The Andy chronicles

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Chronicles of AndyEpisode 1 (the pilot )

My name is Andy Baylor.The story you are about to experience is true (mostly some embelishment to liven it up ) The names and places have been changed including my name which isnt really Andy Baylor, but would elicit a chuckle if it were displayed here so Andy Baylor will do as a stand in .

The best place to start this story is on the night i decided to steal my soon to be ex-wifes car.To tell you the truth thats not how I wanted things to happen that peaceful april evening but as they say it happens. Sarah had decided to divorce me after i did some reallly stupid stuff. at least she called it stupid I called it wild oat sowing which is what most people in our home town of Mt Ford north Carolina called it ,But I guess she had a different slant on it.The oats i sowed involved me “borrowing” the Kenworth I drove for her uncles transport company and going to a strip club, getting drunk ,losing a fight with a lesbian bouncer,and wrecking the Kenworth. Wouldnt you know it everyone got pissed at me.Sarahs uncle Pete for the damage to his rig,the Lesbian bouncer cause i made eyes at her girlfriend,the local sheriff cause he had to arrest me and take my CDLs which meant i had little chance of ever paying him back all the money I lost playing poker with him. My little wife Sarah was very upset that I wasnt showing any signs of growing up so she filed the papers and 4 months later there I was outside the Double wide mobile home i’ve been paying on for the past 7 years sipping some skunky beer and trying to work my nerve up to knock on the door and see if we coud work out our problems

I stood there looking at the Trans Am i had bought the previous fall and thought of all the hard work Buford my best friend and I had put in restoring it to its 1978 greatness . it was close to 1 am and i finished the beer and was about to toss the bottle into the trash can when i heard a truck make the turn at the end of the row of the trailer park i ducked into some trees at the far end of the trailer and was going to wait til the truck passed by then make my approach to the my surprise the truck pulled in beside the Transam. i was shocked to see it was my good buddy Buford. sonovabitch i muttered as Buford got out of the truck combed his hair in the side mirror and walked Sex hikayeleri that cocky walk of his up to the front door and without knocking walked right on in .

Let me tell you i felt the urge to jump him and give hm a good ass kicking but then it dawned on me that buford was raw boned and mean and would have kicked my ass without working up a sweat. so i just stood there feeling an emptiness in my gut .I watched as the living room lights went out and saw the lights in the bedroom come on. then i heard “Free bird” start up and knew that was Bufords signature love making song so i fumed a minute then jammed my hands down in my pants and started to walk away when i felt my set of keys to the trans am.inspiration hit me right then (well a good beer buzz can pass for inspiration if you let it ) when the song got to the guitar solo at the end i knew Buford and SArah were too busy humping to hear me start up the trans am and drive off.

I drove around for about 10 minutes considerng my options.1)I could drive back home and kick in the door and whoop some ass nah 2)I could drive the car into the lake…nah 3) I could hit the road and take an extended road trip til some state trooper pulled me over in a stolen car and me with no drivers license………..that one made the least sense of all my options so naturally thats the one i chose besides i couldnt take the car back now as i had left buford a parting gift on his brown calf skin seat covers that he would smell before he saw and that boy had a mean streak. so hitting the road was my better choice.One problem I was broke and the tank was nearly empty too.

I pulled into the Gas station (there was only 1 in Mount Ford) and opened the glove box hoping to find some spare change. of course the only thing in there was a street map of Charlotte a few tampons and 2 dimes and 3 pennies. shit. i sat back up and looked at the console between the front bucket seats and BINGO Sarah had left her checkbook in there and her debit card was in there too i walked into the gas station there was an old guy in there reading a newspaper i scanned the inside of the store and saw the atm i walked over and slipped the card in my first guess at sarahs pin number was the one her favorite number had always been 8 i entered it 4 times and was rewarded with a greeting and Sikiş hikayeleri proceeded to make a withdrawal turns out Ms sarah had lied to me earlier yesterday when she had conned me out of my last 40 dollars so she could buy herself and the kids groceries and looking at her balance now of 2,493.97 made me sick i withdrew all the machine would let me1,500 and paid the man for a fill up i hit the road and considered my options again i headed south toward the interstate hopped on and was headed toward south carolina.

I drove about 30 minutes looked at the clock on the dash 2:18 i saw a waffle hut sign and hopped off at that exit. i pulled into the parking lot pretty much deserted so i backed into a parking space all the better to conceal my license plate i was sure sarah hadnt finished with buford yet so she didnt have a clue that i had taken the car yet but no sense taking chances. inside were 2 truckers drinking coffee and chatting about baseball i sat far enough away to make out what they were saying but far enough away to not be looked over without my knowledge all i neded was a dining room hero calling the state police.

there was a girl dressed in a Ncarolina Shirt and wearing a Duke baseball cap now that may not sound strange to most folks but in this part of North Carolina it was like wearing a Jesus is lord t shirt and having tattoos of satan on both arms. i smirked at the thought.she was wearing jeans and running shoes and reading a text book obviously a college girl cramming for class other than that the only other 2 people were a waitress with a name tag that said Linda F. a brunette kinda chunky and had too much makeup but not bad looking the cooks name must have beenCarl as linda called him that more than once.

since i figured i was going to be in jail soon i decided to splurge on a good meal i ordered the porterhouse with hash browns, eggs, and texas toast, and drank a gallon of coffee.As i sat there pondering my next step.

One of the truckers left and went outside i heard him fire up his rig and drive away .the other trucker struck up a conversation with the girl he intorduced himself as jim she said her name was jen a pretty enough girl kinda had a big nose though with thick eye brows a cutie but not anything to write home about sweet little girl next door Erotik hikaye they chatted and i ate i noticed jim motioned with his head toward the restrooms jen shrugged as if to say maybe jim took out the money to pay for his meal and tiped linda he showed a 20 and jen arched her eyebrows and grinned i smiled as i had done the same thing many times before jim walked toward the restrooms jen waited for about 5 seconds and followed him. linda brought me more cofffee i paid up and sat there trying to figure out what the hell to do now.

a few minutes later jim came out said his goodbyes to carl and linda and was gone he fired up and pulled off i felt the callof mother nature and headed for the restroom myself i walked into the mens room and jen was in there (surprise) excuse me miss i thought this was …….then i saw the urinals and knew i was in the right place it was she who wasnt. she giggled it is the mens room then without missing a beat you want a blow job hon ?it took me a while to consider this question all of 3 maybe even 4 seconds sure whats it gonna cost me? 20 she said not blinking why not i fished a 20 from my wallett and handed it to her she said well pul it out i charge extra for that . yes maam i said and fished my cock out miss jen knelt down like a baseball catcher in my head i thought batter up and as she licked the head i thought play ball her tongue swirled around the head a few times then she went down on me bobbing back and forth slowly as i felt my erection grow thicker and longer as she sucked me

mmmmm i moaned as she placed her hands on my thighs and starterd going faster i hunched her face slightly not wanting her to get mad and bite the head off i was cautiously humping her mouth after just a couple of minutes i felt the tingle of my impending orgasm and grunted baby do you spit or swallow ? i think she murmured swallow the questoin was soon a moot point as i felt the wave of ecstasy wash over me and i was shooting in her mouth trying not to make too much noise so as not to atttract the attention of Carl and/or Linda the spasms soon ceased and she pulled off stood up and spit in the toilet. i walked over to the sink and washed my cock and stuffed it back in my underwear i was about to thank her but she was by me and out the door by the time i got out of the bathroom she was gone suck em and leave em i thought to myself i nodded to linda who grinned at me as if she had seen everythng and i headed out the door still unsure what to do next all i knew was i sure felt sleepy.

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