The Cabin

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Sandy was anxious. She had invited Bruce and Mindy to her little cabin on Lake Placid. She had a stunning view of the former ski jumps towering in the distance like Sci-fi drones from a long ago movie.

The sun was starting to rise and the reflection off the still lake was breathtaking. Sandy was darting in and out the small cabin’s front door frantically shaking out chair and table linens and covers, whisking away the accumulated dust from this past winter. She grabbed a small towel from under the tiny kitchen sink and wiped away any remaining dust trails on the table tops, shelves and counters.

The groceries she had purchased in town were nestled on the counter awaiting preparation. She grabbed the 4 bottles of wine and placed them in the fridge to start chilling. The individually packaged portions of tiramisu adorned the top shelf. A sweet treat to celebrate Bruce’s new account at work that he had worked so diligently to earn. A sweet treat of the food variety that is. There were other treats on the menu for Bruce as well. Ones that would satiate another hunger that grew inside of him.

Mindy, Bruce and Sandy had developed a unique relationship thru the services provided at the salon that Sandy worked at. Today would be the first time their lust for each other would be take place outside the salon where all inhibitions could drift away.

Sandy continued to clean, running some Clorox wipes thru the bathroom, rinsing down the shower, fresh towels rolled and placed on a shelf with matching wash clothes. Off to the bedroom. The bed was a king size with wrought iron and oak paneled head board. Soft high count fiber cotton sheets fluttered their way to the surface making a clean playground for lusting bodies to soil. No doubt today’s play would leave a stain or two. White smudges along the sea foam green linens.

Sandy unzipped a canvas bag she had brought from the car. It contained all the dishwasher sanitized toys they might wish to take advantage of today. She placed them neatly in the stand next to the bed. A tube of lube next to each one to ensure comfortable use.

A warm breeze floated thru the open windows expelling any last mustiness to the air. Sandy grabbed the bags of groceries, some plastic wrap, and commenced putting together a couple of charcuterie boards. She was ready for her guests.

Mindy and Bruce were set to arrive around one. Mindy grabbed her little tangerine orange bikini and graced the curves of her figure with it. Her breast perfectly mounding from the top of the cups while the thin slice of bottom fabric comfortably nestled between the cheeks of her ass. Bruce couldn’t help but run his fingertips over the tanned bubble of her ass feeling his manhood twitch and harden in his linen shorts.

“Behave!!” Mindy snorted to him, giggled and slapped at his hand. “We don’t want to risk being late, and we have at least an hour drive!” Bruce mutter something about her being a Temptress under his breath and headed to load up the car. A few moments later Mindy appeared alongside him, a billowing see-thru blouse and jean cut offs, open in the front reveled hints of her bikini, her Chuck Taylor’s canvas caressing her perfectly manicured feet. Bruce’s eyes scanned every inch of her.

Grabbing her around the waist from behind and nestling his face into her neck he asked in a velvety voice “can’t we just stay home and fuck all afternoon?” Laughing, Mindy pulled away, “no we can’t, I promised Sandy we were coming.”

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Bruce tossed Mindy the keys, “fine you’re driving then.” Bruce had an secret reason for Mindy driving, he knew his mind would drift to thoughts of the salon and the erotic play they took part in. Not driving meant he would be able to easily adjust himself as the thoughts of their play would cause his member to flex and throb. Not an exhilarating combination with a steering wheel in the way.

They arrived at the cabin at 12:45. Pulling up out front, Sandy exited the cabin to greet them, carefully balancing 3 glasses of wine, she was wearing a bikini much like Mindy’s but in a soft lavender. Her nipples protruding, the delicate eryaman escort cloth disappearing between her thighs like a hungry tongue.

Handing them each a glass she said “shall we take a dip and cool off?” Mindy dropped her shorts, and tossed the blouse to the car seat. “I’m ready” she cried.

The lake provided a grassy walk to a small sandy beach and a floating dock that extended out to deeper waters. Mindy and Sandy set down their wine on a small patio table near the dock, and grabbing hands playfully ran, their breasts and asses jiggling in perfect harmony as the cannonballed into the cold lake water.

Bruce, a little less adventurous, waded in slowly, the cold water caressing his balls and slowly tricking its way around his cock that retreated like a turtle in it’s shell.

The girls surfaced, water shimmering off their hair and faces. They swam the short distant to each other and wrapping arms around each other’s necks, began to kiss. Mouth on mouth, tongue dancing with tongue. Bruce stood mesmerized, his cock, ignoring the cold water, stood too. After a delicious hello to each other, Mindy and Sandy started walking back toward Bruce. “The water’s a little chilly” Sandy said, “why don’t we head inside.” Bruce was unsure if it was safe for him to exit the waist deep water, his throbbing cock still tented eagerly against the front of his shorts. Each took his hand and began to lead him to the beach. Aa his hips exited the water Sandy whispered “I see you enjoyed my hello to Mindy. Come there is more if that to enjoy.”

