The Club Ch. 01

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This is the first of a series of three stories set against the background of a nationally renowned gentlemen’s club boasting 200 plus members. However, allow me, as the story teller, to focus on four gentlemen* in particular. After all, I intimately know one of these men of the world. He’s my first cousin, and he has ventured to share his most intimate, hush-hush desires of the flesh with me.

* Individual profiles are detailed at the end of this story.


Not everyone can boast membership in this exclusive society. It’s an elite group with formal admission requirements and club board approvals. For potential members, not only are their wealth portfolios examined, but each potential member is also being evaluated in terms of values, behavior, accomplishments, and, of course, influence. No, I’m not talking seeking memberships in sophisticated strip clubs or hobby clubs. I’m talking a private, esteemed social club with a diverse set of credentialed members. Each man has been admitted because of his lifetime of successes and valued networking connections.

Having said that, the lives of these four men are like anamorphic art — when their lives and success are viewed from straight on, they are exemplary. However, if you step aside and assume another vantage point, therein lies hidden images. In each of their cases, it is their absolute addiction to all things erotic. It took them awhile to discover that about each other.

This prestigious club is housed in a three-story ivy-clad, burnt clay brick building on the city’s outskirts. Sharing a spacious block with four other buildings, its buffer zone is an elaborate wrought iron fence and manicured-to-the-tee grounds. To its west side is an alley and delivery dock. There are several steps ascending to the beautiful iron double door entryway, overhung with a decorative blue awning to shield members from the elements.

The first floor is, of course, the reception area and administrative offices, as well as the front elevators. There are event rooms and, best of all, an unbelievable bar with tight clusters of cocktail tables. With mirrored walls and imported granite countertops, the endless rows of liquor bottles and temperature-controlled wine cases are simply mind boggling. Ornate ceiling fans assure proper air flows, and, I would imagine, serve to mute, as well as to disperse in the air, clandestine conversations.

Surprisingly, the second floor houses the kitchen and dining room, as well as utility and storage areas. The dining room has excellent views of the city scape. There are also limited meeting rooms, adjoining a sizeable gym and shower/ locker/dressing area.

Ah, it’s the third-floor library that’s to die for! The entire floor is dedicated to creating a lush respite from the world. Sunlight filters in from arching, stained glass windows and plays against the walnut paneling and sentinels of crowded book shelves stand tall throughout this space. There are several hidden alcoves of oversized leather chairs grounded with oriental carpets, massive library tables, and ottomans. This is where gentlemen can most certainly entertain all sorts of reveries.

As the club’s long-range plans include purchasing a country property so that members could enjoy the great outdoors, Legal Man volunteered to head a small committee to evaluate potential purchases. He subsequently convinced his long-time buddy Bizz Man, my cousin, to join this ad hoc committee.

Seven members were needed, as the club’s President wanted a range of perspectives. For different reasons, the President’s call piqued the interest of Cyber Man, as well as U Man. Three other members also joined this task force. As schedules permitted, this group convened in the bar and meeting room areas multiple times to discuss both purchasing strategies and bid evaluation criteria.

Over time, and for reasons we now know, the four men cliqued in so many ways. The others volunteering for this committee eventually resigned for various reasons. That left our four “bad boys” to themselves. To describe kibitzing among these four club members as being just the banter of horny seniors seems a bit crass, don’t you think? After all, there’s the unstated, but understood, proper decorum for conversations conducted in the club’s public spaces. So, when this foursome gathered, the topics of “passion” and “sensuality” certainly levitated to the surface — particularly when filtered through alcohol induced conversations. Their spoken language was quite gentlemanly; however, their most inner thoughts certainly were not!

Being comfortable enough to truly speak openly meant traveling the path of trust building over time and multiple face-to-face meetings. So, it was with this foursome — two married men (Legal Man then, eventually the masks and elaborate charades are dropped. Everyone then speaks freely.

Yes! Each gentleman’s insatiable escort gaziantep bayan appetite for sexual pleasures were now openly admitted. Studying erotica and perusing live “fuck” Webcam sites was a steady daily diet of male arousal for each of them. Having past connections to the sex world is when Cyber Man made his suggestion, and issued invitations via a private email server to his three colleagues. All three invitees promptly accepted.

