Tender Flesh2

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Dedicated to my number one fan.


The cherry wood flooring accentuated the beat-red welts across her thighs and waste. Last night Melanie confirmed my desires; accepted my request to make a life with me. After receiving her first round of semen she was caught trying to rid it from herself; an act punishable by modification but it’s such a shame to alter that body. I’ve decided to hold off on the mod, and to use other methods to instill the correct values of a slave into my little ballerina. I rested pleasantly in my chair, center stage. “Dance.”

Melanie began to pirouette, once, twice, and on her third faltered; having a hard time lifting her weight no doubt. “Penchee” I called to her, grinning. Her face winced while she attempted to raise her left leg behind her. I felt a twinge of anger, knowing she could pull off better than a 70degree stretch but when her hands went to her bulbous belly I remembered her enema. The reason for this; Punishment. The enormous enema she held would be excruciating in any position, exceptionally while dancing, but dance she would.
As she continued her awkward movements I checked my watch. She’d received the four quarts nearly two hours ago. I’d told her the faster she finished her routines, the sooner she would feel relief. But she continued to waver and I continued to critique her. Just because she wasn’t on Broadway any longer isn’t an excuse to get sloppy; enema or no. I rose from my seat and walked off stage, away from the blindingly bright lights to leave Melanie the stage, this is her finale.

She strikes her final pose, folded over, head on her wrists, belly pressed to the floor, and both legs spread wide, her sex exposed, gleaming in the lights. The audience exploded in applause, hooting and hollering. The crowd rose and filtered out, but she remained posing until I, her master, retrieved her. I led her to the restroom and allowed her to remove her plug and begin the process of expelling the liquid. I lingered around just long enough to make her feel self conscious and then excused myself to see off my guests.
I returned with four guests forty minutes later to find my slut cleaning herself up. “Excellent, Slut. These guests have requested a private demonstration.” I led them to a large bedroom with two couches, a pole, and a large bed, among many toys and tools. I shook their hands, dictated two hours, collected my fee, turned the cameras on and left.

Now to sit back and watch MY show. Melanie entered from the left of the camera and at first all I saw of her was her back, her pale shoulders; hips. She stood contrite while they poked and prodded at her lithe dancer’s body. Each man’s grubby fingers lingered at her tits, pinching her pert nipples eliciting yelps from her lips. After some fondling she was instructed onto her knees, to which she dropped and opened her small mouth.

Each flaccid cock turned ridged between her girlish lips. One cock after another throat fucked her, making her keep her mouth open so as to make it as sloppy as possible. It was with a disgusted look on her face that she took each load of cum in her throat. Much to my surprise they had her hold it in her mouth. I inched closer to the screen to watch her mouth twist sourly to hold their demon seed. She was laid on her stomach, ass in the air. Each man took a turn spanking her, reddening her ass cheeks before they each knelt between her thighs and licked from her cunt to her anus.

I watched in horror as she shuddered and came over their tongues. That little whore was loving this. Next they mounted her; bursa escort one man took his thick cock and lead it into her new canal. Her pussy was so wet it made sloshing sounds; disgusting. Her wetness seemed to encourage the others as they approached. One put his balls in her mouth and held her throat while she sucked on them. The other two men each pinched and pulled on her tits. She screamed onto the clients balls, pleasuring him further. In short order each man had filled her cunt with his ropes. Surprising enough they seemed to want more and they still had another forty minutes. They beat their half hard cocks to her body, laying there oozing cum. They flopped her over until her weight was primarily on her shoulders, her ass upwards, open for the taking.
After a few fatal attempts each man made his mark in her anus, although they hadn’t much left to spill.

They had been holding out on one prominent fluid however; for the finale. All at once each man took a hand to her ass and spread her cheeks apart separating her gaping asshole and put their other hand on their now soft cocks. They each rested the head on her skin around the hole and let their piss rain down inside her. At first she didn’t seem to notice, then she shrieked and thrashed about but to no avail; they had her sandwiched and completely at their disposal, toilet.

