The Business Trip

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The plane cut through the clouds as he watched them go by his airplane window. He glanced to the aisle seat and without surprise saw that she was still very focused on the presentation she was modifying on her laptop. It hadn’t been quite two weeks since their encounter in his office and the following “lunch” in the parking garage, yet she seemed to keep him at a distance. As his thoughts drifted back to that day, he tried to mask his visual inspection of her. She wore a very conservative business outfit: navy skirt of moderate length and matching blazer with a white silk blouse. Occasionally, as she reached for her drink, the gap between buttons of her blouse would open slightly revealing to him just a glimpse of the top edge of her lace-trimmed bra. If she took just a deep enough breath, he thought, maybe he could also see the outline of her breast. No such luck, as she sat back upright and adjusted her jacket. The one thing that stood out more than anything to him, the one thing that continued to catch his eye, was her choice of lipstick for this flight. As conservatively as she was dressed, and as business-like as she acted, those red lips seemed to appear out of place. He blinked and shook his head slightly trying to clear his mind of such thoughts. After all, this really was an actual business trip.

She sat there next to him trying to concentrate on the presentation. She could feel his eyes on her and wondered what he was thinking. Ever since that day two weeks ago she had been dressing a bit more business-like and tried to act professionally when she was around him. “No telling what he thinks of me!” she thought as she reached for her drink. She still couldn’t believe she had let herself get carried away like that, and her cheeks burned at the memory of that day. After all, she was no office slut. She was damn good at her job, and she didn’t want him thinking he could just use her for his pleasure whenever the mood struck him.

The whine of the engine and the glow from her laptop had given her a headache. She sighed and leaned back in her seat, closing her eyes for a moment. When she opened her eyes, she found him staring at her. She blushed and fumbled to close the laptop. “Are you ok? You look a little tired,” he said, breaking the silence.

“I’m fine, just a little headache, that’s all.” She put her computer back in its case and leaned forward in her seat to remove her jacket. She hesitated just a split second as she felt his hands on her shoulders, helping her with her blazer. His touch sent a shiver down her spine. “I think I’ll close my eyes and rest a while.” she said as she reclined her seat.

“Get your rest. I’ll need you at your best.” No sooner had those words slipped from his mouth did he realize how they might have sounded. He noticed her chuckle under her breath and then she slightly opened one eye, glared his way and grinned. “Maybe I need to rest as well.” he muttered, thinking to himself that he had better choose his words more carefully.

Try as he might he could not get any rest. canlı bahis The frustration of her sitting so close, and the presentation itself weighed on his shoulders. Every time he began to doze off, his thoughts ran back to two week ago, and that made his frustrations grow. Impatiently he looked as his watch and realized they would be on the ground shortly.

She tried to get some rest, but every time she closed her eyes vivid images of their escapade played in her mind over and over. She squirmed a bit in her chair as the memory of his kiss came rushing back. She felt her nipples harden and opened her eyes and sat up. “This is insane” she thought. “I’ve GOT to get that day out of my mind!” Even as she was thinking this, she found herself craving his touch.

She looked at her watch and realized they would be landing soon. She leaned forward and retrieved her purse from under the seat in front of her. She turned to him and said, “I think I’ll go freshen up a bit before we land.” Just as she stood, the plane pitched and jerked and she lost her balance and fell into his lap. “Oh dear!” she cried. She looked at him, a bit flustered, and became aware of how close they were to each other. The lips just inches apart. She leaned in just a fraction wanting so badly to taste his kiss again. Her mouth opened slightly, and he saw the tip of her tongue dart out to moisten her lips. Their eyes locked together, she could feel his breath on her face. Suddenly the overhead speaker crackled as the pilot apologized for the rough ride, breaking the spell. She stood up and hurried down the aisle to the lavatory.

Feeling her against him drove him to the edge. “This has got to end!” he thought. He quickly unfastened his seat belt, slid across the seats to the aisle and quickly tried to catch her. As he made his way down the aisle it was only then he realized his semi-erect cock was now very evident, and he self-consciously tried to avoid eye contact with the other passengers. He could see her waiting in line and hurried before she could disappear behind the safety of the locked door. Dodging the flight attendant who was tending the passengers, he finally made his way to her. Unfortunately, just as he was about to reach her, the lavatory became available and she was about to enter. Taking a few quick steps, he reached out and grabbed the door before she could close it. She pulled at it not realizing that he had followed her. She felt the resistance and looked back only to see him pull the door wide open. Gasping a bit for a breath, he said “Look!! This is ridiculous. We need to talk, and we need to talk NOW!”

