The Bargain (Jon Chess)

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When the man most knew as Jon Chess came to consciousness in his bed, he could not move his wrists more than an inch. While he had slept deeply – and Jon did not often sleep deeply – someone had used strong silken ropes, of the kind used to tie soft night robes together, to secure his arms to the top of the bedposts. Likewise, he found that his legs had been immobilized in just the same way, using more silk sashes. Neither his arms nor his legs had any bend to them, but while they were forced to a relaxed maximum extension, neither his arms nor legs were painful. He tested the bonds to no avail; they were secured firmly, and he would not be leaving without outside assistance.

Even if the restriction had been painful, Jon would not have noticed; when he had come awake, the first thing he had noticed was the scent of feminine arousal. The status of his limbs had been almost immediately banished as an afterthought. He felt the weight of someone straddling his chest, and when his eyes had truly opened and focused, the first sight which greeted him was a familiar feminine body and pair of milky white thighs leading to the apex covered in dark plum-colored panties that sat high on her waist. The panties were made of soft, laced Mageweave, which did little to hide that the public mound beneath it had been shaved bare. The gusset of the panties was quite obviously soaked with the woman’s arousal.

At least that would have been quite visible, if not for the womanly hand with long, slender fingers that had snuck their way inside the panties, and were now busy stroking gently at the woman’s clitoris and labia.

A familiar and beloved giggle caught Jon’s attention. “Oh good, you’re awake!” crooned the soft, dulcet voice of his wife, the chest-nut haired Alia Atherton. She removed her hand from its play, and stretched out across his chest, smiling like the cat with the cream as her violet eyes met his. Her breath had the slightest hint of fruity wine and chocolate indicative of a glass of [Lagrave Stout], her preferred drink. “You will forgive me if I could not wait for you…I got excited as I tied you off. First your hands and then your ankles…But then you took longer than I planned to wake up…I was afraid I used one too many drops of the Lethargy Root extract in your thistle tea…You made me worry!” She added with a pout, her eyes going all doe-like before the lustful fire returned.

Jon kicked himself – he was the one who had taught his Beloved about the use of his alchemy setup and supplies, almost as soon as he had moved into their Wizards Watchtower in the Elwynn forest. Jon had not felt comfortable with having his distillation equipment around their residence without her knowing – at least in theory – about the uses of his various reagents for various poisons and venoms, and the antidotes thereto. He had never thought for a moment that she would use that knowledge on him.

Well, maybe the antidotes part, but still…

Alia flicked his nose with a playful giggle, leaving a heady smear of her arousal on his nose as she sat back up, grinding down his member as she readjusted. He could feel the wetness and heat of her entrance press down on him. A hunger that had little to do with nutrition or proper food swept over Jon like a tidal wave. He tested his bonds again, but to no avail; his Beloved had been quite thorough in her knot-y play. Likely another thing Alia picked up by watching him.

“After you had been ‘secured’ I thought I would take my position and patiently wait for you to awaken. I thought of all the fun I was going to have with you helpless, at my mercy over a glass of wine, and well… it proved too much for me to wait.” Hd Porno She informed, ending the sentence with a moan as her fingers delved once more into her intimate flesh. “I hope you aren’t disappointed in my lack of modesty… or self-control?”

Jon’s eyes reluctantly traveled from the fascinating, if marginally obscured, finger-play up over Alia’s soft, white form. Alia was not trained for heavy combat, but rather in the use of arcane knowledge, and as such her body was soft and supple, with her belly slightly rounded and her hips pleasingly wide. His eyes continued up to her chest. Her breasts were perfect, at least in Jon’s estimation; they were slightly larger than would fit in a wine cup, firm and pleasingly soft, with nipples They were encased in the lace Mageweave cups of her brassiere, which held them proudly as if offering them for some fortunate fellow to taste. The lingerie set had been a gift from Jon, who enjoyed that it encouraged her sensuality, and made her feel as desired and desirable as Jon found her. Feeling sexy and desirable was, after all, the point of sensual lingerie.

It had taken some time for the normally demure Magna to come around, but when she did, Jon remembered how Alia had told him that she enjoyed moving while wearing this bra, as the soft lace moved across her sensitive nipples, stimulating her with erotic feelings all through the day.

