The Best Present Dad Can Give Ch. 13

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This series contains male-on-male relationships, some of which are incestuous. If you think this will offend you, please do not read any of the chapters in this series. If you are looking for stories that focus solely on sex, this series is not for you either since love plays a huge part in this series. Otherwise, please enjoy the series and leave a public comment, or send me a private one. I love hearing from my readers and any feedback is sincerely appreciated.

This chapter is for my favorite Serbian fan. Your friendship and support means the world to me.


“So what now?”

I laughed hysterically. “I love you, Cody.”

He grinned. “I love you too!”

As if hearing Cody’s exclamation woke him up from his deep slumber, Collin stirred and glanced over at us…and our naked bodies. He grinned. “So you guys finally fucked, huh?”

“No, but Nicolae sucked my cock, and I must say, I have never had a better orgasm.”

Collin laughed. “So tell…” I have no idea where that sentence was going because Collin stopped talking and suddenly frowned and started getting out of bed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Trey…something’s wrong,” he said, and left the room without another word.

“What the hell was that about?” I asked Cody.

“Remember what I told you last night about how I can sense when you are distressed?”


“Well Collin can sense when Trey is distressed too…it’s probably about how you just upped and left him.”

I had asked Trey if we could consider him and I boyfriends now and he laughed at me so I left because I was really pissed off and embarrassed.

“Hey, whose side are you on?!” I asked Cody.

“I will always be on your side…but I think you should have heard Trey out before storming out like that. I know Trey and he wouldn’t hurt you like that intentionally so there must be some sort of misunderstanding.”

“I guess but…” I couldn’t finish my sentence because the door suddenly burst open and Trey stepped in, wearing nothing but boxers. His whole body looked extremely tense and…hell, his muscles looked even more ripped than usual. I looked into his face, expecting to see anger…or jealousy now that I think about. I am naked in Cody’s bed with a naked Cody so he must know we fooled around.

I examined his face and found his face held a variety of emotions. Anger was definitely on his face, however I wouldn’t consider it to be the main emotion right now. I looked more closely and was surprised to find no jealousy as Trey looked at me. I found anger, relief, disappointment, love, even lust, but I found no envy…odd.

“There you are,” Trey said quietly.

“Trey, I…” and before I could register what happened, my body was hanging over Trey’s shoulder. He had bolted across the room and swept me over his shoulder as if I was as light as a feather.

Angry, I shouted, “Trey, what the hell!?”

“Shut up. You and I are going to have a little talk in your room.”

“Cody! Help me!” Cody looked shocked that I asked for his help, but he started getting off the bed to no doubt help me.

Collin entered the room. “Do not let Cody interfere. Keep him in here until I say otherwise,” Trey growled at Collin in a commanding voice and left the room with me draping over his shoulder.

Trey brought me into my room and shut the door with one of his legs before he plopped me onto my bed. I opened my mouth to start yelling at him but Trey pulled off his boxers in a swift move and climbed on top of me and I reached out to push him off of me but he grabbed me by my wrists and pinned my arms down. I tried breaking out of his hold but Trey was so damned strong. I couldn’t break out of his hold even if my life depended on it.

Giving up, I just leaned my head back on my pillow. When I relaxed in his grip, he leaned down and kissed me softly on my nose, then he kissed me gently on my lips. “I love you so much, Nicolae.”

He started kissing me gently on the check and continued kissing down my neck with more gentle kisses. “You don’t love me enough to be my boyfriend though.”


I wanted to get up and leave, and his hold on my wrists had loosened up so I started to pull away. When Trey noticed the resistance, he pinned my wrists down with more force. “Hell no! There is no fucking way I am just going to let you leave like you did yesterday. Tell me what’s going on in your head.”

I felt tears in my eyes and felt them escape, and felt the warmth of my tears slide down my cheek. “Fuck Nicolae, what is wrong? You have to tell me! You can’t just run and hide!” Trey said, sounding panicked.

“What the hell do you think is wrong? I asked you yesterday if you and I were boyfriends and you laughed at me! If you don’t want to be boyfriends at least find a way to put it nicely instead of being an ass and laughing at me!” I sobbed as more tears came down my face. I fucking hate crying but I couldn’t hold my tears back despite how hard I tried.

