Thai Holiday Day 01

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On Friday afternoon I had the car go around to collect Krissy at her office, then my wife, Mei, from home, and then me at my office. The girls were both wearing light, summer dresses and looked beautiful! Unfortunately as I was coming from the office I was wearing a Suit (But as usual with Black Lace top Stockings, Garter Belt and panties underneath!).

The Jacket and Tie were soon removed, then a drive out to the airport. Traffic was not too bad for Bangkok, many people took the previous week off as it is school holidays. The flight to Koh Samui is very short, less than two hours, as we were landing we looked down at the ocean, the water was so clear that you dould see the bottom! The hotel car was waiting for us and we quickly arrived and checked in.

I had booked a romantic cottage with a view of the beach and a private garden, it was beautiful! I had also arranged for a chilled bottle of champagne, canapes and fruit. As Krissy mentioned I like to “Set the Mood”. Everything was PERFECT! After relaxing a bit and enjoying the snacks and champagne (and a few very sexy kisses!) I said that I wanted to freshen up and change out of my “Gentlemen’s Attire” and into something sexy.

We all three went to shower together in the large bathroom. It was so sexy washing each other! Krissy was especially hot as I lathered up her body, caressing her soapy breasts and working my way down to her now hard cock. As I was slowly stroking her cock Mei began to play with Krissy’s breasts, lightly caressing them and very gently pinching her nipples.

She lowered her head and began to lick Krissy’s hard nipples as I moved my hand to her wet pussy while I continued to rub Krissy’s dick. Her pussy was so wet that my fingers easily slid in. She began to fuck my fingers and moan with pleasure, still licking Krissy’s nipples and squeezing her tits. Krissy was also moaning and fucking my other hand, while caressing my wife’s breasts.

I slid my cock across Krissy’s ass and she pressed it into me. I began to rub my cock up and down in the crack of her ass, still keeping my rhythm with both hands. Krissy was now almost screaming with pleasure as she turned her head so that I could kiss her sweet mouth. 1080 porno I sucked her tongue into my mouth as she grunted and I felt shoot her hot cum.

This put me over the edge and I shot all over her sweet ass. I finger fucked Mei even faster now and she too had an intense orgasm. As we came down from this experience we finished showering, all the while kissing deeply and caressing each others bodies.

We dried off in the big fluffy white towels and wrapped ourselves in the soft Hotel robes. We finished the rest of the champagne and discussed plans for the evening. We decided to go out for dinner, Koh Samui is famous for Seafood! I opened the suitcase that Mei had packed for me expecting to find my slacks, casual shirts and beach attire, only to find dresses, blouses and skirts!

Mei & Krissy were giggling at me and said that this weekend I would be their little lesbian full time, not only in private. I was nervous and afraid, I’d never gone out in public dressed as a girl! The ladies comforted me and said that as long as I didn’t talk nobody would know that I was a man. I said that the will surely see that I have no tits, then they brought out some silicon breast forms that looked and felt incredibly real! They gave me just a B cup, they said anything more would look out of place.

I felt so excited, but also afraid, but I had no other choice other than wearing my suit from work. Mei said that the Black underwear that I usually wear wold show through the light fabric of the summer dresses, so she had bought some in white for me. We all got dressed in our white panties and bras, then Mei helped me with the breasts. She took great care in ensuring that they were at the proper level and even. Then we put on our dresses and make up. I checked myself in the mirror and saw a beautiful lady looking back at me! I felt so good!

We called the hotel car to take us to the restaurant and it was the same driver that picked us up at the airport. He kept looking at us in the mirror, but didn’t say anything. Mei & Krissy were trailing their fingers up and down my legs and I felt my cock begin to grow in my panties.

The driver kept glancing at us, and I knew 2 k porno that he knew my secret, but I didn’t care. I opened my legs a little to allow Mei & Krissy to run their fingers on the inside of my thighs. I was getting so turned on that when we arrived at the restaurant I had to quickly compose myself. We ordered our Dinner and I think the waiter looked at me a little funny, then W reminded me not to talk, my voice would give me away.

I let her take charge and remained quiet throughout the meal. The meal was wonderful, we all ordered the local specialities, Grilled Lobster, Crab in Curry Sauce, Steamed Mussels with Garlic and Chilis. As is Asian style the food was served in the middle of the table with steamed rice and everybody shares. Especially appropriate for us!

After dinner we went to the reggae club, but it was too loud and full of rude, smelly European backpackers, so we decided to go back to the hotel. I called from my mobile and arranged another bottle of champagne, it was already in the Cottage when we arrived.

I adjusted the lighting and we all changed into the Lingerie that I had laid out before we left. The girls giggled at me again and said that there are other colors than black! But they agreed that we all did look very sexy! We touched up our make up, poured the champagne and all went to bed. Mei said that she knows Krissy and I have missed each other since our last time together. She suggests that we get reacquainted while she watches.

We started kissing each other lightly while running our hands all over each others bodies. As we became more aroused our kisses became more intense, licking and gently biting each others lips, sucking each others tongue like it was a small cock. Both of us were breathing heavy and moaning into each others mouth. We began to rub our crotches together and I could feel Krissy’s hard cock against mine through our silky panties. We continued kissing deeply as we rubbed against each other, stocking clad legs sliding against each other, hard cocks dancing together.

I opened Krissy’s bra and began to lick her nipples and gently caressing her breasts. I wish so much that I had tits like hers! She began to 3 k porno moan more, rubbing her dick against me even faster and harder. I looked at Mei sitting in the chair watching us and saw that she had two fingers buried deep in her wet pussy. She just kept watching us a playing with her beautiful cunt, thrusting her fingers in and out making such a juicy sound.

This turned me on even more, having my wife watch me with my sexy “Girl” friend! I stopped licking Krissy’s tits just long enough to slowly pull her Black Lace Panties down her long sexy legs. Her cock nearly jumped out! I started to kiss her ankle, very very slowly working my way up the inside of her right leg, leaving a trail of kisses and gentle nibbles.

She was squirming on the bed and moving her hips up and down like she was fucking! As I approached her cock she tried to put it in my mouth. I wanted it too, but I waited I wanted to tease her more. I kissed all around her hard dick, smelling the perfume that she had sprayed there after our shower. (Coco by Chanel)

After kissing and licking all around her cock I pulled away and started again at the left ankle, again very very slowly moving my way up the inside of her leg toward her special surprise. She was now breathing very hard and I knew that she couldn’t last too much longer. This time when I reached her cock I slowly licked it from the balls to the tip. I lightly kissed the head, then took her deep into my mouth.

She began to fuck my mouth so fast and so hard, I knew she would cum soon. I continued to suck her and began to rub her dick up and down with my hand. After only a few minutes I could feel her begin to cum, I held her cock with both hands and pulled my mouth away a little so that everyone could see the hot sprem shoot onto my face. Mei was rubbing her pussy even faster and I heard her scream when her orgasm hit her, just when Krissy’s cum hit me.

Now it was my turn, both of the girls came over and slid my panties down my legs. They both began to lick, kiss, bite and suck my hard cock, after all of the excitement of the evening I couldn’t last very long and soon was shooting my cum all over their faces. We all collapsed on the bed together, gently licking the hot white sperm from each others faces. After about half an hour we took another shower together, hugging and kissing the entire time, then returned to bed and fell asleep listening to the sounds of the ocean and the wind in the coconut trees.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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