Teacher’s Pet

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Big Tits

It was a typically muggy Friday afternoon in August, and I had stopped by the local Kroger for a few groceries. I was reaching for a package of Romaine lettuce when I met a slim, manicured hand and heard, “Oh, excuse me.”

I looked over to my right and recognized my daughter’s math teacher, Mrs. Debra. “Oh, hello there!” I said, ashamed by my clumsiness, “How is my daughter behaving?”

Mrs. Debra replied with a warm, sexy smile, “She’s a joy to have in class, as usual.”

“I really don’t see how you deal with that many second graders at once and keep your sanity,” I commented.

“It can be trying at times,” she offered. “So how’s business been? It has rained a lot this summer.” She knew that I did landscaping because I had replaced some sod on the front lawn at the elementary school.

“Yes it has. Actually, business has been very good this year, usually the busy season ends in late May, but I still have a full schedule,” I said.

“Well, I could give you some work sometime soon when it’s convenient for you. It’s so hard to get Bill to do anything around the house. What time he isn’t working, he’s on the golf course,” Debra said, glancing quickly over the nine or ten items I had accumulated in my cart so far.

“That would be no problem at all. Here’s my card. It’s easiest to reach me by cell or e-mail. I have a couple of restaurants to do this week but those are half-day jobs. Do you have an idea of what you would need?” I said, drumming my fingers on the cart. I tried not to be vulgar in my examination of her sexy, young figure. I was sure she met my eyes and caught me when I was noticed the cleavage her v-neck top left exposed. She was really well proportioned to have a five-foot one frame. Bill, her husband, was a very lucky man indeed.

“Well, I’ll get back to you one day this week. We had a fountain installed, I’m not sure yet on what I want the finished product to look like,” She said, checking her watch.

I could sense that she was in a hurry, so I told her that I hated to rush off but I hadn’t eaten and that I should really get going. We exchanged good-byes and were on our separate ways. I had never noticed how attractive she was until today. I stared at her bubble ass till she rounded the corner and headed up the next aisle. She had no idea that she would be the inspiration for many future masturbation sessions.

I received an e-mail from Mrs. Debra the following Monday:

Dear Chris,

Hello there, I was wondering if you could join me for coffee one day this week. I have an idea of what I’m looking for. Maybe you could meet me at Emma’s on the corner of 29th and Rice St. at five o’clock Friday afternoon. I’m sorry if this is short notice, but I have really been swamped this week. I have a heavier workload this week and have been busy around the house also. I hope to see you then.

With love,

Debra Smith

I replied to her and said that Friday was fine with me and that I would be finished well before five.

Emma’s was a great restaurant, very popular. They have awesome food as well as a decent selection of beer.

I arrived at Emma’s at about a quarter till five and reserved a table in the non-smoking section out of respect for Debra since I figured she didn’t smoke. I ordered a Heineken and stepped to the bar for a shot of cognac and a smoke. When I returned to the table, there sat Debra looking as delectable as ever. She was wearing a white halter-top and a pair of tan khaki shorts that exposed way too much of her smooth tanned thighs for an elementary teacher. The white top accentuated her rich, olive skin. It also clung to the round contour of her bust, which I estimated to be about a 34C.

“Hello Chris!” she said with a warm, seductive smile. “I hope you hadn’t given up on me, I had to run by my house and decided to change while I was there.”

“Oh no, I was just at the bar having a cigarette. By my watch you’re early,” I said lying through my teeth. It was really a quarter after five, but I wouldn’t tell her that. I was feeling a warm tingle spread through me from the two double-shots of Hennessy I had at the bar. I noticed how utterly delicious her tits looked in that skimpy top she was wearing.

She looked down at my Heineken sitting on the coaster and said to me with a wink, “Did you order that for me? Aww, how sweet!” She lifted the cool lager to her lips and took a healthy gulp of the amber liquid. I eagerly watched her lips meet the glass bottleneck and as she lowered the bottle licking her lips. Damn, I envied that bottle! My cock tingled as I speculated on what cock sucking she could accomplish with a set of full, juicy lips like those.

“What have you decided that you need from me?” I asked, secretly wishing that her landscaping needs included a gallon of my man-milk carefully deposited in her body cavities.

