The Best Morning Ever

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It started as a party like any other. Sean and everyone else who worked at the bar always partied after closing. Beer, cigarettes, and good times were had by all. This usually went on all night until work in the morning with random people crashing on the floor when they were too stupid to hold their beer anymore.

Sean woke up in his bed holding Jackie. They had been talking most of the night. About what, he didn’t remember, but he knew he was completely head-over-heals for this woman. It felt good having her warm body next to his, her breath on his chest as she slept. For a moment, he just laid there watching her sleep, running her fingers through her long black hair. Sean smiled as she sighed and snuggled closer. He loved looking at her, most of all. Her exquisite brand of beauty was hard to find. Just having her there as he caressed her smooth, light amber skin filled him with joy. Careful not to disturb her, he walked to the bathroom deciding this had been the best morning in a long while.

He walked out of the bathroom in a clean pair of jeans with a towel over his head to see Jackie curled up in his blanket on his bed. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her gorgeous blue eyes and smile turn his way. She got up quickly and walked over to him wearing only her white bra and panties. Her body was so perfect. She stood at about 5 foot 7 and weighed approximately 125 pounds. Her breasts were a plentiful 36C, hiding behind the cups of that snow white bra trimmed with lace. The contrast of her dark, tan skin against her pale undergarments made her look ungodly sexy.

Jackie wrapped her arms around Sean’s neck and sighed, pulling him close. “Well good morning, soldier,” she said with a grin and a giggle, glancing down between them. “See something you like?”

“Oh, sorry about that,” Sean replied, pulling away.

“It’s okay, baby,” she laughed, “I know all about the birds and the bees. Thank you for last night.”

“Don’t, the pleasure was all mine. I loved talking with you.”

“And you’re a great listener too,” she chirped, kissing him on the cheek.

He watched as she spun around and walked to her clothes on the floor. He couldn’t help but stare at her ass as she bent over to pick up her pants. It was so tight and round that he just wanted to reach out and touch her. Maybe he was jumping the gun a little bit when she looked back completely bent over and caught him staring. He blushed and went to his dresser, fumbling for a shirt he wasn’t really looking for as she dressed.

“I’ll see you at work,” she whispered into his ear before walking out his bedroom door.

Sean pulled up to the restaurant where he bartended still thinking about Jackie. She’s been on his mind all day. Well, all four hours of it. Josh pulled in next to him.

“Hey!” Josh yelled. “Where were you all night?”

“I spent the night with Jackie,” Sean laughed.

“You dog!” his housemate exclaimed. “Was she any good?”

“We just talked.”

“Yeah right. And I won the lottery, hosted an orgy, and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last night.”

They went inside to clock in and get to work. Slowly, the cooks, waitresses, food runners, and cooks all came in groggy and slightly hung over the party, the night before. Then, Jackie came in. She flashed him a smile and a wink that made him blush.

“Right, you just talked,” Josh said before going to take an order.

She wore a tight pair mamak escort bayan of black pants that clung to her ass and thighs so deliciously. Her dark green polo shirt clung equally well, making her breasts look slightly larger than they probably were. The buttons were undone just enough so that he could see just a hint of the valley between them. “Damn,” he thought as he realized this was just her work uniform and he sees her like this every day. But, he couldn’t help wondering what she was wearing underneath it.

Focusing on orders was slightly more difficult today. Sean couldn’t help thinking about Jackie. Sometimes he would catch her giving him extra-long glances or see her grin when she came to pick up a drink order. Her grin smile made him melt every time, but it was that same grin that kept making him screw up orders.

As business picked up, it went back to formal interactions like it’s always been. Sean still snuck glances of Jackie’s ass when he could, like it’s always been. He flirted with the women that sat at the bar, like he always had. Big flirting means a big tip; that’s what the restaurant business is all about.

“Hi, my name’s Chrissie,” this cute customer said. “Can I get a mudslide please? You know, every time I come in here, I can’t get over your hair. I love it, do you do it yourself?”

