The Daddy Diary Pt. 03

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Disclaimer…my stories contain incest, interracial sex, and sex with 18 year old girls. If you don’t like this stuff then go read some sissy shit. If you want great literature, then go read Poe or Hawethorne or Shakespeare. This is raunchy sex being told as it happens. IT IS FICTION. If I choose to cum a gallon, I will cum a gallon. But god forbid, don’t waste your breath with telling me all the things that are wrong with it, especially you ass clowns that sign in as ANONYMOUS and don’t have any stories of YOUR OWN. I DON’T CARE.


You need to read chapters 1 and 2 prior to this, in order to keep things in order…

The saga of my incredible, yet fucked up sex life continues. I have been married and divorced twice. With both wives, I have experienced some insane sexcapades. We have done some swinging, swapping, 3 ways, 4 ways, public sex, and BBC sex. I have fucked my wife’s friends, strangers, my wife’s sister, my step-sister, my step-niece and even my step-daughter. I have taken part in gang bangs involving both wives and I have sometimes even just watched. Watching those ex-wives get fucked by black cocks is my all-time favorite thing though.

Our activities have taken place in many different locations. Sometimes at home, hotels, friend’s houses, limos and even our 27 foot party barge pontoon boat. We have even made videos with a couple that we did some swinging and swapping with. My newest adventure involves Danni my step-daughter from marriage

. I married the 2nd wife when Danni was 8 years old and the wife decided she wanted an up and coming career instead of a family. After 10 years of marriage, she asked for a divorce and left us to go to the west coast. Danni had just tuned 18 at the time and had just graduated high school. She and the wife had a huge argument and that began Danni’s summer long decision making process to stay on the east coast with me and continue her life. This left me as a divorcee with an 18 year old live-in step daughter.

It’s not like I had custody of Danni, she was 18 at the time and legal. She had no interest in uprooting her life just so her mom could have a job. Danni had already enrolled in college and all her friends were here. I was the only dad she knew during those 10 years and she was a great kid to have around the house as I watched her grow from the rug-rat age to a very cute and hot 18 year old. Her decision to stay was also somewhat influenced by the fact that she and I had been fucking pretty regular since right after her mom split. Yep, that’s right, my step-daughter picked up where her mom left off. But that is a previous story that you have to read elsewhere.

Prior to me having sex with Danni the 1st time, she had only been with 2 guys. They both were pathetic and she was longing for more. Things happened spontaneously between us and quickly became very regular. I pretty much taught Danni everything I have ever experienced. I believe a man and woman should each give equally. Over the last year, she has been fucked by a few guys here and there, but she always comes home very UN-satisfied. She likes the fact that I am very attentive to a women’s needs, where the other guys just want to get off and go home.

Danni’s mom pretty much bought us both off financially. She gave Danni an unlimited credit card and gave me a nice little monthly stipend so I wouldn’t rake her over the coals in a divorce settlement. I didn’t even really want or need her money, but it was nice pocket change. So now onto the current part of the story. Danni is now 19 and between her freshman and junior years of college. She is 100% woman. She still prefers me sexually over other guys even though she dates every once in a while. Of course there is no reason at all for me to enter the dating scene since I am getting more than my share from my 19 year old step-daughter. So anyhow…

Current day…

I came home from work early one morning and was exhausted from being up all night. I work for the Atlanta Fire Dept. and work 24 hour shifts from 7am to 7am. I am usually home by 8am and sometimes go straight back to bed for 4 or 5 hours after a busy night. I walked in the front door, expecting to find Danni still in bed. I heard a soft noise coming from my home/office and I walked that way to see what was going on. My heart stopped as I took in the sight before me and held my breath in genuine fear.

My 19 year old daughter Danni, was sitting in my big office chair leaning back with her legs spread and rubbing her clit with absolute fury. She had 1 foot up on the desktop and the other on top of the file cabinet. Her eyes were glued to the computer screen watching an interracial porn video. Three guys with huge black cocks were fucking a tiny white woman. The woman on the video was Danni’s own mother and she was getting royally fucked by 3 huge and hung black men. This video was a planned event since my wife really loved being the center of attention while getting gang banged by black guys. The bigger and blacker the cocks, the more my ex-wife love it. Danni was obviously turned on by it, as she was aggressively trying to bring herself off.

