Tan Lines

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There was a knock at the door. He can’t be here already, she thought as she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself tucking the loose end in between her breasts.

“I’m coming!” she called as she turned off the water and quickly hurried down the stairs.

“Hey,” he said through the screen door as she walked into view. “You might want to lock this, especially if you’re answering the door like that.” he commented.

“You’re early, but I guess I’ll let you in.” she smiled as she opened the door. He stepped inside and took a look around. “Wow, you’ve done a great job fixing up this place Jess. I like the bell, it gives it that nautical touch,” he admired, nodding at the chrome ship’s bell hanging on the wall by the door. “Thanks,” she replied. “I found that at the antique store on the way into town the day I signed the papers on this place. I’ve always wanted one, it was like it was meant to be.”

“Make yourself at home, I just need a minute to get ready,” she said as she scurried off towards the bedroom.

A few seconds later she returned, still in the towel.

“So what do you think… blue, black or red?” she inquired as she held up three pairs of panties. In her fingers were a pair of silky blue undies, a lacy black thong and an almost non existent swath of red material that you could barely count as underwear.

“Not sure you’re going to need any of those,” he replied as he reached under her towel, grabbed her bare bottom and pulled her close for a kiss. The electricity between them was palpable as they embraced in a passionate hello. Still groping at her ass he slid one hand around her thigh and slipped a finger between her legs. “You don’t waste any time do you?” she said. “Well I have been waiting all week for this,” he replied as she felt his cock starting to come alive against her.

“I know, but now that we’ve said our hello’s, you know the rules today — hands to yourself!” she stated.

“You’re not making that easy,” he commented as she took a step away. Bending over she released the towel from her naked body and gave her hair a quick rub down. With her head bent low and ass facing him, she massaged the dripping ends of her dirty blond hair, wrapped it up in the towel then stood back up and slipped on the lacy black thong. He hadn’t even left the doorway and already he was aroused. That first kiss and the sight of her bending over exposing her pussy had sent blood coursing through his body and he was no longer feeling that need for a second cup of coffee.

“Did you work this morning?” she asked, eyeing him up in his suit.

“Yeah, I had a presentation for a client first thing.”

“How did it go?” she asked.

“Really well. They loved the ad campaign and signed a 3 year contract.”

That’s great news,” she replied, “Congratulations!”

“I thought maybe you could help me celebrate… I have a few ideas.”

“I bet you do,” she smiled back.

She couldn’t deny the sight of him in a suit turned her on. She could already feel the wetness beginning to build between her legs. Typically he was clad in a t-shirt and shorts and she was all for keeping it casual when it came to attire, but the novelty of seeing him all dressed up was a real treat.

Years ago she remembered tracking him down at his office, stopping by his advertising firm to let him know she had moved back to the area. She hadn’t seen him since graduating college but he hadn’t changed a bit over the decade or so she’d spent abroad except for a few flecks of grey in his hair. She was impressed how professional he looked sharply dressed in a suit and tie, not to mention incredibly sexy. It was a far cry from their college days when they considered jeans dressed up.

Ever since then she’d fantasized about visiting him at his office in the city. She imagined removing her painties in the underground parking garage, then riding the elevator up to the 21st floor. She’d then convince the receptionist she had an appointment with him, and they would squeeze her in immediately.

Once in his office, she would fuck him senseless in every position possible while his clients waited. She imagined his secretary trying desperately to ignore the muffled sounds of sex eminateing from behind the closed door. With only a tie around his neck they’d fuck on his desk, pressed up against the glass of the floor to ceiling windows, doggie style on the floor, on his lap in his desk chair, bent over the boardroom table, the leather couch… There wasn’t an inch in his spacious corner office that you’d be able to shine a black light on when they were done. It was a silly fantasy, almost embarrassing to her, but it had become one of her go tos over the years.

“Well, let’s celebrate,” she said tugging at his tie and encouraging him to follow her to the bedroom. With little convincing needed he followed, admiring her thong clad ass. The slight sway to her Bostancı Escort hips was mesmerizing to him as she walked in front of him down the hallway. When they entered the bedroom she closed the door, removed the towel from her head and hung it on the doorknob before flopping onto the king sized bed.

