That’s My Girl Ch. 3

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After the first time I made love to my daughter, I was addicted. We took every chance we could to enjoy each other. It wasn’t as often as either of us would have liked! Even still, we managed to find time to fuck most weeks. If I was really lucky, I got to play with Shannon, her friend, as well as Hannah, but Hannah liked to keep me for herself. Or so I thought.

One day, when we were lying on the bed together, sheened in sweat and spent from our vigorous lovemaking, my lovely daughter rolled over on top of me.

“Daddy?” she said.

“Yes, sweetheart.”

“You know how I fantasised about you for ages before we did anything….”

“Yes?” I said, wondering where this was going.

“I fantasise about Mom too,” she said, beginning to grind her still wet pussy against me.

My cock began to grow hard again. The images appeared before my face, the two women I loved most in the world, together, exploring each other’s gorgeous bodies.

“Oh fuck, honey,” I said, lust sweeping through me, “that would be the sexiest thing I can think of. I’d love it. God, it would be so fantastic.”

From that moment on, we began to plan how we were going to make our mutual fantasy into reality. I knew my wife had experimented in college, and it had gone badly. I knew that she still was attracted to women because sometimes when we made love, I’d talk to her about watching her go down on another woman while I fucked her from behind and it always drove her wild.

The question was… what would she think of me fucking our daughter, and would she want to taste that nubile flesh herself?

One weekend, our son Chris was away, again. I sometimes was incredibly thankful he liked to spend so much time at his friends! Hannah pretended that she was also going to stay with a friend. My wife, Lois, hinted to me all week about what we could do at the weekend. She told me she wanted me to tie her up and tease her. Bondage wasn’t something either of us were strongly into, but we liked spanking and mild discipline. I was more keen than usual, as having Lois tied up would provide the perfect opportunity for Hannah and I to introduce her to new ideas.

The day came. I deliberately didn’t have sex with Lois in the morning, so that I’d be able to cope with two incredibly sexy woman this evening. Lois was very horny, however, and it was just after lunch that she dragged me into the bedroom and waved her favourite silk ties in my face. I left to freshen up, and also to page my delicious daughter to get her to come around.

Soon, my gorgeous wife was tied on the bed, her body spread-eagled before me. I loved her body. She didn’t fit the traditional image of beauty, she was too full-bodied for that, but I loved her sexy curves and her perfect big breasts, still fairly firm. I kneeled between gaziantep escort her legs, talking dirty to her, my fingers teasing over her things but not touching her. I watched her spread pussy get wet just from my words and light touches.

And then Hannah walked in. She was wearing the sluttiest lingerie I’d managed to find for her. It showed off her lithe young body to perfection, showcasing her growing breasts. Her nipples stuck out pointedly through the sheer fabric and the silky panties outlined her shaven mound. Lois just gaped at her.

“What the hell is going on?” she asked.

I walked over and stood beside Hannah. She reached down and curled her soft, smooth hand around my thick shaft and began to stroke it gently.

“Hannah, Alex, what the fuck is this? Is this some kind of sick joke?” Lois asked, struggling against her bonds.

My hands slid up Hannah’s firm stomach, cupping her firm young breasts, squeezing them. She moaned and rubbed my cockhead against her ass.

“Guess what, Mom?” she said. “I’ve been a very, very naughty girl. I seduced your yummy husband. My sexy father. I made him mine.”

“Alex, is this true?” Lois asked me.

“I love the way he fucks me,” Hannah went on, “just like the way he fucks you. And you know what else?” Lois seemed incapable of speech. “I want to fuck you as well, Mom. I want to taste your pussy, rub my slippery cunt over your face, suck on your big tits and have you play with my body.”

I watched my wife intently. I could see the signs of her arousal. I could see her hard nipples, glistening pussy lips, her tongue involuntarily running over her lips. I could also the struggle going on inside her head, the battle between lust and logic.

As happens so often, lust won.

“Do you like that idea, Mommy?” Hannah asked sweetly.

“God, yes,” Lois said. “You’re so beautiful, my love.” She looked up at me. “I can believe we’re doing this, Alex, but I want it so badly.”

Hannah took off her bra and panties and stood in front of her mother.

“What do you want to do with me, Mom?” she asked. “You can do whatever you want with me.”

“I want to taste you,” Lois said greedily. “I want to taste that beautiful smooth pussy.”

“You want to lick my cunt?” my daughter asked my wife.

“Yes, yes, your beautiful cunt.” Lois said.

Hannah straddled my wife’s body, went onto all fours and then backed her pussy up against Lois’s face. My lovely wife didn’t hesitate a second. Her skilled tongue flickered out and began to slide up and down my daughter’s sopping slit, plunging into the warmth of her sexy hole. Hannah gasped instructions, telling her mother just how she liked her pussy tongued.

“Give me your cock, Dad,” she said, her beautiful eyes gaziantep escort sitesi looking up at me. “I want to suck your cock while Mom eats me.”