My ex (Danni’s mom) and I had videotaped several escort blog of your sexual adventures. Even though I hate the woman now, the footage of her getting all her holes filled with huge black dick meat, is out of this world hot. My dick still gets hard watching her small body get violated by dark dongs. I have hours upon hours of footage on my computer and never thought that anybody would find them. Anyhow…Danni did.

She was moaning and groaning and cooing and breathing heavily as her fingers worked their magic on her exposed naturally bald pussy. She would throw her head back in ecstasy every so often and then re-group and watch the footage again. It was evident that she was giving herself an orgasm as all the telltale signs presented themselves. I just watched in pure fear, but utter excitement at the same time. Moments after she came, she quickly shut the video off and realized that something was wrong. She looked at the clock and her body stiffened. She realized I was going to be home soon.

“Oh shit, I gotta get outta here before my daddy comes home.”

She suddenly turned my way and froze when she saw me watching her.

“Daddy?…uhhhhhhhh, what are you doing there? How long have you been there daddy?”

“I guess the real question should be…what are you doing on my computer? And what were you watching?”

“Uhhhhh…welllllll…mmmmmmmm…I came in here to print something and mine wasn’t working…hey wait a minute. Don’t give me that crap. What is my mom doing on that video with 3 black guys? And why were YOU videotaping the whole thing? What was going on daddy?”

“Well honey, maybe we should sit down and discuss some stuff.”

“Yes daddy, I think we should.”

We sat and I spent the next hour telling her all about the swinging and swapping and interracial and boat orgies and everything I could think off. There was so much sex to talk about that I’m sure I missed half of it, but still confessed as much as I could think off in this predicament. Her mouth was hanging wide opened as she listened in a mixture of complete shock and awe. But in her eyes, I noticed a slight sense of curiosity.

“I can’t believe this daddy. All those years, you and mom were swingers. I guess that’s why things are so comfy between us. It must be in my blood. But let’s talk about the black stuff for a minute. You must have liked that because you saw it happening WHILE you recorded it. And I know SHE loved it, because she couldn’t get enough of it. She was such a slut. And she talked so dirty too, telling those guys how she wanted to be fucked. It was soooooo fucking hot and my coochie is sooo squishy. So… …

now… …maybe… …I… …ummmmmmmm… …should try it too. I wanna try black cocks too daddy.”

“If that’s what you want baby doll, then that’s what we’ll do. It’s up to you. YOU have to want it.”

“But daddy, it looks like it was 50% working for YOU too you know. Did you like watching my mommy get fucked by black guys?”

“I did honey. It made daddy very hot. And if you want to fuck black guys, daddy hopes you’ll let him watch or even tape it.”

“REALLY? You would do that for me? Oh daddy…I love you. I do wanna try black cocks…I really do. I saw how much my mommy liked it, so it must be good. And I can see that lump in your shorts, which tells me that you must be thinking about it. So let’s do it daddy.”

Sure enough, the thought of seeing my 100 lb. tiny daughter get black cocks made me hard as a rock.

“No problem baby doll. We will set something up.”

“Can we watch more of mommy’s black cock movies daddy? I can sit on your lap and ride you while we watch RIGHT NOW? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?”

I pretended to think about really hard and then gave her a conceding smile.

“Sure baby doll. Daddy would love that.”

No doubt I would love it, but I am exhausted from being up all night, but she is soooo fucking hot to trot having just watched her mom have a BBC gang bang. She ripped her night clothes as I undressed myself. Her fingers skipped along the computer keyboard as she found another movie that involved my ex-wife getting gang banged by black guys while on our boat.

She pulled my hand led me over to the big office chair. She stood on her tippy toes and gave me a good morning kiss and then pushed me into the big overstuffed chair. She hopped on my lap sideways with my erection being squished up tightly to her firm 18 year old butt. She began to wiggle her tight scrumptious ass against my raging hard cock as she watched her mother get fucked by 3 well hung black guys. She purred and cooed and then she maneuvered so my cock slid into her already slick cunt in 1 quick thrust. She began to bounce up and down slowly as she was her mother pussy get stretched by an enormous black dick.

“My god daddy. How did mommy get that monster inside her? Just look at that thing?”

“It took some time baby doll, but your coochie is very flexible. It can handle more than you think.”

She jiggled and wiggled with purpose until my cock finally popped into her sopping wet but still tight cunt. She gently ground gaziantep escort blogu into me until I was balls deep inside her.

