The Ballad of Suzi and Linni Ch. 02

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Unless you read part one of this story you’ll have no idea what is going on, so I really urge you to do so. If you don’t and then get confused don’t come complaining to me.


As I walked to the table a million manic butterflies were disco dancing inside me. I could have veered off and gone and sat at the other table with the main gang, but I wasn’t going to be a coward. Besides, Rach and Shona had seen me and had beckoned me over.

“Hi,” I said trying to sound bright and cheerful, but my own ears told me I was failing miserably.

“Hey, Suze, how’s it going?” they chorused and shuffled their chairs to make room for me.

As I sat down I glanced sideways at Linni. She didn’t look up but just stared at what looked like an orange juice on the table in front of her. The other two filled the awkwardness by babbling away. How was I? What was I up to? All the usual stuff. I answered them in monosyllables until the conversation ground to a halt. Suddenly Rach stood up and announced she was going to the toilet at which point Shona offered to go with her. With a clatter of chairs, they squeezed past me and disappeared. I took a large swig of my wine. It would be so easy to announce that I was going to join the women on the big table and just walk away but for some reason I didn’t. Someone had to break the silence.

“I guess we need to talk,” I ventured as an opening remark.

Without looking up Linni replied, “about what? You obviously don’t like me.”

“That’s not true.”

“You showed what you thought of me by walking out on me.”

“You were fast asleep.”

“You could have stayed.”

Her voice sounded so sad that a lump appeared in my throat. She was right, I had treated her badly and I had no excuse.

“I really wish I had,” I told her sincerely.

“You’re just saying that. You don’t really mean it.”

“I know I behaved like a real bitch, but now I honestly do wish I’d hung around.”

“It was my first time doing anything like that,” she said in a muffled voice. I was worried that she might burst into tears.

“I know it was and I’m not proud of what I did. But you looked so happy, and you were asleep, I didn’t want to wake you and spoil things for you.”

“You certainly spoiled things when you weren’t there when I woke up.” This time there was a note of bitterness in her voice and for the first time she glanced up at me.

The threat of tears seemed to have abated so I took a chance and reached out and put my hand over hers as it lay motionless on the table. To my delight she made no move to take it away.

“Is there any way I can make up for the past? I’d like us to be friends at least.”

When she remained silent I went on, “in my defence I could have sat over there and ignored you.”

“I know and I appreciate it.”

“I know what I did was wrong but please don’t make it unforgiveable as well.”

She glanced sideways at me again and I was sure I detected a slight smile on her face.

“Ok,” she said, “friends.”

I had to hold myself back and not run around the room whooping and hollering. ‘Friends’ was a good start. I gave her hand a slight squeeze.

“Thank you, that means a lot to me.”

It was time for some sort of grand gesture. I raised my glass and held it towards her.

“A toast,” I announced formally, “to us.”

She finally looked at me properly and this time there was no doubting the smile on her face. She lifted her glass and chinked it against mine and repeated “to us”. I was suddenly distracted by a smattering of applause from the other table along with a quite audible comment.

“Thank fuck for that! Well done you two. Can you now both fucking cheer up!”

This was followed by the clinking of glasses as they laughed. I watched as Linni blushed and I took her hand more tightly into mine. I had the feeling my face was going red as well. The noise from the others subsided and they started to ignore us. As I looked at Linni she was obviously trying to summon the courage to say something. I stayed quiet and let her take her time. Finally, she looked back down at the table.

“I … err …really enjoyed what we did together.”

“So did I. I wasn’t sure you would.”

“Sorry I fell asleep. I’d had a long day and I don’t usually drink that much.”

“Don’t be silly, it was fine. I hope your neighbours whose front garden you made use of never found out it was you.” I giggled at her instant reaction of shock and horror.

“Did I really do that? I thought it was just a dream I had.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure nobody saw us.”

She then gave a sly grin, “They’re Shona’s neighbours not mine so I’m sure they’ll never find out.”

I grinned at her then switched to my serious face. “Would you like to do it again?” I asked nervously and then quickly added, “not the garden incident but … you know?”

