The Black Panther

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The following experience has to rank as one of my all time favourite one-night stands. Lady Luck was certainly smiling down on me on that particular night. Hi, I’m Jason Macquarie, 26 years old and currently travelling the world on a working holiday.

Prior to this, I was working for one of Australia’s big high street banks as a Teller in a town called Albany situated on the south-western part of the country. I’d been in this position for about a year and I found it to be an excellent way to meet girls. There were no shortage of them and being a ‘Pom’ I was a local curiosity so getting dates didn’t present a problem. I had just received a transfer to head office in Melbourne and the night in question was my last day with this branch of the bank and I was out partying.

After the farewell dinner, my mate Billy and I headed over to the local nightclub to party-on to the early hours. It was about 11 p.m. and I was nicely on my way alcohol wise when I ran into one of the customers whom I used to serve on a regular basis. Jill worked across the road at the Surgery and I had noticed her on numerous occasions but she paid me zero attention until this day when she’d come into the bank, I had served her and she was being very chatty. She was a top looking girl, blonde as they come with an excellent pair of breasts.

When Jill saw me she immediately left her two friends and came over to me all smiles. We chatted for a few minutes when she motioned for her friends to join Billy and I. After all the introductions had been made we began chatting and the night was turning out to be full of potential. At one point I headed up to the bar to get the next round when I was joined by one of Jill’s friends Ruth. She claimed to be helping me carry the drinks and we began chatting. She was extremely cute with a petite frame, long deep red hair, and large well-formed breasts with constantly erect nipples, flat stomach, and a tight butt.

She was dressed in a red halter-top and a pair of black pants that were so tight they looked sprayed on. I found out that she was 27 and recently divorced. The more we talked, the friendlier she became touching me when we laughed. Getting the drinks took a while and once purchase we rejoined the group that had increased in size after several more of my friends had turned up.

As the night progressed, the music increased in quality and it was decided that we büyükçekmece escort should hit the floor. Now without being an egomaniac, I know how to dance and this night was no exception, the alcohol level was perfect and I was busting some killer moves catching everyone’s eyes. Ruth loved it and she was pretty mean on the floor also and it wasn’t long until we were dirty dancing with each other. To give you an idea of what it was like, try to picture that scene in Basic Instinct where Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone were dancing. Just like that film, our moves were increasing in sexual tension and it became clear that we were destined to go back home.

Ruth invited me back to her place, which, lucky for me, were two streets away from where I was living. When we arrived we bumped into some guy that lived in her apartment. After greeting him she said in a very offhand way “I’ve got myself a new man and he’s in for something special tonight”. I can’t exactly remember his reply but it sounded like good luck. Once inside her apartment, she told me to take a seat whilst she went to change. I grabbed myself some much needed water and took a seat. Ruth returned several minutes later dressed in a bathrobe grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom.

She then left for a few minutes and I stripped down and got between the sheets. Upon re-entering the bedroom, Ruth told me to close my eyes, this I pretended to do so but watched as she disrobed then climbed into bed. We held each other and began to kiss passionately. When we broke she sighed, “I’m going to really enjoy this. It’s been far too long.” We kissed and caressed some more and with the temperature rising I threw back the bedclothes to marvel at her naked form. The first thing I noticed was a huge tattoo of a panther that extended from her right shoulder to the left of her navel. It was one of the strangest sights that I have come across. She told me that after her divorce she was so depressed that she decided that some radical behaviour was in order and marched into the tattooists and said, “Paint me then show me a man”. Over the space of three weeks she was getting down with the tattooists and getting her body painted. At the end of it, the tattoo didn’t cost her anything.

