Teasing Sister Ch. 01

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Ron Phillips sat on his parent’s couch flipping the channels with the remote, trying to find something worth watching on a Sunday morning. He had gotten home from college a week before and was just enjoying his summer. Ron’s eighteen year old sister, Trish, had just a few more days until her graduation from high-school.

Ever since they were teenagers, he’d always had a crush on his younger sister. Ron had noticed from the moment he arrived home that his sister had really filled out well while he was away. Trish started to develop early and she had always had a great body, but now it was more womanly. Her curves were still subtle around the hips, but her breasts were fuller and rounder while she still retained her tight ass and flat belly.

Just then, Ron heard a noise and turned towards the stairs in time to see his sister tying the belt on her short robe.

“Mornin’, bro,” Trish said as she passed by him in the living room on her way to the kitchen.

“Mornin’ to you too,” Ron replied.

“Where’re mom and dad?”

“They left for Aunt Meg and Uncle John’s this morning, remember?” Ron answered.

“Yeah, it’s coming back to me now,” Trish said as she sat down in the big stuffed chair right across from Ron with a bowl of cereal.

“Got any plans for today?” Ron asked.

“I gotta study for a psychology final tomorrow. So after I eat, I’m gonna take a shower and study in my room,” Trish spoke between mouthfuls of cereal.

“Oh, then I’ll try not to disturb you,” Ron said looking over at Trish. She was setting in the chair with both feet on the floor and her knees apart enough for Ron to see the color of the panties she was wearing.

“Awww, thanks bro, you’re so sweet,” Trish said smiling sweetly at her brother. “So, what’s on?”

Trish set her cereal bowl on the end table and slouched down in the big chair as she looked at the television. This simple move accomplished three things. First, it caused the belt on Trish’s robe to loosen, making the top half of her robe fall to the sides of her breasts.

Second, the downward motion of her hips in the chair had caused Trish’s panties to stretch tight over her slit, which Ron could clearly see as Trish’s legs had also fallen farther apart. Her entire slit was clearly visible through the thin, white panties (thong? G-string?) and it was obvious to Ron that his sister shaved. (“Is that a damp spot I see?”)

And finally, since Ron had gotten up before Trish, he had already showered and had just pulled on a pair of sweatpants. His dick had started to harden inside his sweatpants, and he knew it was only just a matter of time before he’d be sporting a tent in his pants if he didn’t look away soon or think about something else. To make matters worse, Trish arched her back and stretched her arms. In doing so, she pushed her breasts out from the robe. Ron noticed that she was wearing a nearly paper-thin white tank top. Ron could also see Trish’s hard nipples poking out proudly from under the shirt.

“Her nipples seemed to always be hard,” Ron thought to himself.

The whole time, Trish’s eyes never left the television. It was almost like she knew that Ron was looking at her and she didn’t want to catch him. Thankfully, just as the main pole was about to rise the tent, Trish stood up.

“Well, I’m gonna take my shower and hit the books,” Trish said, “Have a good day,” Trish smiled as she went upstairs.

Ron’s dick continued to grow to its full six and a half inches inside his sweatpants though. “Thank the stars she’s gone,” Ron muttered to himself as he pulled the elastic waistband of his sweatpants out with the thumb of his left hand, slipped his right hand inside and stroked his dick six or seven times before adjusting it.

It wasn’t unusual for Trish to stay home all day and study. Not only was she the beauty of her class, she was the brains too. An honor student all the way through high-school, Trish had no qualms about putting school before her social activities. Ron contemplated going into the downstairs bathroom and jerking off, but he decided against it. He really enjoyed the intense orgasms he had at night jerking off after he’d been horny all day. So instead, he continued to flip through the channels, settling on a rerun of an old favorite movie, and tried to actually concentrate on it.

At the top of the stairs, Trish had stopped and stood quietly looking down and watching her brother. She stood with her hand to her mouth as she witnessed him pulling his sweatpants out with one hand, completely exposing himself to her from her vantage point, and stroke it a few times before he put it away.

“Damn, he’s fine,” she whispered under her heavy breaths while fully aware how wet she was between the legs. Quietly, she slipped down the hall and into the bathroom.