She was instantly etiler escort back to the shy librarian and let her head droop and allowed her hair to hide her face. She muttered something in a voice too low to be heard. I gently moved her hair aside and lifted her chin.

“I couldn’t hear you.”

She looked me straight in the eye and, after a long pause, uttered the single word “Yes.”

I couldn’t stop myself as I leant forward and kissed her on the lips. I was over the moon when she responded, and the kiss lingered for ages. I heard a muttered and light-hearted comment from the other table, “get a fucking room you two,” followed by collective giggling.

I raised a questioning eyebrow and she smiled back at me. This time it was her hand that tightened on mine.

“Are you staying at Shona’s again?”

“No, I have my car, hence …” and she gestured toward the orange juice.

“Is it far?”

She knew what I was suggesting and teased me by replying, “the car or home?”

“Home of course.”

“About ten, fifteen minutes.”

“We could get away from that load of rowdy drunks and go for a drive.”

“We could do …”

“Only if you’re sure.”

“Let’s go,” she said, standing up and making the decision for both of us. I gulped down the last of my wine and stood up as well. Amidst the chorus of catcalls and the inevitable lewd comments we grabbed our bags and almost ran for the door. As we left I flicked a quick two fingers at them and then shut the door behind us. As soon as we were outside the pub I couldn’t hold back but grabbed her and pressed my lips to hers. I could sense her barely concealed lust as she responded. I could feel the excitement and lust beginning to rise in the pit of my stomach and I already had that tell-tale tingle between my legs. We broke off our kiss and then almost ran, hand in hand, along the road and around the corner. She unlocked her car and we both scrambled in and went for each other again. I reached up expecting to find the same sad and worn bra, but I was taken aback when I could feel nothing under her t-shirt except the hard nub of her nipple. Eventually we calmed down enough for her to start the car and concentrate on her driving. The last thing I wanted was for us to crash so I contented myself with simply stroking her leg through her skirt.

She drove us carefully and sensibly through the quiet suburban streets turning this way and that until I was completely lost. The thought came that I wondered how I was ever going to find my way back to where I’d parked my car. Ah well, I’d deal with that at the right time. I was interested in the more immediate future. In the end she pulled up outside a substantial town house. She pulled the brake on and switched off the engine.

“Welcome to my humble home.”

“Very posh.”

“It’s not all mine. I just have half the ground floor.” With that she opened the car door and stepped out. “Coming?”

I was already half out of the door and I followed her and waited while she let us in and to her front door. As she stood aside to let me in she commented, “The couple downstairs and the old man upstairs are both away, so we won’t be disturbed.”

“And we won’t disturb them,” and I winked as I passed her into her flat. She pointed to the right as she closed the door and shut out the rest of the world. I found myself in a large, high-ceilinged room with a strange mixture of what appeared to be antique furniture.

“I need some wine. Make yourself at home, I’ll be right back.”

In her absence I wandered round the room. It wasn’t quite my taste, but the furniture looked to be genuinely old and for all I knew they were all proper antiques. Yet another enigmatic side to her. She reappeared with a bottle of fizz and a couple of glasses.

“I’ve had this waiting for a special occasion for ages,” she said waving the bottle at me, “this seems like as good a time as any.”

She put the bottle and glasses down on a side table and switched on a couple of wall lights. She went to the window and briefly paused. It was still light outside but fading fast, so she pulled the heavy velvet drapes and hid us from the world. She poured out two glasses of champagne and sat down on an elegant two seat chaise long. She held out one of the glasses in my direction. I had a choice, either I could sit in the armchair on the other side of the fireplace or … But who was I kidding? I had no choice at all. I sat down next to her! I took the offered glass and sipped it. It was cold and, as always, the bubbles went up my nose. I’m normally a red wine type of girl but I wasn’t going to complain. In contrast to the cold drink I was conscious of the warmth of her body almost squashed against me on the small couch. I think we were both feeling shy as the silence lingered until I couldn’t stand it any longer.

“You have a lovely flat.”

