The Camping Trip

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Tom and Denise unrolled their sleeping bags as they heard the sound of car doors slamming closed on the road above them, and the voices of their friends making their way down the path to their campsite. They poked their heads out over the top of the 10-person tent they had set up and waved at their friends. Ryan and Zach carried the cooler full of cold drinks, Nick, John, and Brandon carried their bags, and Jess their food and snacks. The group hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks, and they caught up quickly as they finished setting up their site for the long weekend.

With dinner and a few drinks behind them, the group moved down to the beach to stare at the stars. The beach was virtually empty save a few distant campfires. It was only a drink or so later that the fires had extinguished, and the group had the moonlit beach to themselves. Although it wasn’t visible in the moonlight, Zach’s face was turning red as vague mentions were made of a dare that he had accepted the last time they had gotten together.

Nick and Brandon looked at each other, neither having been there for the group’s last gathering. As they considered asking to be let in on the group’s inside joke, Jess pulled them away from the group and filled them in on Zach’s duty to the group. The three moved back towards the rest of the group, and Jess told Zach that Brandon had proposed a minor change to Zach’s dare.

Instead of stripping and serving his friends with a mandatory hard-on, Zach would have to skinny dip in the lake, and spend any time in the tent this weekend naked. Zach instantly said no given the extra time he’d be exposed. While Zach argued with the group, John sat quietly, knowing that he too owed the group a dare. Zach however, hadn’t forgotten this fact, and told everyone that unless John was also subject to the same restrictions, he wouldn’t agree to it.

Jess, knowing how much Zach enjoyed being exposed, decided to up the ante and modified the terms. First, Zach, and now John, would strip naked on the beach and skinny dip, having to spend at least 5 minutes naked. Next, John and Zach would have to stay naked at all times in the tent. Finally, neither of them were allowed to wear any underwear for the rest of the weekend. If both of the boys agreed to these terms, their debts would be erased.

Sensing that they probably wouldn’t get a better deal, the boys agreed, and started to strip down. John quickly removed his tight t-shirt revealing a hard six-pack that glistened in the moonlight. The waistband of his blue boxer-briefs showed above his tan shorts as he undid his zipper and let his shorts fall to the sandy beach. Suddenly losing his confidence, John paused, his growing hard-on fighting the form fitting fabric of his boxer-briefs.

As the group stared openly at Johns bulge, Zach quickly pulled off his basketball shorts and plaid boxers, revealing his growing cock. By the time Zach was reaching for the bottom of his button up shirt, the group’s attention had shifted from John’s bulge to Zach’s cock, giving John the reprieve he needed to pull his boxer-briefs down over his now fully erect cock. With John’s cock was in view, Zach had grown to full mast and the two boys began making their way down to the water, the group following closely behind them.

As the boys walked their cocks stood out in front of them, swinging back and forth in the cool night air. The girls enjoyed their repeat view of the two naked and aroused bodies, while the rest of the guys attempted to adjust their own erect cocks beneath their clothes. Nick wasn’t new to the groups naked antics, but for Brandon, this was his first initiation into these activities.

Brandon’s cock fought against his black trunks and grey shorts as he walked towards the water, staring at the tight asses of his 2 friends. As Zach and John entered the water, Ryan dipped his toes in as well, and decided he wanted to go for a swim too. Ryan ripped off his shirt and shorts, and entered the water in his loose fitting green boxers. Zach, John and Ryan started fooling around in the water as the remaining boys started to stripped down and entered the water.

Tom wore a pair of white boxer-briefs, while Brandon wore a pair of black trunks. Tom and Brandon started to enter the water before turning to face Nick, who remained on the shore, still fully dressed. Tom and Brandon watched as the girls pushed Nick to join the rest of the boys. He tried to dissuade them, but the girls insisted, and started removing Nick’s clothes. His shirt was quickly pulled up over his chest and face revealing his hard six-pack and treasure trail.

