The Club

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Meet Amber: a 28 year old vet. Amber is the ideal woman; brown hair, walnut eyes, perfect teeth, well fit body and amazing in bed. After a brake up with a boyfriend Amber would find herself in a bit of trouble with 4 men. Her brother 27 year old Jake, her ex 28 year old Dylan. A handsome man with brown hair fan skin and striking green eyes, the man she fancied Zack a young blonde 28 year old. Plus the man that forced Dylan to leave her; 28 year old Sam. The most handsome of the 4 with blonde hair deep brown eyes and an extremely fit body. All 4 have reason to get at Amber: Jake and Zack were raped by a few of Amber’s friends Dylan and Sam were both deceived by her. Now she must face all 4 and get what she wants. Amber stood naked in a stone room her arms were crossed over her breasts and she was trying to cover her pussy.

“Look at this slut!”

2 men she recognized walked over to her one was an ex and one was her own brother!

“Jake, Dylan please don’t hurt me!”

Jake felt her soft breast and Dylan ran his hand over her warm cunt,

“Please don’t!”

Another man the friend of both walked in and put a hand on her mouth pulling her arms back and her legs up and out so they could see her dripping wet cunt,

“Look at how wet she is, Slut!”

Amber fought against Zack who held her firm and let her speak,

“Please don’t I’m sorry! Let me go! Zack please!”

Dylan crouched in front of her and licked her cunt tasting all her juices, Jake slapped her and whispered in her ear,

“We own you now whore you’re not getting out of here without our permission!”

Amber screamed pulling as Zack drug her over to a long pole hanging over a table of some sort,

“Now you get to take all 3 of us in your dirty slut holes!”

Jake got under Amber as Dylan and Zack chained her arms over her head,

“Let go of me please Jake I’m your sister!””

Jake took no notice of Amber’s screams and shoved his 8 inch cock deep into her cunt! She moaned and screamed as Zack shoved his cock deep in her ass. Then Dylan put his legs on either side of Jake and shoved his cock deep into her throat face fucking her. As she screamed Dylan shoved his cock to the back of her throat gagging her, she choked and he pulled out of her mouth letting her breathe,

“Please don’t keep going it hurts so bad!”

She moaned and quivered as Jake and Zack continued to mercilessly slam her rapidly! Dylan put his mouth next to her ear and whispered,

“Jake told you we own you if you try to leave!”

Amber shook her head and was about to protest when Dylan shoved his cock back in her mouth,

“Oh yeah her ass is so tight!”

Zack rammed her ass faster as he reached his climax. Amber screamed as Zack shot his hot sticky cum deep in her ass.

“O god it feels so good!”

Jake continued escort bayan gaziantep to ram her pussy as Zack took a brake. Then Dylan winced and started to fuck her mouth harder. He abruptly shot his cum in her mouth and said take his dick out of her mouth,

“Bend over and let him taste it”

Amber was forced down were Jake took some of Dylan’s cum in his mouth making mmmh sounds as he swallowed his friends cum,

“Let Zack lick your mouth clean”

Amber twisted her head around to kiss Zack. His tongue went into her mouth and licked her tongue and the insides of her cheek taking all the cum out.

“Your cum is so sweet!”

Dylan laughed and pulled Amber’s head back on his shaft. Eventually the 3 pulled pulled out of her and Jake kissed her licking the rest of the cum out,

“We were thinking who is someone you fucked while dating me?”

Dylan taunted her as he slowly slid 2 fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She moaned and shuddered then Jake continued,

“You got him in trouble with all sorts of people!”

Dylan finished sneering as he rubbed her clit with his thumb this time she soaked his hand,

“He has a real nice 10 inch cock with a huge girth…blonde maybe?”

Amber moaned as she thought of the man her lips parted slightly to say,

“Don’t ask him to come here it’s too embarrassing!”

Dylan chuckled his hand becoming soaked as she fought the urge to cum,

“I think you want to fuck Zack, Jake me AND Sam!”

Jake slapped Amber’s ass licking her nipple. Amber shook her head and screamed,

“No please! Please I’m sorry what did I do please!?”

Jake whispered in her ear. Nibbling her neck lightly forcing another sigh of pleasure out of her,

“Me and Zack were raped because of you little sister!”

He sneered. Dylan whispered and bit the other side of her neck,

“You cheated on me and I think this is how we can all get you back! Sam was beat by your father because he fucked you he needs his pleasure from you!”

She shook her head and Zack caressed her sweet ass smiling as they waited. The all 4 heard footsteps a zipper then a shuffle,

“Please I know what I did I won’t do anything again let me go!”

Jake slapped her ass making her moan softly,

“Shut up! If you act this way in front of the club they won’t let you go ever!”

Sam walked in the room putting his crutch against the door then walking to Amber. She watched him limp to her with an ecstasy filled gaze.

“You know Whore I broke my leg because of you! Lucky I’m walking now or I would have slammed a vibrator deep in your ass by now!”

Zack rubbed Ambers clit his thumb in her ass. He commented jokingly,

“I’m the one who fucks her ass!”

Sam bent down bayan gaziantep escort wincing as he bent his bad leg, with his face in her pussy he whispered,

“I’m going to enjoy taking you to the club!”

