The Balcony Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Please if you liked my story let me know, I love feedback on all that I write. Also don’t forget to vote. Watch out for The Balcony (Her Story)… see what happenes when the women finally meet.

The Balcony Ch. 01: His Story

The phone is ringing as I walk in the front door after my morning walk. I wonder who is calling so early in the morning. When I say hello a very sexy voice answers me.

“Alone this morning Jane?”

Only you would be so bold as to call the house knowing my husband might answer.

“Yes sweetie.” I reply.

“Can you get away tonight?”

The question alone tingles me.

“Yes darling, I will be alone all night.”

“Good! I will pick you up at 7. Oh and Jane?” Suddenly your voice goes deep and dangerous sounding.

“Wear something sexy Jane. For me!”

As you hang up I am shuddering. The orgasm that hit me was a strong one. It’s amazing that you can do that to me. I fly to my closet and find exactly what I want. I have a dress hanging in the back that is still in the bag I bought it in. I have never been bold enough to wear it. It is black silk that clings to my body. It enhances my breasts with the deep V neckline. Thin spaghetti straps and the back fall all the way to the base of my spine. It is so low that you will wonder what is keeping it on me. Which also means I cannot wear a bra with it…That makes me smile cause I know you will like that. I saw this dress and knew that I had to have it… I knew that the one person who would appreciate it would be you.

When you arrive you take my breath away. So handsome in your suit. As you step in the door you look past me and I step back.


I turn and notice that you were looking at my reflection in the full-length mirror. You reach for me and kiss me so passionately.

“Lovely Jane, just lovely”

I am so glad I pleased you. We head outside and get in the Lexus. I do so love this car. I smile when I remember the time we were very late getting to dinner one night. I smile and touch you. You seem to know and say

“Reservations tonight Jane. I want you on the dance floor.”

I lean over and kiss you. The drive is long but filled with such wonderful conversation that the time flies. We arrive at the upscale restaurant and the young man who opens my door appreciates my bare long legs as he helps me from the car. You toss him the keys and place your hand on my lower back as we walk inside. The lighting and music are soft as the matre’d show us to our table. You order our drinks and ask if I would like to order our meal or dance. I choose dancing as I want your hands on me and we fit so well together.

As we head to the floor I accidentally bump into another woman. Beautiful, blond and so sophisticated touch her arm surprised at the instant flow of heat I feel from touching her. Her eyes widen as she also feels it. I apologize and she touches my hand on her arm and reassures me that it is not a problem. Her finger trails down my arm to my fingers. So much communication in a simple touch. Something happened in that second but what I will have to think of later. My focus is now on you. She smiles and watches as we move to the dance floor. We sway to the music and I look in your eyes when I tell you I love dancing with you.

“You look gorgeous tonight babe. So sexy!”

I smile and slide my body closer to you. I feel you getting hard against the thinness of my dress. My nipples are hard as I rub them against you. As the music ends you whisper in my ear that there is a balcony outside that I might enjoy.

You lead me through the French doors and the view is breathtaking. The balcony is well protected and has a marble railing. Ümraniye Escort The music starts again and we dance our bodies so close and your hands slide down my back to rub my ass. My hands are around your neck and in your hair. I lift my mouth for a kiss. Your tongue finds mine and we taste each other. I love your mouth. So soft and gentle at times. So hard and rough at others. Your hands and mouth have me wanting you so much. You sense my needs and move your mouth to my neck and my body instantly responds. You slide the dress strap down my arm and whisper that we have the balcony to ourselves and as the strap falls my breast is released and your mouth finds the very hard nipple. I moan as your hot mouth begins to suck on it, biting it.

You back me up to the railing and I reach for your belt. Your moan energizes me and I undo the zipper and slip my hand in to grasp you. Your hand goes under my dress and you slip my panties down. I step out of them and you lift my dress and sit me on the top of the railing. I arch back as you insert a finger in me and I grasp your shoulders. My moan against your mouth has you moving your thumb against my clit. I grind my hips against your hand. My legs open wide and your fingers open my lips.