As the Jess struggled to pull Nick’s shirt over his head, Denise undid and opened the fly on his shorts, revealing that Nick was going commando. polatlı escort The boys watching from the lake couldn’t see Nick as Denise stood in front of him. ad Denise moved, the boys would have seen Nick’s full bush and the base of his cock. Nick was fully erect, but his cock was still pointing down the leg of his shorts. Denise took this opportunity to quickly tug on his erect cock while Nick’s hands were stuck over his head, and the rest of the group was unable to see her.

Denise let go of Nick’s shorts and watched them fall until only the head of his cock held them up. At the same time, Jess finally got Nick’s shirt off and took in the sight of his now exposed ass. Each of the girls had a handful of Nick as Denise finally pushed Nick’s shorts down, letting his cock bounce freely in front of him. Denise gave him another few tugs as Jess smiled at her, before the girls pushed him towards the water where his friends waited for him.

Although Tom knew Nick’s body well, this was the first time that Brandon had seen his friend naked. Nick was embarrassed by his exposure, but at the same time, his erection showed his excitement. As Brandon was once again focused on the exposure of one of his friends, Nick pushed his way past Tom and Brandon towards the rest of the boys. Once they were all gathered together, the boys started into their usual antics and were quickly wrestling and jumping about.

As they held each tightly, their hard cocks rubbed against each other, sometimes a thin pair of underwear between them, but often skin on skin. Zach and John’s 5-minute dare turned into much longer, and by the time the boys exited the water, they were exhausted. Each of the boys remained hard, but a few exited the water slightly less dressed than they had entered.

Ryan’s boxers were soaking wet and the extra weight was more than his tattered waistband could support. Half of Ryan’s ass was now exposed, while Tom’s white boxer-briefs were now see-through, leaving nothing to the imagination. The girls took in the extra skin they hadn’t seen yet that weekend while they all made their way back up to where the boys had left their clothes. The boys who had worn their underwear into the water debated going commando for the walk back to the campsite, while the remainder began getting dressed.

Since Nick had been going commando in the first place, and Zach and John weren’t allowed underwear for the rest of the weekend, they put their shorts back on immediately, although the heads of their cocks, and the tops of their asses remained fully exposed as their shorts sat low on their hips. Tom was the first of the remaining boys to drop his white boxer-briefs, while Ryan pulled his cock free from his own boxers, allowing them to fall to the ground.

Brandon was now the only one who hadn’t been exposed to the group, this weekend, or ever for that matter, and the rest of the group waited in anticipation to see what he would do. The girls encouraged Brandon to remove his boxer-briefs and walk back to the tent commando like the rest of the guys. However, Brandon wasn’t having any of it. Instead, he threw on his old tattered T-shirt and carried his shoes and short back to the tent while the remainder of the boys walked back commando with varying levels of their pubes, cocks, and asses still showing.

Once the group got back to the tent, the girls forced the guys to wait outside while they got ready for bed. As they waited outside, the boys readjusted their hard-ons and waited awkwardly for the girls to finish. As soon as the tent door opened, the boys were treated to a view of both girls in their panties and bras laying down on top of their sleeping bags.

Tom, Ryan, and Nick were the first into the tent and where they quickly dropped their shorts, showing off their bodies and erections to the whole group. The three boys searched through their bags for a fresh pair of underwear, while the rest of the group watched as their balls swung between their legs and beneath their spread cheeks and exposed holes. The three boys seemed to take forever finding their underwear, and each smiled at the others as they enjoyed their exposure. Eventually they pulled on their underwear, covering, but not hiding their hard-ons, for the time being.

Before the remaining boys were allowed inside, the girls sent them over to the hastily setup clothesline to hang up all of the wet clothes. The girls, and the boys in the tent, threw out their wet clothes, and used flashlights to light their friends as they reached up over their heads, their shorts still sagging well below their waists. Zach was wearing basketball shorts with an elastic waist, yet he still wore them to show off his pubes and the top of pursaklar escort his cock and ass. This delighted Jess, who knew how horny her husband must be.

