The Aunts Ch. 11

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The next day the ship stopped at one of our destinations. It was an island owned by the cruise ship company that the took the passengers to for a day of relaxing. We all met for an early breakfast and got off the ship together, everyone ready for a fun day in the sun. I watched them all as we walked down the gangway and off the ship.

Aunt KK was wearing a black one-piece suit that hugged her curves nicely. She had on a big, brimmed hat and sunglasses and playfully pinched my butt a couple times when we were leaving the ship and no on one was behind us. Her ass was firm, and the suit rose high up on her cheeks.

My mom was wearing a thin coverup over a cheetah one piece. While not as big as Aunt KK’s, I couldn’t help but look at her ass too as we walked.

Aunt Cathy had on an oversize t-shirt and looked like a small whale walking, but her tits were big at least. I couldn’t wait to fuck her some more somehow.

Stephanie was wearing a bikini again and didn’t look at me or acknowledge me in anyway.

Lily walked with us, wearing a navy blue one piece, her dark hair falling all around her shoulders. She threw a couple of casual looks my way. As we walking from the ship to the island I walked next to her.

“Been having fun?” I asked.

She smiled. “Yeah, some. Most of the time Stephanie is just dragging me around chasing after all her new boyfriends she’s got.”

“I bet she’s making a lot of new friends. Well anytime you’re not having fun, come find me. We can have fun together.”

I realized how that sounded and Lily blushed. “I didn’t mean like that,” I whispered.

She smiled.

I was just about to open my mouth to explain that I just meant it’d be cool to hang out, no strings, when Stephanie came and took Lily by the arm. “Come on,” Stephanie told Lily. “Let’s leave this loser and have some fun.” They took off in the other direction, Stephanie sashaying her ass knowing I was watching.

The rest of us went the island’s beach. We had rented a bungalow to relax in for the day.

When we got there the ladies put their stuff down and got everything situated. The bungalow’s where right on the beach. They had bamboo backs with spaces between the slates and couches and chairs to relax in. They had curtains on the sides in case you wanted to block the sun.

Everybody spread out and Aunt KK took her kids to the water park while Aunt Cathy and my mom spread out in the bungalow.

“Go have fun,” my mom told me.

I wandered the little island. There was a water park and zip lines and plenty of other stuff to do. I didn’t want to do any of it.

I found a chair and played games on my phone and tried to kill time.

I saw Aunt KK playing with her kids at the water park and I watched her. Her thick ass and tits teased me from afar.

She saw me once and I waved, and she waved then blew me a kiss.

I was getting hot so I walked back to the bungalow. There was food my mom and Aunt Cathy ordered so I helped myself, Aunt Cathy surprisingly not saying anything snarky to me.

“Having fun?” my mom asked.

“Yeah, I guess.”

I wasn’t there long when Lily showed up.

“Having fun?” my mom asked her.

“Not really,” she said and sat down. “Stephanie keeps dragging me everywhere she wants to go with her guy friends and I just want to read my book.”

My mom closed one of the curtains on the side of the bungalow. “Well you can hide in here and we’ll say we haven’t seen you.”

Lily stretched out on one of the outdoor couches and took a book from a bag she’d been carrying.

“Thanks, Aunt Kori. Tell her you saw me on the other side of the island if she comes looking.”

We sat there for a while and I stretched out in one of the chairs. I looked over at one point and Aunt Cathy slowly moved a hand to where only I could see it and made a jerking motion with her fist.

That’d be nice right about now.

“Cathy,” my mom said. “Let’s go to the beach. I want to get some sun.”

I wanted to give her some of her son.

My mom and Aunt Cathy got up and left for the beach. I watched them walk away, one with a nice luscious ass, the other an ass the size of a slab of beef.

I was honestly conflicted on which one I’d prefer at the moment.

Lily read her book but kept casting glances my way.

“Hey look,” I finally said. “I’ve been meaning to tell you. I’m sorry about the other night. I didn’t mean to get carried away or anything. If you’re upset about anything, I’m sorry.”

Lily put her book down. “I’m not upset.”

“You sure?”

She stared straight ahead and didn’t look at me. “I’m sorry too. I was just shy, and I was a bit uncomfortable. I’d never done that before.”

“Well, I’m so sorry. It won’t happen again.”

She looked sad. “Which part?”

“Any of it. I’m sorry, Lily.”

“I mean I did like hanging out. I hope we can do that again.”

“Yeah of course we can do that. I was just talking about the other.”

She nodded. “I didn’t mind, you know. I was just scared.”

