Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 15

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The year was 1535… I found myself outside King Henry VIII’s dwellings, Greenwich Palace. It was Winter Solstice. The magic was thick in the air and it had drawn me there. The snowflakes floated gently around me and I gazed up at the star-filled sky. Sounds of the courtiers echoed faintly on the other side of the elaborate engraved doors of the finest wood. As I felt my awareness shift, the door slowly opened on its own and I floated through the threshold. Time seemed to stop and yet meld together as I felt my mind and my body taken over by a force I couldn’t control. I felt invisible eyes peering at me and the sense of being watched. I saw a door glowing in front of me, marked with an elaborate cross and the King’s Crest of the Lion. As I stood with my head bowed, auburn tresses flowing around my face, I heard a cultured, melodious voice entice me to enter.

“You are welcome here. Do not be afraid.”

A young dark-haired beautiful woman with caramel skin and amber eyes sat on the magnificently jeweled and mosaic tiled floor. Enclosing her was a giant symbol of a pentacle, encrusted with diamonds and rubies and inscribed with ancient symbols. Her silken and beaded sparkling gown was in shades of blue and violet with fresh-water pearls sewed into the hems. She was wearing a jeweled tiara with sparkling sapphires and aquamarines and the shape of the crescent moon. Her glowing amber eyes locked into mine as she raised her slim, elegant arms to the sky. As I looked up, the moon shone directly through a skylight in the cathedral ceiling. The stars seemed to almost penetrate the glass as she continued to chant and call upon the Goddess.

“I am Queen Ann,” she said simply. “Come sit with me by the fire”

The flames seem to envelope us as she stepped outside the enchanted bostancı escort bayan circle, offering me her bejeweled hand. I was intrigued by her beauty, while not traditional, radiated with intelligence and wit. She reached for the decanter of spiced red wine and offered me a goblet with the same pentacle upon it. I drank deeply of the intoxicating blend, almost as fascinating as she was.

But I saw sorrow and loss in her eyes. As her gaze touched mine, I felt her pain in my heart as we began to really look at each other. Emboldened by the wine and her charisma, I reached out and caressed her long, straight silken hair. She took a ragged breath and gently touched my cheek. It had been long since I had been touched by a woman such as she. Her full vermilion lips descended upon mine even as she commanded my stare. The gentlest pressure of her mouth upon my mouth as she captured my lower lip in hers caused me to sharply inhale and my heartbeat to quicken.

She began to kiss me in earnest, drawing sighs of contentment from me as she massaged my neck and entangled her long fingers into my tresses. Gently lowering me onto the luxuriant tiger fur rug, she began to kiss my neck and the outside of my garment that was covering my breasts. Slowly she looked into my eyes which were wide with fascination. She undid the laces and released the bodice of my gown, exposing my erect breasts. She caressed my firm and luscious tits, squeezing them gently as she milked them with the greatest of expertise.

Licking my nipple and gently biting it, she gave me a small orgasm as I threw my head back and moaned, clenching the satiny rug beneath me as I squirmed. Her talented fingers soon found my love-spot and was rubbing my clitoris with her thumb while her ümraniye escort long index finger found my G spot and was stimulating it with quick purposeful swirls. I spasmed against her hand, crying out as I heard the door creak open and a tiny whoosh of air come in.

As the Queen was rubbing her woman-parts against mine and causing waves of sensation, her brother George entered in in his night-shirt. To her amusement, and mine, he became instantly erect and knelt down and lay with us. She pulled his face towards her, and to my surprise, he didn’t pull away. The magick and the air was thick with lust but also with love. I loved this woman. I knew not how, for I had never seen her, but I knew that we were meant to be with each other, at least for this sacred night.

The Viscount quickly undressed his sister and I gazed with wonder upon her slim well-muscled body. She was like a young colt or a prima ballerina. The hues of her glowing brown skin shown in the firelight and the thicket of her tight curls shone with moisture. George took the goblet of wine and dipped his finger into it and began painting his sister’s body with the libation. He circled her dark nipples which were standing erect as she groaned with pleasure. Her thighs opened as the scent of her cunt filled the room, drawing me in to kiss her there, lapping at her sex, opening her labia so I could taste of her cream-filled snatch. She tasted like the finest oysters. I sucked on her clitoris and it grew in my mouth like a tiny cock as her brother cradled her in his arms and massaged her breasts. She began to pant and speak in a foreign language of love as we carried her to the bed to make love in earnest.

I lay on top of her and found a rubber penis-shaped object with a harness lying tangled up escort kartal in the black silk sheets. I was be-spelled and besotted. With the Viscount’s help, I attached the girl-cock to my hips and plunged into her as her brother put his well-shaped and dripping cock between her lips. “More,” she commanded, as any Queen would. I wet my index finger and rubbed her enlarged clitoris as I fucked her hard with the jelly cock. She was thrashing about the bed as she took George’s enflamed dick down her throat as he continued to fondle and suck and kiss her breasts.

Her hips shook and shook as she squirted her love-juice all over the girl cock as I lie, spent, next to her. She and George began to caress my body which was aching with want. Both of their heads were between my legs as I could feel their hot tongues licking and sucking at my punani. One had their tongue alternately in my vaginal opening and anus as the other flickered their tongue and lips on my clitoris. I had a massive orgasm as George replaced his tongue with his wet cock and began to ride me as I came all over his cock. Queen Ann licked my hard clit as his penis danced inside of me.

The Viscount pulled out of me leaving me wanting and pulled his sister on top of him, as she rode him like a Stallion. He roared as he shot his wad inside of his sister-lover as a young courtier who had come in to tend to the fire appeared. I beckoned him to join us and he knelt before me and offered me his burgeoning cock. He put my hips and legs over his hips and as the Queen started to stroke my body again, he entered me and I began to orgasm again. The two men started to kiss each other and George began to suck on the young man’s cock and my clitoris as he thrust in and out of me.

We made love for hours… the four of us. In the bed, by the fire, in the sacred circle. While the moon looked on and the stars bathed us with their brilliant fire. I awoke in the morrow, with the sun streaming into our love-nest.

“I think we made a child,” The Queen uttered softly.


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