The Club – Ch. 3, Dr.’s Office

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The Club

Chapter 3 – Dr.’s Office

We headed out of town a little and pulled into the drive of a large well-to-do house. Mr. Savage explained that the Dr. had an office out of his home for weekend surgery visits. I was a little nervous. An efficient looking nurse answered the door. The house was very grand and had large grounds. We were taken to what certainly looked and felt like a Dr.’s office but a much nicer Dr.’s office than I had ever been in. I felt very out of place. Mr. Savage seemed right at home.

Mr. Savage sat down but I was lead into a very large examination room with the table in the center of the room. The nurse handed me a gown and instructed me to change and get myself up on the examination table. I glanced at the stirrups. I did as instructed and sat there waiting. The doctor and nurse walked in and Mr. Savage was with them. He smiled at me. “I think we can all agree we don’t need this.” He walked over to me and gently removed the gown. I stood there naked. Now the doctor and nurse both smiled. The doctor nodded at Mr. Savage and smiled at me. “Yes George, you’re right of course. We’re all friends here. We don’t need to be so formal. I am Dr. Leslie and this is Nurse Hanna. Nurse, please be so kind as to get her ready for us will you.”

The nurse walked over to me and spoke gently, “you know the drill dear I am sure. I need you lying back, legs in the stirrups and I need you to scoot all the way to the edge, a little further, a bit more. Very good. Now I am just going to spread you nice and wide for the Doctor.” She worked on the position of my legs for a little while. I knew this was not the normal position for an exam. She had me spread so wide. My ass was being lifted up and my pussy lips were open, I was completely exposed. “Now I just need to get you strapped in place.” She said matter-of-factly. The doctor and Mr. Savage were just casually talking while she did her work. First, she pulled out straps and strapped my ankles tightly in place. Then my thighs. There were straps I hadn’t seen that pulled out and held me at the waist. She asked me to raise my arms and they were cuffed over my head. I was not at all used to this feeling of being exposed and helpless. The feeling swept over me, immediately put me in the state of deep arousal it seemed to give me. Then she pulled a big monitor around and some instruments. More than just what I was used to seeing for an exam. “She’s ready for you Doctor.” He went and washed his hands. “She’s really quite a find George, very nice indeed.” He pulled my lips further apart and ran his fingers slowly over every part of my inner lips and squeezed my clit between his fingers. I moaned softly.

“Actually let’s get the unpleasant part out of the way. Go ahead and pull one of her arms down Nurse Hanna and draw the bloodwork.” She did. “Please go ahead and get that sent over to the lab. I will get started on the exam while you do that. We will let your arm rest for a moment my dear and then put it back in the restraint. I have cables and cameras attached to my instruments. We will be recording the exam for Mr. Savage to keep in his records of you and he will get to watch it now on the screen.” He pointed to the large screen next to me. “I am going to start with your vaginal exam. We will get to inspect your inner walls as the speculum pushes along the vaginal canal inside you and then we will all get a nice view of your cervix and inspect that. I want you to relax for me. Once we are bursa escort all enjoying the view of your cervix, Mr. Savage will get to watch me take the necessary swab on the screen from deep inside you. Wonderfully intimate.” He smiled down at me and picked up the speculum. “You are incredibly moist my dear but I don’t want there to be any discomfort at all and it is a large instrument so I am going to add a little lubricant.” I felt the cold lubricant and then the cold metal of the speculum. The pressure of it. The Dr. turned on the monitor and I saw the image. At first, it didn’t make sense but then he opened the speculum a little and it was me. He pushed in slowly and it showed the path of the instrument. Mr. Savage was watching the screen with a smile. Then he put his hand on my stomach, stroking it. I was his. His fingers came down to my clit and he started gently teasing it as he looked at me up on the screen. The nurse came back in. The Dr. gave her more instructions, “lower the top of the table please nurse.” Before she lowered me, I saw and felt the doctor reach his goal and turn the speculum, spreading me. It was so strange feeling it and watching it on the screen at the same time. Having my most intimate part of me on display. She lowered it down and I found myself stretched a little but now my head was in a position to be accessed I knew. Mr. Savage stepped around and pulled his cock out, it was already hard. He pushed it down my throat and I knew he was still watching the exam. “Well, she’s lovely inside George, perfectly healthy. I could put her cervix in a textbook it’s so pretty.” I felt him open the spreader a little wider and squirmed. “I can repeat this exam monthly and we’ll make sure she stays healthy.”

