Teasing Raine Ch. 05

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Alexis Ren


This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

All fictional characters participating in any fictional sexual activity are 18 years of age or older.

This story will span several chapters and will eventually involve wife swapping, cheating, and incest themes. Be warned.

I have no editor, so all grammar errors are mine, and I apologize in advance. If you want to be an editor, let me know.

MMFF, MF, FF, Swinging, Wife, bdsm, Exhibitionism, Voyeur, Incest Themes

Previously on Teasing Raine: Randy is a divorcee with no desire for a wife after his marriage ended long ago because his wife wanted a career in porn. Raine is his granddaughter through marriage, and they have been teasing each other for months before Grandpa discovers she wants to make sex videos. Later, Grampa was seduced by a young woman named Shelby at a bar who took him to an orgy where he had sex with her and several other young women. One of the girls turned out to be his granddaughter Raine. He awakens the next morning to find both girls in his bed and the young woman tells him that he is her father. Later that day, he takes Raine home and while there, his ex-wife shows up with Shelby. Grampa later finds out that Junior and his wife have been making videos of themselves having sex with several other people. Raine surprises him as he is watching the videos and the two have sex again only to be interrupted by Shelby. Now, chapter 5.

Teasing Rain Chapter 5

I stood up, my cock slurping from Raine’s sodden tunnel and dripping down my leg. I must have looked a sight, my pants around my ankles, my shirt askew and my dwindling dick dripping on my thigh, but I didn’t care. Shelby stepped into the room, and I raised my hand.

“What can I do for you, Shelby?”

“Well,” she looked confused, as if it should be obvious what she wanted. Her eyes flicked from me to Raine and back before she tilted her head. “I came over to apologize for my attitude the other day. I was rude and I said some mean things.”

While that statement was true, it wasn’t why she was actually in my house at that moment. There was no way to force her to be more forthcoming, however, so I decided to see how it played out. “Raine, why don’t you go clean up so Shelby and I can discuss things.”

Raine sat up and grabbed her dress from where it fell on the floor. “Grampa, are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’m sure Shelby has more to say that I should hear. We’ll be fine.”

My granddaughter scooted past her aunt on her way to the bathroom as I grabbed a handful of tissues from a box on my desk to clean my dick. “All right, Shelby. You have the floor. What’s on your mind?”

Shelby seemed unsure of herself for the first time since I met her. She looked around my office while she tried to think of what to say. I was struck how she could seem to be so in control of a situation one moment, and completely clueless the next. “I don’t know,” she said after a few moments. “To be honest, I really don’t know what to say. I mean, it’s not every day you meet your father.”

“Well, let’s start with that, then. Shall we? What makes you think I am your father? Did Shelly tell you that?”

“Of course!” She looked as though I had insulted her. “You don’t think I’d make it up, do you?”

“No no. Not at all. I’m asking if Shelly came out and said the words, ‘Randy is your father’ to you at any time.”

Shelby blinked as she tried to remember. “Well, maybe not those exact words. But she said Randy Junior and Rusty are my brothers and that you are their father. So that makes you my father, too.”

“Shelby, I think you know that parentage doesn’t really work that simply.” The expression on her face told me as much. She was trying to formulate a new argument and I raised my hand again. “I tell you what. Let’s have this discussion with your mother present. Perhaps the three of us can arrive at the truth of the matter.”

“I doubt it,” Shelby said after a long sigh. “Mom isn’t very forthcoming about her past. At least not with me.”

That sounded like the woman I remembered. Shelly didn’t seem capable of being completely honest with anyone. She liked to keep things close to the breast for as long as possible. “That doesn’t surprise me. Go tell your mom to meet me at Vinnie’s Friday at seven. You come too. We can put this issue to bed once and for all.”

I thought that would satisfy her, but she still looked crestfallen, and her lower lip trembled. I was absolutely flummoxed about what was bringing the waterworks. Had I said something callous or insensitive? I didn’t think so. Her next words clarified the issue like the peel of a church bell. “Don’t you want to be my daddy?”

That question pierced my soul. I had no answer. How do you tell a young woman who clearly longs for some kind of figure she can look up to that you’re not that guy? I mean, it’s not that cut and dried. It’s not a matter of whether I want to be her dad. kapalı gaziantep escort I’m not her dad, whether I want to be or not. How do I say that without sounding callous?