Cyber Man’s proposition was to engage in two hours of pleasure and sex play with a partner of their choice. The menu of females and their specialties to choose from was quite diverse. Here is the listing of each gentleman’s preferred selection:

Honey Almond [Gwen] – Selected by Bizz Man

Caramel Brulée [Sienna] – Selected by Cyber Man

Vanilla Sweet Cream [Luna] – Selected by Legal Man

Strawberry Latte [Celeste] – Selected by U Man

Because of their committee work, Legal Man had access to building keys and could come and go after hours, using the west alley entrance. That fabulous library would be the best possible setting in which to manifest deeply hidden carnal desires. Showering and a change of clothing were only one floor below. It was perfect! The best part was that the Club closed early on Sunday evenings –9:00 PM to be specific. After that, our foursome would have the entire building to themselves.

Our bad boys gathered with over-the-rocks and straight up drinks at 8:50 pm that first Sunday. About twenty minutes later Cyber Man got the expected text and excused himself from the third-floor library. Two dark colored sedans had pulled silently up the alley, as he stood nervously awaiting them on the loading dock. Five minutes later and a brief ride up to the third floor, the elevator doors opened and four absolutely stunning women strolled off that elevator — each in extremely provocative clothing, stiletto heels, and exotic, glimmering jewelry. Cyber Man then did the honors of introducing and matching each of the gentlemen to his requested menu selection.

Honey Almond [Gwen] – Selected by Bizz Man

So, Cousin Bizz Man, are you going to extend your hand to Gwen? Without hesitation, you do, leading her to your favorite library corner with its secluded set of leather chairs. Sitting down, loosening your belt, and positioning your legs far apart, you asked her to stand between them. Her blouse is a lacey, see-through shirt. Now your request is that she take off everything from the waist down and leave that beautiful blouse open, but on. Her ample tits with their rose-pink areolas are in full display, as your eyes consume her figure and then focus on the delights of her auburn pubic hairs closely shaved into a neat triangle.

Not having touched another female for twenty some years of married life [there had been an early extramarital affair], you gently — and nervously extend your right-hand index and middle finger to part her outer labia and begin to rub her moist vaginal scents. You then suck your fingers dry and return for more tasting. Now your thumb has found Gwen’s clit and she sways a bit forward. God! She is a beautiful 25-something female standing right before you, coaxing your manhood into a full blood-filled erection. At 75, you haven’t experienced such a hard on like this in years!

Her specialty is fellatio, so when you drop your trousers, she mounts the back of that massive library chair and slides down head first to your cock, bracing her hands on either side of your thighs. It’s Gwen’s form of erotic push-ups. Her legs are straddling your head, and there is over an hour of incredulous tongue flicking and cunnilingus sucking, with her pussy constantly brushing and petting against your face — just like a bee to the flower’s alluring stamen.

Gwen is inviting you to look and feel and touch however it pleasures you! You know where to put your tongue and fingers, don’t you? Your finger fucking her so very up close–literally in your face, is certainly naughty boy play time, isn’t it? The sudden eruption of your cum is mind blowing. You can no longer hold that shit load of sperm inside, so your leg muscles tighten and stretch, your butt arches up, and you experience a gut-wrenching ejaculation deep inside her mouth. I listen carefully as you recount, later in that week, your Sunday evening — should we say “adventure.”

Caramel Brulée [Sienna] – Selected by Cyber Man

Sienna was such a turn on from that very first glimpse Cyber Man had of her. With her hour glass body molded into that form fitting knit minidress and those stiletto thigh high suede boots, he barely heard her soft voice say “Hello.” While the other couples wandered off to the perimeter of the club’s library floor, he asked her to remain right here, around this centrally placed coffee table, surrounded by several spacious leather chairs.

Voyeurism has escort gaziantep bayan ilanları been his “thing” ever since he peaked through the bathroom key hole to view his sister’s nude body and her masturbation practices. That’s the way he frequently got his youthful rocks off. His desire was to stay located in the center of this spacious library so that he could hear the muted sounds of his colleagues’ ongoing carnal pleasures, and, perhaps, view their nudity.

