my son and he collapsed onto the sand. I had fucked him twice and I was as tired as he was. I leaned back and panted, trying to catch my breath. After a few minutes, I rolled away from my son and sat up against the side of the log. I looked at the two of them and we all just smiled at each other. No one said anything, but you could tell from the look on our faces, that this was just the start.

And it was. We spent the afternoon, fucking each other in different positions and in different combinations until I had to stop. I watched the two of them fuck each other as I rested. We finally got dressed and headed back towards the house. No one said anything as we walked down the beach. Each of us was alone with their thoughts but I was hoping that my son’s friend was going to be around for a while. I wanted his ass again and again.

As it turned out, he spent the whole summer with us, and the three of us had many sessions, behind our log.

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