The Destruction of Jenna

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Big Tits

Rusty met Jenna at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party. They drank and danced and drank and flirted and drank and did the ceremonial New Year’s Eve chaste kiss thing and drank. And … she was pretty hammered. She kinda threw herself at him that night, but he just didn’t feel right about it. Even if she wouldn’t have had any regrets, he still had to look at himself in the mirror the next morning. He had his friend call her an Uber to get home safe and caught one for himself.

A few days later, his friend texted him that Jenna asked him for Rusty’s number. Huh. Okay, sure! They texted back and forth for a while; nothing overt, just “hey, how are ya?” kinds of messages. Then she asked him if he wanted to get some coffee. Absolutely! He had been pretty drunk at the party as well, but he remembered thinking she was pretty damn hot. They made plans for later that week, and Thursday afternoon found him sitting in the coffee shop and waiting for her.

A car door opened, and legs came out. And came out. And kept coming out. Damn, he didn’t remember her legs as being *that* long. Wow. Those legs brought her over to his table. Man, what a knockout. If this was her “after work” look, he wondered what her “going out on a Friday night” look was. Stunning, reddish-blond hair in waves down her back. Sparkling blue eyes. Full lips. And positively enormous tits. Damn. No wonder he had enjoyed dancing with her that night!

“Rusty, I just wanted to say thank you. I was wasted that night, and my friends told me that I was basically dry humping you at the party. It would have been super easy for you to throw me onto a bed somewhere, but you didn’t. And when I woke up the next morning, in my home and bed, fully dressed, I realized that you were more than just another tall, good looking guy with nice eyes. You’re actually … a good guy. And … I can’t believe I’m pouring all this out at once. But I’d like to get to know you a lot better.”

Who was he to say no to that?!

Their relationship continued along the lines as expected. They dated, then dated exclusively. They made out, which led to petting, which led to making love. He had been trying to move slowly, so she’d know that she was taking the lead, that they were moving on her timeline. But his predatory brain wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck her into next week. Still, though. He was patient and respectful, at all times. At least, externally.

One night she called. Something had happened at work, but she was too upset to talk about it. He asked if he could come over. She said she’d like that, so he did. And they talked. That was all. Talk. She was really upset; she didn’t need him to be all handsy or anything. She needed a friend more than a boyfriend. They slept in each other’s arms. He held her, kissed her forehead, told her how special she was. Just generally trying … to love her.

The next morning, he woke up late, and she was already up and off to work. There was a note by the bed:

“Sweet Rusty,

I needed that last night. I needed to be held, and cherished. Kissed and cuddled. Tears wiped, hair stroked. Rocked like a baby.

Tonight when I get home…

Don’t adore me. Destroy me.

Make me cum until I cry.

Bend me forward and bury your cock inside me.

Pound me until I pass out.

I don’t want to be admired, I want to be annihilated.

I trust you’ll accept your assignment?

Love, Jenna”

Well. Who was he to deny the lady what she wanted? And perhaps his predator brain had been dormant too long.

When he got home from work that evening, he took a quick shower and headed over to her place. He found her there in a dazzling dark green satin and lace peignoir, brushing her hair and gazing in the mirror. He walked up behind her, wrapping his hands around her waist. His lips grazed her ear, whispering “Hello, beautiful.” She melted back into him. His hands slid up her sides, over her shoulders, and gently around her neck. She shivered with goosebumps, or maybe that was her heart pounding. He moved his left hand up to the nape of her neck …

… and forcefully pulled her hair back, tilting her face to his. His lips, millimeters from hers, his eyes on fire. “You had something you wanted me to do tonight?” He growled, claiming her lips with my own.

She pushed back against him. “Yes… I wanted you to DEVOUR me.” She pushed him down to his knees, then lifted the peignoir off over her head. He waited, wanting to see how she wanted to play this out. He didn’t have to wait long.