The three grabbed their wine and proceeded to the cabin porch. Bruce realized he was watching beads of water run down the inside of Sandy’s thigh, imagining it was his sweet creamy load running from her hot thick walls. He softly grunted.

Standing at the front door, the girls began to remover their bikinis. Bruce’s cock rock hard once again strained against his shorts. Mindy dropped to her knees, her wet breasts holding his tented cock between them sultry said, “here let me help you take these off” as she loosened the tied waistband string and tenderly pulled them out and away from his bulbous head and let them drop to the floor with a wet slapping sound.

Mindy rose and slowly tamped him dry with a towel, his chest, giving a nipple a little flick with her tongue, his abdomen, applying a whispery kiss just above his belly button, his manicured mound, he slid his legs apart, the towel coddling his balls, her lips caress the top of his penis sucking away the dribble of pre-cum that had made it’s way out, he groaned deeply, unable to ignore that Sandy had taken her place at his back and as she tamped it dry her nipples danced along his back, her hands sliding the towel between is cheeks making his button tense and release. Oh how he wanted to fuck one of them right now!! Bend them over one of the porch rockers and thrust into them until they both exploded.

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They entered the cabin, door shutting softly behind them, Bruce saw Sandy slip something from the kitchen counter and carried it with her. The three entered the bedroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Mindy told Bruce to slide up to the headboard and sit up against it. Throwing a pillow behind his back, Bruce settled against the headboard. Each of the girls has gone to the side of the bed and Sandy tossed a small length of soft chording to Mindy. Each taking a wrist, they bound Bruce to the wrought iron railing. Bruce’s eyes were darting from one to the other. What did they have planned for him? His cock was now almost painfully stiff and begging for release.

Mindy and Sandy climbed up to the bed and kneeled alongside each of Bruce’s thighs. His hot heaving breath on their cheeks. Again the girls reached out and took each other’s head in hand and pulling them towards each other began a long and thirsty kiss. He lightly pulled at the restraints, he wanted to touch them, wanted to join in. their hands slipping to each other’s breasts, pinching nipples, caressing flesh, taking turns suckling nipples.

Bruce’s voice halting in a whisper, “please, please one of you suck me.” They escort ankara just smiled and kissed as one by one they would turn and plunge their tongue into his mouth as he rocked forward to take them in. his cock felt like it wanted to split in two. He couldn’t take much more of this. He was going to cum all over them if one of them didn’t take him in.

Their hands and fingers were now exploring the soft shaved folds between their thighs as Bruce chanted “please, please.” Mindy’s fingers slathered in the stringy juices from Sandy, slide her ring and pinky finger under Bruce’s chin and slowly fed him her index and middle finger covered in Sandy’s cum. Bruce eagerly licked the fingers as Mindy leaned forward and licked the corners of his mouth. “Please” he begged her as he watched Sandy slide her cum covered fingers from Mindy’s folds into her own mouth with a satisfied “Mmm”.

Sandy spread Bruce’s legs apart just enough to slide her knees between them. Mindy then turned her back to Bruce and straddling his hips, lowered her wet swollen walls onto his throbbing cock.

Bruce cried out as he desperately tried not to blow his load. Her walls were so thick, squeezing him so tight.

Mindy began to ride Bruce, slowly, leaning forward she and Sandy started kissing and fondling each other again. Sandy reaching and rubbing Mindy’s clit with her finger tips causing Mindy to squeeze so tightly and Mindy cupping Bruce’s balls with one hand bringing them to a firy boil. Up, down, up almost to the point of falling out, down to the deepest recesses of her canal. Juices flowing onto Bruce’s mound, Mindy began to ride harder, faster, breathing labored. Bruce grunted as Mindy thrust him deep into her one final time causing him to shower her folds with his hot creamy honey.

Mindy fell back against him, his mouth lightly biting her neck and shoulder, Sandy sliding forward and taking each of her nipples in turn gently sucking them. Lowering herself more she flicked her tongue against Mindy’s clit, causing Mindy to let go a trickle of mixed jizz from herself and Bruce that ran down along his softening shaft. Sandy eagerly licked it up. As Bruce slipped from Mindy, Sandy slid Mindy down, raised her knees and began licking the sopping folds. Bruce bleary eye, having slipped the loose restraints, watched as he slowly squeezed the lingering juices caught in the recessed folds of his cock and matched their feast by licking his fingers.

