Teri’s Story Ch. 03

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It’s been almost a week since Teri’s ass was fucked by Stuart. She tried to control her desires, but abstinence has made her urges grow stronger. She needs to feel her asshole being used. If her experience at that horrible apartment taught her one thing, it’s that one cock is just not enough for her ass.

Teri knocks on the door and hopes they answer. The corridor does not seem like a safe place to be. She knocks again and waits. She presses her ear to the door. She can hear movement inside.

The door swings open and Teri steps back with a jump. Moving her ear away from the now empty space where the door once was. She immediately recognises the better hung of the two guys from last time staring back at her. He glares at Teri, then narrows his eyes and raises one half of his mouth in a smile.

“Now look who we have here, snooping around outside! I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away. What do you want this time?”

“I…I..I’m sorry. I can go if you’re…” she stammers, looking at her feet and half turning to go.

“Wait. You obviously came here for a reason. Why don’t you tell me what it is?” he sneers.

Teri feels her cheeks burning with embarrassment. She knows she should leave, but she has to tell him exactly why she came here. “I want more. I want it again. I want more of those dicks inside me. I want them right now.”

“Hmmm, I don’t know. We were gonna be busy watching the game tonight. Undo your coat. Show me why I should let you in.”

Looking around, Teri nervously unbuttons her long coat to reveal black over the knee socks, a tiny red tartan plaited mini skirt and a small, thin black vest top.

“Okay, you passed the test.” He grabs the lapel of Teri’s coat and leads her inside. He kicks the door shut and drags her coat off. Walking round her, he puts his hand up her skirt and squeezes her left buttock. Discovering, of course, that Teri has carelessly neglected to wear anything underneath.

“Mmmmm, you did come prepared, didn’t you?” Straightaway his hand slides round and the top digit of his middle finger is inserted into Teri’s asshole as he circles round to face her. “I’m afraid it’s just you and me until Wes gets out of the shower. Let’s get started, shall we?”

He removes his finger from her ass and puts it in her mouth. Teri sucks on it as he moves slowly across the room. She obediently lets him lead her by the mouth to the couch. She kneels on it and thrusts her ass out, resting her elbows on the back. He pops his finger out of her mouth and moves round behind her. He flips up the back of Teri’s skirt (although in that position it wasn’t covering her ass anyway) and spanks her.

“You know we won’t take it easy on you like we did the last time. This time you’re going to earn that dick.” he says as he spanks her again. He moves round, unzips his pants and stuffs his semi-erect dick into her mouth. “The only thing your pussy’s going to feel this time is my balls slapping against it as I fuck your ass deeper than you’ve ever had it fucked before.”

Teri feels him growing bigger and harder in her mouth as she hears the bathroom door open behind her. “Man, has the game started yet?”

“I don’t know, put on the TV. This game has started though. Look who came back! I told you, man…..” Teri’s mouth is too busy for her to turn her head to see behind her, but she wiggles her bare ass in what she assumes to be Wes’s direction. A towel drops down next to her on the couch and Wes’s hand drops down on her ass.

The large cock is forced deeper into her throat as Wes works his index finger into her ass. “Hehe! This stupid slut doesn’t know half of the fun we’re going to have with her tonight!”

“Move over! I told you to put the TV on!” Wes is barged out of the way and the larger guy moves bahis siteleri round behind Teri. He rubs his dick between her buttocks, then squeezes the tip of his dick inside her ass.

“It’s just starting now. Move over slut so we can both watch the TV as we’re fucking you.”

Teri pulls away and swings herself round to position herself on all fours along the length of the couch. She sucks the larger guy’s dick as Wes comes up behind her. He grabs her ass cheeks and pulls them apart to see how her asshole is already starting to open up. He climbs up onto the couch and presses his dick into her. Moving rhythmically, progressively deeper with each thrust, into Teri’s tight ass.

Being on all fours with her head up opens her throat and the other guy takes advantage of this by going deep down, past the back of Teri’s mouth as he fucks her face. Her nose bumping against his stomach with every stoke.

Teri is enjoying being banged from both ends simultaneously. However she notices that despite being so well filled, she senses a lower intensity than the last time. She braces her hands on the hips in front of her and pulls herself upright to see what is wrong. Wes grabs her waist and draws her right onto him. Grinding himself into her to ensure she won’t be moving anywhere.

“What’s the matter with you? Get back down there and suck it.”