Zach and John were the first to finish hanging their clothes, and each took a step back, winking at each other before quickly grabbing a hold of the waistband of Brandon’s black trunks, pulling them down to his ankles. Zach stepped on Brandon’s trunks while John pulled Brandon’s shirt over his head leaving his arms struggling above his head. The two boys laughed at Brandon’s situation while fighting off his attempts to cover himself up.

While the group in the tent were staring at Brandon’s hard, tanned ass, John and Zach positioned themselves to take in a view of Brandon’s 7″ cut cock. Brandon was only exposed for a few seconds, but his embarrassment caused his erection to throb, the head of his cock turning bright purple. Zach and John eventually relented, and let Brandon pull his shirt back down, attempting to cover his exposed ass. In the process, his shirt pulled his cock out in front of him, keeping it exposed to John and Zach.

Brandon kept one hand on the back of his shirt while reaching down to grab his trunks. As he bent over, Brandon’s balls came into clear view of the rest of the group. Tom and Nick whispered to each other, both surprised by how big they were. The whole group booed as Brandon pulled his trunks back into place.

Brandon immediately started to wrestle with Zach, pulling Zach’s already low riding basketball shorts down to his knees, exposing him once again. As they rolled around on the ground, John pulled Zach’s shorts, and Brandon’s trunks and shirt completely off. Zach was on his back, with a firm grip around Brandon’s neck. As Zach pushed his core off of the ground, he forced his hard cock between Brandon’s cheeks and gave the group an excellent view of Brandon’s recently exposed erect cock.

For the first time, the group saw Brandon’s shaved cock and balls, and realised that the lack of any visible tan lines meant that Brandon must spend a fair bit of time naked in the outdoors. John had thrown Brandon and Zach’s clothes into the tent, leaving them naked outside. The two naked boys turned their attention to John, and easily removed his shorts. John and Zach were in the state they expected, and entered the tent, laying on their backs on top of their sleeping bags, their erect cocks on display for all to see.

The group turned their attention to Brandon, who stood naked outside the tent, attempting, but failing, to cover his erection. Jess reached over and slowly rubbed the head of Zach’s cock until a small puddle of pre-cum formed on his abs. John, and his cock responded in kind, his head throbbing as he too started to release pre-cum. Just as Zach’s back started to arch, Jess pulled her hand away, leaving Zach on edge.

Their attention turned back to Brandon, who was demanding someone throw him something to wear. No one in the group wanted to stop his exposure, which was clear given the wet spots that had formed on each of the pairs of underwear being warn in the tent. Denise spoke for the group, and gave Brandon three options; either, Brandon would be subject to all of the restrictions on Zach and John for the rest of the weekend, or Brandon had to jerk off to completion at least 3 times each night where he stood, or Brandon would be required to spend 1 hour each day under the groups control.

Brandon didn’t answer right away, as he considered his options. He finally made up his mind, and agreed to the third option, surprising the group in how bold his choice was. Despite the initial shock, the group reacted quickly, and threw him a pair of thin pink cotton panties from Denise’s bag.

Brandon wasn’t happy with this, but the group reminded him that he hadn’t been specific about what he wanted to wear. Dejected, he pulled the panties up, and came to realize that this pair rode so low on his hips, that more than half of his cock was exposed. His balls pushed the fabric of his panties out so far that they were virtually exposed, and his ass remained half exposed. Brandon wanted to temporarily end his being the centre of attention, so he quickly jumped into the tent, and pulled his sleeping bag up around him.

The flashlights continued to move around the tent as everyone took a look at their favourite exposed skin in the tent. Slowly people started to turn in for the night, and as the last flashlight was turned off, Jess grabbed a hold of Zach’s cock once again and started to jerk him off as everyone pretended to sleep around them. Zach’s moans started quiet and muffled by the shirt he held over his mouth. However, as his back arched and he readied himself to shoot the sincan escort load that had been building for hours, he was met with 3 flashlights on his hard cock, causing him to shoot all over himself. Although Jess wasn’t well lit by Tom, Nick, and Brandon’s flashlights, her smile was obvious to Zach.