“Well, for starters, I think it would be best if you stop by my house tomorrow and just take a look for yourself. I knew when we spoke at taksim escort the grocery the other day I couldn’t be of much help. I just get so tired of my only company being the kids and their work,” She said as her brow wrinkled in a frown, “Don’t get me wrong, I love children. Otherwise I wouldn’t be a teacher. I just get so tired of being home alone with my cats.”

Well, I had a decent buzz and my tongue got ahead of my rational mind and blurted out, “What the hell’s wrong with your husband, is he a crack-head? If I had a woman that was as smart and pleasing to the eyes as you, I’d never leave the house, let alone the bedroom!” I knew I had went too far that time and offered in a blush, “Oh, my God! I’m sorry that came out all wrong. It’s the liquor talking.”

I saw a deep red blush cross her face. Thankfully, the waitress arrived with our beer and gave me a minute to think of my rescue line. I thanked the waitress and she went on her way.

She offered nervously, “Well, it is flattering that you should say that, but unfortunately Bill doesn’t feel that way. It’s no secret what you feel. I’ve seen the way you have looked at me. Here today and at Kroger’s last week.” Her blush became a devilish grin and she added, “I am extremely flattered. It’s been so long since I have been admired by any man.”

It was now my turn to blush, out of surprise more than anything. The majority of the time I would have never hit on a married woman, not to mention that she looked like Carrie Ann Moss with tits and ass! “I would love it if Bill stared at me the way that you do, but he doesn’t,” she said with a sigh. Then there was the electronic ring of a cellular phone; it had to be Debra’s or someone close because it was not my ring tone. “Let me get this, excuse me,” Debra said reaching into her purse.

I entertained myself nursing my beer and staring at the television nearby, which I could not hear. I could however, hear bits and pieces of her conversation no matter how hard I tried to block it out. She mainly did the listening but I did hear her say, “I love you too, I’ll be home as soon as I leave here.”

She hung up and said, “I’m sorry, I really have to go. That was Bill, pissed because I wasn’t home to cook his dinner.” Her cheeks reddened with frustration, “I swear sometimes I think he only married me to be a cook and maid. He certainly doesn’t need me for anything else!” She rolled her eyes at the conclusion of her outburst.

“That’s fine, Debra, I need to get home before I drink too much. I have to work tomorrow,” I said with a fast grin and then a wink. “What time is fine with you?”

She rolled her eyes upward as she thought and replied, “Umm, how about nine in the morning. That isn’t too early is it?”

“Oh no, nine is perfect. I’m normally on the job site by seven thirty anyway and after all it is the weekend,” I said. I placed a twenty on top of the check and slowly stood up. ” I really enjoyed your company. I hope you’ll let me cook you dinner sometime. I can grill a steak to die for. Besides, let a man cook for you for a change,” I said and prayed silently for her to accept.

“That sounds wonderful, Chris, but I really should get home,” she said. Before anything more could be said, she moved smoothly across the space between us and kissed me softly on the cheek. I was speechless. She swept back away from me in the same fluid motion and headed towards the door.

I followed her lead and left. I got into my truck and started the engine, as I backed out of my parking space I heard my cell beep twice. It was a text message from Debra. It read, “See you at nine, big boy.”

I was so excited I could hardly drive, nonetheless, I drove home at a sensible rate. I arrived home and the house was empty. Rachael, my daughter, was spending the weekend with her grandmother on her mom’s side. I showered and had some leftover pizza and went to bed to watch some television.

I couldn’t get that woman out of my mind. The more I thought about how I could see her rather large areolas and her perky nipples the more my cock throbbed to life. I remembered that I was alone, so I began to massage my prick. Starting at the base of my shaft, I squeezed and worked upward excreting more pre cum with every stroke. Soon I was flogging my meat at a steady pace, imagining Debra’s lips massaging my manhood with her voluptuous lips. When I pictured her juicy, red lips on my Heineken bottle I immediately felt the familiar tingle as I spiraled into orgasmic oblivion. As I spurted my pimp juice into and around my belly button I heard the bedside phone ring.

The caller ID read William Smith. I felt a ping of shame flood my consciousness, as if the caller knew what I had been doing. “Hello,” I said trying not to sound over eager.

Debra’s soft, sexy voice made sweet love to my ear drum “I didn’t wake you did I?”

“Oh no, silly woman, it’s only nine something. I don’t go to bedTHAT early,” topkapı escort I answered her affectionately.