“What about mine daddy? Would that thing actually fit inside MY little coochie?”

“Most of it will, but probably not all of it. We’ll just have to see when it finally does happen.”

She continued to slowly bounce up and down my shaft as she sat on my lap sideways while she stared intently at the video of her mom’s black gang bang. She was really getting into it as she seemed to talk to the video as if it was happening real time in front of us. Between how hot my little daughter is, and the interracial video of my wife, I did not last long.

“Daddy is gonna cum baby doll. Get ready.”

“Jeezy peezy daddy…Already? You REALLY must like seeing this then, because you NEVER cum too quickly.”

“Yes honey, seeing your mom get blacked was pretty hot. But YOU riding my cock while watching this video is pretty over the top.”

I gripped her tiny hips and drove my cock as deep as possible while I uncorked a generous helping of big daddy love juice. I filled her pussy so much that it was squishing out as fast as I refilled her tight fuck hole. Cum was dripping out her warm tight snatch and coating my own balls. We sat there for a short bit, while my cock softened and made an audible popping sound as it squirted out her pussy. After a few more minutes of the video, she finally let me have some peace and quiet and off to sleep I went. Fresh visions ran through my head of my daughter getting stuffed with black cock. Needless to say, I woke up 5 hours later with a major league erection.

We both got really busy with our own schedules for about a month. We didn’t even get much boating time in, which we normally do up to twice a week. But we did however, fuck like rabbits while watching interracial porn. Sometimes we watched footage of her mom getting gang fucked and sometimes watched stuff we found while surfing the net. One thing she seemed to really enjoy was watching tiny white teenyboppers get gang banged by older black men. Men old enough to be her dad, just like me. As usual, she sat on my lap while we watched. We were both nude and my cock was buried deep inside her tight moist snatch.


“Yes baby doll?”

“Do you wanna see me get fucked by one of those black donkey dicks?”

“I do baby doll. Daddy can’t wait to see you with a black cock sticking in your coochie.”

“Is that why your boner is so much extra harder these days daddy? Are you thinking about what it would look like to see your baby doll getting hammered with black cocks and jizzy?”

“It is baby doll. Watching some other young girl on the video is nice, but the real treat is dreaming of see YOU be the one to do it.”

“Good daddy, because I am gonna do it. I want to get gang banged by black men daddy. Old men like you but black ones. But for now, just cum in my coochie daddy. I like it when you cum in me while we watch the black daddy videos.”

I did. Every time we fucked while watching, my cock was harder and the jizz was flowing more freely. One thing I noticed was how much sooner I was cumming. I couldn’t last as long as normal. That’s how I knew that I wanted to see her fuck black men REALLY BAD.

Another theme she really liked was videos in which the daddy’s watched their daughter’s fuck the black men. She even purchased a 1 month membership to a site that specialized in role playing which focused on black step-daddy’s impregnating their tiny white step-daughters. We watched so much interracial porn that I never even really took notice of this specific genre of porn. I knew she liked the older men and the gang bang part, but I just did not register the idea of the impregnation part. They always say hindsight is 20/20 and in this case, they are absolutely right.

I had to go out of town for a week to teach a fire dept. class. Danni and I continued to watch the black daddy porn, but from 500 miles away from each other. We did a little sexting and talked dirty to each other every night before bed. I was dying, being this far from her as this is the longest we have gone without fucking in 3 years. She told me that when I got home, we are going out on the boat to make up for lost time. This was good, because we both will have some built up sexual tension form the period of separation. When I got home, Danni had several surprises in store for me. Some were good and some were not so good.

First thing was, I noticed she got her tongue pierced. I have always had a thing for girls with pierced tongue, but I have no idea why I never relayed that fetish to Danni. The braces were AWESOME, but the pierce tongue just sent me over the edge. My cock is stirring in my shorts and I am going to want to sample her new blowjob equipment.

Second thing was just as much of a surprise as she dropped her bikini bottoms and showed off her newly pierced nubby clit. Now my cock is full blown hard and really wanted to see some action, but for some reason she was holding me back. The 3rd and 4th surprise she said I would get tomorrow on the gaziantep escort sitesi boat. The BAD surprise was the fact that she was not going to let me sample the goods tonight, I had to wait for tomorrow. She knew what was going through my mind and she beat me to the punch.

“And NO JERKING OFF TONIGHT DADDY. Save it for tomorrow. I promise, it will be worth your time.”

