Telling Stories

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The 2 girls walked up in from the ocean. Both girls had made a short trip off the edge of the beach enough to take a pee, while making sure they could see it was still visible by the bonfire that lit up the dark. While Anna, and English woman on a cross country work visa and Maria, a self made Latino, sat at the fire, rather closely while wearing zip up hooded sweatshirts and knit shorts.

“You know Monica, I have to admit that I’m feeling rather salty tonight. I don’t get it, but maybe it’s the moon or something.”

“Randi, that’s one of the worst puns I’ve ever heard” Monica replied with big grin and slight chuckle.

“No, you don’t get it. I mean really. I’m really, really horny!”

“Well, I think it’s probably in the water. I’ve been turned up a notch much of the day. I suppose I’m going to have to just wait until I hit the shower to clean off the smoke smell from the fire.”

Randi sighed a bit. Growing up in a house of 4 brothers and her dad, all while avoiding the sex things with her prudish mom; she had learned early in life that the shower was her sanctuary.

Monica, who was certainly outgoing more than the other girls, put her around Randi’s shoulders and pulled her close in a sideways hug.

“You’ll figure it out, kid.” Monica called almost everyone “kid,” despite always being the youngest in any group by at least 3 or 4 years. She let go of Randi’s shoulders and they took a seat in the empty camp chairs that left their backs facing the ocean.

“You took an awful long time to just take a piss” Anna said in a joking manner. She was very good at picking at anyone, especially when most of them haven’t adapted to how dry her British humor was.

“I think they got a bit chummy coming back. Perhaps Randi got a bit of a chill” Maria joined in with chuckle.

“It’s ok, don’t worry. Randi and I were just talking and I told her to make sure she knew I was going to be here for her. All of us will be. She just thought she goes alone in things sometimes; that she doesn’t have a lot of connections.”

“That’s right,” Maria reassured her.

“That goes for me, too,” Anna recanted their commitment to each other. “And you’d do the same for us, right?”

“Of course I would.” Randi didn’t know how else to respond, so she stopped at escort mecidiyeköy that.

“Ok, not to change directions here, but I have to tell about Eric. You know, the guy that came and talk to us at the bar.” Anna pushed on.

“Yeah, we saw just how you looked at him. It’s not fair that your accent is a natural aprhodisiac to guys in America! It’s not a fair playing field when you’re around!” Randi exclaimed.

“Hey, I can’t help it. I was built this way and apparently being British makes the Americans get horny! Besides, you will all laugh at this!”

Maria rolled her eyes. “Oh God, here we go.” Both Monica and Randi got a chuckle out of that one.

“Aw piss off! All of you!” Anna huffed through a smile. “Can I tell my story now?”

The group silence assured her it was ok.

“Good! Well anyway, I was gonna head to the loo and he followed me. Being that it was early in the day, I decided to have a little fun on this vacation and live it up, so I took him in with me!”

“Well, being I was only in bikini bottoms, I knew there was quick, easy access. I took him in the stall and looked up at him with my hand over his cock. I couldn’t feel much because his shorts were loose, but I got on my toes and whispered to him that we’d better make this quick, but to fuck me good!”

“Oh good, finally the good part!” Monica had grown impatient, especially because these kinds of stories were very typical of Anna. Sometimes they were just stories and all of them could tell.

“Well, I turned over and put my hands on the wall. I pulled the ass of my panties aside to expose my ass and pussy, making sure to tell him to nevermind the string in my cunt and to just stick it in my ass! I mean, I love a good ass fucking. Who doesn’t?” Anna’s voice was extremely excited and it seemed this story was real.

Randi’s head hung down, completely uninterested in what Anna was saying.

“I don’t!” Maria shot out. “it’s just…yuck.”

“You’re just a prude” Anna shot back at her. “Anyway, I’m there, all bent over and I can’t feel him doing anything. I mean, it was like he left. When he finally pushed forward and his hips hit me, I told him ‘just do it!’ to which I heard a grunt. I couldn’t figure out and had turned around to leave. What was so bayan escort bad is that he was like a roll of quarters! Nothing to him! It’s no wonder I didn’t feel anything!” Her sentences pushed on faster, almost on top of each other.

