The Big Girl Ch. 03

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I’ve been having a good time with this story, so I hope you have fun reading it.

In this chapter, we get a little Brent backstory, and spend some more time with Sarah’s roommate Tracy.


“Are you fucking kidding me?” I heard someone say, followed by peals of laughter. “Oh my god, that is just too funny!”

Looking over my shoulder, I saw Tracy standing in the doorway.

“So, you uh…is your uh…thing, still in her?” She asked, moving closer and tilting her head to get a better look between our legs.

“Uh…yeah, it is.” I muttered sleepily, as I felt the wet warmth of Sarah’s pussy around me. Then I started to get pissed that she’d just barge in on us like this. I looked over at the window, noticing that it was still dark. “What time is it?”

“About five-thirty, I just put coffee on.” She said, leaning against the door frame. “She needs to get her ass up, we need to be out of here by six-fifteen if we want to get the gym open on time. There’s always a crowd on Sunday mornings.”

“You uh…you wanna give us a few minutes?” I asked, looking back at her again. “You know, let me wake her up, get her in the shower…”

“You gonna fuck her? I love getting bone first thing in the morning…” She said, appearing to be warming to her topic.

“I really don’t think that’s any of your business.” I said quietly, glancing up at Sarah’s face.

“Maybe, maybe not.” Tracy said, walking over and standing at the foot of the bed. “But she’s my best friend, and I love her like a sister. I’ve known her since we were five years old. I helped her through both her parents dying, three bad breakups, and I was there for her the night she lost her cherry…and let me tell you, that was not a good night.”

She walked around to the side of the bed and sat down looking at Sarah.

“It’s been almost two years since she’s had a man in her bed, or even thought about going out with anyone.” She said softly. She glanced over at me, then back down at Sarah. “When I saw her last night…hell, when I saw how she was doting on you the night we brought you home…I knew this was gonna happen. I just hope…”

“She’s gonna be okay, I’m not going to hurt her.” I said, raising up on my forearms and looking down at Sarah.

“Time to wake up my goddess.” I said softly. “You have to get up and go to work. Tracy already has coffee on.”

“Unnnggghhhhh…noooooo…” She moaned, tightening her arms and legs around me. “I have to stay home so you can pleasure me…you promised…”

“I never promised that!” I laughed, nibbling at her neck. “But if you get up, I’ll go to the gym with you, how does that sound?”

“Mmmmmmm, are you gonna fuck me before we get up?” She purred, gently rocking me up and down over her.

“Ummmm…I.” I began.

“I’m gonna go get some coffee.” Tracy said, getting to her feet. She looked over at me and grinned. “How do you take your coffee studly?”

“White, four sugars.” I told her.

Sarah opened her eyes and smiled at me, then turned her head, noticing Tracy for the first time.

“Oh my god!” She whispered, here eyes going wide as she looked back and forth between us, then started trying to push me off of her.

“Oh for god’s sake, Sarah!” Tracy laughed as she started for the door. “Go ahead and let the boy pleasure you, that’s why you took him prisoner isn’t it? But make it quick, we need to be out of here in about half an hour.”

She looked back from the door, a sly smile on her face.

“I’m gonna leave this open.” She said. “Go ahead and make all the noise you want, I like to listen to people fuck…”

“Get off of me.” Sarah moaned, pushing at my shoulders. “Oh my god, I ha…”

“Shhhhhh, relax. Just calm down, okay?” I said softly, slipping my arms under her. “She was in here for almost five minutes before you woke up. She was laughing at us when I woke up…”

“It’s okay.” I said, laying my head on the upper swell of her breast. As I laid on her, I realized that I was now hard inside her, and I started stroking slowly.

“Oh god…wh…what are you…are you fu…fucking me?” She gasped, as she stopped trying to push me off of her.

“Mmmm hmmm.” I mumbled, moving my hips in short, slow strokes, keeping my cock buried inside her. “Do you want me to stop?”

She shuddered as I pressed my cock as deep as it would go, holding it there and humping forward. The head of my cock was pressed against her cervix, and I felt her pussy flutter and spasm around me.

“Yes…no…oh god, I don’t know.” She whispered, tightening her legs around me. Her heels came up under my asscheeks, and she started trying to move me on her.

I looked up at her, and saw her glance over toward the door.

“Oh shit, she left the door open.” She muttered, then looked down at me. “She’s gonna hear us. I…”

“Then let’s put on a show for her.” I laughed, raising up over her. I looked back over my shoulder at her heels hooked under my ass, then back down at her. “Ease up a little with the legs, let me long stroke you. I wanna feel my İstanbul Escort cock moving in you.”