She pulled him into her, his lips brushing her pussy. That, then, was his cue. He grabbed her ass and forced her to his mouth, tasting how wet she already was. The taste, the aroma … she was addictive. His tongue parted her lips, allowing more of her delicious juices into his mouth. Her clit peeked into view, throbbing with need and desire.

He pushed her onto the bed, like he’d dreamed of doing a thousand times. With one hand, he reached over her leg and spread her lips apart, so he could concentrate his mouth’s attention on her maltepe escort clit. With the other hand, one, then two fingers slid frictionlessly into her core, pounding deeper and deeper. He turned that hand over, so he could curve his fingers upward and find the pebbly flesh of her g spot. She moaned. Oh, it was ON now.

Before that night, his fingers had only lovingly caressed her pussy… that night, they fucked her cunt. Harder, faster, deeper than she thought possible. And when his teeth closed around her clit, she lost all control, thrashing and bouncing on the bed. She screamed “I’m cumming!”, but he didn’t stop. Not for anything. He finger-fucked her through a dozen orgasms, or maybe it was just one that kept cresting over and over and over again. And every thrust was punctuated by a slight nip on her clit. His fingers, the bed, her pussy, everything was drowning in her honey, but he refused to stop. She moaned “I can’t take much more of this!” He didn’t give a damn.

Somewhere along the way, she lost track of his left hand; he knew she’d lost track of time, dimension, reality, and everything else. But she came swirling back to her body when his thumb pushed against the tight little rosebud of her ass. She gasped, begged him to stop, not to touch her *there*! He didn’t give a damn.

Then, just then, her world shattered. She found true bliss, for the first time in her life. Every other orgasm she’d ever experienced became a footnote, a shadow of this sensation. The sky erupted, her pussy spasmed once, twice, three times, then … blackness. Just the full body sense of happiness.

Her eyelids fluttered open, as she slowly drilled through the layers of consciousness. Her body felt heavy but completely satisfied; the delicious soreness deep inside her core speaking to the bliss that sent her into the stratosphere. Now, as she returned to Earth, he was there, standing over her, throbbing cock in hand. And with fire in his eyes, he said, “Round 2.” Her stomach flipped over with anticipation.

But then his eyes softened. “Darling, you’ve never been more beautiful. Would you like some water?” And she noticed that, yeah, she was a little dry in the mouth, almost as dry as her pussy and thighs were wet. She smiled at his thoughtfulness in the midst of his sexual destruction of her body and soul. “Yes, please,” she said. He backed away.

She stretched to get up from the bed, but something wasn’t right. Her body didn’t seem to respond. Then she saw the smirk on his face, the softness in his eyes gone. Finally, terrifyingly, she realized her arms were tied to the bedposts above her head. Two thoughts rushed through her mind, warring for control: oh shit! and oh fuck yeah!

He lowered a water bottle to her lips. “Drink, darling. You’re gonna need it. And please remember…” The pause grew more menacing as it lengthened. “You begged me to do this to you.” She moaned in anticipation.

Suddenly, he threw the empty bottle to the floor and grabbed her feet, free from the ropes. Pulling them apart, his hands flew to her cunt. Two fingers probed inside slowly, checking to see if she was ready to take the fucking she needed. “Hmm… Not quite yet. See what I can do about that.”

From the bedside table, he soaked his fingers in body oil, then attacked. Three fingers in her cunt, his other hand furiously manhandled her clit. She realized that she’d been used, thoroughly finger-fucked like never before, so part of her mind said she should be too sore to respond. But not for the first time that day, she realized as her cunt betrayed her by drenching the sheets for the 93rd time today, that he knew her body better than she did, and tonight was all about redefining her limits.

“There. Now you’re ready.” He stood up and slid a thick pillow under her ass, tilting her body upwards. Her juices flowed down her cunt and between her ass cheeks. She looked at him, and his cock looked like steel. Between her thighs, he swatted her pussy violently with his cock, causing her clit to throb. “Please” she begged. He leaned over her, his face so close to hers. “Oh, I will.” He said with a growl.

