Teacher’s Pet Pt. 03

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July Means Fireworks

With a certain amount of surprise, Pamela Marie Evans looked at the calendar on her computer screen, and realized that June was nearly over. July would be starting next week, and with that, July the fourth weekend.

Pam was beginning to like working at Rebecca London Associates, even though she was only an intern. She had worried that her reputation would have gone before her, and that everyone she met would have been jealous of her, but was so relieved to find out that, aside from just a few women who had already met her, and those women knew how to keep their mouth shut, nobody knew who she was.

That didn’t stop those same women from ogling her every chance they got. Or making it known they wanted something, uhm, personal from her. However, Pam also knew she was pretty much untouchable. And so did those women.

Now, almost four weeks in, Pam felt like she could finally relax, and she already had new friends and was learning so much, both applying what she had learned in school but also seeing what worked and what didn’t, helping her co-workers and them helping her.

Many of the people at work had said if they hadn’t known Pam was just an intern, they would have thought she was a regular employee. For Pam, that counted for a lot.

This summer was turning out to be her best yet. It remained to be seen how school was going to look once she was back, but that wasn’t for another two months.

She made a mental note to check her, uh, other email inbox, just as soon as she went for her lunch break. She made sure that she could access it from her cell phone. She definitely did not want anyone at work seeing that email address, or thinking she had any special reason to check a different one than her regular one.

As soon as she got the chance, when she took her lunch, Pam eased her cell phone out of her purse and pulled up the app. Fortunately she had taken the time to have both inboxes available from the app, so it wouldn’t look suspicious just to check her email.

Sure enough, there was an email from Sabrina.

“My Darling,” the email started.

Pam smiled to herself, then kept reading.

“As you know, the Fourth of July holiday is coming up. In order to avoid complications, both for you and for my guests, not to mention scheduling conflicts, I am having the fetish party the weekend after the fourth, instead of on the actual day.

“I am expecting you to wear latex for the party. The summer months being what they are, you will find latex easier to wear than leather. Once the weather turns cooler, we can have you begin wearing leather again.

“Also, there will be a different sort of fireworks at this party. You and I will be having sex at the party, just as we did at the very first party I had introduced you at. This time I won’t be lending you out to any other women. We’ll talk about that next time we see each other. I also want to talk about taking you anally for the first time. I bought some new latex dresses for you that I can’t wait to have you wear.

“Look out for further emails with additional details with the date and time of the party. As always, please do not call me unless it’s an emergency. Use this email address to contact me.

“Love, Sabrina.”

Pam made a quick reply — “I can’t wait! Love, Pam” — then made sure to close the email first, then closed the app. She had to admit, the prospect of having sex just with Sabrina and with nobody else gave her tingles in the best way.

Her pussy twinged with the memory of being taken for the first time. Being held. Being caressed. Just the memory of Sabrina raking her nails up and down Pam’s back was enough to send goosebumps all over Pam’s body.

Pam wanted to feel that again.

She couldn’t help but remember how safe and secure she felt in Sabrina’s arms, and how it just felt right to tell her that she, Pam, didn’t have any talent in creative writing and please, don’t expel her.

She did her best to not let the memory wash over her, even as she checked the time and saw she had to get back to work. So she quickly finished her lunch, took her tray to the other end of the room and headed back to her desk.

Pam felt more than a little bit guilty about even the prospect of sleeping with different women, even if it was women from work. That was something she hadn’t had a chance to discuss with Sabrina. She would definitely have to remember to bring that up. It would be useful to have some guidance.

Would Pam, as Sabrina’s Pet, be available to sleep with other women? Not that she would put herself in that position, but Pam knew two things — first, that she was desirable and all the rest, but, that sleeping with other women might be her ticket to having a job waiting for her after graduation.

So she was willing to put herself out there — up to a point.

She wondered if this made her a lesbian, or just a slut. She had never liked women before, not until she got involved with her professor. She remembered the butterflies in her stomach every time she saw Jimmy bursa escort Waters. For a moment, she wondered what he was up to at that moment, wondering if he was thinking about her, too.

Pam couldn’t wait to tell Sabrina all about her first month at her internship — even about how some of the women there had made passes at her.

* * * *

Sabrina Barnes read Pam’s brief reply to her message — “I can’t wait!” — and smiled.

Neither can I, she thought. Sabrina had bought Pam several new latex outfits from House of CB, no less. They were expensive, but the Kardashians and other celebrities swore by them. And Pam deserved only the best.