“Well good, I just called to see if you made it home alright and to thank you again for being so sweet. I haven’t felt sexy in so long. Seems like the only guys that ever look at me are pre-pubescent boys or construction workers. And at least you didn’t holler ‘ WOO BABY!’ or ‘ SHOW ME YOUR TITS!’ at least you were respectful,” she said calmly.

“Hey, wait a minute,” I said in my defense, ” It wasn’t like that, after all, you’re married and I respect that.”

She chuckled and said, “Whatever, I am a woman, remember?”

Without thinking I interrupted, “Oh, yeah, you’reALL woman alright!”

She sounded half-flattered, half embarrassed and changed the subject, “Anyway, I am going to take you up on that steak. I have some T-bones in the freezer that you can grill tomorrow after you finish my quote. You weren’t going to start anything till next week were you?”

I almost chuckled at the words “start anything” but replied, ” No, I don’t suppose. I could but I would be pressed for time since by the time I make all the estimates and then go get the materials the coolest part of the day would be gone.”

“Oh, okay then. I guess I’ll see you in the morning then. I have a few tests to grade and then I need to shower and I’m off to bed. Goodnight.”

“Need any help?” I thought aloud, but she didn’t hear me, “Ok, goodnight, Debra, see you then, buh-bye.”

“I don’t think Bill would appreciate that, but thanks for offering. Goodnight silly boy!” she said as she hung up the phone, obviously caught off guard and embarrassed.

So, she heard me after all! And she didn’t even tell me to fuck off! This made me reminiscent of being a teenager and getting that rush you get when your steady lets you dip your virgin finger in her cookie jar. I spent many restless moments before slipping off into oblivious slumber.

I awoke at around seven thirty. I showered, shaved and then dressed. The manwhore in me picked out my sexiest satin boxers, a pair of jeans and a hunter green Ping golf shirt that I am rather fond of because it is comfortable.

A quick check of myself in the full-length mirror assured me that I looked all right. I didn’t need to leave this early, so I headed to get my morning paper and brewed a pot of coffee. After I poured my first cup I sat down and skimmed the paper. After I read the front page and some of the sports I did a quick check of my watch and it was eight twenty-five.

I ran up the stairs to the bathroom, added two more mists of Eternity to make sure I smelled fresh and clean. I brushed my teeth again, partly because it was only ten minutes to Bill and Debra’s and also because I didn’t want coffee breath.

As I pulled in the driveway, I almost ran over her mailbox when I saw what she was wearing. A yellow tank top and a pair of short denim shorts. The top was tight to begin with and to make matters worse she was wearing no bra. She waved with a warm, glowing smile when she recognized my truck.

“Well, good morning, pretty lady!” I exclaimed getting out of my truck, there was no masking my desire for this woman.

“Good morning, Chris. I trust you slept well. I’m starved. Hurry and take a look at the fountain so you can make me that steak,” she said in a low, sexy tone. “Basically, all I want is three rows of mums encircling the fountain.” She said pointing in the direction of a cherub pouring from an urn. “Then just border the whole thing with the rocks I have in the garage,” she added.

“What type of mulch would you like then?” I asked her and then included, “What are you going to do later on, replace the mums with something else?”

“Umm, the mulch doesn’t matter, wood chips. But I plan on replacing the mums with daisies,” she replied. “Just go ahead, and when you’re done join me in the back. I’ll get the grill ready,” she said pointing to the wooden gate beside the house.

I really didn’t have to do much but pretended to be busy. From being in this business I knew at a glance what materials I would need. I was starting to think that Debra just desired my company. I’m sure she is indeed lonely having no children and from what she told me the night before her husband isn’t home much.

I headed through the gate of the tall, slatted fence that enclosed the entire backyard. I walked about five feet and to my left I saw an enormous in ground swimming pool. I scanned the backyard from left to right when I saw a truly mind blowing site. On a deck chair, by the pool there was Debra naked! She was reclined with one leg tossed over each arm of the deck chair massaging her pretty, pink pussy. Her juices glistened in her pizza slice shaped strip of pubic hair. My pulse quickened and my face flushed.

She calmly said, “Don’t act so surprised, I saw the way you’ve been looking at me. And by the way, you sounded kind tüyap escort of nervous on the phone, what had you been up to?” she asked with a devilish grin. “Why don’t you have a seat? I could use a friend right now. A specialfriend,” she winked as she made an offer I couldn’t possibly refuse.