And he speared her. Balls deep instantly. Then back out, and back in fully. Pounding her cunt rhythmically. Fast, then faster, then faster still. She wailed wordlessly, her voice louder and higher than he’d ever heard. But he wasn’t stopping. He varied speeds, so she had no clue when the next thrust would drive the walls of her cunt apart. Time faded to the background. Seconds, minutes passed, and there was nothing in her world but cunt and cock. “God, yes! Yes! Fuck my cunt! Pound it! Fuck me! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” And her body went limp.

He slid out, and her juices flooded the bed again. She looked down, and somehow, he was still granite hard. “Catch your breath, gorgeous. I’m not going to drain my balls into your well-fucked cunt until at least round 3…”

When she woke up, he was lying beside her, caressing her skin. “You are so beautiful. And when you sleep, I feel pendik escort like you’re a Botticelli angel, too pure and perfect for a mortal like me.” She stirred at his words and found that her arms were now free. She reached out to him, and they embraced briefly.

“And now that you’re awake, I realize that you are almost too perfect for the urges your body stirs in me. The raw, animal fucking I want to give you. Looking into your eyes… I just can’t treat you like a sex object.” She started to whimper. It seemed she kinda liked being torn apart from the inside, having her core pummeled and her boundaries pushed.

“I realized, while you were napping, that there was only one thing I could do and still be true to my own sense of honor, of right and wrong. Your eyes, your mouth, your face is too beautiful to be objectified, to be fucked like a horny slut. It just isn’t right. So…”

He leaned down to kiss her gently, caressing her hips. Then he grabbed them violently and threw her down onto the bed, face down. “If you’re too beautiful to me to abuse, then I’ll just have to destroy my slut’s cunt from behind…”

Her face was pushed into the pillows, and he yanked her hips up until she was on her knees. Tilting her face to one side, he shoved his fingers in deep into her throat, gathering up all that juicy saliva she choked up. Then those fingers stabbed into her cunt, adding to her already wet twat. Her breath caught. She’d never been treated this way before. Never been used, taken like this. And the fact that the man using her, growling “My slut!” in her ears, was the same man who whispered words of devotion and sweetness into those same ears, made her convulse even more. She panted, “You care about me, you respect me, *and* you fuck me like no one ever has, taking me to the stars… Ohmygoodddd…” Her pussy gushed with joy.

As her juices flooded out, his fingers went back to her mouth, letting her taste the proof. And just as her tongue licked her sweetness, stars seemed to explode behind her eyes. His cock, dripping precum, slammed into her. Faster, faster, his balls slapping her clit with every thrust. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back to meet his attacks on her cunt.

He started to roar as he grabbed her hair. “This? This hair I’ve lovingly washed and brushed and cherished countless times. Now? Now it’s a fucking handle for me!” Her back arched, her breath got shallow. Every stroke felt to him like he was splitting her in two: he would’ve sworn he could feel his cock in her stomach. She couldn’t stop cumming, and he wasn’t about to let her stop either.

He growled in her ear: “WHO ARE YOU??!?!” Breathlessly, she screamed, “I’m yours! Your slut! Fuck your slut! Harder! HARDER! Fuck me and ruin my cunt! Faster!!! Make me cuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!”

And almost cruelly, he pulled out. “There. Was that so hard to admit?” His smirk was nearly insufferable.

“You BASTARD! Get that fucking cock back in my cunt RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!”

He chuckled. “Be careful what you wish for…”

He lined himself up and thrust inside her core again. Still pulling her hair with one hand, his other hand snaked around her hip. She felt something cold in that hand, cold and … metal? “What the…? Oh, you WOULDN’T!!”

The pocket vibrator rested against her clit and started humming away. He kept pounding her cunt. Over and over. He could feel the vibrations in her pussy every time he drilled into her. And just as suddenly as he’d attacked her with it, he pulled it away. “Tell me what you want,” he growled in her ear as the thrusting continued.

“Please… Please…”

“Please what?”

“Please,” she gasped. “Please put that toy back on my clit!”