“Shelby…” I paused as I tried to find the words, “if I am your dad, then we can spend the rest of our lives finding out what that means. But if I’m not, then there is someone out there that is. Doesn’t he deserve a chance to know?”

She groaned in frustration. “You don’t understand. I don’t want just any old guy that mom fucked to be my dad.”

I blinked at her outburst. “Shelby, I…I”

“I know mom has had a lot of men. She’s been in the industry my whole life and had hundreds of men and women. They even came around the house even when they weren’t shooting. Some of them even had a turn at me. But none of them are my dad. I don’t care whose DNA I have.” Her eyes moistened and tears ran down her cheek.

I reached up to wipe the tear away and she fell into my arms, clinching me like a drowning woman clinging to a life preserver. I was at a complete loss. What kind of childhood must she have had? Random strangers having sex around her, or with her? It had to have been traumatic. I held her as she trembled in my arms and Raine came back into the room dressed and showing no signs of our earlier passion. She put a comforting hand on Shelby’s shoulder and smiled at me.

I smiled back. “Let’s do what I suggest. You and your mom come to dinner at Vinnie’s Friday night at 7. We can discuss it there. Okay?”

“Okay,” she said as she slid her arms from around me. “Can Raine come too?”

“I think for this discussion, it probably should just be the three of us. If things go well, we can see about including the rest of the family. Raine,” I looked at my granddaughter, “let’s not share this with your mom or dad just yet.”

“Yeah, okay,” she said as she stroked Shelby’s hair. “That’s probably a good idea.”

I sat in a corner booth at Vinnie’s waiting for Shelly and Shelby to show up. Part of me worried they wouldn’t come, although Shelby never let me know they weren’t coming. She also never confirmed they were. I smoothed the white linen tablecloth and straightened my napkin as the condensation from three water glasses formed damp rings in the cloth. It was a quiet night and there were not many people in the restaurant. A fact that I was thankful for, given that if things didn’t go well, there wouldn’t be that many people to witness the scene. As my eyes scanned the front windows for the hundredth time, I absently tugged on my coat sleeves before I drummed my fingers on the table.

It was only 7:05, so it wasn’t like she was a no-show. She could just be running late. I figured I’d give her until 7:30 before I threw in the towel and left. Fortunately, I saw them both walk past the window before entering the vestibule. They were both dressed to the nines. Shelly wore a conservative but attractive print dress and had done her hair. Shelby was dressed in a flowing jumpsuit that looked at the same time casual and elegant. That they both took the time and effort to dress up for the evening was a good sign. I stood as they scanned the restaurant for me and waved them over when I caught Shelly’s eye. Butterflies chose that moment to try to fly from one part of my stomach to the other and I had to take a deep breath to force myself to calm down. I had no idea why I was nervous.

“Randy, hi,” Shelly said giving me a platonic hands-on-the-shoulders half-hug. “You look good. That’s a nice blazer.”

“Thank you, and thank you for coming, Shelly. You’re looking quite fetching yourself. Shelby, you’re looking spectacular.”

Shelly’s daughter blushed and smiled a feeble “Thanks.”

I gestured to the U-shaped booth and Shelby slid into the middle spot while Shelly and I sat opposite each other. We made small talk about the latest news and weather as well as discussing Junior and his family. I caught her up on Rusty’s career since she had not been able to see him yet. But just as we finished our meals, the conversation lagged. We both knew what we were there to discuss, but it seemed neither of us knew how to broach the topic.

“So,” I began, drawing expectant looks from both women. “Shelby has brought up a delicate issue that we need to discuss. Given that she is twenty, and you and I split up twenty-one years ago…”

“I don’t know.” Shelly’s response was so matter-of-fact and quick, I almost didn’t hear it, or apply it to the question I was building to. Shelby looked almost as startled as I felt.

“You don’t know?” I leaned forward and lowered my voice. “What exactly don’t you know?”

Shelly’s fingers picked at the hem of her napkin as she drew a breath before speaking. “Randy, when I flew out to California, I was already pregnant. I didn’t know it at the time, and I wouldn’t find out for another two months. I was so busy that it didn’t even occur to me until I started getting sick.”

