Tara’s Training

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I’ve been dating Tara for about two years and they have been two of the best years of my life. Tara is kind, smart, supportive, funny and absolutely beautiful. She’s 5’2″, with short blonde hair, a tight body and the perkiest c cup tits. When we first met she was rather inexperienced sexually as she was a virgin and she was a little intimated by my sexual history. When we first had sex it was slow and passionate and really it was incredible. That stage in our sex life continued for a while but I began to want some of the kinkier sex I’ve had before.

I started to let Tara in on some of my darkest desires and tell her my experiences including having sex with another man, my submissive side, my love for cum, and many more. I was scared but Tara loved that I had opened up and said she would help be the kinky girl I needed. She did not disappoint as being the dominant one in the bedroom really empowered her. She would ride my cock and whisper all sorts of humiliating things in my ear then she’d edge me with her immaculate pussy while I’d moan and be captive of her dirty grin. This period was amazing but it was also pretty much all fantasy.

I created a blog so I could repost all the dirty things that got me off and I have Tara the link. This was basically the blueprint for how to dominate me and Tara paid close attention to it. Captioned posts about femdom, face sitting, strapons, mardin escort bondage, forced bi, cock sucking, cum eating and more. These posts got dirtier and dirtier and little did I know Tara was making a plan for me.

The beginning to her plan happened suddenly. I woke up on a day off I had from work to a text from Tara with a list of instructions:

Today is going to be a fun day my submissive toy. I’ve prepared a challenge for you later but you must get ready. First I want you to edge yourself and post as much as you can to your online feed for at least an hour but no cumming at all! Your balls will need to be full later. Next you need to shower and shave your whole body. Finally you just need to bring a bottle of wine to my place.

I was so turned on imagining what Tara could have planned for me. While I edged for her I tried to post things that would push my limits just enough. I was so worked up my cock was leaking precum which I knew Tara would want me to lick up. At this point I had to get shaved so as quickly as I could I got all my body hair off. This was new for Tara to command so my lust was even more heightened. Finally I just had to get a bottle of wine on my way over.

I arrived at Tara’s and she greeted me wearing a robe and her dirty grin that always made me melt for her.

“Pour two van escort glasses of wine for us then head to my room to change, I’ve laid something out for you” Tara said with a dominant tone. I gulped, nodded and did as I was told. My heart was pounding as I walked to Tara’s room and as I entered I found a lacy pink thing and bra. Now I was realizing why I had shaved. I dressed and met Tara in her living room where she was seated, sipping on a glass of wine wearing a matching black outfit.

“I figured you’d want me to look as good as you with our new lingerie, baby.”

I couldn’t even manage a response I was so turned on. My cock was rock hard and trapped in the pink lace I was wearing.

“Kneel and worship my pussy while I looked at your posts from this afternoon”

I started to lick Tara’s dripping wet pussy as she looked through my darkest fantasies once more. The scent of her pussy was intoxicating and I began to tongue fuck her, rubbing my face in her juices.

“Ahh, here’s something I was hoping to find,” Tara said with a grin.

“Do you remember our talk the other day about whether you’d be able to have a truly handsfree anal orgasm?”

I nodded my head yes as my mouth was still busy.

“I bought a dildo for you today and you’re going to ride it for me until you cum, understand?”

“Yes ankara escort mistress” I replied.

“Good. Go into the other room. There’s lube for you. You’re going to continue to eat me and ride that cock until you squirt your cum for me like a good little bitch”

I walked to the other room to find a suction cup dildo on the floor. It was about seven inches and thicker than my own cock. Tara was rubbing her clit as she watched me pull my panties to the side and mount the thick cock. I felt it press against my tight asshole, a feeling that made me tingle inside as it had been years since a real cock had been in me. I relaxed my asshole and lowered onto the lubed up cock.

“That’s it baby. Ride that cock like a good little slut for me.”

I began to slowly move up and down letting the head up the dildo rub my prostate. At the same time Tara laid down and spread her legs.

“Now eat me again you panty wearing cock slut! Fuck that cock like this,”

Tara reached my phone out to me showing a post I had made earlier showing a man riding a woman’s strapon as he shot cum on her tits. That was as much as I could take. I let out noises I never thought I’d make as I felt my orgasm growing in my ass.

“Good boy! Now cum for me! Right fucking now!” Screamed Tara.

That sent me over the edge. I yelled as my cock spurted warm cum into Tara’s waiting hand. As soon as my orgasm subsided Tara grabbed my head and pressed it into her hand and I started gulping down my fresh cum. Right before I had drank it all she smeared the rest on my face.

“A cumslut should be covered in cum,” Tara said with a smile, “and this night is far from over.”

To be continued

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