I knelt on the bed, and Hannah’s beautiful hair fell around my cock as her tongue wound around the throbbing head. She licked up and down the length, tickling it with her hair as her warm mouth engulfed me. I began to fuck her face, sliding my thick cock in and out of her hungry little mouth. Meanwhile, Lois had worked one hand free and was furiously frigging Hannah’s hard little clit while her tongue darted and ducked inside her cunt, lapping at her flowing juices.

“I’m going to cum,” Hannah said around my cock.

“God, me too,” I said. I couldn’t help it. Watching my wife tasting our lovely daughter was sending me over the edge, especially when the slutty young minx was giving one of her fantastic blowjobs.

“Cum in my mouth, Daddy,” Hannah pleaded and I obliged, sending stream after stream of sticky cum over her face, between her lips as she bucked against Lois’ increasingly skilled tongue.

She then turned around, her face and neck dripping with my sperm and began to kiss her mother, who greedily licked my cum from her skin, kissing passionately as they tasted my jism.

“God, that was the sexiest thing, Alex,” Lois said to me. “I want to see you fuck her. I want to watch you shove your cock into her, I want to see you cum inside her.”

“But first, my lovely mother,” said Hannah, “I’m going to lick you. I’m going to make you cum. Daddy gets it all the time. It’s your turn to be pampered.”

“I want to taste you again too,” said Lois, “I want to be in a sixty nine with you, to lick your sweet young pussy while you make me cum.”

I untied Lois and she took Hannah in her arms, kissing her slowly and lovingly. Her hands roamed hungrily over Hannah’s firm young body, gliding over her perfect tight ass, and cupping and caressing her luscious breasts. My lovely daughter licked her way down Lois’ neck, nuzzling into her big, heavy breasts, suckling on her nipples the way she did when she was a baby. She squeezed the big mounds together, burying her face between them. One of her hands reached down, sliding over her mother’s soft mound, her elegant middle finger slipping between Lois’ pussy lips and inside her. Lois gasped.

“All ready for me, I see,” Hannah said, giving my wife’s nipples one last nibble before she moved so that her head was nestled between my darling wife’s lovely thighs. I moved around to where Lois was buried in Hannah’s cunt already, her fingers spreading the luscious rose pink of her pussy open so she could lavish attention on it with her eager tongue. I began to kiss my wife around my daughter’s pussy, our tongues tangling and gaziantep escort tanıtımları dancing over her sensitive lips and hard little bud. Hannah writhed in delight, as she teased Lois’ clit with little bites and licks. I’d told Hannah how much Lois loved having her asshole fingered during cunnilingus and my lusty little wench of a daughter had her finger already lubed up and ready to insert.

“Your beautiful daughter is fingering your tight, hot ass,” I whispered to Lois as she lapped at Hannah’s pussy. “Her young little tongue is making lovely to that gorgeous cunt of yours.”

As I thought, this brought Lois to the very edge of orgasm.

“Fuck me with your tongue, baby,” she moaned, “make your mother cum hard, you little slut, make me cum so fucking hard.”

Hannah loved dirty talk, and hearing her mother let loose like this was enough to drive her over the edge too. “Yes Mom, I’m your little slut, I’m your cunt slave, your pussy slut, your horny little bitch, make me cum, ooh fuck, yes, yes, yesssssss.”

My beautiful daughter and my lovely wife were grinding their pussies against each others face, and giving each other fantastic orgasms. Of course, by now, my cock was raging and I was ready to show my wife how I fucked our daughter.

Our favourite way to fuck was to be sitting up. Hannah would straddle me, because she loved to ride my cock like a wild little slut. She liked me to be sitting up so that I could suck and bite her tits while we fucked. I explained all this to Lois as she watched her only daughter lower her tight cunt onto her father’s big cock. I immediately grabbed her pert young breasts, squeezing them together so I could run my tongue up and down her cleavage. I went from one nipple to the other, tugging them with my teeth as she began to increase her momentum, her slippery little cunny sliding easily up and down my thick shaft. As I sucked and nibbled at her perfect breasts, I moved my hands around to spread her asscheeks. She loved this while I fucked her, especially if I bucked my hips up when she plunged down. This way, my cock really slammed into her and she could feel it all the way inside.

Since she was fresh from cumming on her mother’s face and I was hornier than I’d even been from watching my biggest ever fantasy come true, our wild lovemaking didn’t last long.

“You want me to cum in that sweet little hole of yours, Hannah love?” I asked her.

“Fill me, Daddy,” she said, “shoot your load into my cunt. Let me feel like your slutty daughter. I love your cock spurting inside me.”

She started whimpering, her orgasm building, the wave cresting. I fucked her harder, my hands on her shoulders pushing her down onto me. She screamed out as she came and I looked over at Lois who was ramming a dildo in and out of her slick, dripping pussy as she watched her daughter come. It made me lose control and I exploded, shooting into my daughter’s luscious pussy as my wife moaned beside me.

As we lay on the bed together afterwards, we agreed that Hannah should sleep in our bed every night from now on. It wouldn’t do for her to be afraid of the dark.

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