As their time ended they filed out, used my cleaning facilities and departed the property. I sat still, shocked in my camera room watching her laying there in position. I hadn’t instructed her to do this; to be a whore. She did that all on her own, and enjoyed it! My little slut was in for a mighty punishment.

“Constantine, COME!” I commanded him as I strode down the hall; whip in hand, a leash in the other. I stood motionless in front of the closed door, knowing full well the slut, Melanie, would be waiting on the other side, still on her knees with her ass in the air. I couldn’t erase the images of the yellow urine running out of her gape and down her legs, stomach, her tits. Con whined at my side, bringing me back to the now.
The door opened silently on its hinges and there she was. Still in her piss covered formation. “Hello Maste-” “SHUT UP BITCH!!!!” I stood shaking, staring, fuming. Her asshole was over flowing with piss and her pussy was dripping their cum. I placed one hand on her seemingly-clean back and gripped the whip tighter in my right. First one strike, then two three four until the welts gave way to bloodied strips of ass, thigh and back. Her cries were thunderous and pleading, but they didn’t save her skin. “When I watched you dancing… I had no idea what a little whore you are! Such a cum slut! JESUS, you even let them piss in you, didn’t you! Ya dirty bitch!”

I walked to the bathroom to wash my hands as they were bloody and sweaty. I washed my face, too and stared at my reflection, a small amount of sadness was worn on my lips. When I returned I found Constantine licking at his showing cock. Not fully extended but this action was clearly heating him up. I snapped my fingers and pointed to her sloppy, cum stuffed cunt and he went to work immediately. If she hadn’t noticed Con’s presence before, she was now. She squealed when his tongue entered her.

“Oh don’t fucking complain, cunt!” My patience was out. Con tongued her, reaching into her depths and drawing out every last trace of the invaders. Afterwards he sat back and licked his lips, his cock completely unsheathed now. I just snapped my fingers and pointed to her anus. This he took in with great excitement, even wagging his tale. He licked all over her ass, tasting the blood, cum, and piss. bursa escort bayan As he lapped She whined under Constantine’s constant contact.

Con finished cleaning the undeserving bitch in a few minutes and sat back impatiently. I rubbed his ears adoringly; biding my time. I moved to my slut’s tense neck and looped the leash around it, clipping it back on itself, making a choke leash. She sounded off “Uhh”. I smiled wickedly at her. “You like being such a bitch? You’re going to be Con’s bitch.” I ripped on the leash, dragging her onto the floor. Her scream was cut short as the leash strangled her. I pushed her onto her knees and allowed the leash to loosen. I led her closer to Constantine’s hung doggy-dick.

She whimpered in distaste but when she pressed her lips over his slick member her protests were muffled. Con allowed her to bob her head on him for a minute but grew tired of her uselessness and began to thrust into her mouth causing her to gag. This continued for ten minutes or so before I snapped my fingers. The dog withdrew from her now slimy mouth and moved around behind her. He leapt onto his hind legs and pressed his front paws claws into her back skin and thrust into her pussy.

The little whore was about to crawl away when con growled and bit her shoulder, drawing blood. She deserved it. He then started to really hit home, making her take all of his length, hitting her opened pussy with his ever- swelling knott. This was almost too much for me to take, my balls ached. I made Con pull out and wait a minute. When he re-mounted her, he had a new goal. Her gaping asshole. As instantly as his cock head pressed into her opening I wanted him to knott in it. That’d teach the bitch. “yeah, yeah, yeah!” I groaned while he pressed further and further into her, getting frustrated without his knott inside. After watching him struggle a bit more I brought my fingers to the rescue.

I slipped in two fingers, one of each hand and pulled her asshole wider, allowing just enough space for him to pull his hole-sealing knott inside. Her eyes bulged and her throat, however constricted, let an ear splittingly loud screech of terror and pain. Con fucked her sealed asshole for all it was worth, howling and growling. I’d never seen him so pleased. Ten minutes more of this and I knew he was spurting.