I remembered gaziantep kapalı escort her bouts of morning sickness with both boys, although it was worse with Rusty. I held her hair for her every morning and brought her saltines and ice chips until the nausea passed.

She took a sip of water before continuing. “By the time I got a test done, you had already filed for the divorce, and I saw no need to muddy the waters. Besides, given the progress, Shelby was conceived within two weeks of the day I left. It could have been you, but it could just as easily have been Bill or Ben or any of those men at the party. But it didn’t matter. At that point, I knew I didn’t have you anymore and I didn’t want a husband or a baby daddy holding me back.

“Randy, I don’t say this to beat old dead horses. It’s just the way it was…”

My mouth had gone dry, and my heart started hammering my chest as the implications of her words hit home. This was not the definitive denial I was expecting. “Wait a minute. Are you telling me that she could be mine?”

“No. Not at all. I’m telling both of you that she is not. She doesn’t have a father as far as I’m concerned or as far as the law is concerned. There is no name on her birth certificate, and I never sought any child support for her. I provided for both her and me by myself. I didn’t need yours or anyone’s help.”

Shelby stared at her mother as though she had just uttered the most confusing gibberish imaginable. “You always told me my father didn’t want me.”

“He didn’t.” She sounded so sure of herself, as if the answer was self-evident and beyond question.

“How the hell could you know that?” Shelby’s voice rose an octave. “You just said you don’t know who my father is, so how could you claim to know he didn’t want me?”

“None of the men I have been with wanted children. At least not with me. Oh, if I had approached someone–Randy for example–he would have done the noble thing and offered to step up, but deep down, he’d resent me and you for it. It’s better this way.” She took a sip from her glass.

Shelby was clearly not satisfied with that answer. “How can you say that to me?”

Shelly looked as though she didn’t understand the question, and I began to get a better understanding of just how messed up she was and how much better off I had been these past twenty years without her. At the same time, I had to wonder how Shelby even survived living with this woman. What kind of home life could they have had? Considering her mother as an example, Shelby’s attitude towards sex made more sense after this revelation.

Shelby sat back in the booth and looked around as if looking for an escape before fixing a death-stare on her mother. “I…I…could have had a father who wanted me, but you prevented that. You lied to me and to him–whoever he is. My God. I can’t even…”

“You didn’t need one. I provided for you. We had a good life in California. You never wanted for anything. I made sure you had food in your belly and a roof over your head.”

“And a steady supply of cock for you.”

Shelly looked as though she had been slapped. “Shelby!”

Shelby waved her hand. “I need to go to the restroom. I have to pee.”

I stood up to let her slide out of the booth. She didn’t look at either of us as she headed for the restroom, and I sat back down.

“That was not at all what I expected,” I said scratching my temple.

“Me neither. She never made a big deal of it before. She seemed happy. Until we got here, that is.”

“And she met her brother.”

Shelly nodded. “Junior is a wonderful young man. You’ve done a fine job of raising him.” She slowly turned her water glass with her fingertips, her eyes never looking up from the water’s surface. “Maybe she sees a different life in him. One that she wishes she had.”

“Maybe.” I nodded. “Or maybe she hasn’t been honest with you about what she wants. Perhaps she doesn’t really know what she wants.”

Shelly’s eyes flashed for a second, as though what I said touched a nerve.

“I mean, she’s, what? Twenty years old? Who at twenty knows what they really want for their life? I know I didn’t.”

Shelly relaxed her shoulders and nodded slightly. “Me neither.”

I swallowed a large swing of my water before continuing. “Whatever happens, I want to do a DNA test.”

Shelly’s head snapped up. “No! I’ll not allow it.”

“Shelby is twenty. You don’t have a say in it.”

“You’re not taking my daughter away from me like you took my sons!”

I blinked and a rage I’d been repressing for more than twenty years surged from the pit of my belly. “I took? What the hell do you mean I took your sons? You left them. You abandoned all three of us with not a word. I didn’t take anything from you.” She looked as though she wanted to argue, but I held up my finger. “You don’t get to blame me for your leaving your sons. We’ve been here the whole time; living in the same house, gaziantep kapalı escort bayan with the same phone number. All you had to do was reach out. And you didn’t. For more than twenty years. Twenty years of football games, awards banquets, graduations, a wedding, and the birth of grandchildren. You turned your back on them. Not me.” I took another sip to get my emotions under control. Shelly looked chagrined.