Sabrina found her slowly warming attitude towards Pam vaguely alarming. She hoped she wasn’t falling in love.

True, young Pamela was her Pet. Her lover? Not quite yet.

While the girl wasn’t exactly old enough to be her daughter, Pam was, in fact, more than ten years younger than Sabrina. That counted as quite an age difference. Not quite a May December thing. More like May August.

That made her study the calendar on her desk. Right away, one thing caught her eye — the three months in between academic years, June, July and August.

Sabrina didn’t like the three months in between the Spring and Fall Semesters, waiting for the new school year to start. Not having classes to teach or papers to grade, even for a temporary three month period, was hard to get used to. In fact, it was only June, and she was already climbing the walls. Even getting to sleep late, without having the alarm go off, felt like a stolen luxury.

But now Sabrina had something to do, and that was to finish getting ready for the Fourth of July party. While the last one had been a satin and lace party, this one was fully intended to go back to basics. It would be a latex party.

Leather wasn’t very comfortable in the hot summer months, she’d found. It was more of a cold-weather material to wear. Perhaps at the Halloween party, she might bring out the leather again. Yes. That’s what she would do.

In the meantime, she had preparations to complete. Just in time, Linda came up to her.

“Just the lady I wanted to see,” Sabrina said, rubbing her hands together.

“Yes, Miss Barnes,” Linda said, smiling broadly.

“Have the trucks arrived with our alcohol yet?”

“Actually, yes, they have — just the other day, as a matter of fact. I signed for the deliveries myself.”

“Excellent. And what about a bartender for the evening?”

Linda brought out her tablet and pecked at the screen. “Ah…yes, the temp agency emailed me yesterday, in fact. They can have someone for us.”

“Very good,” Sabrina said. “It sounds like everything is ready for the party.”

“Why, yes, I believe so,” Linda said confidently. “Unless there’s a reason why your Pet can’t be here.”

Sabrina laughed. “That would have to be a very good reason, but she emailed me saying she could make it.”

“If I might say so, it sounds as though you really like this girl.”

Sabrina said, “I won’t deny, I’m coming to like having her around. Why do you say so?”

“I just wanted to say that I think it’s great you’ve met somebody.”

“Why, thank you, Linda. That’s nice of you to say. No cracks about her age?”

“No,” Linda said. “Trust me, I knew that one of my professors in college had a much younger girlfriend. It explained how he was able to concentrate with all the young girls in class.”

“Ah, I see,” Sabrina said, rather uncomfortable with being compared to a male professor but pleased all the same. “Speaking of young Pamela, I must see to arrangements. I have to make sure she has a ride out here.”

“I already took care of that,” Linda said, glancing at her tablet again. “Yes, I called April the other day and made sure she could drive Pamela here and back.”

“Linda, I don’t know what I would do without you.”

Linda smiled. “Things would certainly run a lot less smoothly, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

“You’re too modest, Linda,” Sabrina said. “Do you have any plans with your family for the holiday?”

“I was going to a family barbecue at the park, and then we were staying to watch the fireworks.”

“Good,” Sabrina said. “Take the whole day. Don’t bother coming in, even for a few minutes.”

“Are you sure, Miss Barnes?”

“Yes, I’m quite sure. Take the whole day off. I want you well-rested for the party.”

“Thank you, Miss Barnes. That’s very nice of you.”

“Not at all, Linda. And please, call me Sabrina. You’ve earned it.”

For once, Linda was speechless. “Uhm…thank you. Sabrina.”

Sabrina patted her on the arm. “As I said, you’ve earned it. Now, was there anything else you needed to speak with me about?”

“Yes. I also wanted to let you know that the shipment from House of CB arrived just the other day, along with the other shipment from Hot Miami Styles. Those dresses you wanted.”

“Ah. Excellent. Please hang them up in Pamela’s bedroom closet, if you haven’t already done so.”

“Will do.”

“Very bursa escort bayan good. And don’t let me see you until the day of the party.”

“Yes, Sabrina.”

* * * *

Pamela Evans was, for the first time, openly looking forward to Sabrina’s fetish party.

In fact, she was quite horny, and she was also looking forward to having Sabrina scratch her itch before the party.

True, she was very much wanting to be held in Sabrina’s arms again, but at the moment, she wanted only one thing. Perhaps Sabrina had some new toys that she hadn’t used before.