Trish knew Ron had been checking her out for the past two years. The first time she noticed, she thought it was rather odd that here own bother was looking at her that way. kartal escort bayan He was a hunk and the girls flocked around him. So why would he be looking at his own sister like that? Soon, though, it started to turn Trish on and she began to subtly, but purposefully, tease him. She had gotten more daring as time went by, but always remembered to never let on to Ron that she knew he was watching her. She found herself missing Ron more and more every time he came home, then left again for school. This last semester her body had changed since the last time he had seen her, and Trish had decided this summer, at every opportunity, she was going to show him more than he’d ever seen before.

By now, Trish’s panties were soaked. She nearly tore her clothes off in the bathroom and jumped into the shower stall. Immediately, she went to work with both fingers and the shower massage head.

Ron’s dick had finally gone down, and after three hours of watching television and two cans of soft drink, Ron had to take a piss. He decided to use the upstairs bathroom so he could get a magazine out of his room. He turned down the hall and noticed Trish’s bedroom door was open. As he passed by her door, he glanced in and immediately stopped. Trish was sitting up in her bed with her back against the wall. In her hands, she held her psychology book and appeared to be reading. Her legs were bent with her feet on the edge of the bed. The book leaned back against her spread thighs and once again, Ron had a clear view of his sister’s panty-covered crotch. The thin material was stretched tightly over her outlined slit. Ron stood for a moment just staring. After a minute, Trish looked up over her book.

“What’s up?” she asked, bringing Ron out of his daze.

“Uhhh, nothing,” Ron stumbled. “I, uh, just was gonna ask how everything was going and if you were alight?”

“Awww, thanks. Everything’s great,” Trish smiled. She put down her book and stood up. Ron could now see Trish was wearing a tight, white t-shirt and apparently nothing else underneath. Her nipples clearly stood out against her top. “I’m gonna use the bathroom and maybe get a drink,” she said as she walked past Ron. He turned to watch her go and noticed her panties were nothing more than a g-string. He could easily see the thin string coming out of the crack of her gorgeous ass.

As Trish was about to go into the bathroom, Ron called to her. “Trish, ummm, what do you want to drink and I’ll get it for you while you’re in there.”

“You will? Ok then, Pepsi,” she smiled back at Ron. “And thanks, you’re being so sweet to me, bro. I’ll have to think of a way to repay you.”

While Ron was thinking getting her a drink would be an excuse to come back up here and maybe get more glimpses of his sexy sister, Trish was thinking that she had to give Ron credit. He had managed to leave her alone for three hours, but after her display downstairs this morning, she was sure he’d be coming back for more. She decided to turn up the heat a little. Getting back to her room first, Trish removed her t-shirt and dug in her dresser drawer. She pulled out another t-shirt. This one was also white and tight, but it had been cut off at the bottom. Trish stood in front of her dresser with her back to the doorway. She slipped her arms into the shirt, but held it at her waist and giggled. Trish knew her reflection in the big dresser mirror would be visible to Ron if he stood in the doorway. She waited until she heard him coming back up the stairs, then raised her arms above her head and began slipping the shirt down over her head. Trish heard Ron stop in the doorway to her room.

As Ron entered Trish’s room, he saw her standing in front of him with a t-shirt over her head. He was about to say something when he caught her reflection in the dresser mirror. He nearly dropped Trish’s drink. His sister’s breasts were fully exposed as she struggled to get her t-shirt down over her head. His glimpse only lasted about three seconds before Trish pulled her shirt down, but Ron thought her breasts were exquisite. They were round and firm looking, with small areola and nipples that protruded about a half an inch. When she pulled the shirt down, Ron saw that it was only half a shirt.

Trish turned around and smiled at Ron. “It was getting hot in here, so I decided to change.” Ron just stood there, dumfounded. “Is that for me?” Trish asked as she pointed. Ron looked down and was horrified to see that his cock was fully erect and tenting his sweatpants straight out. He was about to say something until he noticed that Trish was pointing to the can of Pepsi in his hand.

“Uhh, yeah,” Ron said holding the can out to her. Trish stepped up and took the can from Ron. She appeared to not even notice the massive erection he was sporting.

“Thanks,” she smiled at him and lightly touched his hand as she took the drink can from him. She walked over and hopped back up on her bed. Her tits lightly bounced beneath the cut off shirt that escort maltepe barely covered them. “Guess I’ll get back to the books, unless you needed me for something?”

“Uhh, no, I’ll leave you alone then,” Ron said as he stepped out of the room.