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Bruce awoke to his wrists being retied to the railings. He had worked a long shift the day before and the release must have made him drift off. He saw Sandy move to the foot of the bed as he felt something silky begin to wrap around his foot gently pulling his legs widely spread. Bruce looked to his foot and saw Sandy wrapping and tying a blue silky strap of cloth from his foot to the bed post and back to his foot. With intricate movements she began to tie the cloth in knots as it wrapped around his leg up to his thigh. He let out a slight gasp as her hand brushed his sack and his member flexed to life. Sliding her hand under him, she continued to wrap the cloth around his waist and then continued the knotting and wrapping down his opposite leg. The knots bit into his soft flesh, but not so much as to be uncomfortable. His other foot was now securely fastened to the post. The last touch, a remaining piece of the cloth had been fashioned into a blindfold that she slipped over Bruce’s eyes.

A shadow had drifted across the musty smelling bedroom. No one had heard the car pull in much less heard the front door close. Shawn walked to a chair tucked in the corner of the room and sat down, a glass of wine in hand, his blonde hair tussled, the results of a top end convertible no doubt. Shawn was Sandy’s partner when she wasn’t entertaining others at work. He spoke not a word, just watched with wild amusement, a bulge forming in the tight worn Levis he was wearing.

Mindy was shuffling around aside the bed, she had slipped on her sneakers, the loose fitting heavily worn Chuck Taylor’s that Bruce adored and often asked her to wear during their sexual sincan escort escapades. She opened the drawer from the stand and slipped out the soft rubber plug she would slip into Bruce and the delightfully veined rubber cock that would explore her with help from Sandy. To give Bruce an extra tingle she applied the warming lube.

Turning back to the bed, Mindy slowly crept up and kneeled between Bruce’s legs. As she ran her fingertips over the knotted cloth she wetly kissed the flesh aside each one causing him to gasp, moan and lift off the bed as much as the restraints allowed. Her breath hot on his thigh, his hardened cock bounced as if searching for her mouth. Mindy slipped her hand to his sack, her tongue creating a valley between each of his balls then moving to gently suck one then the other while her finger tickled the patch of skin between them and his button. Moving her way up, her tongue traced a wet line up under the head and gave it a playful flick. Bruce jerked against the restraints, his mind feeling like it had been set loose like a caged animal.

Mindy reached for the plug and in a whispery voice told Bruce, “relax” as she dipped the tip of her finger in a bit of the lube, she began to rub his back door. Taking a long inhaling breath, Bruce relaxed as much as he could as he felt the rubbery end of the plug make entry, the initial burning sensation always caught him off guard, although each time seemed to get just a bit easier and he secretly enjoyed the tingling sensation and above all else the pressure and massage it gave his scrotum.

Mindy moved to straddle his thighs, leaning down she sucked and nipped at each nipple. Reaching down, took his stiff cock in hand began to rub the head of it against her clit and thru her wet waiting lips, her honey thick juices trickling over the throbbing head of it. She lowered herself down on to it.

Bruce gasped as the plug pushed in deeper and the cloth, the cloth that had been tolerable, tightened, the knots pressed into his flesh. But her hot wet folds, wrapped thickly around his cock, how incredibly soft and inviting they felt.

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She rose up, her muscular thighs flexing, the cloth loosened, relief, down, tightened, pain, glorious wetness. Her hands had moved to his chest and her nails dug into his breast area.

He felt Sandy move onto the bed. Mindy felt like she had leaned forward above him, could feel her panting breaths, Sandy’s soft voice “lean back to me babe.” Mindy whimpered, as Bruce felt something nudge and slide against the head of his cock still just inside of Mindy. Oh yes!! He thought as he realized Sandy had just filled Mindy’s back door.

Mindy slowly slid back down Bruce’s throbbing cock, binds tightening, Bruce gasping, lifting up as Bruce and Sandy slid out, down, in, up, out. Bruce’s thoughts screaming inside his head, the pain, the pleasure, he didn’t know how to focus on one or the other.

He could feel Mindy’s grasp tightening, digging into his flesh, she was going to cum soon and he was going to erupt inside her when she did. Up, down, grinding her hips forward as their mounds met, up, down, the bindings tightening like feeling a heartbeat against his legs.

Mindy was beginning to cry out as she slid down him one last time, crushing their mounds together, Bruce’s let loose a gutteral cry as his hot cum erupted against the deepest parts of Mindy’s folds.

Mindy collapsed onto his chest as his cock slowly receded from its depths within her. The bindings though tight were of no consequence to him now. Mindy’s body shuddered as Sandy slid out from deep within her back door. Movement from the bed, Bruce felt hands working the knots that bound his feet and legs from both sides. But how could that be? Mindy was laying on top of him, exhausted.

Bruce’s body froze. Who had joined them? His hands once free, hesitated to take off the blindfold. Who would he see in the room besides himself, Sandy and Mindy? Slowly slipping the blindfold off he glanced around the small room. Sandy had slipped off to the shower and someone could be heard rummaging in the kitchen area. Mindy reached up and took his face in her hands, reading the expression on his face she whispered to him, “relax, it’s only Shawn.” Bruce sighed heavily.

Rested, Mindy bounded from the bed, grabbed Bruce’s hand and said “come on, lets go skinny dip!!”

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