His request of Sienna was to pull only her panties off and sit opposite of him, as his trousers and shorts fell to the library floor. “Draw your legs up and spread them, resting on the chair arms, so I may see your full twat,” was his directive. “Can you also pull your hair out of that French twist?”

Nature had certainly endowed Cyber Man with his thick, dark-skinned dick and extended glans head with a prominent upwards curve at full erection. Doing some heavy-duty cock stroking, he planted himself opposite of Sienna to view her thick, dark-haired bush and the ripples of her shell-pink vulva edge peeking through. Sienna’s manicured fingernails slowly opened her full womanhood for his eyes to feast on. And, that he did. Then she inserted the dildo. This was the enticing appetizer before their intensive screwing began.

With his busy schedule, he frequently turned to call girls for his gratification. But Sienna had really captivated him to the point that after an hour of fucking, his desire was just to talk with her. He could imagine Sienna on his arms as he traveled the world. It was a shock when the other bad boys returned to the library’s center and saw Cyber Man and his date with a drink and in quiet conversation. This would not be their last rendezvous.

Vanilla Sweet Cream [Luna] – Selected by Legal Man

Ah, next there’s Legal Man with Luna as his choice for tonight’s companionship. This was certainly his opportunity to fulfill a life-long desire. He requested that she was of legal age for consensual sex, but certainly, as she stood awaiting his hand, Luna looked younger than the other three woman. Her heavily made-up eyes were the shade of vintage cobalt blue crystal glassware. She wore her white-blond hair straight and past her shoulders. Her slight build certainly aroused this 70-something highly successful lawyer and married man with his deepest fantasies of virginal sex. He didn’t ask about her age. Luna stood before him as one of his most verboten fantasies. And, tonight he was going to fuck her.

This pair also retreated to a far corner of the Club’s expansive library. Legal Man wasted no time in smothering her with deep throat kisses and neck bites that left a trail of hickey marks, appearing as strawberries shapes, clear down to the erect nipples of her perky small breasts. He practically tore her clothing off, then planted her face against his unzipped, pulsing shaft. “Suck, please — just suck,” he murmured as his hips drove his penis further down Luna’s throat.

Now he realized what really turned him on, and he bent her body over that leather chair and spread her ass cheeks apart. With the brownish ring surrounding that opening, all Legal Man desired to do in this moment was lick it and fuck it. Both the tightness and pulsing of her anal sphincter made him crazy wild and his sperm exploded inside her asshole — not once, but a couple of times. Legal Man then guided his fingers to what of his cum was dribbling out and deliberately trailed it up through the dewiness of her uplifted vagina.

Because she was so petite, he quickly took his arms and turned her over, her body still arched on the back of that chair and his mouth was all over Luna’s clit bringing her spasms of sexual delight, as he licked his cum intermingled with her moisture — tasting like a heady cocktail.

Sometime during this screwing frenzy, Legal Man’s wedding ring slipped underneath the chair cushions and he didn’t even notice that it was missing until he was well on his way driving home.

Strawberry Latte [Celeste] – Selected by U Man

When this gorgeous red head exited the library elevator, she was toting her portable massage table and accessories. U Man has requested an in-the-nude massage from the menu. Her light green mini shift was quite simple and certainly did compliment that full head of wildly styled wavy hair. U Man instantly loved her freckled face, the whitest of teeth, and that “City Slut” brand mauve colored lip paint, making her lips so alluring.

“Allow me to lead you to that far corner,” was his directive. She followed close behind him. Celeste was, indeed, a licensed massage therapist; however, none of her colleagues knew about her “off duty” other line of work. She always seemed to have money for shopping, travel, and meeting her monthly bills. No one in her work situation questioned her finances.