“Oh my god.“ I whisper as you bend down and begin to lick my clit. Your fingers slide in and out of me, deep. I am so into your touch that neither of us hear the door open and see the blond woman I bumped earlier enter the balcony. She stands back and watches as I hold on to you as I ride your fingers and mouth. Your mouth is making me wild. You fuck my pussy with your tongue and my breath becomes shorter and shallower.

A slight sound behind you opens my eyes to see a pair of beautiful blue eyes looking at me. The blond is standing in the shadows, her back against the building. She is so beautiful. Tall like me, but slightly more slender. Her eyes lock with mine and she knows she is watching something special. I watch as she caresses her breasts through her blouse, and her hips are moving like mine move against you. She looks so sexy standing there playing with herself. Her fingers slide down to lift the hem of her short skirt and slip her finger under the leg of her panties. Arching against her own hand her hips begin to thrust. Her chest is heaving as she begins to pinch her nipples. I moan and you move your fingers faster in me. I watch her, watching us and I have such an ache of desire I pull you up to me.

“Please!“ I beg.

You lower your pants and briefs and you slide in with one smooth thrust. I wrap my legs around you and meet you thrust for thrust. My eyes are drawn again to the woman. She is moving to the same rhythm as we. Her fingers moving wildly against her pussy. I know what she is feeling as I feel it with you. You are thrusting hard in me, faster and faster. Oh god, it feels good! I feel my climax building and I know you are so close. As I feel the first of your hot cum hitting me, the darkness overwhelms me and your mouth catches the scream of your name.

I enjoy the sensations running through my body. As my body begins to come down and your thrusts slow down, I sneak a peak at the blond. She also had the look of a good climax and we smile at each other. Sharing a secret, together. I lean into you and kiss your lips.

“You are so good to me love.” I whisper.

Your smile tells me you are pleased with my words. The click of the door has your head whip around and you take me down off the wall. I fix my self as you slide your pants up. I reach for my panties and your fingers stop me. I raise my eyebrow and again that smile. As we go inside I excuse myself and head for the ladies İstanbul Escort room to clean up. The blond is in there. I smile and ask her if she enjoyed herself? Surprised that I do not seem to mind that she watched, she answers,

“Yes very much!”

“Good! I’m glad! My name is Jane. Are you here alone?”

“I am now.” she answers. “My date left me, that is why I went outside. I didn’t mean to intrude.”

I assured her that she didn’t. I show her my concern over being left behind by touching her arm and again that instant heat. I ask if she is ok. She covers my hand with hers and squeezes it gently stroking her finger on the top of my hand in a very bold move.

“I’m Julia. And yes thank you, I will be just fine.”

I smile at her and surprised that I am so reluctant to leave her, I head out back to the table. I wonder if I should tell you that we were watched and I think I will keep that little secret for a while. My smile is mysterious as you greet me with a kiss.

“Everything alright babe?”

“Yes except I am a little bit airy.”

You laugh as you realize that I am again wanting my panties. You reach in your pocket but come up empty handed. You look confused and search the other. I begin to laugh when I suddenly guess that you lost them. That catches me as funny. I stop you as you start to get up to go back outside.

“It doesn’t matter love.”

Feeling so lighthearted for some odd reason, I slip my shoe off and slide it up your leg. My bare foot finds your cock and your hands begin to shake. The waiter comes over to ask if we are ready to order. You tell him that we will not be ordering dinner to just bring the check. My foot rubs you a little harder to show my approval. I see Julia and she is heading to our table. Oh oh! I might have to tell you now…I slip my foot back in my shoe.

“Pardon me for interrupting but I have something you dropped outside, I thought one of you might need them.”

Your face turns so many shades of red as she hands you my lace underwear. I burst out in laughter at your reaction and she leans into me and lightly kisses me as she hands me a business card.

“Thank you Jane. I would love to finish what we started. Call me.”

We both watch as she walks away. I look at you and it is hard to read your reaction.

“What the hell was that about? What is she talking about? Finish what?”

Oh boy! So many question pouring from your lips.

“I will” I promise, “but can we do it on our way to your place?”

You take my elbow and we walk outside to the car. I explain what happened while we drive to your condo and you are in a reflective mood when we arrive. I kiss you when we step inside and I want you back to your normal self. I don’t know how to handle this new you. You didn’t mind knowing we were watched but something is bothering you.

