Tender Love Hurts Ch. 06

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Big Dick

~ * ~

Alicia was sitting in the front seat of Kyle’s brother’s dark- blue van next to Kyle as they were watching the sun set in the horizon. She was lost so deep in her own thoughts. Thoughts of Nik. Lately, he was all she had been thinking and fantasizing about. Making passionate love to him had been incredible, but now she had Kyle; and Nik was openly sleeping with Brook. And not only was Nikolas Tarrick bombarding her thoughts, but every night when she went to sleep, she found herself having kinky dreams of herself with Jade. Alicia was dumbfounded by the erotic dreams which haunted her night after night. How would Jade react if she knew that her best friend was having dreams of making passionate love to her?

Alicia had always known she had bisexual tendencies, but never before had anything even remotely sexual happened between herself and Jade. But lately, Alicia had been feeling a spark of desire every time she innocently touched Jade or hugged her tight. But Jade didn’t have a clue. Jade was still tragic over being separated from Erik, and the fact that he still had not called her in well over a month. In fact, Jade was deeply depressed which was starting to worry Alicia. Somehow Jade needed to see that Erik’s being gone wasn’t the end of the world … but Alicia didn’t quite know how to help her snap out of her misery. As soon as she had the chance, she would do something fun with her best friend in hopes of cheering her up.

“Alicia, what are you thinking about?” Kyle spoke up, breaking Alicia out of her thoughts.

“Well, uhhhh nothing…” Alicia mumbled, not wanting Kyle to know of the naughty images which were filtering thru her mind, starring both Nik and her best friend. Kyle was her lover now … and they had not had sex since that night at the lake about one week ago. Alicia was so very horny, and her clit was rock-hard and throbbing. She needed to cum so bad. She would just close her eyes when she was with Kyle … and pretend he was someone else …. one of her many fantasy lovers or another.

“Alicia, its starting to get dark. Why don’t you say we … uhhhh… climb into the back of the van and have … uhhhhh … a little fun?” asked Kyle, smirking when he thought of pleasuring Alicia and hearing her sweet cries of ecstasy.

“Sure, I think that’s a wonderful idea, Kyle,” Alicia agreed. “Did you remember to bring those sex toys you were telling me about?”

“Yeah, I sure did,” answered Kyle, taking Alicia’s hand into his and leading her into the back of the van where there was a mattress on the floor complete with red silk sheets. It was the perfect make- out pad, courtesy of Kyle’s older brother Dillon. “Babe, I can’t wait to use those toys on you,” Kyle said with a wicked smirk.

“It’s going to be fun,” Alicia said with a smile, laying down on the mattress and giving Kyle a seductive look. “I need you so much, Kyle. I am so wet and hot for you.”

“You’re a bad girl, Alicia,” he said, staring at her as she stretched out gebze escort on the silk sheets in her black leather dress. She looked so hot waiting for him to take her.

“Yes, I am…” Alicia said, think of Nik and how it felt when he had repeatedly fucked her. No one had ever made her feel as hot and sexy as Nik, not even Kyle, her first boyfriend. She began thinking it must be because Nik always fucked her so hard and rough. “Kyle, do you think tonight we can do it wild and fast?” Alicia asked, hoping that she could orgasm just as hard while fucking Kyle as she always did with Nik.

Kyle gave her a sheepish grin. “Well, I can try,” he said, reaching for the sex toys he had stashed in the back of the van. He always wanted to get kinky with Alicia. It seemed that tonight was going to be the night for kinky, uninhibited sex.

~ * ~

Jade finally came across a phone number for the Rehabilitation Center in Colorado where Erik had gone for his drug and alcohol treatment. With trembling fingers, she dialed the number and waited to be connected to his room. “Erik?” she said in a soft voice, when he finally answered.

“Jade,” he said, and then he went completely silent.

“Erik, I’ve missed you… why haven’t you called me?”

“Well, my life is pretty fucked up right now, Jade. I have hardly had time to think of you … I’m trying to go off drugs and alcohol, if you haven’t forgotten,” spoke Erik with annoyance in his voice. He didn’t sound that happy to hear from her at all.

“But Erik, I love you… haven’t you… missed me?” Jade asked, as tears filled her eyes. She knew that Erik was going thru Hell, but she was going thru Hell without him.

“Jade, get a clue. I don’t want to talk to you right now,” said Erik in an angry, hateful voice. “Now will you please just leave me alone?”

Jade then just stared at the phone. Erik had hung up on her without another word. She couldn’t believe it. He had been such an asshole. All men were assholes. She never wanted to see another man as long as she lived. She threw the phone across the room and herself down on the bed. “I hate you, Erik Daniels!” she screamed. She didn’t really mean it … she was still madly in love. But she was furious. She was so angry that she was actually thinking of sleeping with someone else….

~ * ~

Brook’s plan was working wonderfully. Alicia and Kyle were at “Look-Out Point” in his brother’s van. From the sounds coming from the back of the van, things were becoming hot and heavy. Nik was gonna get the shock of his life when he came here for his fuck- session with Brook. Brook remained hidden behind a clump of trees not far from Kyle’s brother’s van, waiting for Nik’s arrival. He would be here any moment … then all Hell would break loose. Brook could not wait to see her sister crash and fall. Nik would be so furious when he saw his “Sweet, Innocent” Alicia in another man’s arms. Brook hoped that Nik would göztepe escort beat the holy Hell out of her.

