The Boys Club Pt. 01

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The Party:

For Ken’s 19th birthday party his mom, Christine, organized a birthday party for his three closest friends and their moms. They all lived on the same cul-de-sac, and Ken’s house was the default party location because of the large heated built-in pool, natural gas BBQ, and pool house, that the moms called “Boys Only Club.”

Ken’s best friends, Tom, Mark, and Billy, tended to the nerd side of things. None of the boys were lady killers, but all of them were in reasonably good shape, and reasonably attractive in a nerdy sort of way. Tom, Mark, and Billy had all turned 19 before Ken.

The boys were further drawn together in a mutual obsession with their moms. Frankly, all their moms were legitimate MILFS, and all the boys lusted after their moms.

The Moms:

Ken’s mom, Christine was the admitted best of the bunch. She was an Auburn-headed green-eyed hottie, although she did not seem to think of herself as hot. She was 5’9″ tall, had 38C breasts, a narrow waist, a flat stomach, and what the boys described as a world-class ass. She was seriously into yoga and running.

Over time she’d converted the other three moms to yoga as well, making their joint yoga sessions an almost painful obsession of the boys.

Ken’s dad had died when he was 3, leaving Ken and Christine financially secure, although Christine worked part-time as a teacher at the community college the boys would be attending next fall.

Tom’s mom, Alice was a petite blonde divorcee with small but perky breasts and killer legs. Tom’s dad had picked out a trophy wife when Tom was 12, and lived outside of town, but was involved in Tom’s life.

Mark’s mom, Angela, keçiören escort was Hispanic, short, but very curvy, who dressed to show off her curves. At one time she’d been tending towards chubby, but the yoga had changed that. Mark’s dad is Anglo, and a corporate lawyer with overseas clients in the orient and was gone 3 weeks out of the month. Mark was pretty sure his dad did not lack female companionship when he was out of town.

Billy’s mom, Mary, was the neighborhood church lady. She was a brunette, about 5’11”, had huge boobs, that she kept hidden under conservative blouses and dresses. None of the boys had ever seen her wearing other than conservative church lady clothing, except for a very rare occasion when she would use the pool in a very conservative one-piece suit.

The only time she participated in the joint yoga sessions was when they were held at her house, boys not allowed. The rest of the time she worked out in the privacy of her bedroom. Billy’s dad was a nice guy, when he was sober, which was not often.

The Boys Club:

After an afternoon of swimming, a BBQ, and some lawn games, the moms had settled down around the pool for wine and gossip. The boys were gathered in their clubhouse doing what had become a routine since they’d all turned 18, a year ago. They fantasized about their moms.

The boys would sit around the clubhouse making plans on how to seduce the moms. They did so to an endless loop of pictures of their mothers on the flat screen in the clubhouse. The boys never missed a chance of catching their moms on their cellphone cameras.

The moms routinely sunned keçiören escort bayan themselves around the pool, giving the boys plenty of killer snaps. Although Mary only rarely made an appearance in a swimsuit, when she did, her huge chest made the resulting pictures awesome.

They’d also acquired a selection of wireless spy cams that they’d occasionally deploy for short periods to get pictures of the moms nude or partially dressed. The Yoga sessions figured prominently in those pictures.

They only used the cameras for very short periods for fear of getting caught. One of these cameras was used to get the only nude picture of Mary, proving that under her church lady exterior there was a very nice body, and an ass equal in quality to Christine’s.

As usual, the session eventually became a joint jerk-off session to the pictures of the moms.

The seeds of the mom’s seduction:

What the boys did not know was that Ken’s mom, Christine, was aware of what the boys were up to, and regularly spied on them through a side window. Christine was shocked at seeing the four boys in what she called a “circle jerk,” and more than shocked when she saw that she and the other mothers were the objects of the boy’s lust.

She was also more than a little excited. None of the boys were particularly well endowed, but none of them had anything to be ashamed of. She occasionally used her cell phone to take pictures of the boy’s equipment for her purposes.

Christine had long fantasized about the “Boys Club,” but had been hesitant to do anything because it was so forbidden. This night, unbeknownst to escort keçiören Christine, the tenor of the boy’s fantasies would change dramatically, and her actions would hand her body, and the bodies of the other moms, to their sons on a platter.

The agreement:

After the boys had reached a very satisfying orgasm and had cleaned up the evidence, Ken told the boys he wanted to propose a serious change in the operation of the club. Ken pointed out that all the boys were now adults. And, as adults, it was time for them to stop fantasizing and make their dreams come true.

He wanted to propose some rules so there was no slacking on the part of any of the boys, along with a promise that they would take real efforts to bed the moms. He handed out a sheet of paper to each boy listing these rules:

Rule One: The objective was to turn all four moms into wanton three-hole sex slaves.

Rule Two: Each boy had the right to be “first” with his own mom.

Rule Three: The only time any of the other boys could attempt to seduce an unbedded mom was with her son’s permission, and only after his own efforts had been failed. Seducing the mom then became a group effort, without forgetting the goal was for each son to fuck his own mother first.

Rule Four: The mothers must submit voluntarily and willingly.

Rule Five: The safety, happiness, and satisfaction of the moms were the absolute priority of each boy. Each boy must agree the moms’ pleasure and safety came before his.

Rule Six: Bondage, punishments, and rough sex were only allowed if that is what the mother wanted.

Rule Seven: Once she agreed to join the club, each mom must understand that she would be subject to group sex, gangbangs, double and triple penetrations, etc., and would be sexually available to the boys at all times.

Rule Eight: Once she had agreed to join the club, each mom would be required to spend “quality” time alone with each member of the club, including all-nighters and the occasional weekend.

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