“Tell me what your thinking. Please? Your kind of scaring me”

You walk over to the windows and open them letting in the cool breeze of the ocean. I walk behind you, wrapping my arms around your middle and lean my cheek against your back. I ask again,

“What darling? What is it?”

“Are you thinking about calling her?”

Oh my, not jealous of a woman are you baby? Or is it something else? I cannot figure it out. So I tell the truth. I step around to the front of you and you wrap your arms around me. I look up at you and answer.

“I don‘t honestly know love, but I won’t lie when I say I have thought of what it would be like to be with another woman. But I need to be so very sure before I do.”

“I think you would like it Jane, you are such a passionate woman and have much to offer anyone.”

Well Anadolu Yakası Escort that is not what I was expecting to hear from you so when you turn to me and look at me I kiss you. In my ear I hear

“But Jane,” as your arms tighten on my hard, “I want to watch, when you get together with her.”

Ohh my god. That made my stomach clench and my pussy pound. My arms tighten on you and my mouth sends you a promise of letting you do just that. It is only fair after all. She watched us.

But now I am with you and my mind is on you as I slip your jacket off your shoulders. Your hands on my neck with your fingers in my hair. I tilt my head for your lips. I undo your tie and begin to unbutton your shirt. Your hands begin to remove my straps but I step back. I want you naked first. Your shirt falls off of you and my fingers touch you everywhere as I begin to so slowly remove your belt. Slowly pulling it from the loops. Lightly tapping your ass with it as it also falls to the floor. I am having so much fun and by the size of your cock I know you also love to be undressed by me. Being extremely careful with the zipper I pull those pants and briefs down and off of you. So beautiful standing there naked in front of me. I again step out of your reach and leave you to turn on the stereo. Soft music filters through the room. You are laying on the bed when I return and I begin to dance for you. Teasing you, as I slowly shimmy the dress down my body. As I sway to the music, my hands touch my breasts. Rubbing them. Squeezing them. I moan softly as I pull on the nipples.

“Come here Jane.”

I hear from the bed and I slide up between your legs. I have other plans for you yet. I feel so sexy and you are so hard and ready for me. My mouth licks the head of your cock and as I hold it steady with my hand I blow on it.

“Open your eyes for me love.” I whisper.

I hear a sharp intake of air as you watch yourself disappear in my mouth. Watching me still, as I slide off and then slide back on, sucking harder each time I do. Your hands move to my head and you begin to thrust your hips up. So deep in my mouth that I don’t think I can take much more as you slide all the way in. I take your balls in my hand and begin to squeeze and pull. In and out your cock slides, faster and faster. IN and OUT. My mouth is wild on you.

Your balls begin to swell in my hand and suddenly you pull out of my mouth. You pull me to the edge of the bed as you stand in front of me. Holding my ankles and spreading my legs wide you enter me with one smooth fast thrust. I moan when you then pull out soooo slowly. My mouth has made you so very hard. Several short stokes, then one long hard thrust. Tightening my muscles around you brings a smile. Squeezing you hard as you slide out brings us both pleasures. Over and over, you slide in and out of me. Finding the right rhythm and my g-spot my moans get louder, my breath shorter. When your thumb finds my clit I explode into a thousand lights.

Screaming for you, I feel as your cock swells and the lights fade as you thrust harder and faster. Faster and faster you slam. IN OUT. IN OUT. Your balls slapping my ass. Your thumb moving faster as I feel the climax rebuilding and as you thrust one last hard thrust I feel your hot cum shooting it me. My body again explodes around you and my hot cum mixes with yours and my muscles contract around you. Holding you, squeezing you as the last of your cum enters me. Your groan of pleasure tells me it was good.

You slowly withdraw and lay next to me on the bed. Talking me in your arms, you hold me tight. You kiss me as my body begins to descend from that climax high. Kissing softly, rubbing gently as my spasms begin to slow. I cuddle in your arms and let my whole body relax into slumber. I am safe, with you, in your arms. My last thought is of waking up next to you and beginning it all over again. I smile and purr.

Now read her story…..

Written by Jane …. 06/02

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