Tall, Blond Stranger

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All characters in the story are over eighteen but if you are not or if you are offended by sexually explicit material, you should stop reading now, close this page, and go and do something else.

This story is the intellectual property of the author and cannot be reproduced in any form without written consent.

The scream that started out as a desperate cry for help caught in my throat, faded then eventually emerged from my dry, parched lips as a muted, pathetic whimper. I struggled, but my Levi’s which had been hurriedly pulled down were wrapped tightly around my ankles making it not quite impossible, but extremely difficult to move.

Searching fingers probed my damp, black panties, easily locating then impatiently circling my tender, throbbing clit, coaxing it out from under its protective hood, until it was erect, hard and ready for the assault that I was dreading and desperately craving in equal measure.

Another hand under my t-shirt ravaged my tiny, bra-less breasts. My nipples were pinched and teased into hard, aching points; the pain and pleasure combining to fuel the fire already raging out of control between my legs.

The air was thick with the intoxicating smell of sex and the room resonated with the unmistakable sound of lust. I recognized my own heady, musky aroma and knew that the sounds I could hear were my hot, raspy gasps as I fought for air between a constant stream of moans and sobs.

Desperately I fought, struggling, squirming and kicking as I tried to get my legs free, but it was no use. The hands in my pants and under my shirt were relentless and without mercy; I was helpless and on the verge of an orgasm.

Somehow I’d made it home, but only just. The short drive from the gym was torture and I’d barely made it through the front door before undoing my jeans and rushing to the sofa with my hand between my legs.

There hadn’t been time to take off my shoes and hobbled by my jeans I’d stumbled across the room and collapsed, literally falling onto the soft, black leather couch to take care of the demanding demon in my loins.

It was just after six o’clock and the living room was bathed in early evening sunlight. Fortunately I was alone, Sara, my housemate, wasn’t home from work and there was no one to hear me moan or to see me writhing in ecstasy on the couch.

For a brief moment I considered pausing to take off my jeans but there was no way I could stop, not even for a moment – I was way beyond that. I arched my back, raised my hips and spread my legs as wide as my crumpled jeans would allow. It wasn’t ideal but I was desperate and under the circumstances it would have to do.

There escort bayan was a sudden hiss, a sharp intake of breath as I slipped a finger between the slippery folds of my outer labia then, after a brief pause, complete silence before the air was expelled from my lungs in a deep, tortured moan as I was penetrated by first one and then a second probing finger.

Actually, I wasn’t alone. It’s true to say that there was no one else in the house, but the tall blond stranger I’d seen earlier that afternoon at the gym was there, at least in my fantasy; standing silently by the side of the couch watching as my fingers plundered my aching cunt, stretching the soft, spongy walls of my vagina and filling me completely.

Like a horny slut I raised my butt off the couch and quickly pulled my panties down to my knees with my free hand to expose my smooth, bald cunt, offering it to the stranger who grinned at the sight of my tiny slit, the edges wet and glistening with my juices.

Kneeling by my side the stranger carefully untied my sneakers, removed my jeans, pulled my panties down to my ankles then took them off and dropped them on the floor. Then, with a hand on each of my knees, gently forced my legs apart, opening me up and exposing me completely.

Deliberately and carefully I placed my forefinger and third finger on each side of my slit then gently parted my labia to reveal the soft, pink entrance to my vagina. In my imagination it wasn’t my fingers but the stranger’s full, moist lips and my index finger became the stranger’s tongue, probing teasing and finally entering me.

My heart was pounding and I was gasping for air just like the stranger had been when I first saw her on the treadmill. My chest was heaving just like hers had been as she sucked air into her tortured lungs, and the look on my face almost matched her own expression of fierce determination and total concentration.

She was already at the gym when I’d arrived and although I was a regular I’d never seen her before. She was tall – well over six feet and her lean, muscular, athletic physique that had obviously been carefully sculpted by hours in the gym, was in total contrast to my own slim, almost boyish figure, my tiny breasts, small waist, flat belly and narrow hips.

I had watched her in awe, amazed by her stamina and endurance. Unlike most of the other women at the gym who walked or jogged, she was running hard and fast, her arms and legs pumping, her short, blonde pony tail bobbing seductively behind her. Her grey crop top molded perfectly to the contours of her powerful chest and small breasts, leaving her hard, flat stomach and pierced bursa vip escort naval exposed. Her navy blue, three-quarter length gym pants sheathed her long, muscular legs and firm butt like a second skin.