He saw the look of shock and confusion on her face as he pushed his way into the bathroom. “Wwwhat are you DOING?” She sputtered. “How dar…”

Before she could finish her sentence, he had locked the door behind them, pulled her to him and covered her mouth with his. She resisted only a fraction of second before giving in to his kiss. She pressed her body against his and opened her mouth letting his tongue slide over hers bahis siteleri sending a wave of desire through her. Her hands were at his waist and she started to fumble with his belt and zipper. Pulling his cock out she began to squeeze him in her hand. She broke the kiss and pushed him back against the sink, falling to her knees. He looked down at her, his mouth open but unable to even form any words. She took his cock in her hand and guided him into her warm, wet mouth and greedily began to devour him. He groaned and she felt his hand on her head as he started to push his hips forward. She looked up into his eyes as she swirled her tongue around the head, licking the underside of his cock. She heard the sharp intake of his breath as he moaned her name.

He fought the urge to push his hips forward, and reached down moving her hair from her face. Those red lips wrapped tightly around his shaft as she took him into her mouth. Desire took over as she slid one hand under his balls cupping them with just enough pressure while the other began stroking him. His cock began to glisten as saliva began to drip from the edge of her mouth. He reached back, grabbed the edge of the sink and looked down. Their eyes locked, but she didn’t relinquish her feverish pace, twisting and sliding her fist up to meet her lips as she sucked him in He was entranced not only with the sensation of her mouth and actions, but more with how her eyes animalistically leered at him. Almost as if she was coaxing him to fill her mouth without uttering the words. The jostling of the plane wasn’t even a concern as she slipped her index finger around the back of his testicles and pressed upwards. He had never felt ANYthing like that as he clenched the sink tighter and craned his neck. “What… what the…?” he muttered, but she only smiled, her eyes never leaving his, as she fed off of his reaction.

She continued to stroke his saliva-covered member without ever slowing her ravenous attack with her mouth. The look of shock on his face as she slid her finger under his balls quickly changed to one of pleasure as she wiggled her finger against his tight puckered opening. She knew the combination of sensations would quickly put him over the edge, and that’s exactly what she wanted. She slid her finger in a little more as she took him deep into her mouth, feeling him at the back of her throat. He moaned and jerked his hips forward, grabbing her head and holding it as he pumped into her mouth.

He gave in to his urges and began fucking her mouth almost violently. She let go with one hand, but kept her other wrapped around his now clenched balls continuing to apply just the exact amount of pressure. She tilted her head back a bit and opened her mouth wide, allowing him now to set the tone. He held her head tightly as he thrust his cock into her mouth. His whole body began to tense, and she could sense his urgency. With one last press of her finger, timed perfectly with one of his thrusts, he exhaled loudly and released his load. She eagerly attempted to swallow it bahis şirketleri all, but with each spurt her mouth seemed to almost fill. She released her hands and placed them both under her chin as his cum overflowed down into them. He had never felt such a release, and even he was surprised at the volume he spewed forth. As he collapsed back against the sink, his member slid from her mouth.

Glancing up at first, her attention then turned to his overflow in her hands. She playfully licked each finger as she stood up, knowing full well that he continued to watch her actions. Tasting his salty sperm in her mouth, she licked each finger clean. He had cum so forcefully in her mouth that she couldn’t swallow it all and was just glad she was able to catch the overflow in her hand before it dribbled onto her silk blouse. Slowly she stood up and smoothed her skirt down.

As he fastened his trousers she couldn’t help but laugh and say “Oh my god, how are we going to walk out of here?” He welcomed the break in the tension and reached out and touched her, smoothing her hair as he did. “We might cause a few raised eyebrows for sure” he chuckled.

Making sure they were properly composed he reached to unlock the door. Before he opened it he leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss, tasting his own juices in her mouth. He cracked the door just a bit and was astonished that no one was waiting. It was then he noticed that a passenger had spilled something and that had everyone’s attention. He reached back grabbed her hand, and pulled her through the door. “Quick, I think we might be O.K.” he whispered. They clamored through the door and hurriedly made their way up to their business class seats.

Just as they settled themselves down, the pilot voice announced that the plane had begun its descent. Almost simultaneously, they snapped their heads back into their seats and breathed a huge sigh. They seemingly had escaped being noticed. That is until one of the flight attendants, while picking up their trash during her final check of the cabin, caught her eye and handed her a moist towelette packet while silently and discretely pointing to the side of her own mouth. Her eyes widened as she snapped a look back over to him just in time to see him make a poor attempt at holding back laughter.

Her eyes wide with shock, she took the towelette from the attendant and stammered an embarrassed “thank you” and looked over at him. He trying hard not to laugh as she playfully swatted his arm and hissed “Why didn’t you TELL me I had some…you know…on my mouth??”

“Oh don’t be so embarrassed. I’m sure they see this sort of thing all the time.” She couldn’t help but laugh too as she looked at her reflection in her compact before dabbing at her mouth with the towelette. She extended her tongue and licked the now dried up cum, tasting his saltiness.

As she put her purse back under her seat and double checked her seat belt, she queried “So where to first boss?”

He leaned back in his seat and, giving her a sideways glance said, “I think we’ll check into the hotel first before we meet up with the clients. We have some unfinished business to tend to.” She blushed deeply as his eyes bore into hers, knowing full well what this “unfinished business” was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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