“Cat got your tongue, my love?” Alia teased.

As with the panties, the lace of the bra could not hide that her nipples were both quite erect, possibly because of the material rubbing against them, but also because her other hand was busy squeezing her breasts and pulling and twisting at the nipples gently. Jon grinned; as Alia’s arousal grew, she liked her breasts treated with more authority and roughness, almost as if she was welcoming being punished for such wanton behavior.

Alia looked down at her husband with a look that conveyed both love and desire. “Oh, Jon… This feels so good. My fingers inside me and stroking my little clit… but somethings missing. It’s not as good as when you do it…with your fingers- your tongue- or your cock… but still…no complaints.”

“You know, I’d be more than happy to help you with that, Beloved, “Jon informed Alia needlessly, his voice hoarse with lust.

“Oh, I know you would…” chuckled Alia, a delightful smirk on her lips. She leaned back atop Jon, and the fingers which had been playing with her breasts reached behind and stroked his erect phallus gently. “Trust me, I have many, many plans to make full use of you for my pleasure… in my own good time.” Jon loved to hear her throaty laugh, even when it was at his expense; he had gladly played the buffoon for her amusement in the past, and he was delighted – if aching for a more full involvement – by her enjoyment.

She stroked his aching cock gently, as if it was her favorite delicate toy, and not to be risked being broken. Jon moaned at her teasing, and apparently, that was the reaction for which she had been waiting for, as she crooned. “Does that feel good, my love? As good as this feels for me?” The fingers stroking her labia and clitoris stopped, and the hand withdrew from her panties. Before Jon could feel disappointed, her flavored fingers traced his lips and wiped her scent on his upper lip and just below his nose before feeding him her fingers. “Help me clean up, won’t you…” She moaned, loving the feeling of Jon’s mouth and tongue desperately devouring her fingers, eager for her taste. “I need my fingers clean before I get them dirty again.” With a heavy breath, she withdrew her fingers and reached for her panties, dragging Türkçe Altyazılı Porno them to one side, leaving her bare to Jon’s hungry gaze.

“Now it is your turn, I think,” she said as her fingers returned to her opening, and spread herself open wide.

Alia inched herself forward far enough that if Jon strained his neck upwards, and extended his tongue as far as it might go, he would be rewarded with his tongue being able to reach her. She moaned lewdly as he did just that, stroking her hard clitoris and tracing a line from her clit to the tiny patch of skin between the bottom of her cunt and her asshole. Jon used the tip of his tongue to penetrate into her as far as he could, perhaps slightly less than the length of a finger-segment. Her scent was, as she well knew, an incredible aphrodisiac to Jon, and she stroked his cock firmly now, feeling his cockflesh tremble with desire.

While Jon tongued her snatch, Alia braced herself on the bed and returned two fingers to her opening, and Jon licked her fingers as they traveled deep into herself. “Do you want more, Jon?” She asked, her voice heavy and full of need. Even too far away for maximum effect, she was addicted to the pleasure Jon loved to inflict with his mouth.

“Yes,” Jon growled menacingly as if somewhere the Gilnean had become afflicted like many of his countrymen.

“Then you must…oh fuck Jon, just like that…You must promise me something first.” Alia moaned.

“Anything you want, Beloved!’ promised Jon, knowing that she was about to ask for something that Jon likely would have granted to her willingly without the extortion, but unwilling to ruin her game.

“I… I will tell you- in ah- a moment-Fel I can’t wait-” Alia stuttered.

“I’ve got you. Now cum.” He gasped as she lost control of herself, thrusting herself more fully onto his mouth and tongue. He felt her release, felt her hand clutch his cock almost painfully, and felt her cunt bring forth fresh honey to coat his lips and tongue. Wave after wave of her orgasm wracked her body as she rode Jon’s mouth, and he thanked the Titans that the pain in his cock from her grasp prevented him from cumming as well; her orgasm often had that effect on him even when his cock was not touching anything. Jon craved Alia’s orgasms more than his own. He needed to feel that his wife not only felt loved but satisfied as often as he could manage. The only thing better than her cunt on his lips was her cunt, along with the rest of her, wrapped around his cock.