“No, Nicky, my heart, my darling escort gaziantep Nicky, you don’t understand! I didn’t laugh because I thought the thought of us being in a dating relationship was funny. I laughed because we are so far past the boyfriend part already. I consider you to be my soulmate, my other half. That is the most extreme relationship you could ever have with anyone! You are…everything to me. More than a boyfriend, or fiancé, or even a spouse. Downgrading our relationship to boyfriend status sounded absolutely ridiculous so I laughed. I am so sorry, my heart. It looked like we misunderstood each other.”

Well, I feel stupid now. I should have demanded for him to explain why he was laughing instead of just running and hiding. “I’m sorry, Trey.”

“I am sorry too.” He got off me and lifted me into his arms and held me. Being in his embrace was the most peaceful and best feeling in the world.

“I still owe you a blowjob.”

I laughed, remembering that Trey was going to suck my cock after I had asked him about the blowjob thing. Of course, there was the whole laughing miscommunication thing that prevented that from happening. “Just forget it about it. You don’t owe me anything.”

“Maybe I want to owe you a blowjob,” Trey said, and to my surprise he blushed.

I laughed some more. “So what you are saying is that you don’t want to suck my cock because you want to repay the favor I gave you…you know, the one where I sucked your cock and ate your ass, but you want to suck my cock because you simply want to suck my cock?”

“Yes,” Trey admitted, his flush becoming even redder.

“So you are a true cocksucker, huh? You like sucking my cock?”

“Yes, I like sucking your cock. Is that really such a big deal?”

I laughed some more. “I just thought you did it because you felt you owed me. I mean I could tell you were enjoying yourself while you sucked my dick but I thought it was because you liked hearing and feeling me get off on your cocksucking.”

“Well that is a big reason why I like sucking your dick but I’d be lying if I told you I only did it for your benefit.”

I leaned up and started kissing him. I slid my tongue into his mouth and he accepted my tongue into his mouth and our tongues did a dance. Then I retreated my tongue back into my mouth and it was his turn to send his tongue into my mouth and our tongues danced a little more. After a couple minutes, I pulled back.

“Okay…back to our conversation about how you like sucking dick.”

Trey rolled his eyes.

“We are both cocksuckers but there is a difference between you and me.”

“Besides you being better at it?”

“Well, I have to admit, you have gotten better at it in the past couple months…”

Trey grinned.

“But yes, besides me being better at it.”

“Then how are we different?”

“I like sucking cock more than any other sexual act. I like it more than fucking someone, being fucked by someone, eating someone’s ass, having my ass eaten, or having my own cock sucked. I even like it more than eating pussy.”



Trey laughed. “I can’t speak for the being fucked by someone since I have never done it before, but I wouldn’t say I like sucking dick better than the other stuff you mentioned…well, besides eating someone’s ass. I like sucking cock more than I like eating ass. But honestly, nothing feels better than your blowjobs, Nicolae.”

“So I take it you like having me eat your ass more than you like sucking cock?”

“Only a little bit more but yeah.”

I grinned. Trey moans when I eat his ass so if he enjoys receiving rimjobs that much and he said he likes rimjobs only a little bit more than sucking cock he must really enjoy sucking cock…almost to the point where he moans. It is always nice to learn something new about my best friend.

“So since you like having me eat your ass more than you like sucking my dick you wouldn’t be opposed to me giving you a rimjob?”

Trey laughed. “I guess that would be alright.”

“Then lie on the edge of the bed and bring your knees to your chest.”

He did as I instructed, arranging himself so the end of his back was on the very edge of the bed so that his ass was completely off the bed so it could be used for all my rimming glory. It was the most magnificent view of Trey’s ass. Without a doubt, the most perfect ass God has ever sculpted.

Trey laughed. “I remember the first time you looked at my ass like that…it was several years ago.”

My face flushed. “It was not!”

He laughed some more. “It most certainly was. My ass was probably the first thing that ever gave you a boner.”

“Bullshit. It was the second thing that gave me a boner,” I added with a blush.

He laughed. “See? You’ve been checking my ass out for years. I couldn’t count how many times I have seen you check my ass out these past several years…wait a minute. You said it was the second like you know what gave you your first boner. What caused gaziantep fetiş escort your first boner?”

“You don’t want to know…trust me.”

He frowned, most likely figuring out what caused my first erection. “Figures…but I’m not going to ruin the moment with jealousy. Come and eat.”