Her legs relaxed slowly, loosening her grip on me, and I pulled back, letting half my cock slip out of her, then bulled it back in, making her gasp. I started fucking her slowly, pulling out, then burying it to the balls on every stroke.

“Ohgodohgodohgod…” She whimpered, her hands moving down and grasping my hips. She started moving me faster, and I let her guide me, wanting her to show me what felt good for her.

“Are you going to cum for me? Am I giving my goddess the pleasure she desires?” I asked softly. I leaned down and lashed my tongue around her nipple, then nipped at it with my teeth. I heard her groan as I took it into my mouth and started sucking on it.

“Oh god, yes.” She moaned, her hand coming up and pressing my mouth harder against her tit. “Fuck me, do it hard…oh yeah, stick it in all the way and just fuck me hard and deep.”

Raising up over her, I started moving my hips faster, driving my cock as deep into her as it would go, then pulling out and repeating the stroke. In moments, I was pounding my cock into her in long deep strokes. I felt her writhing under me, and her heels were digging into my ass, urging me on.

“Are you going to cum for me? I want it, I want to feel you cumming on me.” I panted. “Give it to me, let me feel you cumming on my cock.”

“Oh god, I am, I’m cumming on your big beautiful cock you little shit.” She grunted, her eyes screwed shut, her face a mask of tormented passion. “Ar…are you going to cum with me?”

“That doesn’t matter.” I gasped, slamming my cock roughly into her.

“I want it…I want to feel you cum in me.” She said, then her voice took on a firmer tone. “Do it. Shoot in me, your goddess commands it.”

“Oh fuck!” I groaned, pounding my cock into her again and again. I felt my balls tighten in their wrinkled sac, and seconds later, felt the hot rush of cum surging up my cockshaft.

“Yesssssss!” She screamed, her arms wrapping around me, clutching me to her.

“Shoot it in me! Cum with me! Cum for your goddess!” She shouted as she writhed and bounced under me.

I got my arms under her and held on as she jerked and spasmed across the bed, moaning and gasping as she moved my body over her. Her heels kicked into my asscheeks and her arms rocked me up and down roughly.

I groaned when she squeezed me too hard, crushing me to her, and she must have heard the change in my voice. She looked up at me, her eyes wide.

“Oh my god! I hurt you…your ribs…”

I rolled off as she let me go, and lay on the bed, gasping for breath, my hands holding my side. She got up on her knees beside me and ran her hands over me.

“Are you okay, did I…”

“I’m fine…” I panted, closing my eyes for a moment. The pain was fading, and I opened my eyes again and looked at her. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tracy standing in the doorway. “Di…did I pleas…”

“Shut up.” She said, trying not to smile. “I thought I…”

“No, I need to know.” I said putting my hand on her cheek. “Did I satisfy my goddess?”

“Oh god, yes. I…”

“Yeah, he’s a keeper.” Tracy laughed, then took a sip from her coffee. “But you have to keep his cage in your room…and I am NOT cleaning his litter box!”

She turned and headed back to the kitchen. “But you need to get your asses moving, we’re outta here in ten minutes!”


“Don’t even think about it.” Tracy said as she came over and stood next to me.

I had been looking at an incline sit-up board, and she came over as I started to pulled it out of the rack. “Sit-ups, or any other upper body work are the last thing you want to be doing right now.”

She stepped back, looking me up and down.

“You should stay off most of the leg machines, you use your upper body to support or brace yourself.” She said, looking around the room. “Lisa’s aerobics class is probably out too, she does high impact on Sundays…”

“I’ll find something to amuse myself.” I laughed. “Worst case scenario, I go get my laptop out of the car and do some web surfing, or start looking for my next gig.”

“The wi-fi signal is best over by the bikes and the rowers, that’s why we put them there.” She said as she turned and headed for the front counter. “You get a good signal at the counter, but if you’re gonna sit over there, you’re gonna have to wear one of our t-shirts, and advertise for us.”

I followed her over to the counter, watching her body move as she walked. She wasn’t as tall as Sarah, she was probably five-ten or so. She was wearing a pair of black jogging shorts and a red tank top with a sports bra under it, and her muscles rippled as she moved.

She caught me watching her as she stepped behind the counter and turned toward me. She grinned, then looked past me at someone behind me.

“Hey, Lisa, you’re early today.” she said.