She was seated in the back seat of the car, impatiently waiting to arrive at the house, staring out the back window at the sun-washed bright blue summer sky.

April was quite talkative today. “For some reason, I am so ready to start school again. What about you?”

“Oh my god, yes,” Pam said. “Now that I’m finally finished with the general courses and I can start taking courses in my major, I cannot wait.”

“Like, oh my god, me, too! My mom says it’s a welcome change.”

They both laughed.

Then Pam said, “Well, for the time being, it’s Fourth of July weekend. Better enjoy summer while it’s still here. Won’t last forever.”

“Words of wisdom,” April said. “Summer does go by fast.”

Both girls sighed with thoughts of summers past. Then quiet settled down in the car as each girl concentrated on their tasks, April with the driving, Pam staring out the window, trying not to daydream about the party tonight….

* * * *

Before Pam knew it, April was pulling up to the gate again, calling in on a cell phone, then driving down that long, tree-lined private road and pulling up to the front door of a huge three-story house.

Linda was waiting for her. This time she was dressed in white — white blazer, white slacks, white pumps. Pam wondered at the change in clothes. Maybe she was just changing up her wardrobe. Pam did the same thing.

When Linda opened the back door, Pam hopped out and gave her a hug. “Hi, Linda.”

Linda smiled. “Hello, dear. Nice to see you. Come on in with me.”

“Right. Lead the way.”

“You seem pretty eager,” Linda observed. “Excited?”

“Yeah,” Pam confessed. “I’m…well…I’m horny…”

Linda smiled wider. “Sabrina has that effect on people.”

Pam blushed. “I suppose so…”

“Come on. This way.”


Linda led her down the hall to a room that was by now familiar to Pam, what she was coming to think of as the party room.

Sabrina sat there, attired very casually for once, in a simple t-shirt and jeans, in bare feet, no less.

Pam stood there, gaping.

Laughing, Sabrina rose from her seat and gave Pam a hug. “No, nothing’s wrong, I promise,” Sabrina said, as she pulled back. “Come, have a seat, darling. Would you like something to drink?”

“Uhm, yeah, I would, please.”

Minutes later, Linda handed Pam a drink, which she greedily gulped at.

Pam sat down with her drink, still thrown by Sabrina’s wardrobe. But once Sabrina had resumed her seat, Pam said, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, darling. What is it?” Sabrina looked genuinely curious.

“Now that you’re not my professor anymore, can I call you Sabrina? Silly question, I know.”

“Not silly at all, darling! In fact that’s a good question, and yes, you can call me Sabrina now.”

“Okay,” Pam said, relieved. “Also, I needed to ask you what do I do if one of the women at work propositions me?”

Sabrina’s face went from happy and glowing to dark and glowering. “Who, exactly, has been propositioning you?”

“Well, half the women there, to be honest, but my supervisor most of all. That lady from HR, Ana. And those two Asian girls.”

Sabrina was quiet for a long moment.

“Please don’t get them in trouble,” Pam pleaded with her. “I haven’t, in fact, actually had sex with any of them. But they obviously want to.”

Sabrina’s face cleared. “Good. Don’t have sex with them.”

There was a pause.

Sabrina continued. “But you are right — I hadn’t, in fact, given you any guidance about that. I’m glad you asked.”

“Okay, so what should I do?”

“Well, for starters, I’m headed over there after the holiday for a meeting. I will discreetly bring it up with them. You can expect not to get propositioned any more.”

“Okay,” Pam said, feeling even more horny all of a sudden. She put her glass down on a nearby end table, crawled over to Sabrina and kissed her, then rested her head on Sabrina’s lap.

“What was that for?” Sabrina said, looking down at her, stroking her hair.

“Sorry,” Pam said. “I missed you and I’m horny…”

“Pamela, darling, don’t be sorry,” Sabrina said softly. “Horny, are you?”

“Yes,” Pam said. “I’ve been waiting for this party all week long!”

“Excellent,” Sabrina purred. “Just what I’ve been waiting to hear….”

“Well, it’s true,” Pam purred in return.

“I hope you’re willing to wait just a little while longer,” Sabrina said. “As much as I would escort bursa love to take you downstairs and fuck the shit out of you with my longest dildo, I need to keep you horny until the party. Then we can give them a show they won’t soon forget. All right, darling?”

“Hmmm, sounds good,” Pam said, sultry heat in her face and voice.

“Very good,” Sabrina said.

Pam said, “In your email, you mentioned taking me in the ass….”

