Tami – Dinner And Dessert

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(This is the second part in a true story that actually happened to me. You might want to read the first part to get the backstory on this.)

After so many years of separation, we unexpectedly connected again. It was almost thirty years ago that I had been her teacher and she was my beautiful and sexy student. I had been so careful to remain totally professional with her, all the time knowing in my heart that there were special feelings for her. Several years later, she had asked me to sing at her wedding and I sang my best, feeling my heart breaking all the time. For whatever reason, I had decided that it would be morally wrong for me to pursue anything romantic with a former student, and I struggled with watching her walk down the isle to marry another man. Then we lost touch over the years. I got married and developed a life without her. Almost thirty years later, we had both divorced and were living single. And for some reason she decided to Google me. The next thing I knew, her email surprised the heck out of me. We exchanged emails, and then phone calls, and then she came to visit me.

When she arrived in Gatlinburg for a few days in early October, it came at her birthday; whether by accident or by plan I didn’t know. But it gave me a great opportunity to do some things for her that I might not have been able to do for a friend renewing acquaintances after all these years. I had such a wonderful time buying her some gifts and an even more wonderful time giving them to her on the day she arrived.

Tonight, I was taking her to dinner at the Black Bear, a nice restaurant near my house, for her birthday dinner. We walked into the restaurant and were greeted by Tommy, the host and my friend. He pointed to my usual table, which sat toward the back of the restaurant next to the windows overlooking the creek that separated the restaurant from the national park beyond. I noted, “Ummm. Nicely cool,” aloud, prompting a quizzical look from her. I didn’t share that my comment was a result of her going braless for the first time in our renewed relationship. She was wearing a thin but not quite transparent off-white dress that was somewhat form-fitting without actually clinging tightly. And she was wearing a matching pair of off-white sandals with two-inch heels, making them a perfect combination of casual and elegant.

Her neckline showed a fair amount of cleavage yet without crossing the line into slutty exhibitionism, highlighted by a necklace made of small black stones that looked like a string of black pearls with a blue sapphire dangling at the center. The sapphire was more than 3 carats, and sparkled so brightly it caught the eye of everyone at the restaurant. The necklace was her birthday present from me, given to her just minutes before we went to dinner. In walking her to our table, for just a second she was caught in the setting sunlight, backlit just long enough for me to truly appreciate her dress and especially what was under it. Her sapphire sparkled beautifully, almost blindingly, for only a second before losing the sunlight.

I sat her facing the corner and I took the corner seat. As I seated her, I just managed to steal a quick glance down her blouse at her breasts, and was pleasantly greeted by her nipples beginning to respond to the cool temperature of the dining room. I also noticed that the freckles on her deeply tanned cleavage accented the off-white of her dress wonderfully, and once again I realized just how beautiful her breasts were.

Our physical relationship was still new enough, especially after 34 years of self-imposed Sarıyer escort moral restrictions on my thoughts concerning her, that I was somewhat sheepish about openly appreciating her body. I was finding it more difficult than I expected to adjust from being her teacher so many years ago to being her lover now. The fact that she had such a beautiful body was not new to me, but the option to openly admire it and compliment her on it is still so new that I was almost startled at this new freedom. I allowed myself the privilege of staring at her cleavage for a few seconds.

We had a wonderful meal in the quiet ambiance of the restaurant, with her ordering the salmon filet and I the NY Strip. The bottle of Kendall Jackson Merlot set off the meal wonderfully, while apparently relaxing her just a little. When the server asked us about dessert, she responded with a teasing smile.

“We will be having dessert at home tonight.” Immediately, she blushed, as if not realizing her words until after speaking them. I grinned and asked for the check, a sense of sudden urgency overcoming me.

We left the restaurant quickly, but not too quickly so as to make things too obvious, and I opened the car door for her. As she sat down in the front seat and then swung her legs into the car, I glanced down and noticed that the front of her dress had opened just enough to give me a nearly complete view of her left breast. She paused, noticing my eyes, and looked down at herself. Then she looked me straight in the eyes and slid her dress aside for me to see her entire left breast, holding the dress in that position for several seconds.

Frozen like a deer in the headlights, all I could do was blurt out, “You are so beautiful, and I love you so much.” She smiled so warmly, and a tear slowly slid down her cheek. Then, without a word, she repositioned her dress and the moment was gone. But the image stayed with me, and probably forever, as I walked around the car and let myself into the driver seat.

As we exited the parking lot, she reached over and placed her hand lightly on my right thigh, as if it was the normal thing to do while I was driving. I was immediately thankful that we had a short drive of less than 10 minutes before we would be at my house, hoping with joy that it would soon be our house. As I was walking her to the front door, she paused, turned around and inhaled deeply and then exhaled just as deeply.

“This is a beautiful evening, cool and cloudless; a perfect time for the hot tub.” Since I am not stupid, I quickly agreed.

We walked to the bedroom, our bedroom, and undressed to put on our robes. She clearly took her time undressing and never quite closed her robe, intentionally not tying the belt, all the while a mischievous smile lighting her eyes. She was having an obvious effect on me, and laughed almost musically as she looked at my hardening cock.

“Come on, you dog. Let’s get wet.” Her words were intentionally tantalizing and we headed to the back deck to enjoy the hot tub.

We walked out the back door onto the large deck, with the starry night wrapping itself around us. I removed the hot tub cover and pressed the button that turned on the bubble machine, the internal machine instantly pumping its mixture of water and air into the hot tub. It was dark by then, and the sky was blazing with stars and a half moon.