“You mean drying it with a towel? Yes and with my own two hands too.”

“You’re so funny too,” she laughs out with a snort.

Then, she went on to tell him how good he looked and how he could probably bench her over his head. She talked about a lot, commenting on his “muscular physique” so often that it gave him a headache and how his hazel eyes changed colors when they moved. All he knew was that he didn’t look at himself in the mirror with disgust and he rarely had trouble finding a date.

“So yeah, I was born in,” she started air-headedly. Sean had heard this all before. Everyone did this. He could probably recite word-for-word what she was going to say, only for the fact that she says the same things every time she comes to the bar. But, she doesn’t know that. Everyone says too much when they drink enough.

An hour, six mudslides, and a butter shot later, she was out the door, leaving a thirty dollar tip and an address to a party she should have known he wouldn’t go to. She probably thought she left him three dollars. The night went on like this, drunk after drunk; customer after customer; hour after hour. All the employees were bitching and everyone was irritated. They couldn’t wait to get to the party. The employees left as the customers dwindled to nothing, leaving Josh and Sean to close up. Sean looked around for Jackie, almost forgetting about her. She didn’t even say goodbye. After all the lights were off, they left for the party that was probably already happening at their house.

After a quick shower, the party was already well underway. Everyone was drinking and having a good time as usual, except Jackie didn’t come. “She probably had a date or something,” he thought. A couple of drinks, cigarettes, and crude jokes later, a beautiful gypsy walked in. Sean saw Jackie immediately and his heart hit the floor. She was wearing a whit peasant skirt that came just above her knees and a matching white top. She was absolutely gorgeous and Sean couldn’t get over it. His erection hardened when she found him on the couch and bit her lip, the most ofise gelen escort seductive look from her blue eyes, glaring at him from across the room. Silently, she came over and whispered in his ear.

“Can we talk a bit?”

Talking with Jackie came so naturally. They talked and drank together for about an hour, laughing almost the whole time until Jackie suddenly got very serious.

“Are you okay, babe?” Sean asked.

“Oh, I’m fine,” Jackie smiled.

Without warning, Jackie crawled across the bed and sat in Sean’s lap, straddling him where he sat against the wall. Looking deeply into his eyes, cradling his face, she kissed him; softly at first, then deeper as her tongue crept out to massage his. He ran his fingers through her hair, not caring if this were real or if he was passed out. He desired this so much. She stopped, not taking her gaze from his and crossed her arms, lifting her top up and over her head, tossing it aside. He moaned into her lips when she kissed him again, his fingers exploring her sides, first, then her back and shoulders. All at once, the heat and passion stopped when Sean pushed Jackie away.

“What’s the matter?” Jackie asked, concerned.

“Nothing’s the matter,” he replied, “but I’m a virgin.”

She giggled, “I know, baby. You told me that last night.”

Everyone says too much when they drink enough.

“I want to be your first. And second. And many after that. You’ll know what to do. Just let it happen naturally. Like we are talking with our bodies.”

She guided his hands to the clasp of her bra, letting him undo it and slide it over her shoulders. Her smooth, supple breasts were everything he thought they’d be. Her nipples stiffened, pointing at him as he stared. Jackie blushed and guides his head, letting him kiss and tough them as he pleased. His fingertips explored and danced over every inch of her breasts, sending chills throughout her body. She tossed her head back and groaned as he suckled each nipple to perfection, cradling her breasts in his delicate grasp. Her body ached for more as she ground her hips into his rock hard manhood, grinding harder and harder as he nursed.

When he started grinding back, she eased him back against the wall, whimpering as his manhood pressed between her legs through his pants. Slowly, she unbuttoned his shirt and slid it from his shoulders.

“Slow down, baby. Take your time. I want this to last for you,” Jackie whispered. Bracing herself against his shoulders, she kissed his chest all over. Soft pecks danced over his hot flesh as she slowly and firmly ground her sex into his. She could feel her fluids dripping down her thighs, and knew she was getting too excited. As was Sean, but she wanted him to last.