“You bastards are just watching the TV! Stop that and fuck me properly, you pair of bums!”

“Who do you think you’re talking to? You’re a long way from home in here. I think I’m going to have to find a way of shutting you up….” Teri gasps as Wes pulls out of her ass sharply. He cups the back of her head and turns her round to face him. Teri’s knees slip off the edge of the couch as he pushes her head down to his dick. “Not so clever now are you?” he taunts as Teri licks and slurps on his manhood.

She feels a pair of hands on either hip pull her ass around and back onto the couch. He spanks her, then penetrates her ass once more. Teri feels highly stimulated by the size of this guy’s dick in her ass. He was right, she can feel his balls slapping against her pussy as he jams himself into her as deeply as he can. Teri tingles as she presses back up against him. All the while eagerly fellating Wes as he holds her hair tightly into a pony tail behind her head. This is what she came here for. She pants and groans over Wes’s dick as she is fucked harder and harder.

“This slut thinks she’s earned an orgasm.” Wes observes. “I think she’s wrong. What do you reckon?”

“I reckon she’s got a lot more hard work on before she deserves that. She can start by sucking my dick.”

Teri dips forward and her eyes roll as she slides herself off him. She turns round and faces the large dick that’s just been impaling her ass. She instantly deepthroats it, desperate to show that she is ready to earn her climax. She licks, sucks and rolls her tongue around it eagerly. Coating it in saliva, ready to fuck her all over again.

She gets on all fours on the grubby carpet. “No. Move round to face the TV.” She obediently complies as Wes climbs onto her back and leans over her. His cock slips effortlessly into Teri’s gaping asshole. “Yeah, this is what you came back for isn’t it?” he whispers in her ear. “This is what you really want…..”

She groans with pleasure as the second dick moves into her ass. Wes was right. One dick in her ass is not enough for her any more. She gasps and moans as her sexy ass is stretched and prised open by these two domineering, well endowed slobs. They’re both watching the game over her shoulder as they use her as a cheap, disposable whore. Entirely for their own base amusement. She’s stretching herself to her limits and degrading herself for them and they don’t even appreciate it. Teri canlı bahis siteleri feels a guilty pleasure at feeling herself being used and humiliated so.

Her breathing becomes heavy and she starts to pant as the sensation builds up her spine. “Looks like she’s going to cum. I reckon she’s probably just about earned it.” Just as Teri reaches the brink of ecstasy, there’s a knock at the door. They both withdraw with a start and leave her quivering on all fours, on the edge of her reward.

Wes opens the door. “I was starting to think you weren’t coming. Game’s on. As you can see though we’re a little busy.”

Two more guys walk into the apartment. “Looks like. Slightly better than the whores you normally have round. You ready to kick her out or are we all going to get a piece of her?”

“Well none of us are finished yet. Let’s see how much stamina she’s got!”

As the two new men enter the apartment, Teri crawls round in front of the larger guy, gets up onto her knees and starts licking his cock. Using long, slow, firm strokes of the flat of her tongue.

“Sure looks like she’s eager to please. I wonder if she can please all of us at once?” ponders one of the new guys as they start to unbutton their pants.

“She will. She does it all, man. She’s one dirty slut. Whatever we do to her, she loves it and wants more.”

“Does she take it up the ass?”

“Stand up and let the man see for himself.” Teri is commanded by the well endowed man as he gets a firm hold of her hair.

Without taking her lips away from his dick, Teri gets to her feet and bends over with her legs apart. One of the new guys approaches her from behind and she feels him flip her tiny skirt up, rest a hand rest on each buttock, then pull her ass cheeks apart.

“Whoa! That’s some gape she’s got there.”

“You know why it’s like that? Because Wes and me were both just up there. At the same time, man. She’s our double anal whore now!”

“Fuck! How much does she cost?”

“Pfft. Nothing man! We picked her up in a bar last week and tonight she just turned up, wanting more of the same. She’s so desperate for dick, I think she might even pay us.”

“Well, girl. Get back on your knees so you can suck us all. Time Wes and Fred here shared your booty out.”

Teri dutifully gets back down to her knees and sees that her face is surrounded by dicks pushing themselves at her. She sucks and licks them all in turn. When one of them feels left out, he grabs the hair at the back of her head and pulls her towards him. For the first time, Teri starts to feel a sense of genuine unease about her situation.