Mr. Savage was fucking my mouth and I was losing myself in that but I was still enjoying the sensations of what the doctor was doing. I didn’t know what to expect next but I knew he wasn’t done. Mr. Savage was going slowly, I had a feeling there was a reason. “Now I am going to take the swab, my dear, it will feel a little uncomfortable.” I felt the swab inside me and knew they could see it all on the screen, I could feel my muscles contract from arousal. It was involuntary. They could see that too. “Yes, lovely. Strong healthy muscles George. We must discuss a proper daily exercise regimen for them.” The doctor removed the speculum. “Now we have the anal insertion and exam. We discussed this and we have decided not to do the full enema today, just the anal douche. Nurse, please have the bowl ready. I am going to insert some fluid into you. You need to expel it, do you understand.” “She does.” Mr. Savage responded for me. I felt a small tube push into my ass and then a flood of warm fluid inside me. It felt strange but pleasurable. I wondered what an enema would feel like. “Push it out. Come on now my dear.” I pushed. I blushed. “Oh, very well done my dear.” I felt the nurse wipe me and clean me. It aroused me more. Then I felt something larger push into me. Cold and cylindrical and I saw Mr. Savage looking at the screen again. It felt so good. “On the screen, we are all seeing the inside of your pretty little ass. Very nice my dear. We must take care to keep it looking so healthy. It looks so inviting George. I confess I am not sure I can decide which one to fuck myself. I may have to toss a coin. Which one do you think my darling nurse?” She looked down at me. “I think you should fuck the slut in the ass Sir. It will be much easier for me to fill her bursa escort bayan other hole that way.” She looked back at the doctor. “Ever practical! Very well. Her ass it is.” I couldn’t see him but the nurse was smiling at him.

“Let’s get a little video first of her being fucked with this.” He proceeded to fuck me with whatever he was using. I moaned, squirmed a little. I knew they were seeing it on the monitor, the inside of my private parts, my ass, being fucked. The idea drove me mad with desire. It was so obscene. The nurse started massaging my breasts. “Ah yes, we mustn’t neglect those. The final part of the examination. I am going to remove the probe now my dear. I am going to have the nurse take your temperature rectally once I have that removed. Very accurate but we will have to leave it in there for at least five minutes or so since you have just had some cold metal inside you. Now your breasts my dear. I am going to perform the usual exam and then I am going to do something else. It is an injection, the first of several you will be getting. I want you to remain relaxed. You have your Master’s cock in your mouth and throat.” He started massaging my right breast. “I am going to explain how the injection works. It will work in conjunction with your breasts being pumped multiple times a day to encourage your breasts to lactate.” I started to breathe harder. Mr. Savage started pushing deeper into my throat and looked into my eyes. I felt the nurse between my legs, she started to lick my pussy and fuck me with her fingers. She pushed the glass thermometer into my ass, deeply. The doctor had pulled a cart around with him. He continued to massage and examine my breasts. Both of them now. Alternating between the familiar motions I was used to in an exam to look for lumps and something much rougher. He started pulling hard on my nipples, squeezing them and squeezing my breasts even harder.