“Thanks, eve gelen escort I know it looks a bit old-fashioned.”

“It’s unusual but nice.”

“My dad dabbles in the antiques business. I guess it rubbed off on me.”

“So, do I get the grand tour?”

“It’s not that grand but yeah … I’ll show you round.”

She stood up and headed for the door and I followed her. Opposite the living room was the kitchen which was in total contrast to the living room. It was big and airy and obviously designed to be used. The only old thing in the room was the table in the centre that had clearly given many years of service. I was immediately jealous. My kitchen was a poky little place with barely enough room to move.

We moved on to the bathroom and back to ‘ye olde worlde’. The tub was huge and stood on four feet in the centre of the room with polished brass taps at one end and a very retro style shower head looming over it. I had a sudden vision of the two of us sharing the bath together. It was certainly big enough.

I followed her out and she hesitated slightly before opening the final door. I stopped on the threshold as I took it all in. More dark mahogany furniture but the centre of attention was undoubtedly the four-poster bed. Not only was it huge but it was high and handsome as well. She squeezed past me and walked over to it and sat down. She took a sip of her drink and smiled at me cheekily.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“The whole place is amazing but that bed …”

“I picked it up cheap from one of dad’s friends. I couldn’t resist it.”

She patted the bed next to her partly as a show of affection for the bed itself and partly as an invitation to me. No need to ask twice. I went over and sat next to her. She clinked glasses with me and then downed hers in one go. I followed suit out of bravado. She took my glass from my hand and put them both on the cabinet beside the bed. Then she turned back and kissed me. Our arms went round each other and we fell back onto the bed. I couldn’t believe the change in my fortunes. A short while ago I had resigned myself to being quite rightly told off and vilified and now here she was making the first move.

The shy librarian had disappeared and been replaced by this eager and willing girl. I felt her hand reaching for my tits, so I did the same. She was clumsy but eager in a charming way. I slackened off my hold on her and lay back to let her explore at her own pace. I gave her a helping hand by unbuttoning my shirt. Her hand slipped eagerly inside and traced the edge of my bra. It was my new sexy one and it reminded me to ask for my old one back. I’d left it behind when I made my hasty retreat after our first encounter. I rolled on top of her, mostly to make it easier to get out of my shirt. I unclipped my bra and got rid of that as well before I rolled back and pulled her on top of me. All this time we were kissing like a pair of maniacs.

I reached under her t-shirt, pushing it up and out of the way of her breasts. Her hands came off me and she pushed her arms above her head, so I carried on and forced it over her head and threw it on the floor. I don’t know about you lot, but I always get a tremor of pure excitement the first time I touch nipples with a new friend. I felt that same shiver run through her as we made contact. I squirmed gently letting them rub together. Hers were hard and I felt them scrape across mine. I had one hand on her back and the other on her arse pulling her hard against me. Her hands were cupping my head as our kiss resumed. Suddenly she broke off and started to use her lips and tongue to explore more of me. I felt her getting lower and lower until that divine moment when she kissed my nipple for the first time. Whatever lessons she had taken from her first time she had learned them well. She kissed and sucked on them, she used her tongue to draw wet circles round them, she blew gently on them making them deliciously chilled. I was in heaven. She seemed ravenous and I felt her hand stray lower and cup my pussy still hiding in my jeans.

She rolled to one side and started to struggle with the belt, button and zip. Far from being the frightened mouse she was now determined to go all the way. She knelt up so she could free both hands and renewed her attack. I certainly wasn’t going to interfere and when she started to tug them down I lifted up and made it as easy as I could for her. She made a theatrical show of pulling them off one leg at a time and then paused while she gazed down at me. Suddenly she seemed to be having doubts. I tried to encourage her by sliding my hand under her skirt and stroking her thigh. I eased my legs slightly apart invitingly and then took her hand and placed it on my panty covered pussy. She blushed and smiled at me and then began to feel me through the thin fabric. I knew without needing to check that I was already damp down fatih escort there. I moved her hand and pushed it inside my panties and let her finally get to the real me.

