Teenage, Sleepover to remember! Part 1

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This Is A TRUE story! It was another Friday afternoon, Me (14years old) and my best friend since first school , Matt (14 years old) had organised a sleepover at my place, we was planning to, watch movies, talk about hot chicks, play Xbox, but little did I know I was about to do something a lot different to what I expected.

Matts mom had just dropped him around and it was before dark so we had decided to go play some football, we came back about 1hour later and then played Xbox. After that we had ate our Pizza, and watched movies it was about 12:00pm and my parents had gone to bed.

We started talking for a bit about really good looking girls and how we wish we could pull them, we were both straight and usually got girlfriends; matt had a girlfriend who had the most fantastic ass ever!! so we discussed that for ages, and about a cute girl I fancied. Eventually the conversation had changed after my sister had gone out clubbing it. Matt asked ” Have you ever had a wank” , I replied ” yes, most days” I then asked him ”have you ever wanked over his girlfriend Britt?” We both had, because her ass was amazing!
Then he asked me ” have you ever watched porn?” I replied ”yes of course” so had he watched it! A few minutes later Matt asked ” Can we watch some porn?” At first I wondered if it was right, but finally I had replied ‘yeah sure’.

We turned on the Laptop and watched some teenage lesbians, finger each others pussy’s and ass holes, and I could see matt had a huge boner and so did I. I had seen Matt’s cock before, at his house when Acıbadem Escort I was getting changed and thought it looked good and big before! I was really horny at this point so I asked if I could see his fully erect cock. Matt looked at me like what the hell at first but then he said ” don’t tell anyone at school right?” I said” okay I promise” . So matt slipped his gigantic cock out of his shorts, it was about 6 and a half inches, I was amazed how big it was, and why he had never lost his V, even though I had not as well. We then sat there awkwardly, watching the porn whilst matt had his huge could out in the corner of my eye.

7minutes later, it was now about 1:00am early morning, the porn movie had just finished. Matt looked me in the eye, and asked me: ” what do you think of my cock then? ” I was horny and said it was brilliant even though I am straight. He looked at me, in a very distinctive way, looking like he had a plan! I was worried…
He then went on to ask me: ” George, do you want to play a game of dares” and I instantly said yes of course, to matts delight, I had to dare first. I Dared to play with his ball sack, so he did it (which was really a turn on). He then dared me, I had to finger my ass hole, which I was nervous about, but I had to do it! so I slipped 2 of my fingers deep in to my ass hole then licked them clean, it wasn’t to bad. He then did exactly the same to himself as the next dare, it was my turn to be dared and I was to wank for 1min infront of him, which I did. It was now time to get the dares more dirty, Acıbadem Escort Bayan allowing our horny minds to take over!

As I slid my 6inch erect cock between my hands for 1minute, matt stared straight at my penis, in glee. It was now time for me to dare him, I said: ”Matt, I dare you to grab my cock for 30seconds?” He slowly leant over putting his hand near my cock but at first, seemed very nervous because he was not gay, but eventually, I felt matts hand clinch on my penis, which made me so hard, I’m pretty sure made my cock grow half an inch, it felt wonderful! He then let go and it was time for his dare, he dared me exactly the same, I reached out and put my hand around his gigantic cock and it felt extremely warm, and so hard! It was now my turn to dare, I dared him to kiss my bell end, which surprisingly he did, I had never had anyone touch my cock until now, he then dared me wank him for 10strokes, which I did as his bell end slipped through his foreskin, which looked awesome, as he groaned. Matts cock felt brilliant, it was now time for me to dare, I dared me to lick up my cock from bottom to top, which felt wonderful, I wanted to fuck him, it was that good! It was the next dare, he dared me to lick his cock too, which I did. I then dared him to put his mouth around my cock which he did it was such a great feeling! But it was now time for the big dare to each other…

He was to dare me the most crazy thing ever! He said: ” Right, you have to give me a proper Blowjob, if you do it, I will return the favour.” I agreed Escort Acıbadem to this, it was pretty fair. So matt lifted his boxers down, and slipped out his juicy cock! I licked my lips in delight as he lay on his back on my bed fully nude, it was time to get down dirty, and give my best mate a BJ, I moved my mouth towards his cock and he slipped it into my mouth, and matt grabbed my head and pushed it down I felt his bell end slide along my tongue and push to the back of my through it was wonderful, I sucked his cock up and down for about 8minutes, then I felt him groan, and his cock throbbing on my lips, at first I though I must get it out. But he pushed my head straight down and his cum squirted to the back of my throat, it tasted amazing as I sucked on and then swallowed it! Matt told me it was the best feeling he had ever had and then gave me a kiss on the cheek. I said: ”It’s my turn to get a BJ now” he agreed. I took my cloths all off, lay on my bed ready with my ragging boner sticking up into the air. Matt then climbed on top off me and put his head down on me, and I pushed my cock right to the back of his throat as his tongue slid around my bell end, it was the most wonderful feeling in my life, his mouth soaked up my cock as he sucked my of for ages whilst sticking his fingers up my asshole, he sucked my cock soo hard for 15minutes, could feel a weird feeling in my stomach as I orgasm, and my cock was throbbing so bad, my cum released into his mouth as he was deep throating my 6and a half inch cock, I screamed with orgasm, it was the most immense feeling of my life!

Thanks for Reading hope you enjoyed my real life story!!
Me and Matt are having a sleepover soon which we are planning to do the same, but some more dirty stuff!!

Thank you, enjoy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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