He stood there for a moment and looked her over. It was mid morning and the sun was shining through the 3 large bedroom windows, illuminating her form. She was a sight to behold. Lying there on her side in the middle of the bed, those perfect little nipples, curvy hips and tight flat stomach tempting him.

It was the end of summer and her bikini tan lines highlighted the fair skin of her breasts in contrast to her midsection. That hazy brown line on the top of her ass was the perfect combination of sensuous and sweet and oh so fuckable. Familiar with her bikini clad body from beach volleyball, he’d be lying if he said he had never imagined her naked. In truth he’d contrived many fantasies of her over the years as he stroked his cock alone late at night. But seeing her in the flesh only a meter away laying there in front of him was ethereal. With the perfect lighting he wished he had a camera to capture the moment.

“Having second thoughts?” she asked as he stood there silently.

“No, not at all,” he replied back. “Just enjoying the view.”

“Maybe you need a closer look then” she suggested moving towards him and loosening his tie. He took off his blazer and tossed it on the nearby chair as she pulled the tie from around his neck and placed it on the bedside table. Undoing the top few buttons of his shirt he crawled onto the bed and lay down beside her tracing his finger over her curves trying to commit them to memory. When he reached her pubic bone, he began to slip his finger under the edge of the black lace that was barely covering her mound.

“No touching.” she reminded him.

“No hands, hey? I almost forgot about your little challenge,” he said as he kissed her nipples that were already hard from his gentle caress. Licking her soft skin every inch of the way, he made his way down her body back to the black thong. Taking the edge of her panties in his teeth he pulled them down over her hips exposing another set of tan lines and her wet pussy glistening in the morning sun. It was all he could do to not dive straight in to that tempting treat before him.

“I knew those wouldn’t last long,” he said as he stuffed her damp panties in his pocket as a keepsake for later.

Now completely naked, she leaned over and kissed him her soft tongue exploring his mouth and his hers. Their tongues intertwined for a few minutes as they relaxed into the moment but she was finding it surprisingly difficult to resist exploring his body with her hands. She could feel the urge to dig her fingers into his tight ass as they kissed and was now regretting her ‘no hands’ idea.

Biting seductively on his lower lip she straddled him and began crawling her way down his body and proceeding to undo his belt. “Hmm, where should I start?” she asked coyly, head in his crotch. “I’m not sure what you like. You’ll have to tell me if I’m hot or cold,” she remarked as she pulled off his pants. Starting where he had left off she continued unbuttoning his freshly pressed shirt exposing his tanned chest and abs. He undid the buttons on the cuffs, took it off and tossed it aside.

Soon she found herself back at his groin, his cock awake and eager. She leaned up, gave him another passionate kiss on the lips then nibbled her way down his torso and took him into her mouth. His cock stiffened as she sucked on it and she could feel the sensation of him expanding to fill her warm wet mouth. “Hot or cold?” she asked again, releasing her mouth and taking a moment to give some attention to his balls, licking and sucking on them before returning her tongue to the head of his shaft. “Warmer” he replied as she went down on him again swirling her tongue all around his hard dick as she sucked more of his length inside of her.

Enjoying the pleasurable sensations she was eliciting in him and not wanting her to stop, he grabbed onto her damp hair. Twirling it in his fingers he held her tightly against him, hoping that wouldn’t count as ‘touching’. With his eyes closed he luxuriated in the amazing sensation of her mouth wrapped around him and her tongue massaging his shaft. He loved a good blow job and she seemed to intuitively know how to bring him pleasure. Groaning in ecstasy he leaned back, let go of her hair and succumbed to the rhythm of her head bobbing up and down on his manhood.

“What other talents are you keeping from me?” he breathed.

“Ummmmmmmm…” she hummed on him, the vibration making him squirm, as she looked up and met his gaze.

“You might actually have to cool it down a bit there Jess or this will be over before either of us wants it to be.” Erenköy Escort he replied back.