Whilst she was telling me this I was getting very horny, my cock hard enough to cut a fatih escort diamond. I began to massage her clit and asked her what she wouldn’t do on this one-night stand. She replied, “I’ll do anything but anal”. This excited me even more because I love anal. Determined to stick my cock in her ass, I began to ask her about her anal experiences and she confessed that she preferred anal because her orgasms were so much stronger. I was loving this conversation so far and so decided to probe further. I asked her whether she been with a woman and she moaned, “No but I really want to”. Another right answer. Next I asked her what sort of things she’d like to try with a woman and she said that she wants to be licking her pussy while I fuck her in the ass. And she stressed the ‘I’ bit. I told her that I’d like nothing better than to fuck her tight ass. She looked at me with lust and desire tattooed all over her face and told me that she wants my cock in her ass now. Yes!

We untangled ourselves and she got up on her hands and knees. She stuck her ass right in the air and reached around and spread her cheeks. Her anal bud looked so juicy so I licked my finger and inserted it up to the knuckle. She liked this so I continued to play some more lubing her up with plenty of saliva. Her moans were long and sonorous and her breathing heavy. After several minutes she said, “Jason, I really want your cock in my asshole right now. Come on man do it and do it hard.” I lubed up my own prick, which was by now almost bursting and as soon as my head made contact with her ring she turned her head and said, “I want you to stick your cock as far up my ass as you can go.” Fine with me and I began my journey up her ass. She was incredibly tight and initially I found the going tough but eventually I slipped in past the ring. As I was sliding up her asshole her moans were intensifying and once I was balls deep she moaned, “Oh yeah that feels so good. I love cock in my ass so much. Come on Jason pound me like a whore”. Her words invigorated me and I began to really fuck her brown hole with gusto. She loved and so did I.

She was yelling and screaming obscenities at me telling me how good it felt. After five minutes or so I reached underneath her and began to play with her clit. This did it and she powered through her first orgasm clinching my cock in an almost esenyurt escort vice like grip. I slowed down to a stop and pulled out and she rolled over onto her back panting very heavily. “Oh fuck that was so good so much better than my hair brush”. As she was coming back to reality I was busying myself playing with her incredibly firm breasts. They had excellent responses and within minutes Ruth was begging me to eat her pussy.

Yes Miss! She had an exquisite pussy, totally shaven around her labia leaving a small patch above her pubic bone. Initially I was surprised at how dry she was but after paying her rather erect clit some well-deserved attention she was very quickly in full flood. Before long she was thrashing and screaming in orgasm so strong that she almost broke my nose. She pulled me up and began to lick my lips in a frenzy and kissing me deeply. She broke off and exclaimed, “I love the way my pussy tastes and now it’s your turn buddy!”

I rolled over onto my back and she wasted no time in getting down to it engulfing me in one foul swoop. This girl knew how to administer oral sex, deep throating me, licking my balls and even my asshole. I came very quickly and she drunk me right down. This chick had me operating on full throttle and I remained as hard as ever she took full advantage and straddled me immediately. After several minutes of furious riding she climbed off and demanded to be spooned. Her tone indicated that she was close to another orgasm. We assumed the position and I entered her moist pussy with ease. I was now fucking her with long deep strokes and her she was building up to an explosion. “Fuck I’m gonna cum real hard. Put your hand on my hip. This I did without reducing the tempo. “OH, GOD, JASON,” She begged, “FUCK YOUR COCK UP MY PUSSY. YESS…YESS! THAT’S IT! OH YES, I’M COMING! DON’T STOP, PLEASE”

And she exploded. So loud that I thought someone will call the Police for sure. By this time I was stuffed and pulled out of her but I was determined to come and I knew that this chick wanted. “I’m gonna cum all over your fuckin’ face baby” Her eyes lit up and she opened her mouth in expectation. She didn’t have to wait long, I came really hard but my screams paled into insignificance but I drenched her face. She tried to get as much in her mouth but it went everywhere.

As I was recovering she said “Mmm it’s all tingly on my tongue and tastes so sweet”. She managed to lick up every drop she could and I rolled off her. We embraced and soon fell asleep without uttering another word. I awoke the next day with a raging hard on, looked down and saw why. “Did you enjoy last night? Good, coz that was child’s play compared to what’s about to happen.”

More to follow. Please let me know what you think.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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