I grinned and got on my knees in front of my meal. I reached out and stroked his ass cheeks delicately, loving the feel of his glutes. Knowing Trey would let me do almost whatever I wanted with his ass, I decided to admire his ass some more and I continued stroking it. I then took both hands and grabbed as much of both cheeks as I could, and continued doing so in different locations.

“Making up for all the times you wanted to cop a feel but didn’t?”

“If I was going to make up for all the times I wanted to cop a feel we would be doing this all month.”

Trey laughed and I took my index finger and traced it down his crack. I then grabbed his cheeks and pried them apart, which revealed his pink hole to me. To my surprise, Trey slid his hands over mine, which confused me until I figured out what his intentions were. I let go of his butt cheeks and he left his hands there to keep them pried open. I gave both of his hands a small kiss to show my appreciation then I slowly licked my way up his crack, along his pink hole, along his perineum, and finally his balls. I suckled on both balls for a few seconds then I went back to his pink hole and started licking it.

Trey groaned at the feel of my warm, wet tongue licking his asshole. I then put my index finger in mouth to get it wet then I slid it into Trey’s asshole.

“Ahhh! Nice warning, Nicolae, that hurt…oh…that feels good,” he said as I slowly slid my finger in and out of his ass. I withdrew my finger and forced my tongue in his ass.

“Oh fuck yeah! Tongue fuck me, Nicky!”

I tongue fucked him for a few minutes, enjoying the faint, indescribable taste of his ass. Trey moaned softly as I worked my tongue in and out of him. I removed my tongue and replaced it with two fingers, and slid my index finger and middle finger in and out of him.

“Ahh fuck, why does that feel good,” he asked.

“No, that doesn’t feel good…that feels okay…this feels good,” I said as I found his prostate and ruthlessly stimulated it with my fingers.

“Holy shit! That feels amazing! Aww fuck!”

“Are you ready for a third finger?”

“I don’t know…can you just keep doing what you are doing please?”

“I’ll keep doing this for two more minutes but after that I get to do whatever I want. Do we have a deal?”

“This feels too fucking good to pass up on it. Yes, we have a deal. Two more minutes of this and then you can slip a third finger in or do whatever else you had in mind.”

I grinned. This is too perfect. He might regret making that deal…hell, he probably would have never said yes to what I have in mind unless he had an obligation to fulfill…but I knew he would never break a deal.

“The timer doesn’t start until you actually start doing it…why do I have a feeling I am going to regret making a deal with you?”

“You mean making a deal to get this?” I asked, thrusting my fingers into his ass and finding his prostate. I saw the minute on my alarm clock turn so I knew when his two minutes were up.

“Aww fuck…never mind. It will be worth it no matter what you decide…”he groaned as I stroked his prostate.

For the next two minutes I continued sliding my two fingers in and out of Trey’s ass and occasionally spoiled his prostate with a few additional strokes. I looked up and noticed that two minutes passed so I withdrew my fingers from his ass.

“Damn it, Nicolae! That was not two minutes! I have another thirty seconds so put your fingers in my ass and fuck my prostate with them!”

“Whoa! Calm down, Trey! I’m not ripping you off, I promise. That was two minutes, I swear.”

“I’m a Mathematics Education major, Nicolae. I think that makes me better at math than you. I don’t argue with you about who was the best American poet in the Nineteenth Century because that is your area so why don’t you stop arguing with me in my area of expertise?”

I was a little offended that he thought I was trying to screw him over. I wouldn’t do that to him and he should know that…but what is another thirty seconds. I’ll pretend Trey is right and let him have the win on this.

“Okay Trey. I thought I would let you know that I would never screw you over so it was an honest mistake. Since it is an honest mistake, I will set the timer on my cell phone and give you another full minute. It will beep at me when time is up so we both know for sure when the time is up. Okay?”

Trey grinned. “An extra thirty seconds? Deal! Go get your phone!”

I did.

“Starting…now!” I said, pushing the button on my phone to start the timer and I slipped my two fingers back into Trey’s ass and started sliding them in and out and I stroked his prostate gaziantep bayan escort occasionally like I did earlier.

Trey moaned as I continued fingering him like this and I eventually heard the beep on the time but I decided to keep going. “Nicolae?” Trey asked.