“Yes,” Sabrina said. “I’m pretty sure you’ve never been taken in the ass before.”

“No,” Pam said. “Does it hurt?” It crossed Pam’s mind that before meeting Sabrina Barnes, she would have been horrified at anal play. Now it sounded like fun.

“No,” Sabrina said then. “In fact, if I do it right, it will be the best thing that’s ever happened to you this summer, on top of everything else.”

“Just…be gentle, is all I ask.”

“You know I will, darling,” Sabrina said softly.

Pam blushed. “Shall I go get ready?”

“Not yet. Sit. Enjoy your drink. Tell me about your time at the company so far. Aside from being propositioned, how do you like it?”

“I love it,” Pam gushed, sitting up again to grab her drink and take a sip. “It’s everything I’d hoped it would be…”

* * * *

In her room, Pam gazed at herself in the full-length mirror, wearing one of the new latex dresses Sabrina said she’d bought for her.

The dress covered everything but left nothing to the imagination, Pam saw, running her hands down her sides and back up again, resting for a moment on her breasts, so full and perky. The dress in question was a tank dress, bubble-gum pink, with a hemline about mid-thigh, exposing her long, slim brown legs. The dress itself was tight without being too tight, stretchy and comfortable, tight and clingy without being restrictive, showing off her full, shapely breasts, slim waist, hourglass hips and most of all, her bubble-shaped booty.

Turning away from the mirror, she located a pair of sky-high white patent leather heels. They had an open toe, a sling-back and a thin, tapering stiletto heel. Pam wasn’t sure if she could even stand in them, let alone walk even for a short distance, but she would give it a try.

Just as she stepped into the pair of white stilettos, Sabrina knocked on her door. “Can I come in?”

“Uhm, yes,” Pam said. “Come on in.”

Sabrina eased the door open further and stepped inside the room, then carefully closed it behind her.

Pam asked, “How do I look?”

“Supremely fuckable,” Sabrina said, openly tracking with her gaze all the way down Pam’s body and all the way back up again. “Including these fuck-me heels.”

Pam blushed, but said, “Thank you…”

“Of course, darling,” Sabrina said, reaching up to put a white leather choker around Pam’s neck. “Because that is, of course, exactly what I intend to do with you…”

“Oh, Sabrina,” Pam moaned, unable to keep it in. Suddenly the prospect of walking around in these heels wasn’t so bad.

Sabrina held Pam’s face and kissed her, as if sampling a fine wine. “I can’t wait to have you, darling,” she said, sounding as horny as Pam did.

“I can’t wait for you to have me,” Pam replied, licking her lips. “I’m so horny I can’t see straight.”

“Stop it, darling,” Sabrina said. “I just might take you right here and now…”

“Hmmm, you would?” Pam asked.

“In a heartbeat,” Sabrina promised.

“It would make a nice change from fucking me where everyone can see,” Pam said softly. “Why don’t I get to see your bedroom?”

Silence settled down in the room. Pam was afraid she’d overstepped her bounds.

But Sabrina only said, “Let’s get you over to makeup, darling. The party will be starting shortly.”

* * * *

Pam Evans looked around her at all the women. Some were wearing latex, in keeping with the theme of the party, but all were dressed up in one way or another.

One thing they all had in common — they were going to get one hell of a show later. Pam could feel her pulse quickening at the very though of it.

Pam could also feel a difference with Sabrina, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Something about the way she was being treated, but if someone had asked her what was different, she couldn’t have provided any more clarity than that.

Sabrina was looking drop-dead gorgeous in a red latex dress and matching red patent-leather pumps, her long blonde hair worn down. Pam let her gaze track down and back up again, taking her time, taking in every single one of her lover’s curves.

“Like what you’re seeing?” Sabrina suddenly asked.

“Very much,” Pam said, blushing in her turn.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Sabrina said softly yet confidently. “I think it’s great that you’re checking me out.”

“Well, if I was, it’s because you look very sexy,” Pam observed.

“Thank you,” Sabrina said with a smile. “I can’t wait to take this off and put on a strap-on dildo instead.”

Pam felt her blush deepen. “Just remember to be gentle…”

“Of course, darling,” she said. “In the meantime, mix. Have a drink. Try to relax. I’ll let you know when it’s time for the main event.”

“Okay,” Pam said with a smile.

Sabrina smiled in return, then surprised Pam by turning to her, tugging her towards her and kissing her full on the mouth.

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