Her fingers trembled slightly at the first touch, but she steeled herself and made small movements, following the line of my labia. Fearful of disturbing her moment I lay still apart from my rhythmic stroking of her thigh. I had moved slightly higher and now with each stroke I was touching the bottom her of her panties. She was also getting bolder, her fingers pressing more insistently and parting my lips to find the wetness inside. With my free hand I tried to tug my panties off, and I felt the pang of loss as she used both hands to help me. I lifted my legs high in the air and she pulled them over my feet. I dropped my legs back down, spreading them as wide as I could. The sudden coolness was quickly overtaken when her hand went back to where it now belonged. Her movements were clumsy and untutored, but I didn’t care. They were having the desired effect. I could feel that familiar warm glow beginning to appear. By instinct she moved to kneel between my legs, and I could now spread myself wide for her. She looked into my eyes with a shy and nervous smile on her face.

“I-I’m not sure what to do.” Her voice was soft and plaintive.

“Just do what comes naturally,” I urged, “you’ll be fine.”

And she bent down and kissed my pussy for the very first time. She started with several closed-lip kisses and then some tentative passes with her tongue. I was nervous for her. Would she like the taste and the smell? Would she suddenly decide it was all a dreadful mistake? Thankfully none of that happened and she began to go at me like a cat at a bowl of cream. Yeah, she still had a lot to learn but she more than made up for that with enthusiasm. I’d be lying if I said she was brilliant, but she was much more than just Ok. I let her find her own way as my orgasm began to build. It was slow at first but got closer as her eagerness increased. She must have sensed I was on the edge and her tongue found my entrance and reached inside. That was enough for me and I went into automatic. I always jerk around a lot when I cum and usually make loud noises which scares some people and tonight was no exception. I put my hand on the back of her head to keep her in place until I had calmed down. When I relaxed my grip she briefly lifted her head and looked up at me.

“Are you Ok?”

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” I assured her, “but don’t stop. I want more.”

She grinned lewdly at me and dipped her head. She had a better idea this time and I was always able to cum quickly in the wake of my first orgasm. As her tongue explored more deeply I used my own hands, one playing with my clit and the other tugging on a nipple. I soon exploded again and this time she stayed where she was and lapped at me as I went rigid and then slowly relaxed. I was struggling to breathe at first but eventually I calmed down. I opened my eyes when I felt her move away. She was kneeling back upright with a grin of triumph on her face. I forced myself into a sitting position and then pushed her sideways onto her back before I went for her skirt and panties both of which were soon on the floor. I climbed over her and it was my turn to get to work.

I have no idea when we finally stopped but even the heavy drapes couldn’t hide the fact that it was light outside when we finally fell into each other’s arms in exhaustion. We must have tried every position known, and a few new ones that we invented, before we stopped and pulled the covers over us and fell asleep in each other’s arms. I didn’t keep count of how many times either of us came but it was definitely the best night in my young life.

Ok, the morning wake-up was slightly, but only briefly, awkward as we each silently re-lived moments from the night before, but what’s done is done and we both realised there was no going back. I ended up staying all day after we’d both rung our respective work places and called in sick. I for one had no pang of guilt about doing so. We spent most of the morning in bed apart from Linni making quick excursions to the kitchen to make coffee. We spent a lot of time kissing but by mutual unspoken agreement we did nothing more. We also talked a lot which is always good.

We finally got up and had breakfast at lunchtime. I then confirmed my suspicions that her massive old tub was plenty big enough for the two of us. Later we went for a walk around the local park, gripping each other’s hand for dear life and stopping often to kiss for the first time in public. Not that anyone knew or cared who we were, but it still felt liberating as if we were announcing something important to the world. That was a few weeks back and we’re still together. She’s spent a few nights at my place, which is tiny compared to hers so most of our together time is at hers. We even managed to run the gauntlet of all the sarcastic remarks and sly innuendos when we turned up at the pub hand in hand. We still find it difficult to keep our hands off each other although we’ve calmed down a little. We’ve even skirted round the idea of me moving into her place. It’s both frightening but exciting at the same time.

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