“I know…but we can do this a little longer,” I said as I continued fingering him.

“Thanks,” Trey said in between moans. Another beep came from my phone, indicating that it was now two minutes, but I continued sliding my fingers in and out Trey while Trey moaned. The phone beeped again, and still I continued fingering him. Yet another beep came from my phone but I still didn’t want to take my fingers out of him to stop his pleasure. Finally, when the phone beeped again, I reluctantly pulled my fingers out.

“Five minutes on the timer when we agreed on just one…thanks,” Trey said in a voice that was deeper than his usual voice. “You gave me four extra minutes when you didn’t have to so I will not only keep my word but I will not complain about it even one single time. You’ve earned whatever you wanted to do.”

Thank God. I knew what I decided wasn’t going to go over well with Trey but giving him those extra minutes paid off. “I’ll be right back,” I said.

When I returned, Trey noticed the bottle of lube but didn’t say anything. He didn’t say anything as I placed some on my cock and he didn’t say anything when I placed some on his asshole. “Do you really have nothing to say? I think it is obvious what I plan to do.”

“You are obviously going to fuck me. We made a deal and I’m going to keep my word. I told you I wasn’t going to complain so I’m not going to. Just go easy on me, okay?”

“I will. It is going to hurt a little but the pain will go down. If I can take your extremely fat cock into my ass you should be able to take my cock that is only a little above average just fine. I know you are probably nervous and a little scared but relax.” He moved his knees away from his chest and rested his feet on the edge of the bed and moved his knees so they pointed towards the top corners of the walls. “That’s better. There is one thing I want you to know before I stick my cock in you.”

“And what is that?”

“It may not seem to you that you are going to enjoy this but based off everything that has happened in the last twenty minutes I know one thing.”

I positioned my cockhead at his anal entrance.


“You are going to love this,” and I slowly penetrated his asshole with my cockhead. I saw his face wince but he didn’t say anything so I continued slowly pushing my cock into his warm, tight ass until my cock was all the way inside him and my balls were resting on his ass.

I just stayed where I was. Trey opened his eyes and looked into mine. “The worst is over,” I told him.

“Good, because that hurt,” he said. I leaned forward and ran my hand along his chest.

“How does it feel to have a cock in you?”

“Like a turkey that has a chef’s hand up its ass.”

I laughed. “I like the feel of having a cock in me. It makes me feel full and complete. It hurts like hell at first but it starts to feel pretty good.”

“I’m still waiting for that feeling good part.”

“You don’t hurt as much anymore, do you?”

“No…my ass is getting used to your girth surprisingly.”

“Do you remember the feeling you had a couple minutes ago when I was fingering?”

“Yes, that fucking felt amazing.”

“Do you want to feel something even better?”

“Of course.”

“Then ask me to fuck you.”

“Fine, if it that is what it takes to make the pain go away and make it feel like it did when you were fingering me I’ll say it. Fuck me.”

I slowly pulled my cock out of him until I just had the tip inside him, then I slowly thrust back in. I repeated this very slow fucking until I felt him relax a little bit…fuck, his asshole was choking my cock like a vise…his warm, tight ass feels even better than Rachel’s pussy.

I began fucking him a little harder, but not quite hard yet…hell, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to control myself for much longer. My cock is begging for more of his wonderful, tight ass and my balls want to unload in him, I don’t know how I’m going to not full on fuck him as hard as I can for much longer…but I kept my pace at a moderately slow pace…fuck my cock feels good now. I thrust my cock a little harder than I intended and it felt incredible…I could get used to this. Trey gave a groan of pleasure, which was the first sound I heard from him since he told me to fuck him. Sounds like I not only could get used this, but I in fact am going to get used to this based off the sound Trey made.

Okay, my cock, you heard Trey groan. You are going to fuck his ass plenty from now on so just be patient for now…am I really talking to my cock right now? I am going crazy apparently.

“How are you doing, Trey? Do you have much pain?”

“No, not much pain, I’m fine….it actually feels pretty good. Do you think you could fuck me a little harder? It will probably feel a little better if you do.”

“Did you ever think you would ever ask me to not only fuck you, but to fuck you harder?”

He laughed. “No, but why not? Fuck me harder, Nicolae? I can take it.”

“You mean like this?” I said, going from a moderately slow pace to a moderate pace.

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