“Oh, goddamn, I have died and gone to heaven! I’ve never saw anyone so yummy looking in all my days!” I said with gusto.

“I almost drove to your house when you commented on my shower last night,” she said looking at me lustfully while continuing to stroke her clitoris. “It’s just that I get so lonely sometimes,” she met my eyes with a look of animalistic desire, “I have needs too you know!”

My cock was throbbing with every beat of my heart. I was past the point of no return so I asked, “You need any help with that?”

“Fuck, I thought you’d never ask!” she hissed, “I thought you’d never ask!”

Standing up, I slipped my shirt over my head. Then unbuttoned my jeans and removed my boxers and pants in one motion. Immediately my cock sprang free released from the confines of my pants. I knelt down in front of Debra and placing my hands on her knees, asked ” Do you mind?” as I headed for her sweet pussy.

She didn’t answer. She just ran her fingers through my short hair and moved her hand to the back of my head and pulled me inward. I smelled coconut from the sun tan lotion I had mistaken for her juices glistening in her hair. I started off kissing her thighs gently, first up the right then the left. I kissed and nibbled around her swollen, erect clitoris. I worked my way down around the sides of her outer lips. I repeated this teasing action till she put her other hand, which had been massaging her nipple, on my head driving my mouth and nose into her juicy, hot snatch.

Debra lifted her legs and spread them wide allowing me all access to her. She ran her fingers through my hair as I open mouth kissed and nibbled her clitoris, while alternately licking her genitals gently.

At first I smelled nothing, but after a few moments, I detected a hint of musk. She was obviously very, very horny. I circled my tongue round and round her bulging clit while she ground her pussy in my face in a circular motion. Her delicious juices ran down each side of my mouth and down my chin engulfing me in her heavenly, sexy aroma. I slipped a finger in her tight opening, she moaned loudly upon my finger entering her holiest hole. She began grinding her pussy harder and in a front to back motion. She began rocking at a faster and faster pace as I felt her pussy spasm. Her thighs locked around my neck driving me deeper into her dripping sex.

“Oh, oh, oh GOD! YES! YES! EAT ME GODDAMN YOU!” she howled in ecstasy.

Her body convulsed violently then subsided gradually and so did my oral attention to my lover. Her body became still and so did mine, I savored her scent like someone might the aroma of a fine Brandy or Cognac.

“Oh goddamn Chris, please let me suck your cock!” she groaned as I slid backwards and stood up. She moved forward and sucked my chin into her mouth, lapping at her juices on my face. Next I nibbled her bottom lip, sucking it into my mouth, and then letting my tongue eagerly explore her mouth. She then hungrily attacked my throbbing swollen cock with both hands. At first she just licked the oozing pre cum from my slit. Then she took the head into her delicious mouth followed by half the length of my eight. My cock jerked as she pressed her tongue ring into the sensitive flesh on the underside of my cock head.

I felt I was going to cum soon, so I pulled gently back on her hair and said, “Please, let me fuck your sweet pussy.”

She stood up and placed her hands on my shoulders and said forcefully, “Lie down. I have something for you. Do you know how long it’s been since anyone has made me cum like that?” Then we kissed like two love-starved teenagers who had managed to sneak away for some petting. She then ordered me to let the back of the lawn chair all the way down, sit at the foot and lay back.

I did as ordered and she said ” Don’t go away I’ll be right back,TRUST ME I will.” And she turned and went in the back door.

When Debra returned with a something shiny in her left hand I could not tell it was. She gave me a sinister grin and she straddled me and positioned her self over my midsection. She placed the head of my penis at the opening of her pussy and slowly worked side to side taking the entire length. She squatted down on me, fucking me side to side at first then in an up and down motion. Her bodies, as well as my cock, were in a ninety-degree angle to the rest of me. Therefore, the head of my penis was making even firmer contact with her vulva, massaging the entrance to her Cervix. I watched her oily, glistening tits bounce as she lifted herself up and down steadily. Oh my, the definition of the muscles in her thighs.

She worked her tense body on mine in a hard, slow rhythm. She suddenly opened her hand and I saw that the shiny object was in fact a small egg shaped vibrator. Debra took the silver egg in her other hand and took it in her mouth in a seductive manner and then reach behind her with that hand, placing it to the entrance to her ass. I felt a humming sensation travel through my genitals, then throughout my entire nervous sensation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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