Amber looked up at the 4 men bent over her now fearing what the club was,

“What club!?”

Jake ran his hand over her breast her nipple as he passed it, this made her pussy squirt juices over Sam’s tongue,

“We’re taking you where all masters take their sluts!” Amber about protested when Dylan kissed her hard making her teeth crack,

“She’s going to be a good whore!”

Sam flicked her clit lightly with his tongue,

“Lucky for you I don’t hit girls I screw with their minds with pleasure!”

Amber shook her head scared as the 4 men talked quietly until they decided what to do. Amber was tied up her arms behind her back Zack holding them as he slowly shoved his cock into her. He wasn’t as long as Sam or the others but he had a huge girth of 4 inches! She screamed in pleasure as he shoved in harder forcing 6 inches deep in her,

“Please let go of me!”

Sam lightly pinched her tit and made her squeal. Jake slapped her making her stay quiet. Dylan slid into her ass with Zack making her scream and moan! A small tear fell out of her eye as her ass was spread wide,

“Oh shit that’s a tight fit!”

Dylan started to pound her and Jake slid his cock into her pussy as she stood her feet wide,

“Oh god it hurts!”

Sam lifted her leg and slowly slid his cock in her dripping wet cunt!


She tried to get away from the men but Zack pulled her back and slammed his cock deep in her. A small tear fell out of her eye as as the 4 men fucked her as fast as they could! Suddenly Jake pulled out and squirted his warm cum all over Amber’s breasts,

“Oh shit!”

Dylan and Zack shot their cum deep in Amber’s ass as Sam shot his cum in her pussy. Amber kissed Dylan lightly then they let go of her as she panted,

“Thank you”

Zack twisted her head around again and kissed her deeply,

“You still have one more journey with us!”

Zack dressed Amber up in a short skirt, without panties, and a shirt that only covered her breasts. Dylan got the rest of her outfit together while Sam got his girlfriend, willingly, ready to go as another sex-slave. Jake and Sam teamed up to master Sam’s girlfriend and Zack’s sister Sophie: a young blonde with deep blue eyes and a happy personality. Jack and Dylan were masters to Amber. Amber and Sophie sat in the back of the car between Sam and Dylan as Jake and Zack drove to the club where girls could show off their bodies and men could fuck them silly.

Amber sat between her 2 masters looking on the stage nervously. A girl was pulled up gaziantep bayan escort and shook her butt to the crowd of men taught them with a flash of her pussy.

“Dylan do I have to go up there and….do THAT!?”

Zack answered since Dylan was too busy whooping and shouting comments at the couple on stage.

“Not if you really don’t want to love”

Jake and Sam got up pulling Sophie with them. Amber whispered,

“You’re okay with this!?”

Sophie nodded “Yes I trust Sam enough.”

Amber was pulled up and in stead of resisting she teased the men as she walked by.

“What are you doing?”

“Trusting you”

Dylan kissed her as soon as they got on stage. The crowd cheered,

“Come on slut show us your pussy!”

Amber turned around and rose her skirt showing her pussy!

“Look at that! You 2 banging her?”

Zack went behind her and stuck a finger in her pussy!

“Hell yah fuck the bitch!”

Zack yelled out “Let’s see some money and maybe you can see her tits!”

Amber lifted her shirt just a little and the men had money! Jake took some and Zack pulled the shirt off Amber.

“You want a feel?”

Sam taunted more men by grabbing one of Amber’s tits and asscheek. Sophie and Amber were both up for the next round. Amber in doggie on a bed. Sophie in a sling with her legs spread wide. The men in the audience were now allowed up to pay and fuck the girls. The first man up chose Sophie to fuck. She wiggled her fingers and blew a kiss to him

“Come on give it to me I want it rough! Choke me if you dare!”

Sam rolled his eyes but got the information about the man: free of any STD all he needed to know. Sophie took the cock in her pussy moaning loudly, the man put a hand around her neck and choke her lightly.

“Yeah pound me harder choke me I need it!”

The man was sweating profusely and screaming along with Sophie. She squeezed her pussy and the man pulled out squirting his cum all over her tits.

“Who else want to fuck ’em?”

Jake then slapped Amber’s ass lightly,

“Do you like this big sis?”

Amber glared up at her brother,

“How could you screw me!? I’ll tell Mom and Dad!”

“Well what will they say if I tell them you were a slut with hundreds of men!”

Amber thought then said “Ok fine!”

Jake grabbed a condom then slid into Amber’s twat! Jake pounded Amber with all he had using his hips, chest and legs to power thrust his cock into his sister’s pussy.

“Yes fuck me harder! I love your cock little brother!”

Sophie heard a call in the crowd “Yeah man fuck your sis!”

Sophie shouted to the men “Hey fucker! Climb up here and fuck me!”

The crowd cheered as the heavy man jumped on stage and licked Sophie’s pussy. Sam was holding Sophie touching her tits rolling her nipples between fingers. Dylan and Zack were getting head from 2 sexy women who had come from back stage: regular waitresses. 3 hours and countless men later the group went off stage and into the bathrooms. Jake talked with his sister holding her tight

“I’m sorry sissy”

Amber nuzzled into Jake and said whispering,

“I loved every moment thank you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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