Alia, removing herself from Jon’s greedy lapping, moved down and for a moment Jon thought he might get his wish, till she took Jon’s cockspike between her juice covered fingers, teasing just the tip. It wasn’t what he wanted, what he needed at that moment, but it was close enough to drive him mad. He pulled and twisted at his bindings in exquisite frustration.

Alia ran a hand over his leg, stroking to calm him, if only superficially. It was more for herself; Drugging, tying Jon up, and driving him into a lust-filled frenzy was only part of her plan. She considered all of that the easy part; the hard part was just ahead.

She was going to seriously ask Jon for a child.

Alia wasn’t sure when it had started, but she began to notice the overwhelming question pressing in on her shortly after one of her closest friends revealed she was with child. Alia and Jon had discussed children on several occasions, and it all came back to the same thing; The world was always in too constant an upheaval, and that bringing life into this chaotic world while both of them were in active service to the Alliance was irresponsible. Brazzers This was not even going into the risk that the process of childbirth would bring to Alia herself. But despite this, Alia still wanted to try. In her eyes, the world wouldn’t be safe until they made it safe. Until they stopped and no longer sought out the life of adventure. There was always the risk that Jon’s history with the denizens of the shadows would rear its ugly head, or there would be some calamity or threat that could not be ignored, but for Alia, there was no use hiding from what might be in order to protect a future that has yet to exist.

The history of Azeroth had plenty of examples of the folly of that logic.

She focused on the haze brought on by the wine and her own lust to push aside the doubt, smiling coyly, “You have earned this… it is only fair that I repay the debt….” Taking the base of Jon’s cock firmly into one hand, Alia ran the bottom of her tongue down his shaft, coming back up for a deep breath before wrapping her lips around his cock and taking him deep into her throat. She held there for a moment, spasming around his cock once, then twice, then three before pulling back, maintaining the suction as she gasped for air.

Jon was throbbing now, his cock was solid like a rod, and the tip was an angry purple. There was a low groan that bled into a growl with each word,” Beloved, please,” He begged, moaning when she started to deep throat him again, but in stages rather than all at once,” Tell me you want from me, my wife.”

Alia moaned, her tongue swirling and lapping at the tip for a taste of his precum. “Oh, Jon, my husband, I want……I want you to breed me. I want to have you plow my fertile womb with your seed. “

Jon shuddered,” But Alia, the thistle tea-“

“I replaced your supply of-” She gasped as her excitement seemed to peak with the admission,” Thistle tea ’bout a week ago… What you have been drinking has no more birth control…”

Unable to wait for his response, Alia moved up and mounted Jon’s cockspike, crying out in pleasure.

“I want you to give me your child, Jon… fill me…promise me…” she said as she began to grind hard upon Jon’s cock.

“Yes, Beloved…I promise- I am yours to command… take what you will of me… drain my cock of seed into you…” Jon moaned back, following her motions to establish a rhythm. Still sensitive from her previous orgasm, it did not take Alia long to crest again, and the convulsions of her cunt reduced Jon’s control to naught.

“Breed me, Jon!” Alia raked her nails down his chest as she practically screamed at her mate.

Jon had no words, but howled like his Afflicted countrymen as he came, ropes of his seed filling the womb of his wife, her own orgasmic contractions drawing it deep inside herself. Sated, Alia collapsed on to Jon, not noticing that he wrapped his arms around her.

He nibbled and kissed her lips and face, holding her close as she burrowed contentedly into his chest. Jon was uneasy, to say the least, about the idea of them having children while both of them were active duty. Still… Alia was young, and quite obviously had wanted to revisit the issue, regardless of Jon’s fears. If Alia was brave enough to bear Jon’s child, then Jon would have to match her courage, regardless of his fear of leaving their children parentless because of the dangers of their profession. Perhaps she was correct – it seemed to Jon that there was always some world-ending crisis. They might be dead of old age if they waited for peace and safety before having children. Jon would just have to “man up”.

He felt eyes on him, and he looked down into Alia’s exhausted but content gaze.

“I didn’t completely destroy the tea…just hid it with my inscription supplies. Just in case.”

“Not to worry, mi corazón. You drove a hard bargain. I’m proud of you.”

Alia hit Jon’s chest as best she could, and they both burst out laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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