U Man gaziantep bayan escort reklamları sat himself down in one of those oversized library chairs and observed her unfolding that massage table. When she leaned over to straightened out the table legs, he could clearly see the black G-string cutting between her butt cheeks. Celeste paused, turned towards U Man, and indicated she was ready. Her clothing then dropped to the floor. He had been stroking his erection, now too tight in his trousers. “Do you want me to unzip you and take off all your clothing?” was her question. “Yes” came back his whispered answer. They were both now standing there in the nude.

His massage started, face down on the table, with Celeste applying a creamy body oil coating with a musk scent. She asked him to spread apart his legs and her trained hands slid up and down his thighs, pausing frequently to fondle his balls. That would cause him to raise up a bit in hopes his dick would be next. And, it was, when she turned him on his back.

Celeste continued the full-frontal massage, but carefully circumvented his upstanding manhood. That was driving U Man insane! Finally, she leaned over and guided his prick into her mouth. OMG, she was a pro with her tongue — deep throating, I believe. Through his moans, all he could do was beg for more. Regular weekly sex with his significant other was never like this. OMG, what will Celeste’s warm cunt feel like?

After that bit of oral teasing, Celeste mounted the table, only to straddle him and slowly lower herself down, enveloping his shaft. She really knew how to begin the rhythms and thrusts of fucking that make a man explode in ecstasy. And that, U Man certainly did! His sperm, her pussy juices, and that scented oil became a heady mixture to be kissed and licked away. Needless to say, at the end of two hours, U Man was completely spent, but definitely smiling.

This two-hour Sunday evening engagement was quickly drawing to a close, as Cyber Man escorted the four women into the elevator, down, and out to the loading dock area where the two sedans were still waiting. Money due was settled at that point. The three other bad boys had found their way to the second-floor locker room and shower area, with everyone in a very quiet mood. There certainly wasn’t much to be said this far into the night.

Two of the gentlemen shared a cab ride to the airport for a forthcoming week of business meetings in various locations. The other two men found their way to the underground parking and out onto the interstate for return trips to their respective homes — and wives.

As for the bad boys committee, their business acumen was certainly demonstrated. The club president and its elite membership were exuberant regarding this committee’s real estate recommendation. Finally, a contract for the long-awaited club’s multi-million-dollar country estate was about to be signed!

It was hopeful that there would be an encore to this libidinous Sunday evening for the bad boy foursome. However Cyber Man’s business schedule became overly crowded with out-of-town engagements and he just couldn’t spend time arranging for another event. That is when he placed a private call to Bizz Man.

“Yes” was Bizz Man’s answer. He agreed to assuming responsibility for arranging a second engagement. Bizz Man then turned to his younger cousin — that’s me, to assist him in organizing this future event. Really, but how helpful could a cousin be? As it turns out — and with coaching and a few underground introductions courtesy of Cyber Man, I eventually evolved into the seasoned Procuress Of The Menu for these four discerning gentlemen.

As the Procuress, I am attuned to the evolving desires of these four connoisseurs of all things lustful. I enjoy offering each man several options. Periodically, I am even on individual calendars to have discreet one-on-one conversations. Nothing is off limits to my hearing. After all, you gentlemen certainly have the proclivity for engaging in the ultra-licentious.

It is my wish to fashion your sexual fantasies into live events. You can well afford the very best in any kind of sex play that your heart desires! Bare your souls to me gentlemen! And, most importantly, trust that I will come through for each of you!


Bad Boy Member Profile–Bizz Man • Married to high school sweetheart; empty nester; 3 grown kids, in-laws, grandkids. • Rolling over the 75-year mark, but going strong; more or less healthy; minor heart condition shared by many men his age. • Spiritual, but not necessarily a church goer; his wife of these many years attends church services regularly! • Stocky, very Anglo conservative, certainly a bit right of centrist politics. No wedding ring. • Balding with a fringe of grey-white hair; believes haircuts should always be in the neighborhood barber shop just around the corner. • Earned an Engineering degree, then wanted to get “out loves the game! • Reading tastes tend towards historical fiction. • Sponsored into the Club through his buddy, a well-known lawyer who specializes in real estate law and has been a longtime club member. The club’s candidate screening committee was particularly impressed with Bizz Man’s formal award for his leadership role in a men’s club international humanitarian service project. A true man’s man!

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