Sliding down his body, she kissed lower to his waist, undid his jeans, and pulled them down off his ankles. On hands and knees, eyes like a cat’s, she crawled up between his legs and flicked the drop of precum off his cock with the tip of her tongue. He moaned and gasped at her every action. She licked around the base of his cock, then up the underside of his shaft and swirled around the head. His hands were shaking. He was too close. With lustful eyes, Jackie wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the base of his cock, unable to completely circle his girth. Swiftly, she took him into her mouth, sliding her lips all the way down to the base, lodging the head otele gelen escort in her throat. Slowly, pressing her tongue against his shaft, she pulled her head up, then swiftly back down, not taking her gaze from his once. She watched as her manoeuvres made Sean’s face contort, letting his pleasure drive her further. She rapidly bobbed her head up and down, desperate to make him release. When she felt his shaft pulse she forced his cock as deep into her throat as possible and made continuous swallowing motions until shot after shot of his cum exploded into her esophagus. She swallowed every drop and licked her lips when he finally stopped cumming. She returned to his shaft and cleaned him off, licking and sucking his erection back to what she wanted. “Now you’ll last,” she grinned.

Jackie climbed off the bed and turned around, her back to him now. She bent down, exactly as she did earlier that morning, and slid her skirt down her legs, stepping out of it as it reached her ankles. She was wearing a white thong that matched her discarded bra. Smiling, she turned around and pulled her thong down, completely revealing herself to him. Her sex was pink, swollen, and shimmering from her leaking fluids. Her breasts heaved as she slowly climbed the bed, one leg at a time. Straddling Sean’s hips once again, she felt his manhood tease her pussy, and she immediately ground towards it, hungry to be filled by it. She took his hand, and guided it to her clit, putting his finger in the perfect spot. “Right there, baby. Touch me there,” she moaned as he followed, circling her clit in tight smooth circles. “Don’t stop touching me, baby. Please don’t stop.” Her face contorted as his did, and her gasps and moans were getting shorter and shorter. She felt his fingers drift to her entrance as he slid a finger inside her, finding the right spot almost immediately. Laughing at his luck, she pressed into his finger over and over again. Jackie knew she was too close, but just wanted to cum, anyway.

Taking his cock in her hand, Jackie guided him to her entrance. Sean moaned and shivered at her touch, but didn’t fight it. He could feel the heat coming from her sex onto his. He wanted to be a part of it. Spreading her legs wider, Jackie pressed herself down on his cock, holding him still so he wouldn’t buck up into her. Her hot, wetness swallowed up his manhood inch by inch, and Sean was pulsing and throbbing his way to release from the initial penetration. She stopped, let him recover and continued, finally taking the rest of his thick length. Slowly and steadily, she rose up and down his shaft, sliding it in and out easily. Sean could feel her juices drip out and soak his thighs. The tightness filled his cock like nothing he’s ever felt as he began to rip into her as she rode him. He filled her harder and deeper, than before and he could feel his cock swelling. Jackie wanted to feel him erupt inside her. She wanted to take him as hers. She wanted to feel him cum inside her deeper than any other man has. “Please, baby,” Jackie pleaded, “cum in me!”

As if taking her queue, he exploded inside her, shot after shot roaring deep into her belly. She came just as he did once she felt him release. She pressed herself down onto him, wanting to keep every last drop of him inside her, her own fluids pouring out over his thighs. She smiled, looking down into his eyes, “so how was it, baby?”

“It was amazing, Jackie,” Sean exclaimed. “I never thought it would feel like that.”

Giggling, Jackie kissed him. “I wanted your first time to be special. I wanted it to be mine.”

The sweat poured off Sean’s brow as he collapsed onto the bed, Jackie in his arms. Their scent filled the room and Sean slept well knowing he will have another amazing morning.

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