Taking his feedback she slowed the pace and started gently teasing him by licking up and down the full length of his engorged cock and slowly circling her tongue on the tip of his member.

“How did I let you get away?” he lamented as he pushed her onto her back kissing her passionately.

She loved the feel of his weight on top of her as he inched down her body spreading her legs apart with his broad shoulders. Wedged between her legs he took in the incredible view of her soaking wet pussy. Pausing, he took a deep breath in, inhaling her luxurious smell of sex before going down on her. Lapping up her juices and enjoying her taste he explored her lips and probed her insides with his tongue. She writhed around and moaned softly indicating he was succeeding with the desired effect. After a few minutes of warming her up with his tongue he paused at the top of her opening to suck on her clit. As he sucked and flicked at that precious little pearl she arched back in pleasure, her breathing quickening with the intense feelings building up inside her. It had been a long time since she’d had the opportunity to be intimate like this with someone and she felt like she was going to explode in ecstasy.

“Jay, slow down, it’s too much” she huffed in short gasps as her thighs tightened around him.

“I want to make you cum,” he whispered. “I love watching you get off”.

“But I was hoping to make you cum first.” she said, her breathing strained, and he could tell she was almost there.

“Oh we’ve got time for that, I don’t have to be back at the office at all today.” he reassured as he went down on her again. Within moments she was trembling deep inside as she grabbed at his head and shoulders, her body shaking in delight. “No touching, remember. Your rule.” he said as he removed her hands from him one by one and tucked them underneath her lower back. “I’m not done yet.” he teased as he licked the full length of her sex with one long stroke, sending a shiver up her entire body.

“Roll over,” he instructed.

Mildly light headed from the incredible orgasm she flipped onto her stomach as instructed and grabbed at a pillow as he began kissing her firm round bottom. There was something about that ass that he just couldn’t get enough of and with the fresh taste of her sex on his lips he was ready to go. Staring at that ass he wanted nothing more than to ram his hard cock into that beautiful tight asshole of hers but guessed that wouldn’t go over well at this point. Unsure if that was something she was into, or had even tried for that matter, he certainly didn’t want to push his luck or scare her off.

Honestly he was still in disbelief that this was even happening. A number of weeks back he had invited her to play beach volleyball as his team was short a player for their final game. She used to be a regular, but hadn’t come out very often in recent years. As team captain of her highschool volleyball team she could hold her own and would occasionally join in as a spare for one of the teams. Despite being a cool evening, a group of them had stuck around at the beach for a few drinks after the game and by the time the sun was setting they were both intoxicated past the point where they could safely drive. As the blackness set in he sent her a text that read:

Meet me at my car in 5 minutes.

It was a clear invitation and she had accepted, shocking even herself.

Feeling a little anxious it was probably 10 or 15 minutes before she headed to the parking lot but to her surprise he was still there. “Hop in,” he said. “Where are we going?” she asked not sure that they should be driving anywhere. “I’m just going to find a spot that’s a little more discreet,” he replied looking up at the streetlight shining above them. They drove to a dark corner of the beach parking lot and he turned off the ignition. An awkward but knowing silence enveloped the vehicle. “So…” she started looking over at him. Before she could get another word out their lips were locked, hands pawing at each other’s bodies furiously as they embraced; articles of clothing being pulled at, reached under and removed.

She wished she could say it was a long sensuous affair but it wasn’t. To be honest it reminded her of being 16 again, tucked away in some parking lot having sex with her boyfriend in his beat up hatchback on the way home from school. That horny youthful gotta have you right now kind of feeling. Not that that was bad; it was actually refreshing and left her feel energized and wanting more.

She hadn’t been with anyone since her husband had died 4 years ago and there was a jumble of feelings swirling in her head alongside her intense attraction to him. They’d known each other since high school and had a history of flirting even back then, but nothing had ever come Göztepe Escort of it. He remembered seeing the news of the car crash in which her husband was killed and it had just felt wrong hitting on her after that. However this summer she appeared happier and more relaxed and their flirting had returned to the point where neither could deny it.