The next morning, as the sun rose, Nick awoke first and looked around the tent, enjoying the views of his good friends in their various states of undress. He quietly pulled out his phone and took a few photos of Zach, John, and Brandon. Brandon was soft, and largely contained within his pink panties. John’s soft cock lay flat on his stomach, a trail of cum dried on his chest. Zach was hard as a rock, his cock not even touching his stomach.

With his picture of the mostly naked boys safely hidden on his phone, Nick turned his attention to Ryan, who slept on his side facing Nick. Ryan’s loose boxers rode high up his waist, one of his balls hanging out for Nick to look at. Tom, laid on his back beside Nick, wearing a pair of very tight, light grey, low riding trunks. Nick could easily make out the outline of Tom’s cock and balls.

Before his mind could catch up, Nick had started to run his fingertips across the head of Tom’s cock. Tom’s cock instantly started to grow, fighting against the tight fabric of his trunks. Encouraged by the reaction in Tom’s cock, Nick continued to play with it as a wet spot started to form in both of the boy’s underwear. Nick used one hand to tug on his own cock as he rubbed Tom’s, and explored between Tom’s legs. Nick started to notice that Tom’s body was arching in response to Nick’s touch, and that his eyes appeared to be opening. Tom rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and once he had adjusted to the light, he smiled at Nick. Tom grabbed a hold of Nick’s hard cock and the two played with each other, kissing each other’s exposed skin.

With all of the excitement from last night, it didn’t take either boy long to shoot their loads in their shorts. The two boys laid back, and were greeted to Ryan, a large tent in his boxers, holding his phone, having videotaped the two boys. Ryan held a finger up to his mouth as he videotaped the rest of the group, before turning the camera on his own tent, and puling the waistband of his boxers out, tugging on his hard cock.

The remainder of the group started to stir, and although their attention started with Ryan’s tent, it quickly shifted to the wet spots on each of Tom and Nick’s underwear. The two boys turned red, and moved towards the tent door, hoping to quickly exit the tent, towels in hand to head for the showers. Neither boy had any luck with the zipper, but they were thankful that Zach and John were willing to help, which gave the rest of the group a great view of their opened ass cheeks, and hanging balls.

It took them a few moments, but the two naked boys successfully opened the tent door which silhouetted their bodies against the rising sun. As the naked boys turned around to see how much attention they were getting, their cocks hardened once again. All of the boys gathered up a fresh set of clothes, and with towels around their waists headed out to the showers.

The showers were a few minutes down the road which gave the boys plenty of time to strip each other of their towels. Surprisingly, when it was Brandon’s turn to be stripped, he didn’t react, and instead hung his towel around his neck and continued walking in the direction of the showers. The other boys were shocked, and simply followed along behind, their cocks growing as they stared at Brandon’s perfectly tanned ass.

Arriving at the showers, each boy dropped their towels, and soaped up. Soapy and slippery, the boys began to play around, their hard cocks doing the thinking. Once they were too tired to continue play-fighting, the boys started to help each other out. In the beginning, it started with the boys helping wash each others backs, but quickly, hands began to wander, and washing backs became washing asses, and quickly cocks.

It was hard to tell with all of the soap, but the boys were quickly dripping pre-cum. Ryan shot his load on Nick, who quickly became the group’s willing cum sponge. So much so, that Nick knelt down in the centre of the group, waiting for each of the boys to shoot onto him. Most, like Ryan, shot their loads onto Nick’s face, but that wasn’t enough for Brandon, who turned Nick to face away from him, and ran the head of his cock against Nick’s exposed hole. Although he didn’t push his way inside Nick, Brandon got Nick excited, and as Brandon’s hot ropes of cum hit his asshole, Nick shot his load as well.

Exhausted, the boys started to rinse off as laughter erupted behind them. Standing there were the girls, cameras in hand, having recorded the entire scene. The boys began to blush, but it was too late. The girls watched as the boys quickly cleaned themselves up and headed back to the campsite. The girls watched the videos a few times each before they cleaned themselves and headed back to join the boys.

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