“Now where was I… yes… so the combination of the injections and milkings will force lactation in your breasts. The amount of time can vary on how long it takes. We will monitor it closely. Take measurements of your breasts now and detailed pictures of course. Then once you are producing milk, your milk production will be monitored and your increase in breast size monitored. You will feed your milk to whoever instructed. Any extra milk will be pumped out of you, stored. But your Master will explain that. Right now we are focused on the injection itself. Have you ever considered my dear that the act of a needle going into your flesh is an act of intimacy? That it is in a way like any other form of penetration. I am going to penetrate you now with two needles into two of your most sensitive areas, your precious breasts and you will feel the pressure of the fluid push into them. It is going to arouse me greatly and your Master. Not just because of watching the needles penetrate your flesh but because of the journey that it starts you on to becoming your Master’s little cow. Are you ready my dear? Hold her breasts for me, George.” Mr. Savage pulled his cock out and instructed me to take a breath and then pushed in deeper than he ever had before. I felt his balls pressing against me. I couldn’t breathe. He pinched my nipples hard and squeezed my breasts tightly holding them in place. I felt the cold of the alcohol swabs on each breast. I squirmed an intense orgasm building. Then I felt the prick of the needle and the pressure. Then the fluid pushing in. The first breast. My mind escort bursa was swimming the thought of what they were doing. The thought of feeding milk to my Master from my breasts and to others. The thought of being milked. Then my body knowing what to expect for the second breast, I couldn’t hold back as the needle pushed in and I felt the fluid, an orgasm flooded me, powerful, primal, tears streamed down my face. I couldn’t breathe. I shook. Mr. Savage pulled back and started thrusting slowly after giving me a chance to breathe.

The Dr. wasted no time and moved off between my legs. He pulled the thermometer out and gave the nurse the reading. I heard the nurse giving him a brief handjob and then I felt the tip of his cock pushing into my ass. “I am quite large my dear, but I am confident you can take me. You will need to relax. So relax completely for me. Focus on your Master’s cock. We are also going to set you up for your first milking stimulation. Nurse if you can bring over the pump.” I focused on all the sensations around me. The pressure of his cock pushing into me was uncomfortable. I couldn’t see how big his cock was but it was clearly bigger than anything I had before. He pulled back and then pushed hard against my tight rim. Pulled back and pushed again. I didn’t think he could push it in. Then finally he just pushed really hard, forcing his way past the resistance and he was in me. I grunted. I felt so stretched. At first, it was uncomfortable. I could feel him add a little lube. I had lost track of the nurse and suddenly felt her greasing my breasts and attaching big tubes to me. “George I think you should have the honour of turning on the pump.” Mr. Savage reached over and flipped a switch and suddenly my nipples and breasts were being pulled rhythmically into the tubes. It was rough and powerful but at the same time, I loved it. The doctor’s cock had started to feel less huge and really quite wonderful too. The nurse pulled over a wand type vibrator and from that point they just kept me in one long orgasm. It didn’t seem to stop. I didn’t know how much more I could take. I was in a level of ecstasy I had not yet felt. I shook and screamed. Finally, they were both satisfied and they both came, both deep inside me. One in my ass and the other down my throat. I lay exhausted between them. The pump still torturing my breasts. The nurse still torturing my clit. I moaned and cried. They let it go on for a while longer, letting me climax twice more and then turned off the machine and took the wand off my clit.

Mr. Savage came around to my pussy for a moment. It was so sensitive and he licked and kissed it and sucked it, pulling sounds from me I didn’t even know I could make. He kissed my stomach and then came up and removed the pumps. I groaned. Then he started massaging and suckling on one side and the doctor took the other breast. Even though there was no milk to give them yet my sensitivity and the thought of what was to come drove me to another orgasm. Finally, they let me come down. I lay there exhausted. I heard the doctor instruct the nurse to get me cleaned up. I was a little shaky on my feet getting down off the table. She led me off to a bathroom. She kissed me tenderly and was gentle and nice to me. I liked her very much and wanted to come back soon.

Coming out of the bathroom, Mr. Savage dressed me in a short sexy raincoat instead of what I had previously worn and a nice pair of high heels. Nothing on underneath. He thanked the Dr. and nurse and said he would look forward to discussing the test results soon. The doctor squeezed my ass and told me what a good patient I had been. I blushed and we left.

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