Always a bit shy, he didn’t expect her to make the first move but she had surprised him that night in the car, and certainly didn’t seem to be holding anything back. They had been out a few times since then each encounter ending with clothes on the floor earlier and earlier in the evening. She had an adventurous spirit and he sensed that she might be a little wilder than she let on if given the opportunity.

There was an unusual comfort and trust between them that could only be explained by their years-long friendship. Never married, he had enjoyed the single life very much in his 20’s and 30’s and the wide range of sexual experiences it afforded him. Now in his 40’s the dating pool of eligible women was dwindling and he was uncomfortable with the idea of dating much younger women. Over the years he’s had many fantasies of her. He longed to test the waters of some of his deeper desires that he was sure went beyond her current comfort level.

Being in that as was one of them.

As he continued to caress her bottom with his tongue and mouth he reached over and grabbed his tie from the bedside table. He slipped it around her waist pulling it down to her hips then lifted her up, ass in the air. “Hey, that’s cheating!” she exclaimed.

“I think you should have been a little more clear with the rules Jess,” he smirked. “Seems like fair game to me – I’m not touching you!”

“I don’t know where you’re going with this Jay but you’re making me nervous. Put me down.” she said.

He gently lowered her down until her knees grazed the bed and held her there for a moment with her weight still in his hands. “Hey,” she warned again. “I’m just having fun with you Jess. You know I would never do anything to you that you’re not ok with, right?” he responded, setting her down before leaning over and giving her a kiss on the cheek. He pulled the tie out from under her and tossed it aside. “I’ve got my eye on you,” she warned. “No knots with that,” she added as she eyed him leerily.

“I’m guessing this is the position you wanted.” she said adjusting herself on her knees, arms hugging a pillow and her ass in the air. “That looks about right,” he replied.

A brief thought of her with her hands tied gently behind her back flickered through his mind as he put down the tie and got behind her. Nuzzling his pelvis up to her bottom he slipped his hard cock between her legs and they both let out a sigh of pleasure as the most intimate parts of their bodies touched. Gliding himself across her lips a few times he lubed himself up with her wetness. “I want to feel you inside me.” she begged, and with that invitation he grabbed the base of his cock and guided it slowly inside her, the snugness of her pussy enveloping him.

With a big exhale she clenched her hands around the pillow she was holding and sank back into him enjoying the incredible feeling of fullness having him inside her. With him gently thrusting into her she could feel him stretching her insides with his girth. Sinking deeper with every stroke, she let out a soft moan every time he pushed further inside her. As he slipped in and out of her and could feel her muscles naturally clench around him. His long gentle strokes began to quicken, as the pace of his thrusting increased. Now she was sinking back hard to meet him, her wetness allowing him to slide freely despite the tight fit.

He loved seeing her squeezing at the pillow and moaning as he plowed into her, her enjoyment obvious. He wasn’t sure when, but at some point she’d gathered her hair up into a messy ponytail and he could see the sexy crisscross tan lines on her exposed back. Normally he’d reach around and fondle her at this point making sure he paid some attention to her clit, but with this no touching thing that was out of the question. As if she was reading his thoughts, she adjusted the pillow and reached her hand between her legs, adding to her own pleasure. As she touched herself he could feel her muscles squeezing him tighter and tighter the intensity building. “Yeah, that’s it,” he said, coaching her along. He was thrusting hard at this point slapping into that beautiful ass with his pelvis with every firm stroke.

Feeling like he was almost there and sensing she was going to climax soon too, he slid his hand over hers and started fingering her sopping wet clit. “Jay” she warned, regretfully flicking his hand away. He took his wet finger and licked it, the taste of her sending him over the edge as his semen shot deep inside her. Her lean tanned back arched and she let out a much more audible moan, almost screaming, as her orgasm came to fruition her insides pulsing and squeezing around him milking the last drop of cum out of him.

They collapsed to the bed, still joined as one as the wave of that primal rush subsided.

“Ready for round 2?” She asked.

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