“Why don’t we show you where we had gotten up to?” suggests Fred. He grabs the back of Teri’s head and forces her back onto all fours. He pushes himself into her ass again and leans over her, laughing and gently biting her ear. Teri feels another cock enter her ass to the amusement of the two new guys.

“Haha! What a slut! Her asshole is gonna be two foot wide after tonight.” They both move round and kneel in front of her so she can fellate them. Which she obligingly does.

Teri feels Wes’s cock pull out of her ass. “Watch how she loves the taste of herself.” he says as he moves round in front of her. The cock in her mouth disappears and reappears in her ass, as she begins to eagerly slurp on Wes’s dick.

This pattern continues, with one dick in her hand, one in her mouth and two up her ass. Every few minutes, the one at back moves round to the front and forces his cock into her mouth. She is so busy servicing them all at once, that she can’t hope to focus on her own pleasure. All she can experience is the feeling of how utterly filled she is.

Again, everyone moves round and the man fucking her ass forces her to clean his cock by canlı bahis pressing it into her mouth and down her throat. During the evening they all get to possess and use Teri’s willing ass over and again. Especially Fred, who all the time has been looming over her back. Fucking her ass relentlessly; deeply with his huge cock. Teri can feel from the urgency of his thrusts and frantic breath on her neck, that he’s close. At the next switch around he withdraws too. She feels the cool inrush of air to her body as her ass is left unoccupied for the first time in about half an hour. He pushes his dick into Teri’s mouth and cums all over her tongue. She cups his balls as he empties himself into her. She swallows it all down as she expertly blows his cock. She sucks hard as she slides her mouth off him and looks up, doe eyed, licking her lips seductively. Now that he’s done with her though, he ignores her completely and flops himself down on the couch to watch the sport.

Wes lies down on the floor and Teri mounts him. Filling her ass back up with his cock. She chooses the reverse cowgirl position so she can thrust her neglected pussy out invitingly at the other two. One moves round and slaps his dick on her face, which she takes into her mouth obediently.

Teri looks longingly over to the last guy as he approaches her. She’s always wanted all three of her holes fucked at once and here is her chance to fulfill her fantasy. The sheer thrill of this prospect intoxicates Teri with giddy excitement. She can feel her orgasm is close.

“Fuck my pussy” she mumbles around the dick in her mouth. He smiles at her as she breaks free from the fellatio just long enough to say “It’s not been fucked for days. It’s tight and it’s waiting and it’s just for you….” She just manages to complete her sentence before she is silenced by the dick being plunged back into her mouth.

Teri watches as he kneels between her legs. She shivers as he teasingly rubs the end of his prick over her labia, up to her clit. She pants as he teasingly parts the lips of her pussy with the end of his cock. Finally, she gasps in delight as he rams it back into her ass instead.

Teri digs her nails into his side as she pulls him closer into her, desperate to rub her clit against his stomach. It works and her sensation builds as they both penetrate her asshole up to their hilts. She rocks her hips rhythmically as she edges closer to her orgasm. Without warning, the guy in front of her slides himself out of her ass and plunges balls deep into her pussy. This is what she has dreamed of. However she knows it won’t last long as she can feel him squirting his cum deep into her cervix. Simultaneously, Wes is doing the same thing in her ass. She can feel each of their cocks shaking orgasmically inside her and filling her up with their spunk.

Teri is trembling with intense pleasure as he withdraws from her pussy and Wes pushes her on the hip. She rolls off him and over the floor, coming to rest in an undignified position on her back with her knees up, legs apart and feet flat on the floor.

Teri squirms her hips as the two guys move over to the couch and she pleads with the owner of the last cock standing. “Please, fuck me. I’m so close.”

“I’m not touching your well used, oozing holes.” he laughs as he stands looming over her, dick in hand, and drops a large quantity of sperm onto her face.

The four of them laugh at Teri as she writhes, panting, huffing and frustrated; on the grubby, sticky carpet. Covered in and filled by their semen. They all button themselves back up and sit down comfortably to watch the game.

“Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” offers Wes to more laughter.

“And seriously” warns Fred. “Don’t dare knock on our door again.”

“But…” Teri stammers. “Didn’t I please you?”

“If you want us, find us in the bar like last time. We don’t want dumb sluts disturbing us here.”

Teri nods her bowed head as she turns to the door, picks up her coat and quietly leaves.

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