The tone escaping her now gagged mouth was undeniable. Con was spilling his puppy goo into her bowels. It took him a great while to drain his balls completely into her and with his long shaft I knew it was deep in her colon. As pleased as I was with watching her writhe with his cock still inside, semen swimming; I would genuinely love to watch him remove his knott from her.

Twenty minutes after knotting Con grew tired of waiting and started tugging it from her. Her teary eyes pleaded. “That’s it Con, good boy. Come on!” I chanted. She whaled into her gag and all too soon there was an audible “pop” and Con was free. He licked himself clean and I stood watching the ropes of dog cum drip out of her wasted asshole.

She remained on the floor huffing in pain with each string of cum leaked from her. “This is a sadness”. I moved to gather the chain for her coller and lead her then, on all fours, to the stage. “This is where you will stay until our next showing.” I tied her back to a structural post in the stage. Arms tied tightly behind her around the post. Her ankles tight together, and then I spread her knees and tied them separately around the back of the post straining them, making her quite uncomfortable in her usual dancers pose. Then for the first time since her disgusting act I looked into escort bursa her face, her eyes. They pooled with tears and her lip quivered but she remained quiet. I turned on my heel and strode off stage.

When I saw her again it was with an audience. I’d had a few hours of sleep to mull over my feelings, and as I greeted my guests my anger flared again. My plan was to humiliate her, publicly, and maybe make some extra cash, too. I started the show by cropping her nipples. The rosy perky tits turned blistering red with just a few strokes, moving on. Down her stomach, thighs and to her open sex. I took my time slapping her pussy lips with the leather. Her voice rung out with each lash.

The final showing was to be the needles. I saved these for last as I had little taste for them, and they would bring her the most pain. I had prepared myself with a couple hundred small needles and thirty or forty large needles, nearly the size of knitting needles. They were mammoth things. She shook in fear as I rolled the tray of needles closer to her post. “please don’t do this” she whispered to me. “you give me no choice, whore.” I say back in an equally quiet voice.

I pinched the skin just above her nipple and slowly pushed the small needle through it. She whimpered. I repeated the same on the other tit, as I like to keep things symmetrical. Ten more needles continued all over the tits. Then I worked my way down to a knealing position. My face just inches from her hot pussy, my fingers working her labia. Without warning I pushed one, then two needles through her cunt lips. She shook against the post, waling loudly. I loved the fight she gave, so naturally, I added more needles.

After a brief whipping of the needles I moved to her mouth. “open” she did so slowly, tentatively. I clamped her tongue with my pliers and placed one, two, then tree needles through her tongue and told her to hold it open. She sobbed around her speared tongue. I stood back to admire her embellished body, and to let the guests view her. I stole a few looks into the audience and saw a dozen men drooling over her needled body. Three men in the front had their cocks out, stroking madly.

I figured I’d might as well give them a finale. I grabbed two of the largest needles and moved back to her. Taking one of her tits in my hands I squeezed it, with the needles in and all. Her moan of pain was less than satisfying, as was the squishy feel. I decided to tie her tits first, to get them nice and firm. Taking a few feet of rope for each tit I wound them nice and tight until they stood erect, and so, so firm. Her skin was pulled taut over the small needles under her skin. Now when I pinched her tits they were hard as rocks. I brought the tip of one of the thickest needles to the outside of her left breast and pressed as hard as I could until I felt it give.

Her scream didn’t stop until I had pushed the needle through to the other side, just the skin holding it in. when she paused I pressed the needle the rest of the way through. I feared she might pass out, so I quickly did the next needle in the same tit, facing the other way making a nice “X”. I repeated with the other tit. You would be surprised with how much they bleed, I was, pleasantly surprised. It dripped down her body adding a dramatic look to our show. The men in the audience were groaning wildly with orgasm. “I think they like it, Melanie. Don’t you?” when she didn’t reply I twisted the large needles, twisting her tits with ease. “NOOOOOO MASTER!” she shrieked.

I took my time running my fingers over her bloody body, enjoying every inch before pausing at her belly. “Melanie.. You know what we’re going to put in here?” she began to sob all over again, “No-nnno Master.” I grinned to her. “A baby.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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