Trish smiled knowingly to herself behind her book. She really had him horny now, and she was getting that way herself. Trish rolled over on her stomach and pretended to read. If only he knew she had already taken her psychology final.

Ron wanted to go and jerk off so badly now, but he forced himself not to do it. He told himself that later that night, he would explode in a powerful orgasm which would be his most intense ever. It was a full thirty minutes before his cock returned to normal. He went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door. It was now around three-thirty and he was getting hungry.

“I wonder if Trish is hungry?” Ron asked himself.

About forty-five minutes had gone by when Trish heard Ron coming back up the stairs again. She was lying on her stomach, with her perfect ass in the air. Trish pretended to read and could soon feel his presence in her doorway. Trish continued to pretend to read while she also pretended not to know Ron was standing there. After perhaps a minute, Trish was about to look up when Ron cleared his throat.

“Knock, knock,” he said.

“Hi,” Trish said, “everything alright?”

“Yeah,” Ron said. He knew his prick was growing. “I didn’t mean to bother you, but I was going to make something to eat and was wondering if you wanted anything?”

“I swear, you’re just being so sweet,” Trish said. “I’m gonna owe you a really big one for all the wonderful things you do for me.” Just then, she rolled over on her side to face Ron. In doing so, her movements caused her already skimpy t-shirt to ride up, exposing the bottoms of each breast. “I’ll just have whatever you’ve got.”

“I beg your pardon?” Ron said. He shook his head, absolutely sure he didn’t hear what he thought he just heard.

“I’ll just have whatever you’re having,” Trish said.

“Oh, ok then. I’ll bring it up,” Ron said as he turned to leave.

Twenty minutes later, Ron brought up a ham and cheese sandwich with chips and a couple dill pickles to his sister. He set the plate down in front of Trish, as she lay on her side still with the bottoms of her breasts exposed.

“Mine’s downstairs, I don’t want to disturb you,” he said as he turned to leave.

“Alright, thanks, bro,” Trish spoke. “Oh, I love dill pickle juice!” she squealed. Trish picked up a pickle by its little stem and tipped her head back. She lowered the pickle to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. Ron almost choked as Trish slid the pickle in and out of her mouth, sucking the juice off it.

Although Ron was only torturing himself, he couldn’t help but to keep going back upstairs to Trish’s room. Thirty minutes later, he went back up to get her dishes. Thirty minutes after that, he went up to see if she wanted him to quiz her. Thirty minutes after that, he went up because he couldn’t find the liquid soap for the laundry.

After two hours, he was running out of excuses to go up there. Another hour had passed, and still he could not come up with another legitimate reason to bother his sister again. He was even starting to feel less embarrassed about getting an erection in front of his sister, since she hadn’t even seemed to notice. He was about to give up when he heard Trish call to him from upstairs.

“Ron, can you come up here?”

“Sure,” he called back and went upstairs.

Trish had propped up her pillows behind her back and was reclining against the headboard. He legs were stretched out, slightly spread, her t-shirt still pulled up on her breasts.

“Come over here, I wanted to ask you something,” Trish waved to Ron. He stood beside her bed, his eyes momentarily taking in the entire length of her beauty before coming to rest on hers. “You’ve been coming up here all day long, and I don’t mind a bit because I love your company, but I noticed that every time you do, you leave with a bit of a problem.”

“I do?” Ron asked. “What problem?”

“The same one that’s starting to come up right now.” Ron saw Trish avert her eyes and knew she was staring right at his cock. Knowing this, his cock grew twice as fast. Trish moved to the edge of her bed and sat with her face just inches away from Ron’s erection. “You’ve been so sweet to me all day, and I told you I was gonna have to owe you a big one.”

“And what would that be?” Ron asked anxiously.

“Why, to help you with your problem,” Trish replied with a naughty smile. She reached out to Ron’s hips and began to slide down his sweatpants. Ron started to step back, but Trish grabbed his hips and brought him gently forward. “I only want to help.”

She resumed lowering Ron’s sweatpants. When the elastic waistband was against the base of his cock, Trish pulled the elastic out and then over the pendik escort tip of Ron’s cock. She continued until Ron’s sweatpants were below his knees. She looked up at him and smiled. Ron’s cock was already dripping precum.

