The Business Trip

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The plane ride to California was uneventful and I got my luggage and rental car with little problem. My business partners didn’t expect me in town until the next day so I had time to get to the hotel and relax a bit. Even the ride to the hotel was problem free. This was so out of character for my trips to the left coast. I was waiting for something to happen because my trips out were never “uneventful”.

I got the key to my hotel room and tried to carry my entire luggage collection into the room at the same time. Some day I will learn better, as my suitcase bounced down the stairs. I do too many things at one time and never look before I leap. My luck, it opened up and my bras flew out onto the feet of a very good-looking man. He was probably a gay male model with my luck. Maybe I’d get his number and introduce him to my partner John.

“Very nice.” He said as he picked up my lavender lace bra. He smiled at me and maybe I wouldn’t be getting his digits for John after all. I smiled at him as I collected my things and he handed me a business card as I stood up with my now firmly closed suitcase.

It said “ Zach Davis – Male Escort – Catering to both genders – 415-555-0826 – Service 24/7”

I put the card in my jeans pocket and thanked him for it. I was defiantly calling him if John was being extra queeny this board of directors meeting. He asks my name and we begin chatting about the weather. He leans over and tries to kiss me. I turn to avoid his actions and he lands a kiss on my cheek. I broke away from him and he began to apologize profusely.

“You are an amazingly beautiful woman. I’m sorry if I offended you. I just had to kiss an angel.” He said.

“I really must be going. Someone is waiting for me in the room. “ I turned around and started to walk away. He yelled after me to call him and I kept on walking. I turned the corner in the hall and Bostancı Escort waited until he went away before I went to my room.

I unlocked the door and dropped my stuff on the bed. I was in town for a meeting with my business partners to discuss the next quarter’s sales and to celebrate our partner John’s birthday. Usually I got a suite when I came in for meetings. I had a standing date with a special friend while I was in town, but this time he wasn’t going to be able to make it. I got a regular room since it was a working vacation and not a have sex on every flat surface in the room vacation. I was disappointed but it was understandable and it wasn’t like his girlfriend or something like that.
As I threw the safety latch on the door, I realized the shower was running in the bathroom. I grabbed my pepper spray from my pocketbook and went to investigate. I saw a man’s form in the shower and I noticed a watch on the counter by the sink. I recognized the watch so I relaxed a bit.

I put the pepper spray down on the counter next to the watch and opened the shower curtain a bit to see you standing there naked. Steaming hot water pounded your firm body and my eyes slipped down to your package to see if you were glad to see me.

You leaned over to kiss me and I started to get wet both from the shower and from your kisses. You asked me to join you and it sounded like a good idea since I was exhausted from my flight and I was hoping that you’d be in the mood for a backrub as well as anything else on your mind.

I stripped out of my jeans and t-shirt and you asked where my underwear was. I laughed at you and told you I wanted to give the x-ray guy at the airport something to entertain himself with. I gave you a little show as I got out of my bra and joined you in the shower.

The warm water felt good on my sore travel worn body. I had my back to Kadıköy Escort you, as I got wet from the spray. You reached over and began to rub my shoulders. I let out a noise that sounded something like a half moan half purr. I could feel you working all the tension out of my neck. I could feel the stress run down my body and down the drain. You reached an arm around my waist as you kissed my neck. I moaned. I missed you.

Your hand slid down from my waist to my magic spot and I threw my head back on to your shoulder. Your finger slid between my shaved lips and you found my button right away. Sparks of electricity shot out my body as you rubbed my clit. I could feel myself getting wetter without the water from the showerhead even touching me. You reached around with your other hand and playfully grasp my nipple. I close my eyes and relax as you get me closer to heaven.

I opened my legs apart and you slide two fingers in my dripping wet pussy. I reach behind me and find that you are rock hard and eager to be in my hand. I turn around, forcing your hand to be removed from its current location. Your hands wind up on my ass as I kiss you hello. It’s a long hard kiss to match the long hard cock in my hands. I grabbed the washcloth and soap and begin to lather them up.

I rubbed the soap-covered washcloth all over your chest and played with your nipples. The warm water splashed all over your chest and I licked where the soap had rinsed off. I worked my way down your body, caressing every part of you with the soap and cloth while my other hand kept you hard.

I knelt down when I got to your waist and took you in my mouth. You gasped as I took all of you in. You pushed my hair out of my eyes as l ran my tongue around your swelling head. You play with my breasts as I suck you off. I take one of your balls in my hand and roll it around as I suck your Göztepe Escort base. You tell me that you’re close to cumming so I slow down a bit and torture you a bit.

I feel the need to release rise in me as your balls start to tighten up. I give you one final kiss on your head and stand up. I reach for my clit and start to play. You tell me to let you do that and you slide your whole hand between my legs to play. I tell you I want you and you push me up against the tiled wall of the tub. You squat down and spread my legs so you can slide in my hot hole.

I wrapped my legs around your waist as you force yourself inside me. Every nerve in my body comes alive as you fill me. You take the first couple of thrusts slowly because of your large diameter. Once you feel me start to get into it, you move a little quicker and soon you’re slamming my ass against the wall. I think to myself that I hope the people in the next room are out for the day as you fuck my brains out. You keep kissing me to keep my screaming down to a dull roar.

Our slow gentle love making turns primal as you start to get close to cumming. I can’t help but cum hard as you slide in and out of me. As you pick up the pace more, I start on one continuous orgasmic roller coaster ride. A constant build up of pressure then release. The release is glorious. My eyes roll back in my head and I get dizzy for a minute. I can’t catch my breath as my orgasm takes over my body like a fast moving roller coaster. I have no control over my body as you tell me you’re going to cum too.

You pull out and shoot your load on my belly. I rub my fingers in it and put one to my lips to taste you. You grab the washcloth from the soap dish and start rubbing me clean so we can get out of the shower.

You got out and dried off. I try to regain my strength as I watch your sexy ass walk across the tiled floor into the dressing area. I let the steaming hot water flow over my shoulders a few more seconds before joining you on the bed. I stretch out across the bed as you lean over and kiss me. I notice you’re ready for round two. Maybe I’ll give you what you want.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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