“You didn’t? Which part didn’t you mind?”

I urfa escort could see her cheeks turning red.

“Any of it. I liked it all. I was just so nervous.”

“Yeah, that’s understandable. But I don’t want to upset you, Lily.”

“You didn’t,” she said.

We sat there a while and I watched the waves roll in and out. I could see my mom and Aunt Cathy sitting on the beach talking.

Lily’s voice broke my reverie. “So, would you want to hang out again?” she asked.

“Yeah, totally. Maybe when we get back to the ship, we can play golf or something.”

She shook her head. “I don’t mean that. I mean would you want to hang out in my room again.”

She was biting her lip, wondering what I was going to say.

“Of course, I would. I just want you to be comfortable about it.”

“I would be. I was just so nervous, but after you left, the next day, I really wanted to try it again.”

I couldn’t hide my grin. “Well, we can definitely do that.”

Lily sat up and looked around. She got up and dropped the curtains on the bungalow. They were white and somewhat see through, but we were looking out into the light and I figured looking in to the dark, you couldn’t see as much.

“What if we did something right now?” she asked.

I sat up. “Like what? People can see us.”

She sat on the couch and motioned for me to come sit. I got up and sat next to her.

“This just looks like we’re sitting together,” she said.

I put my hand gently on her leg, her skin smooth.

“I want to just rub it through your shorts,” Lily said. “Is that OK?”

“That is totally OK.”

Lily tentatively reached into my lap. My boner wasn’t stiff but after a few seconds of her rubbing on me it got there quickly. She ran her hand over it.

“That’s nice,” I said.

“I’m glad you like it. I was worried you didn’t like me.”

“I like you a lot, Lily. A lot.”

Lily rubbed me through my shorts her brown hair tickling my face as I pressed my head into hers.

“I wonder how much they can see?” I said.

Lily stopped rubbing my cock. “I’ll check.”

She got up and left the bungalow, pushing the curtain aside to exit. I saw her walk down to the beach and talk to our moms for a second. She stared hard at me while she was talking to them. After a few minutes she walked back.

“Well… What can you see and what did you say to them?”

She sat down next to me. “I asked them how much sun they were getting, and they said some, so they’ll be out there for a little bit longer. As far as seeing… Those curtains are OK. You’d have to be close to see anything.”

Hell yeah.

Lily put her hand on my hard cock. I put my hand on her leg and slowly moved it up to between her thighs. I could feel the heat coming from her.

“So, what do you want to do?” I asked.

She rubbed my cock faster. “I want to see this again.”

She didn’t need to say anything else. Sitting on the couch I pulled my cock out of my shorts knowing I could tuck it back in quickly if anyone came by. I looked down at the beach and saw my mom and Aunt Cathy still sitting in the sand.

Lily wrapped her smooth hand around my cock.

“It’s so big.”

She moved her hand up and down.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you last time,” I said.

She stroked me slowly. “You didn’t. I mean you did, but it was a good hurt.”

She stared at my penis. “I’m fascinated by this thing,” she said. “It’s so big and smooth.” She pulled at the tip. “And that’s where the pee comes out.”

“And the cum,” I said.

She giggled.

I was dying here with a pretty girl only holding my cock and not doing anything with it.

“Think you’d want to taste it?” I asked.

Lily swept her dark hair behind one shoulder and leaned down and took me into her mouth. I gasp. She was wet and warm, and I could feel her big tits pressing into my thigh.

She held my cock in her mouth and didn’t move, then swirled her tongue around it. She let go of it and rose up and we both looked out the curtain. Our moms were still on the beach.

“Was that OK?” she asked.

“That was great,” I said. It had been. But I really wanted her to suck it.

“You sure? You don’t seem sure.”

I knew she was young and inexperienced, so I needed to be gentle. “Do you want to do it more? You don’t have to.”

She pushed her hair back behind her shoulder and put her face to my lap again. Her mouth felt good on my cock, but she wasn’t moving.

“Lily, that’s great,” I said. “But the trick is to move up and down.”

She rose up and looked at me. “Like how?”

I looked around. I made the universal motion of a blowjob with my hand. “Like, you want to put your lips tight around it and then go up and down on it. Suck it while you do it. If you don’t want to you don’t have to.”

“I’ll try,” she said.

Lily put her mouth back on my dick and this time she did a good job. She bobbed her head up and down, my dick filling her mouth then pulled it out to the tip, sucking on it like it was a lollipop.

“Oh urfa escort bayan god, that’s it. That’s good.”