We stood next to the hot tub and I slowly moved toward her. We kissed so gently for several seconds, her tongue softly caressing my lips and then intertwining with my tongue. I drew back Escort Silivri and noticed that she had dropped her robe and was standing totally nude in front of me. I was reminded again and not for the last time just how blessed I was to have this relationship with one of the most beautiful women in the world. I picked up her robe and dropped my robe and hers on the chair next to the tub, so they wouldn’t get wet in case we splashed a little. Thinking ahead, I didn’t want to get out of the hot tub and be exposed to the chill in the air without a warm and dry robe to wrap around them.

We carefully stepped into the hot tub, both of us sighing because I kept the water temperature at a constant and steaming 102 degrees, made even more enjoyable by the mid-50s temperature around us. I sat down in the preformed fiberglass seat and she sat next to me, leaning against my side. I slowly placed my arm around her shoulders, lowering my hand to cup her breast. We both leaned back, sighing contentedly, sitting like that for several minutes without talking or even moving.

Then I felt her hand gently take my penis in a sweet and playful manner. Again we sat this way for several minutes without speaking, the only movement being her hand as it slowly squeezed and then stroked my cock to its full hardness.

She turned to gently kiss me. This time the kiss turned into passion, with both of us using our tongues and hands to fully enjoy the experience. Still no words, but our moans could have been overheard by the neighbors as the sweet noises were carried by the still night air. I slid my hand down her back, no longer cupping her breast, to her beautiful bottom, and then still lower to her underside. I played with her vaginal lips for a few moments and then slowly my finger entered her, gently sliding between her engorged lips, now swollen with desire. Her moans became louder and more urgent. As I moved my fingers, I had two in her by now, I began to seriously stimulate her.

After only a few minutes of this, she stood up and straddled my lap, giving me even greater access to her soft and sensitive parts. She made more noises and started to move her body up and down against my fingers, her breasts alternately hidden by the apparently black water and then revealed in the beautiful moonlight. My middle finger began to stroke her G-Spot and her moans became passionate cries.

It took only a couple more minutes and she fiercely arched her back, totally ceasing all movement and sound for several seconds. Then her passionate cries awoke the birds peacefully sleeping in the surrounding trees. Her aftershocks slowly subsided and she collapsed against me. I put my arms around her as she curled up in the seat next to me. We sat silently for several minutes, enjoying the still night lit only by the nearly full moon and the thousands of stars overhead.

She looked up into my face and smiled sweetly. I looked down into her eyes, and said, “I love you so much.” We kissed gently for several minutes. Soon our kisses gained passion and urgency, and her hand found its way to my penis again, discovering I was still hard. She stroked me while kissing me passionately. Then she suggested that I sit on the side of the hot tub. I did so, ignoring the cool night air, and she slowly, almost reverently, leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. She made love to my cock in a way I had never experienced, taking me to the edge of orgasm and back several times.

By this time, I was fully erect, and so hard it was almost painful. She looked me in the Topkapı escort bayan eyes, almost casually observing that we had not had sex today, and suggested that I was more than hard enough to make love. It was obvious that she was trying so hard to sound casual, but I knew she was as excited as I was about this new level in our relationship after all these years. It may have been true that we had sex yesterday, in fact we had sex in the hot tub and then in bed and then twice more during the night, but this was still new for us.

“Are you sure?” I asked. She smiled but had tears in her eyes. So I sat down on the hot tub seat and slumped for better access. She sat in my lap facing me, her legs straddling mine, and slowly lowered herself on me. It was a tight fit, taking some effort for me to enter her. It was obvious that it had been a while for both of us and that this was still new, and our impatience was showing in spite of what happened the previous night. But after several ins and outs, we finally accomplished full penetration, and she sat there for several seconds without moving. Her breasts seemed to float in the water, the bubbles almost hiding and then just barely showing her nipples, hard and erect. The moonlight made them seem almost silvery and glowing. I was so touched by the experience that I choked up, again realizing just how lucky I was to have her love me.

We kissed, gently at first and then more passionately, as she slowly began to raise and lower herself. We quietly shared the most intimate activity that two people can share for several minutes, and then she began to move more urgently, moaning with abandon. After a several more minutes, her body went stiff again and her cries once again spoke to the trees. Then she almost collapsed on me and sat still, with my cock still hard and still inside her, while she experienced several aftershocks. A moment later she eased off my cock, without seeming to notice that it was still erect and ready for more. We softly kissed some more while allowing our breathing to calm down. The night was still and cool and magical. Then her words slashed the quiet.

“I need more,” she groaned, and stood up. Standing and turning around, she bent over at the waist, placed her hands on the side of the hot tub, and said, “Take me, please.” The urgency in her voice was clear.

I stood behind her with my cock aiming at her pussy almost as if it had a mind of its own. Then I pressed the head of my hard dick against her swollen lips and quickly entered her. Once again, I was amazed at how wonderful she felt. I reached forward and took both her breasts in my hands, playing with her hard nipples, and then began moving my hardness in and out of her. For the first several minutes I moved slowly and gently, savoring the sensations, knowing this was about to become the most exciting experience of our thirty-some year relationship. Then I began moving more quickly, thrusting in and out.

Her response was a guttural, “YES – please – faster!” I pumped more aggressively for several more minutes, suddenly exclaiming that I was about to come. Her cries and then her silence told me she had just come again in anticipation, and her pussy muscles clamped around my cock tightly, confirming her orgasm.

I kept pressing deeper and deeper into her with each stroke. No more than thirty seconds after her orgasm she came again, accompanied by her usual silence and then cries of passion, and I immediately climaxed in the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced. After a few more strokes to savor the moment, I slowly withdrew and sat down, panting. She sat next to me, cuddling up like she did when we first sat down in the hot tub the night before. I put my arm around her shoulders and held her, cupping her breast again like before. We sat in silence, taking in the wonder and beauty and the magic of the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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