Trish sat back up. Now Ron’s cock was just inches from her mouth. With that naughty smile still on her face, Trish reached out and wrapped her hand around Ron’s shaft. Slowly, she began to move her hand up and down the length of his shaft. Ron could feel the strength begin to drain from his muscles as Trish stroked his cock.

Trish had only meant to jerk her brother off, but with his thick cock just inches from her face and leaking all that wonderful juice, Trish couldn’t resist. Continuing to stroke Ron’s shaft, Trish leaned forward and stuck out her tongue. Ron’s precum had leaked out of the tip of his cock in one long string. Trish held his cock up and lowered her head to catch the end of the string on her tongue. Keeping her tongue extended, she began to move her head up, catching the entire string on her tongue. When Trish reached the tip of Ron’s cock, she ran her tongue up the underside of the head and up over the slit. Ron’s knees almost buckled and he let out a moan.

Trish licked his cock again, and again Ron moaned. Slowly, Trish began licking the entire head, then started licking down the shaft. Down one side and up the other, stopping long enough to tickle his swollen balls with the tip of her tongue as she licked. When she reached the top again, Trish opened her mouth and took the head of Ron’s cock into her mouth. She sucked on it hard while she stroked the shaft. Ron was seeing stars as Trish worked more and more of his cock into her mouth.

Ron’s cock tasted so good Trish couldn’t get enough of it. She tried to take as much of it into her mouth as she could. Trish was so into the blowjob she was giving her brother that she did not protest one bit when Ron reached down and pulled her t-shirt up over her breasts. Soon, Ron was squeezing and pinching her breasts. Trish moaned around his cock when he pulled on her nipples.

Ron was pumping his cock in and out of Trish’s mouth at a good pace and could feel his cock getting ready to explode. “Oh, Trish, I’m gonna cum!” Ron moaned. Trish popped his cock out of her mouth and leaned back on her hands, pushing her breasts out.

“Cum on my tits! Cum all over me!” Trish moaned.

Ron grabbed his shaft and pumped it about three times before he felt an electric shock course through his entire body that almost caused him to pass out. Spurt after spurt erupted from the tip of his cock. Trish was staring down at him and the first three blasts hit her square in the face, the last one catching her with her mouth open. The next four blasts covered her tits. Finally the last two blasts, as well as the dribble, landed on her stomach.

Trish was creaming her panties as she was being covered in her brother’s cum. “Mmmmm, look at all this delicious cum,” she moaned as she began rubbing it all over herself, then licking off her fingers.

Ron was slowly coming out of his sexual stupor. He had just had the most intense orgasm ever and shot an enormous load all over his sister. It was in her hair, on her face, in her mouth, on her tits and on her stomach, and she was rubbing it all over herself. Ron fell to his knees in front of Trish and rested his head on her legs. He could smell her scent and breathed her in deeply. After a moment, he raised his head and smiled up at his sister.

“My turn.”

Ron reached up and practically tore Trish’s g-string off. She weakly protested but knew she couldn’t fight him off, nor did she exactly want to. Kneeling on the floor, Ron pushed Trish’s legs apart. Her shaven pussy came into view and Ron licked his lips. He wasted little time and dove right into her juicy pussy.

Ron’s tongue worked magic on Trish’s horny pussy. He sucked on her lips, pulling them away from her body, opening her up for him. When he began running his tongue up and down her slit, Trish grabbed a handful of his hair and began moving back on the bed, pulling Ron up with her. When he began flicking his tongue over her clit, Trish began to squirm and moan. And when he shoved two fingers up her pussy and began moving them in and out, she could hold back no longer and came on his fingers.

Trish came so hard on his fingers that her eyes glazed over and all she could see was light and dark. A tidal wave of pleasure overtook her entire body and bathed it in an incredible warmth. Trish shook all over as her climax spread through her. So caught up in it she was, that she didn’t feel the bed moving or her legs being spread apart.

Trish looked up and saw Ron over her. She could feel him between her legs and she could feel his cock pressing against her opening. “Oh, yes big brother, fuck me hard,” Trish moaned.

Ron began pushing his thick cock into Trish’s tight opening. They each held their breaths while he pushed against her, then let it out when his cockhead was inside. Slowly, Ron slid into his sister’s very wet pussy and didn’t stop until his balls were pressed up against her ass. Ron’s cock may have only been six and a half inches long, but it was thicker than average and that was what Trish liked best.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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