Nik arrived at “Look-Out Point” only a few minutes after 9:30 PM. He was very horny and eager to get down and dirty with the sluttish Brook. She was such a whore, but she was damn good at what she did. He pulled up next to the dark-blue van with the white top in his own little truck. He got out, looking at the van. Who’s vehicle was this? He certainly did not recognize it. It didn’t really matter who the van belonged to … he knew it would never be the same after he fucked Brook in it.

But suddenly as he stood there just outside the van, Nik realized maybe he was a little too late. It sounded like Brook was already being fucked …. by someone else. There were intense moaning and fucking noises going on in the back of the van. “Goddamn … my whore has found herself a new lover!” quipped Nik, going to the back door of the van to see who it was having their way with Brook. Maybe she would finally get off his back, if this other guy was now in the picture. Nik was pleased that Brook had found someone else … maybe this meant he could get Alicia back. He missed her so much and hated that Brook had broken them up.

Nik threw open the back of the van, hoping to see sluttish Brook being pounded by some horny stud, but the sight he encountered from within the back of the van nearly threw him to his knees. It was his sweet, precious Alicia, being fucked hard and rough by a huge 12 inch dildo held in Kyle Boyn’s hand. “What the Holy fuck is going on in here?!” he yelled, watching the thick toy disappearing into Alicia’s slick pussy. Her tight pink pussy lips were stretched so wide around the monstrous toy.

“Nik!!!” Alicia gasped, seeing him standing there at the back of the van, watching her and Kyle in a VERY intimate moment.

Kyle stood there frozen in mid-thrust with the toy, disbelieving that some guy had came upon he and Alicia in a brazenly kinky sex act. “Nik… Nik, I can explain everything,” Alicia murmured, just wanting to disappear from this situation. She wanted Nik…. but now that he knew she had been fucking Kyle, would she ever get him back again?

“Ohhhh … we cannot wait to hear this…” quipped Brook, appearing at the back of the van next to Nik, her hands on her hips as she looked accusingly at Alicia and Kyle who were naked and playing with a huge dildo.

Nik looked at Brook, appearing furious. “Did you arrange this, Brook?” he screamed, wanting to slide his hands around her slender little throat and choke the living fuck out of her.

“Well, yes, Nik, I did,” said Brook. “I knew they were coming here to fuck…. so I set this up… so you can see what a whore Alicia really is. You don’t want her anymore, do you?”

“Hell no, I don’t… but I don’t want you anymore either. You’re the biggest slut I have ever known. I’d cut off my dick before I put it in you haramidere escort again!”

“It’s all Alicia’s fault. Everything is HER fault!” Brook screamed, hysterical because the plan she had just backfired and not only did Nik not want Alicia, he was claiming never to want her again either. “Fuck you, Nik! Just look at her… she’s such a dirty little whore —- her legs spread open wide while Kyle Boyn thrusts a dildo into her wet pussy!”

Nik DID look, and he flew into a violent rage, grabbing Kyle and pounding the living crap out of him. “You’re going to DIE!” he screamed, fury making his eyes into a murderous slits.

Kyle actually feared for his life in that moment; never before had he seen anyone that furious. Nik was beating Kyle to a pulp as though he were a tiny rag-doll, then he threw him over the side of the bluff, into the traffic far below. “Nik, you dumb fuck!” Alicia screamed, coming outside to stand naked at the edge of the bluff where Nik had just tossed Kyle over. “I think you killed him!”

“He deserved to die! You are mine, Alicia…. I can’t believe you fucked him!”

“Listen to you! You fucked MY SISTER! I am not yours… and I never will be,” Alicia cried out, tears streaming down her cheeks. “You and Brooke DESERVE each other. I cannot believe I ever loved you! Goodbye, asshole!” With those words, she jumped into Kyle’s brother’s van, stark-naked, driving away like a bat out of Hell to check on Kyle, although she feared his situation was probably hopeless. He was most likely dead from the fall.

Alicia drove away from Look-Out Point down the steep dirt road leading to the paved highway below. Kyle had fallen quite a distance … he couldn’t be alive. But still, Alicia was praying he would be okay. She did really care about Kyle … and she wanted him to be okay. She didn’t want that jerk Nik to have the satisfaction of having killed her lover. “Kyle,” Alicia sobbed, when she got to the highway below the bluff. Sadly, Kyle wasn’t there. Where was he? Was he dead? Had someone called an ambulance and taken him to the hospital?

Alicia knew she should call the police, but she was too shaken up to do anything. Where was Kyle? What could she tell the authorities if there was no body? Would they even believe her? She knew Nik and Brooke would lie. There was nothing Alicia could do … so she decided to go to Jade’s for some advice. “Please, God … somehow, someway, let Kyle be okay,” she said, as she drove over to Jade’s place. She got out of the car, walking up to Jade’s front door. She was hysterically sobbing and did not even realize she was stark-naked. “Jade, please … answer the door!” she cried out, as her tears blinded her and she feared she would collapse on the cement steps.


From across town, Kyle was crawling his way thru the weeds below the bluff. Both of his legs were broken, but he was still alive. “Alicia,” he moaned, blood running into his eyes. He was close to death, but he vowed to get to Alicia. He had to tell her once more that he loved her before his untimely demise. He couldn’t see a thing, but he kept on moving, crawling his way to what he hoped was safety. But unfortunately Kyle didn’t have luck on his side. He crawled into traffic and was hit by a semi.

(Stay Tuned for Chapter Seven ::: Alicia and Jade Become More Than Friends)

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