Teacher’s Pet

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This is purely fantasy. It is not about or inspired by anyone in particular. I would NEVER think of actually having any sort of relationship with a student. There seems to be a demand for hot teacher stories so I am making one for my readers.


This is the 5th time this year I have subbed for this weight training class. So most of the students are pretty used to me and know I am fairly laid back. But you always push the limits. I notice when you walk in today that you are a bit cockier than usual. You drop your gym bag in front of me and instead of heading to the locker room you just stare right at me as you take off your shirt. I decide to look away at the attendance sheet. I am your teacher. And it doesn’t matter how cute you think you are, I have to maintain my composure.

You spend all of class trying to catch my eye and show off as you are lifting weights. I just shake my head and walk around the room, striking up conversations with other students. Just as class ends you ask me if you can leave your bag in the room and just pick it up at the end of the day because you have practice after school. I tell you that is fine and shoo you off to your next class.

The remainder of my classes run smoothly. At the end of the day I am straightening the room and gathering my things. I don’t hear you walk in since I have the stereo on so loud. All I can get is a classic rock station and the Police song “Don’t stand so close to me” comes on. I start singing and wiggling my hips as I finish up the note to the regular teacher. I feel your hands slide onto my hips and I damn near jump out of my skin.

“What are you doing!” My heart was racing. You weren’t wearing your shirt again and you were standing only a breath away from me. As my chest is heaving from the surprise I can feel my breasts just ever so slightly rubbing against your chest. I try to take a step backwards but bump into the desk. There is no where to go. I lose my balance and you grab me again around the waist but this time firmly to keep me from falling.

“I’m sorry Kartal escort Mrs. S. I wasn’t trying to startle you.”

“What were you trying to do?” I ask still held tightly in your strong arms. I can’t seem to break away from your eyes. I get lost in them.

“I just, I just saw you and had to touch you,” you look at my lips and lick your own.

“You know I cannot let you do this.”

“But you’re not stopping me.”

“You are a student. I am a teacher.”

“A substitute teacher.”

“That doesn’t change things. Plus you are a minor!” I start to struggle to get out of your arms but you hold me even tighter, pushing me up against your chest.

“Not anymore. I turned 18 last week.”

“But, I,” I stammer. I’m feeling confused and lightheaded. You lean down and kiss me on the mouth. It’s soft at first but then we both feel the blood coursing through our veins. Quickly the kiss becomes very passionate. Our tongues exploring, our hands on each other’s backs, pressing us tightly. Your hands slide down my back and grab my butt. I let out a little moan into your mouth. I pull away, “We have to stop this.” I’m breathing so heavily I think I might pass out. I sit on the edge of the desk. “We will get caught.”

“No we won’t. I locked the door when I came in.”

“But didn’t you say there was practice this afternoon?”

“I lied.” You quirk a smile. “No one needs to know about this but you and me.” You run your fingers gently down my cheek. You can see the hesitation and desire in my eyes. You scoop your hand around the back of my neck and pull me into another kiss. In my mind I keep telling myself this is a horrible idea. But it feels so good. You kiss down my neck, nibbling the top of my shoulder. You move your hands to my breasts as you bite my neck. “Aw fuck it!” You have me now. I have completely surrendered to you. I throw my head back as you kiss down my chest to the top of my breasts. You squeeze them with both hands as you kiss each one.

“You have amazing tits Mrs. S”

I pull off my shirt Kurtköy Escort and unhook my bra. “Oh my God,” and you bury your face in them. Kneading them with your big hands and sucking on my nipples. I wrap my legs around your waist and my arms around your neck, arching my back so you can suck on them more fully in your mouth. You scoop your hands under my ass and I let out a little yelp when you pick me up and carry me over to one of the weight benches. You lay me down on it so gently and then remove my pants. You get down on your knees at the end of the bench. You pull me to you fiercely, spreading my legs wide, so my pussy is open to you.

You lower your face to my pussy and lick all the way up my slit. You dig your tongue in deeper and I let out a low moan. You tickle my clit with your tongue, sucking it into your mouth. I start to rock my hips against your face. The rough stubble on your chin feels so good against my soft pussy. You slide two fingers inside of me and I arch my back. I’m rocking my hips faster, grinding on your face. I can feel the pressure building inside. It feels like its almost coming from my toes. My moans are no longer soft. And I start fiercely begging you not to stop. You finger me harder and faster, slamming into my pussy. I can even hear how wet I am. And then I am overcome with my orgasm. It spills over me like a tsunami. I’m bucking and screaming against your face, holding your head tight to my pussy and not letting you go.

As my orgasm passes you lick up the cum seeping out of me and give me that cocky smile. “Oh yeah? You think you’re hot stuff. Get up here.” I motion for you to switch places with me. I pull your gym shorts down and see a magnificent hard cock staring me in the face. I lick up the shaft, and around your balls. You moan deeply. I take you into my mouth slowly at first but then I start sucking on you hard and fast. I can tell you are going to cum quickly if I don’t stop. So I smack your ass and then remove your cock from my mouth. “Lay down.”

You lay down with your Maltepe Escort legs on either side of the bench. I straddle you, facing away from you so you get a good view of my ass as I lower down slowly onto your cock. I just sit there for a second. I can feel you throbbing inside of me. I tell you to watch me in the mirror, so you cock your head to the side so you can see around me. I start slowly grinding my hips in circles, your cock deep inside my hot wet pussy. I grab my tits and start squeezing them, pinching my nipples. You moan again. I take one hand and lightly trace my nails up and down your balls as I keep grinding in faster circles. I put my both hands down on your knees for leverage and starts to rock my hips, bouncing them up and down. Your cock is moving in and out of my pussy now. You can hear every wet slap as I slam back down onto you. You start watching my ass jiggle as I bounce up and down on your cock. I grab your hands and put them on my hips, to let you guide me. I slide your one hand closer to the center so your thumb is now playing with my asshole. You seem surprised at first but it’s still really hot. I’m only let you move in and out of me just a very little bit because I am not ready for you to cum yet.

Then I sit up, moving one hand to my clit the other back onto your chest. I am pushing you hard into the bench but I start to raise my hips up higher and slam down onto you harder. I’m rubbing my clit fiercely. I can feel another orgasm coming. I want you to come with me. I bounce on your harder, and faster, moving higher so you’re almost falling out of me each time. You start to buck your hips to match my rhythm. Thrusting inside of me. You can feel my walls starting to squeeze around you. I call out “I’m gonna cum” and immediately I start thrashing around with another intense orgasm. The sound of my moans and my tight pussy are too much for you and you cum hard, deep inside of me.

I slow down and grind my hips on you again. Your still firm cock inside of me. I stand up and get down on my knees at the end of the bench the way you were. I lick my cum off your balls. I lick up your shaft and take you into my mouth to clean you off. The taste of our cum mingles on my tongue. You sit up and surprise me again with a firm kiss on the mouth.

“Well aren’t you just teacher’s pet”

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