“Yeah, I got a private session with Tim Larson at eight.” Lisa said, not sounding happy about it. “I swear, if he starts Bayan Escort pawing me again, I’m gonna break his fucking arm.”

I turned around, my eyes going wide when I saw her. She was a couple inches taller than Tracy, but her body was thinner, with long, lean muscle. She was wearing a multi-colored pastel leotard with purple tights. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

“Who’s the munchkin?” She asked Tracy, looking right over me like I wasn’t there. “New customer?”

“No.” Tracy said, glancing at me, then back at Lisa. “But if he was, calling him a munchkin is guaranteed to make him want to sign up. This is Brent, Sarah’s new boyfriend.”

Lisa burst out laughing, taking a step back and looking me up and down. She looked over at Tracy, then back at me, her face twisting up into a cruel smile.

“You’re fucking with me, right?” Lisa laughed, looking right at me. “I knew she was hard up, but come on. This runt doesn’t even com…”

I saw Tracy moving out of the corner of my eye, and stepped in front of her as she came around the counter, still facing Lisa.

“You can say whatever you want about me.” I said quietly as I stepped toward her. “But you need to apologize for what you said about Sar…”

“Fuck off little boy.” She said, sneering at me.

Her hand shot out to shove me away, and I caught it before it hit my chest. I twisted her arm sharply, forcing her hand back, putting pressure on her wrist. She was on her knees before she realized what was happening.

“You need to apologize for what you said about Sarah.” I told her as I let go of her hand.

I blocked the roundhouse she swung at my side, then she was on her feet, and I blocked a flurry of blows, but didn’t hit her back.

That really pissed her off.

She charged me, and I took her down with a leg sweep, following her down so I landed on top of her. One of my hands was wrapped in her ponytail, pulling her head back so her face didn’t hit the floor.

I stood up and stepped back, and she was on her feet, a roundhouse kick flying toward me. I grabbed her foot and swept her other leg out from under her, and she went down again. I followed her down, my knee on her chest as I looked down at her.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, then heard Tracy say, “I don’t think he’s gonna let you hit him, Lisa. So you might wanna calm your ass down, and do what he says, before he decides to hurt you.”

I got to my feet, taking a couple of steps back, and watched as Lisa got slowly to her feet. She glared at me, her eyes filled with hate.

“Fuck this.” She spat, then spun on her heel, striding toward the back of the gym.

“Wow, ain’t you the little badass.” Tracy laughed, putting her arm around my shoulder. “She’s a fifth degree black belt, and her idea of a good time is picking fights with guys in bars. But you took her down twice without breaking a sweat, even though you were giving up six inches and forty pounds.”

“All to protect your girlfriends honor.” She added softly.

“Yeah, but her being a bitch is what made it fun.” I said, grinning up at her.

“So you’re a stud, a badass, and you’re kinda cute.” Tracy laughed as she let me go and went around the counter. She leaned over, resting her forearms on it, and her tits bulged out under her tank top. “What else is there to you that I should know about?”

I stared at her tits till I heard her laugh and say, “Hey stud muffin, my eyes are up here.”

I looked up at her, grinning sheepishly.

“Yeah, but the way you shoved those beauties in my face, I figured you’d be offended if I didn’t look.”

Just then, the front door opened, and a mountain of a man walked in. He was six-eight, and well over three hundred pounds. Every ounce of it rippling muscle.

His name was Dave Butler, and he had played pro football for ten years, then retired to open a chain of high end gyms across the country.

He walked over toward the counter, nodding at Tracy, then a look of surprise crossed his face as he noticed me.

“Brent.” he said curtly, then looked past me at Tracy.

“Dave.” I replied, nodding at him.

“Is Sarah here today?” He asked Tracy.

“Yeah, she’s over there somewhere.” She said, pointing toward a corner of the gym. “She was working with a new guy. They should be about ready for a break.”

Dave glanced at me, a small smile creasing his face.

“What are you doing here Brent? You decide you want to bulk up a little?” He said, bringing one arm up in front of him. He flexed his upper arm, making the bicep and triceps bulge.

“Hell no!” Tracy laughed, reaching over the counter and ruffling her fingers through my hair. “Brent here is Sarah’s new boyfriend, so you better be nice to her. He’s a little badass, and he don’t take shit off nobody.”

“I know.” Dave chuckled, shaking his head. “I found out the hard way.”

He looked at me steadily, then nodded.