She just stood on her tippy toes and kiss me and then sashayed away. No doubt about it, her new piercings were definitely going to be very beneficial for our sex lives. Ok, one night of no jerkin off won’t be so tough I guess. Boy was I wrong. I spent all night tossing and turning thinking about all the naught things I wanna do with my daughter. Fortunately, my mind we so hard in overdrive that I finally fell asleep.

Wednesday dawned bright and sunny with temps in the upper 80’s. We boarded the boat and made our way to the cove and began to drop anchor. For some reason, Danni kept her cover-up on. Normally she rips off her over clothes and flaunts her bikini even before we are away from the ramp. But she just laid on the big sun pad and relaxed while still in her t-shirt and beach shorts. It’s no big deal, just something I noticed. As I was dropping anchor, her cell phone rang and she talked quietly to whomever called her. She dropped the phone back in her bag and asked…

“Daddy, can I have a few friends come on the boat today? They wanna hang out with us?”

“Sure thing baby doll, you know I love to have your friends around any time at all.”

“Good daddy, because they are already on their way.”

As I sat on the full width bench seat in the back of the boat, she seemed be energized with electricity while waiting for her friends. I was excited too, because she has some cute little 18 and 19 year old teeny bopper friends. Surprisingly, she was really fidgety and kept looking around impatiently trying to locate them. Finally, after 10 minutes or so, I heard a boat round the corner and slowed down to idle their way in. I was on the back bench seat the whole time, so I could not see over the front of the big sun pad up front. I heard her great her friends, at least one of which was obviously male. I wasn’t until all 3 of them were on the boat that I pulled my eyes away from my book and almost gasped from shock as I recognized the 3 of them. Danni took advantage of that brief moment of my hesitation and took the reins.

“Daddy? You remember Jack, Cal and Dex don’t you? …You should, because they were the guys who gang fucked my mommy senseless.”

This was a jaw dropping moment for me as I tried to wrap my thoughts around what was happening right now. It was a pretty simple answer though. My 18 year old daughter arranged her own gang bang with the same 3 black guys who gang fucked her mother in the movie. As fucked up as this is, my cock is already beginning to come to life as my mind raced with perverted and disgusting thoughts. I needed to react…somehow…some way…

I got up with a huge smile on my face and greeted each of our guests as we shook hands.”

“Good to see you guys. I guess you can see I’m quite surprised though. I had no idea exactly WHICH friends Danni had in mind. Hell, I don’t even know how she contacted you guys.”

“That was easy daddy. I saw Black Jack in the video and I remembered him from when mommy took me to his gym for some personal training a few years ago. I called him and told him who I was and how I found out about him in the move. I asked him if he wanted to bring his buddies and do the same thing with me that they did to my mommy…and well…here they are. Ready to go.”

All 3 of them had the big old shit eating grin showing off their white teeth. They tried to play it off with the innocent look of WHO ME? Honestly, I had no problem with this, I just wasn’t prepared for Danni to take matters into her own hands.

“Please forgive me guys. I’m just surprised, that’s all. Danni and I have been talking about this, but we’ve been so busy that it just kinda fell by the wayside.”

Jack-“No problem old buddy. We were quite excited when Danni called us. She told us this was gonna surprise you and well… the look on your face was worth a million bucks my friend. But you know me, I am always willing to help a buddy out.”

“So I guess this is surprise
then, huh baby doll.”

“It sure is daddy and surprise is coming right up. I just wanted to pay you back for all the nice things you have done for me over the years. After watching the videos with you, I KNEW this would be the best way to do it.”

“Aw baby doll. That is so nice of you, but you didn’t have to…”

She interrupted my reply by reaching down and tugging off her shorts and peeling off her tight t-shirt. All 4 of us were MORE than pleasantly surprised by my 18 year old, 100 lb. daughter’s slutty attire. She was sporting a string bikini that barely covered anything at all and had little queen of spades logos all over it. Where she found this thing, I have no idea. She spun around and showed off her new tattoos, which were shocking to say the least. She got a tramp stamp that was a big queen of spades with scrolls all around it. She also sported a few temporary tattoos on her tummy and waist that said BLACK COCK LOVER and LOOKING FOR MY BLACK DADDY. Her belly button piercing had a charm that was of the queen of spades symbol also. For those of you who don’t know, the queen of spades symbol on a woman signifies that she takes black cocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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