“I tried, I mean I really tried, but I lost it! I laughed and laughed! He turned and ran, trying to pull up his shorts at the same time. I couldn’t help it! I mean, really!”

“You’re a fucking mean bitch, Anna” Maria retorted with a smile. “But I would have laughed too!”

Monica began a suppressed laughter that turned into uproarious laughter, even providing Randi with a healthy smile, something she desperately needed.

“I told you it was a good story!”

“Ok, ok” Monica said. But I think Maria has a better one. She was making face with Dave and I know it didn’t stop there.”

“How did you know?” Maria said sarcastically.

“Dish it!” Anna commanded.

“Ok, well, it’s shorter and not as exciting as Anna’s, but I kinda liked it.” She made a transition to the action and left no formalities. This was going to be direct.

“Of course, I couldn’t wait. I could tell he was going to be a one-minute man just from the way he was trying to hump against me. We snuck behind the Tiki bar and pulled his shorts down. I pushed him into a chair and got down to business. He wasn’t really impressive, but was kinda long, but it was kinda thin. I licked at the tip of it a bit before pushing it into my mouth. Like I said, he was long and it made it easy on my gag reflex. I didn’t think twice about going deep. My mouth was clear to the base of his cock and it moved deep into my throat and back several times. When he said he was going to cum, I pulled it out and opened my mouth, taking all of it on my tongue. When he finished, I just swallowed it. He was so out of it that I think I could have spit it on his chest and it wouldn’t have mattered.”

Randi kept her head up enough to watch Anna rolls her eyes so hard she could hear them. Monica made a loud “UGH” sound. I smiled at their disgust of this pathetic man.

“Ok, I’m going to sound lame here, but I haven’t had any action. The closest thing I’ve had to any excitement is friggin’ myself in the shower before we came down here. I’m not going to say it wasn’t satisfying, bayrampaşa escort bayan but it just lacks something the more, you know?”

Randi piped up. “I understand that.” She fell silent again.

Monica turned to her. “Randi, i have to take another piss. Will you come with me? After all, I did keep you safe earlier!”

Randi was taken a little aback but smiled warmly at her unexpected offer. “Sure. I probably should go before turning in anyway.”

“Why don’t you just squat by the fire? That’s what I’m going to do” Anna said.

“She’s right” Maria added.

“You guys do your thing, we’re doing ours.” Monica shot back. Maria and Anna both looked at them and then each other, confused.

Monica grabbed Randi’s arm. Once they were out of earshot, she spoke softly to Randi.

“You don’t really like guys, do you?” Monica was upfront and it caught Randi offguard.

“It’s just been slow. I – I haven’t had a real chance.”

“Don’t lie to me, Randi. I saw you with each story. Your head was down and you weren’t paying attention. You smiled when we did, but didn’t laugh. You were going along to fit in. You don’t like guys, but it’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“You, you don’t think it’s gross? I don’t want any of you to make fun of me. I feel like a freak among you already. Bragging about things.”

“Now you listen to me. You are who you are and what you are is no one’s business. Anna’s not exactly the raging dick monster you think she is, either. She has a soft spot for women and I think the extravagant stories she tells is to cover for part of that. I don’t know anything about Maria, but I can tell you that I’ve fancied a good masturbation session in the shower thinking about women. I don’t know if it’s more than a fantasy or not, but if you like women, no one can tell you you’re wrong.”

“Wha- really? Anna? and… I mean…you? You’ve thought of women too?

“Yes. We’re all different in different ways, but we are all the same in a lot of ways.”

Randi smiled. She hadn’t thought about this before. She felt a warmth and closeness to Monica’s acceptance.

“Um, Randi,” Monica began.

“What?” she replied.

“We’ve been at the same point away from the fire as when we started talking. We haven’t made it anywhere near the ocean! We’d better get there and get back. We probably should actually pee before they start asking why we’re telling stories without them”

“And maybe -” Randi paused and then grinned widely. “Maybe we should tell stories about them someday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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