“She could do worse, so could you. I hope it works out for you.” He said quietly, then turned and started toward where Eskort Tracy had told him Sarah was.

“What the fuck!” Tracy laughed, coming around the counter to stand in front of me. “What the hell was that? Do you two know each other? And what the hell did he mean when he said, ‘I found out the hard way’? Did you guys get in a fight or something?”

“Yeah, we had a difference of opinion, and it got physical.” I said, not really wanting to talk about it.

“Huh uh, you’re not gonna hold back on me you little shit.” She laughed, putting her hands on her hips. “What was it about? And who won?”

“Are you kidding me?” I laughed, looking down at the floor. “He did. He broke one of my arms, fractured my skull in three places and damn near blinded me in my right eye.”

“So what was it over? There was respect in his eyes when he looked at you.” She said slowly, stepping closer to me.

“I uh…I was going out with his daughter, and he didn’t want me to.” I said casually.

“So he beat the shit out of you? Just for dating his…”

“There was more to it than that.” Dave said from behind her. “More than I knew at the time.”

I looked up and saw Dave and Sarah standing behind Tracy.

“He met her at a party one of her scumbag friends was having, one of those rave things.” He said slowly, looking at me steadily. “He saw a couple of guys taking her into a room and he went in and got her. She was wasted, she usually was in those days, but I didn’t know that then.”

“You don’t have to do this, Dave.” I said quietly.

“No, but I think Sarah should hear about the kind of man she’s getting involved with.” He said, glancing over at her. “He took her home and got her cleaned up and put her to bed, then over the next few weeks, helped her get clean. She was into some bad shit, and he took care of her and got her through it.”

“He was bringing her home one morning, and I saw them pull into the driveway. I should have known he was different, he opened the car door for her, and helped her out, and was walking her into the house when I came charging out, screaming and cussing at him.”

“Yeah, you did that alright!” I laughed, trying to hold back tears from the memory.

“I barreled into him and just started wailing on him, and he wouldn’t fight back. He just blocked the blows that he could, but after a while, he did fight back, and the next thing I knew, he was kicking the shit out of me.”

“Belinda was screaming and begging me to stop, but I wouldn’t listen. Then Brent turned and took her face in his hands and told her that he would explain, and make me understand. I lost it. I grabbed him and threw him against his car, then started kicking the shit out of him. He managed to hit me a few times, and one of them staggered me, knocking the wind out of me. The next thing I knew, he was on my back and had me in a choke hold.”

“He was talking to me the whole time he was on my back.” Dave said softly. “He told me that she was hurting, and that he was trying to help her get clean. He said that she had been at his house for almost a week that time, and that he had taken care of her. Then he let me go. He came around in front of me and just stood there.”

“Belinda ran over and grabbed him, I don’t know how he was still standing. But she looked at me and asked me to stop, to leave him alone. When she told me that he was the only man she’d ever met that didn’t just want to use her, it felt like God had ripped my heart out of my chest. I never felt worse for anything I’d ever done in my life.”

“You made up for it.” I said quietly, not looking at him. “You paid the hospital bills, put me through school, hell, you still send work my way when you can.”

“Yeah, but you saved my baby girl’s life, and I damn near killed you for it.”

I looked over at Sarah, and she was staring at me, her face pale.

Dave saw where I was looking, and he turned toward her.

“Brent’s a good man, Sarah.” He said softly. “He came from nothing, and made a good life for himself. You could do a lot worse for yourself, believe me.”

He grinned as he turned to me.

“Gimme a call next week, Brent. They got a coding problem in the billing system, and none of the dumbasses I got working for me can figure it out.” He said as he turned toward the door. “You wrote the original billing system, guess I fucked up by not letting you do the upgrade too.”

“He still want you to come work for him?” Tracy asked Sarah after Dave had left.

“Yeah.” Sarah said softly, never taking her eyes off me.

“I don’t know why he wants you.” Tracy laughed, moving into a pose position and flexing her muscles. “I’ve got the build they’re trying to sell over there. You’re just big.”

“Yeah, but he wants to work with me, and get me bulked up. He said they have an idea for an ad campaign, some kind of amazon queen thing.” Sarah said, still looking at me. “What do you think about that?”

“You’d look amaz…” Tracy began, then stopped when she realized that the last question had been directed at me.

“You’re a goddess.” I said, walking over to stand in front of her. I turned and leaned into her, reaching down and bringing her arms up around me. “I like the fat layer you have now. What would happen to that if you bulked up for this ad thing?”

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