“And as for Shelby, if she wants a father in her life, is that so bad?”

Shelly’s eyes moistened. “I don’t want to lose her, too.”

“Well, that’s up to you. She’s an adult. You need to listen to what she wants and respect that. It can’t be all about what you want. If she wants to know her father, let her explore. If it’s me, fine. If it’s Bill or Ben or any of those other guys, so be it. But at least she’ll know, and she can move on from there.”

Instead of looking placated, Shelly looked even angrier. “Listen to you, sounding all wise and knowing like you’re father of the year. Like you’re Ward Cleaver or something. I’ll bet you don’t know half of what goes on in Junior’s house.”

“I know what Junior and Laney tell me. I know what I see when I’m with them. But I also remind myself that they are adults and are making their own decisions, whether I agree with them or not. If they do some things that they keep from me, then it’s not my business. I can’t make them share every aspect of their life with me. But I can be there for them for the times when they do want to share. I can’t live my life through them.”

“Yeah, you reserve that for your wife.”

My temples throbbed and I rubbed them as I sighed. She could still push my buttons. “Shelly, let’s not rehash old arguments. We could have handled things differently to be sure, but it’s in the past and nothing can be served by dredging up old anger.”

“You could have supported me in my career! You could have come to California to be with me. To protect me. But you chose to be judgmental. Hypocritical and judgmental. I was only doing what we did together, but you didn’t like that.”

I sighed. “Shelly, I told you the last time I saw you, the problem was not that you were swinging without me. It was that you lied about it and kept it from me. You knew it was wrong, but you did it anyway. Then you made a life-altering decision to become a porn star without even talking to me about it. You had already lost respect for me to the point you didn’t even think about me when you decided. I couldn’t live with that.”

“You made me chose between a career and my family.”

“Is that what you think? Is that why you hate me so much? You blame me for not having a family? Shelly, you made that choice without me.”

“You could have fought for me. For us.”

“I think you know that uprooting the boys to chase after their mother so she could become a porn star would not have been the best thing for them. They were teenagers, Shelly. They didn’t need to be inundated by the sex industry.”

“There’s nothing wrong with sex.”

“I never said there was.”

“Then why did you always make me feel dirty and cheap about it? Why keep it separate from our everyday lives?”

“There’s a difference between keeping sex separate and broadcasting it to everyone. Not every person you meet wants to know the details of your sex life, Shelly. Even one as decorated as yours. Certainly not mine. I chose to share it with a few close friends with like minds. Like most people.”

“But you still swing, don’t you?”

“Well, not that it’s any of your business, but no. Not really. Not since you left.”

“That’s not what I heard. I hear you went to an orgy.”

I blinked. How in the hell? Surely Shelby didn’t tell her. Did Raine? Why would she? “I’m not sure I know what you mean.”

“Oh?” She looked skeptical. “Well, Raine told me that you’ve been regaling her with your sexual exploits for years.”

My eyes rolled on their own accord as I breathed out a lungful of tense air. “I’ll have you know I have not told Raine any details of my exploits. If she asks pointed questions, I answer them. That’s all. It’s not like I’m bragging about my sexual prowess or anything like that.”

“I wouldn’t think so. But still, she knows about our history.”

“That she does. She has an insatiable curiosity for all things sexual. But I’m not the one who broke the news to her. She asked me about it. In fact, she’s seen the videos.”

Shelly blinked. “Videos?”

“The videos we shot of our swing parties? The ones I trashed twenty years ago? You must have had copies made or something, because they’re on the Internet now.”

Shelly chewed the inside of her lip as her mind rolled back two decades. “It must have been Bill. He must have made himself a copy.”

“Your producers didn’t have them?”

“No. When I left for California, I didn’t have anything. I always thought my online catalog was only my professional work.” She grimaced and shook her head. “Fucking great! Now there’s another issue to resolve. Will it never end? And now my granddaughter has seen me…has watched me… Geez!”

“Not just you, Shelly. But what do you mean ‘another issue’? What’s going on?”

She shook her head as if to dispel a bad idea. “I don’t know if I want to go into it right now. Definitely not here.” She looked around. “What’s taking Shelby so long? She should have been back by now.”

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