I looked out and saw our moms still sitting on the beach.

Lily released my dick from her mouth and rose up. “Was that OK?” she asked.

“That was great,” I said. It really was.

“So, what else can we do?” she asked.

“Well…” I said. “Once you get a guy going like that he needs to finish, or he gets blue balls.”

“What are blue balls? Do your balls turn blue?”

“No, not exactly, it’s just if a guy gets horny and can’t cum, then his balls start to really hurt. That’s blue balls.”

She giggled. “And you’re really horny now?”

“I am now. After that? Who wouldn’t be?”

She smiled at me. “Well, what can we do.” She glanced nervously at our moms sitting on the beach.

I leaned in and kissed her smooth lips. She tasted sweet. I pushed my tongue to her lips, and she opened her mouth, and I rubbed my tongue against hers. I ran my hands up her body and felt her large breasts through her bathing suit.

We kissed like that for a few seconds, then I ran a hand up her smooth thigh and rubbed against her crotch. Lily spread her legs for me, and I rubbed against the heat coming from her bathing suit.

I pulled it over to the side and felt her pubic hair, long and silky smooth. I ran a finger up and down her pussy and she moaned into my mouth. I put it inside of her.

She was hot and steamy and so tight it almost didn’t fit. I rubbed her furiously while we kissed, and she moaned into my mouth.

I had forgotten to look and make sure the coast was clear, so I checked and saw that our moms where still sitting on the beach. I rubbed Lily some more and tried to free one of her boobs, but she stopped me.

“I can’t be naked if they come in here.”

“Gotcha. No problem.” I moved in to kiss her some more.

“Wait… We can pull my bathing suit to the side, right?”

I nodded.

She stood up, her hair hanging out of her suit between her legs.

She pulled it over to the side and all I could see was her silky hair.

“You can put it in me if you want.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I want to. Just go slow, OK?”

I nodded.

“How should we do it?” she asked me.

I thought for a second. “Turn around,” I said.

Lily turned around and her ass, while not as wide as Stephanie’s, still wasn’t too bad. I put my legs together and reached up and gently took her hand. “Back up over me,” I said.

Lily did, straddling me with her back to me, her bathing suit still on, my cock pulled out of mine.

“OK come down some,” I said. I looked out and could see my mom and Aunt Cathy sitting with their backs to us looking out at the ocean.

I held my cock straight up. “Pull your suit out over,” I told her.

Lily did and I lined up with her hairy pussy. It took us a second, but I finally felt her wet slit.

“Slide down on it nice and easy,” I said.

Lily lowered herself down onto my cock.

Her pussy was tight. He squeezed my cock and I thought it might not go in. She grunted and worked her ass up and down until she was sitting on me, my cock throbbing inside of her tight pussy.

“Oh god,” she whispered.

“You ok?”

“I’m fine. It’s just so big. It feels like it’s gonna tear me in two.”

I didn’t want to hurt her.

“Just go slow, ok, and if it hurts get off.”

She nodded, her brown hair tickling me.

“Oh and watch them. Get off if they get up,” I said.

She nodded.

I put my hands on her hips and gently started rocking her back and forth. No up and down yet. I could feel my cock rubbing her inside and she was trying not to make noise.

I pulled her hips back and forth, slowly, then faster. Lily started to moan and then covered her mouth. I pulled her faster, her navy-blue swimsuit rubbing me my skin, her tight wet pussy feeling like it was going to crush my cock.

I pulled her hips back and forth and pulled her suit over more to the side so I could see her ass. Her ass was spread out over me and I could feel the heat of her crack pressed against me.

Her pussy was so tight, but all it was doing was gripping me. I worked her hips back and forth because I knew that motion was pleasing her. I could feel my cock rubbing her insides and she tried harder and harder not to make any noises.

Lily tensed up and I rocked her hard and fast on my cock, then finally, I felt a sudden burst inside her and she screamed into her hand there was wetness all over my cock.

“Oh god. Oh my god,” she panted. “What just happened?”

“That was an orgasm,” I said. My cock throbbing now, ready to pound her tight little pussy.

“Oh my god. I’m shaking.”

“I know. Wait a couple seconds. It’s my turn, OK?”

She nodded.

I put my hands gently on her back and she leaned forward so that she was bent at the waist a little but still sitting on my cock.

“Are they still sitting out there?” I asked.

“Yes, they are. Just sitting escort urfa there.”

“Jump off if they head this way.”

She nodded.

“Ok, so support yourself with you legs a little,” I told her.

Lily took a second but got her legs under her. She raised her weight off of my midsection.