From the moment I saw her I wanted her. On the treadmill she was like a machine – precise, never tiring and never faltering. I pictured her making love to me, fucking me with the same determination, intensity and stamina. I tried to concentrate on my workout but the ache in my breasts and the tingling between my legs made it all but impossible.

As I lay on my couch my lover – my own fingers – taking me closer and closer to a much needed orgasm, I recalled how when she finished on the treadmill her gym clothes were soaked with sweat, clinging to her body and semi transparent. She appeared totally relaxed about being so exposed in public and for me it was more erotic and equally arousing as if she had been naked. Now in my fantasy she was naked, her soft, blonde hair gently brushing my legs as she licked and lapped my tender slit, sucking and teasing my throbbing clit until I screamed with pleasure.

I’d been using the leg press machine and watching her doing squats when I first realized that I was wet. Each time I brought my knees to my chest I felt the moisture between my legs and the tingling in my loins increased, sapping my strength.

I was soaking now and my fingers were making delightful squishing sounds as they pumped furiously in and out of my sopping cunt. I was hot and sweaty; my wrist ached and my strength and patience were beginning to wane as I screamed at my phantom lover to make me come.

At the gym the signs of my arousal had probably been just as obvious. My face had been flushed and my nipples were hard and clearly visible through the thin cotton material of my singlet. Obscured by my gym pants my labia were swollen and wet and my clit was hard and erect.

As I had watched her working out I imagined what it would be like to take her in my arms and hold her amazing body against mine. I fantasized about caressing her breasts and taking her nipples between my lips, delighting as my tongue explored the texture of her skin and as my taste buds responded to the salty, tang of her perspiration.

I pictured my fingers trailing across her hard, flat stomach before continuing down towards the gap between the top of her gym pants and the concave valley between her hips. I shivered in anticipation as I imagined the treasure that lay tantalizingly just out of reach in the shadows beyond that narrow, inviting opening

I was doing leg curls and watching her go through bursa elit escort her cool down routine when I noticed the familiar signs of an approaching orgasm. Each time I raised my legs my pubis pressed against the padded bench sending waves of pleasure to my already engorged clit. My legs burned as I pumped out repetition after repetition, unashamedly grinding myself against the vinyl bench. I’m sure I would have come if I had been able to keep going but just as an orgasm threatened to engulf me she finished her workout, picked up her gym bag and left.

Somehow I made it to the shower and turned on the water. It took a few seconds to get the temperature right and in that time my fingers were already between my legs; my clit was still hard and poking out from behind its protective hood. Using two soapy fingers I brushed gently back and forth across the tiny nub coaxing it fully erect. My other hand went automatically to my breast and taking my nipple between my finger and thumb I squeezed.

Momentarily distracted by a muted sound I had opened my eyes and looked up to see her standing in the partly open doorway at the entrance of my shower cubical. Her gym bag was slung casually over one shoulder and there was a small Canadian flag the five Olympic Rings on the breast of her track suit top.

She’d stood silently watching me as I frantically masturbated and she’d smiled when I came, sliding down the wall, ending up squatting immodestly on the wet floor, my legs splayed wide open, my fingers buried deep inside my throbbing cunt, exhausted and spent.

Now as I lay on the soft, black leather, one leg hooked over the back of the sofa, my fingers working their well practiced magic on my throbbing clit, I imagined her by my side watching me again. In the fading sunlight I could feel her presence and in my fantasy she whispered sweetly, in her sexy Canadian accent, tender words of encouragement, finally giving me permission to come.

It was all I needed; my body started to shake, my heart stopped beating and I couldn’t breathe. With one final surge I launched myself over the precipice into the void of oblivion that I had been seeking ever since I first saw her in the gym just a few hours before.

Waves of pleasure swept through my body and chemicals, more powerful and addictive than any drug, were released into my brain immersing me in a state of euphoria that I knew would linger for hours.

It was dark when I awoke. Sara was by my side, shaking me gently by the shoulder and softly whispering my name. My clothes were scattered on the floor and apart from my t-shirt I was naked. I glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that it was it was nearly ten o’clock; I had been asleep for quite a while. I smiled without embarrassment at Sara, picked up my things, showered and went to bed, hoping to dream about my tall blonde stranger again. I had a feeling that I’d wake refreshed and eager for my next gym session.

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