The Company Workout Room

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He brought his wife dinner since she was working late trying to finish the month end reports for her new boss. She eat as she worked since she had at least two more hours before she would be done.

He decided to use the company workout room while waiting for her to finish up. Not a real fancy exercise place, just some free weights, couple of treed mills and a universal gym. He worked on the treed mill for a few minutes to get warmed up before he started using the universal gym.

When he sat down at the universal gym, he noticed that some of the office building lights went out. He figured that the company had finally gotten concerned about their electric usage, so he just went about his workout going from one station to another.

He was so occupied with his work out that until the room lights went out, he hadn’t noticed that someone had entered the room. The room was fairly dark, but he could hear someone breathing fairly close to me. He stopped using the bench press and sat up while at the same time asking who was there. The only response he heard was “sshh”, while the person sat on his lap.

He knew from the weight of the person, it was not his wife, but other then that he did not have the foggiest idea who it was. Before he could say anything, she anadolu yakası escort started kissing him while grinding her pussy into his groin. She was a pretty determined person as she pushed him back down onto the bench. By now his brain functions had moved downward and were getting pretty hard.

His eyes starting adjusting to the darkness, but he still could not tell who she was. She had long dark hair and wore a black top that was at least a size to small and a skirt.

She put her finger over his lips as she sat up. She then removed her top to release some of the roundest breasts he had ever seen. Before she could even get her arms out of her top, he reached up and started massaging her breasts. They felt so good and it was obvious that she was enjoying it as her nipples just starting standing straight out.

She reached over to her side and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. This left her with just her panties on and him still clothed. He stopped playing with her chest so that she could assist in removing his shirt. Again she place her finger on his lips as she got off of him. As she stood at the end of the bench she leaned forward to remove his shorts. As he lifted atalar escort his butt up to allow the shorts to come off, she leaned down and took the tip of his dick into her mouth. He almost came right then.

While keeping his dick in her mouth, she finished removing his shorts and then removed her panties. She then proceeded to work his dick into her mouth. He felt the tip of his dick touch her throat. He could feel myself getting closer, so he decided to reach down and lift her up so that she was sitting on his face.

The area around her pussy was soaked. He licked around her pubic hair as he breathed in her aroma. He knew he wanted to taste inside her. He couldn’t see a lot, but it sure looked like her pussy was opening and closing – begging him to make her cum. First he licked her pussy lips and then kissed her clit. Next he darted his tongue in and out for a while before he sucked on her clit.

She grabbed the bench press bars and pushed upwards, forcing herself down onto his face. He felt her shake and then her cum started running over his mouth and down his face. She lowered the bars as she moved herself so that her now drenched pussy was just over his dick. She leaned forward to kiss him. As ataşehir escort she did this, she slowly lowered herself so that he could enter her.

She was so wet, but was still tight. While she was still kissing him, she started bouncing up and down on him. He felt more juices running down his balls to his crack. She just kept on flowing. Just as he thought he could not last much longer, she sat up and stopped pumping. This caused him to go further inside her then he thought he could. She leaned forward and grabbed the bench press bars again.

As she pushed the bars upwards it forced him deeper inside her. They stayed like this for a few seconds and then she started going up and down again. It felt like he was going deeper and deeper inside. Finally, as she was pushing down onto him, he let loose with everything he had. This caused her to let loose as well. There was so much liquid between then, that it was running out all over the place. She collapsed on him as they both caught their breath.

Then she got up, grabbed her clothes and left, turning the gym lights back on as she closed the door. Just as he was putting his clothes back on, the door to the gym opened. There stood his wife. She told him he needed to finish up since her new boss would be here soon to do a quick check of the reports.

She turned around to go back to work as he closed the door. He took a quick shower and cleaned up the gym as best he could, before going to his wife’s desk. A few minutes later, in walked her boss with long black hair wearing a tight black top and skirt.

Nothing was ever said nor unfortunately was there ever a repeat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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