“Ok, that’s good. Right there. Keep yourself right there,” I said when she was about halfway off of my dick.

She was holding her weight up with her legs, my cock still in her pussy. It looked so sexy seeing my cock halfway inside of her. With her bent over slightly I could see her tiny asshole, her pink pussy swallowing my cock.

I pulled her suit over as far as I could and held onto it tightly.

I started to move my hips up and down, thrusting in and out of her, her pink pussy grabbing, her pussy lips gripping me. Watching them slide up my cock was going to make me cum quickly.

“You ok?” I asked.

She nodded furiously, trying to keep her noises inside.

I looked and saw my mom and Aunt Cathy still sitting on the beach.

“Hold on. Here we go.”

I started moving faster and faster, each thrust going deeper and deeper, Lily’s beautiful smooth pussy gripping me so tight it hurt.

I wasn’t going to last long inside of her.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her down and pushed her up with each thrust and she did more than her part by bending at the knees, then straitening to make each thrust slam into her.

Suddenly I saw my mom and Aunt Cathy start to get up.

“Oh god, there cumming,” Lily whispered.

I didn’t have long. My mom and Aunt Cathy collected their towels and things and turned to head toward the bungalow. They were facing us, walking right toward us.

“Hurry,” Lily whispered, but made worked herself up and down my cock.

I rammed in her faster, the pressure in my cock building. She was feeling so good.

I saw my mom and Aunt Cathy getting closer.

I grabbed Lily’s hips and pulled her down hard on to me, my cock buried inside of her. I felt the head touch her cervix and she cried out and my cum exploded from my balls. I felt my cum shoot my cock and felt it’s warmth all around as it had not place to go back down. I rocked inside her and came, my mother and aunt almost to the bungalow now.

Lily jumped off of me and pulled her suit over her pussy and shot to the next couch over and laid down. I pushed my cock into my shorts and swung my feet up and closed my eyes like I was sleeping.

We’d been in place for about two seconds when my mom and Aunt Cathy pushed the curtains back and came into the bungalow.

Lily had her book open like she’d been reading.

“How’s it going,” my mom asked as she put her stuff down.

“Oh fine,” Lily said. “We just wanted the curtains closed because it was too bright in here.” I hoped her explaining it wouldn’t draw too much attention to them being closed.

I kept my eyes closed and feigned sleep.

I heard my mom get comfortable on one of the chairs and Aunt Cathy drew back the curtains. “Let’s let some light in here.”

I kept pretending I was asleep.

I heard Lily say, “I need to use the bathroom. Anybody want anything while I’m gone?”

I opened my eyes. Nobody was looking at me with the fury you’d expect if they’d seen me fucking my cousin.

“I’ll take something to drink,” my mom said.

“Yeah, me too,” Aunt Cathy said and handed Lily some money.

I slowly got up. “I’ll go too and help you carry everything.”


I followed Lily out of the bungalow, and we made our way over to some restrooms. We let our hands graze each other as we walked, the sand warm under our feet.

“I gotta clean up,” she said smiling at me.

“Yeah, sorry about that.”

“I really wasn’t expecting that. You think it’ll be ok?”

I nervously ran my hand through my hair. “Yeah, I think it’ll be fine. You’re on birth control, right?”

She looked panic for a second. “No. I’m not. Guess my mom didn’t see the need to put me on it like she did with Steph.”

I felt a cold sweat run down my back. “Yeah, I’m sure it’s fine. You like, can’t get pregnant if it’s your first or second time.”

Lily looked panicked. “That’s completely not true.”

I took her hands in mine. “Lily, it’s fine. I promise.”

That seemed to make her feel better. “Ok, good. But next time we have to use a condom, ok?”

I smiled. “Next time?”

She flashed her perfect white teeth at me. “Yeah, next time. You want to again don’t you?”

Of course, I did. “Absolutely.”

“Then you better get some condoms. We only have a few days left on this trip.”

She turned and went into the bathroom and I was left standing there.

Next time. Yes. This was turning out to be a fun cruise after all.

Lily used the restroom and I assumed cleaned my cum from her pussy. I really hoped she wasn’t pregnant.

She came out and we got the drinks for everyone and went back to the bungalow. For the rest of the day we gave each other secret looks and stuck out tongues out at each other and acted like little kids.

When the day was over, we headed back to the ship. Stephanie showed up with a guy in tow and pulled Lily away.

When we got back to the ship, I was heading to the room when I heard someone call my name. Lily was standing there looking down the hall and waving to me.

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