“You mean … *this* toy?” as he brushed it everywhere except her aching clit.

“Yes YES!!! Please please please please please please please PLEASE!!!”

“Since you asked so nicely…” Back onto her greedy, needy clit it went, full speed.

And she lost the ability to speak. Or think. Or move. Everything in her world was him, plowing into her cunt with his cock and toying her clit, racing toward an inevitable, mind-shattering orgasm. The spasms ripped control away from her. Her body stiffened. She had to struggle to remember to breathe. Her entire universe contracted to just that moment. To him, to her, to her throbbing, out of control clit, his cock, and the sensations it created in every part of her soul.

Then, darkness. Her body fell onto the ruined sheets of the bed, but she wasn’t even sure whose body it was, quaking with aftershocks of the best day of fucking anyone had ever had. Before she passed out again, he whispered, “Round 4…”

He had the gentle sounds of a piano concerto playing to bring her back to the world. She looked so happy, so satisfied, so well and truly fucked. Joy emanated from every cell of her flawless skin.

“Darling Jenna,” as his hands caressed her hair and face, “thus far, this has been us. You have been a Steinway, and I Rachmaninoff. My fingers those of a maestro, kaynarca escort playing every note of your body with expertise. You have responded sonorously, and crescendo after crescendo, we have made, if you’ll forgive the trope, beautiful music together.”

“But there is a time when concerto ends, when the maestro stands, accepts the applause, bows politely, and then sits to play his next selection. And my next selection, the finale of tonight’s performance, marks a different choice.” She shuddered, exhilarated and scared of what comes next.

He cleared my throat. “Alexa, play Nine Inch Nails.”

Her eyes went wide. “Now, I am going to fuck you like an animal, feel you from the inside.” She started to salivate, wondering what could be more frenzied than the passion he had already brought out in both of them.

From the table, he brought out a new toy, a 12 inch long incredibly thick dildo. Giving her just a moment to appraise it, he put it between her lips and pushed it past her teeth. “Suck this. Deep. Get it sloppy and slick while I explain the rules for tonight’s finale.” His hand dropped away, and she instantly grabbed it and began to fuck her own face.

He watched her, silently, for 2 minutes, while she gave the toy the blowjob of its life. His eyes smoldered.

He slowly withdrew the toy, savoring the thick strands of spit connecting it to her perfect lips. He roughly pushed her to the bed and spun her around, her head falling back off the edge.

“Shove that dildo in your core and fuck your cunt with it. Really pound it for me. And I’ll take over the face fucking.”

Her pussy lips offered no resistance to the invading toy. She savagely drilled herself, the squishy sounds of her twat resonating around her bedroom. Her throat offered even less resistance to his cock. So deep inside her, her neck bulging every time he slammed into her, his balls slapping her eyes and his cock pummeling her tonsils like a punching bag.

“When I call out ‘Switch’, you will have 10 seconds to spin around. Put your ass on the edge of the bed where your shoulders are now, pull that fucktoy out of your cunt, and suck your juices off it as deep in your throat as my cock is right now. Moan if you understand.” That had been a sucker bet — she couldn’t have stopped moaning if she had to.

“Switch.” She scrambled into position, lovingly stuffing the dildo in her mouth and sucking it clean. And just as suddenly, he refilled her hungry cunt with his cock, forcing its way inside her quivering muscles and back out, just to push them apart. He grabbed both her tits for leverage to help him destroy her cunt even more.

The rumblings inside her started; he could almost see them shaking her to the core. The rumblings turned into tremors, like the Earth beneath her was crumbling and she was falling into an explosion of molten lava. Building… Building …

“Switch.” She moved like lightning, begging the Goddess of the volcano not to abandon her. But it took moments too long; the quakes seemed to have settled. But that wasn’t good enough. She fucked her cunt even harder, her hands moving like they never had before. His cock continued to punish her mouth, her tongue, her throat.

He pressed a button she hadn’t seen, and a new sensation hit her from deep in her core. She backed away from his cock to breathe. “Holy fuck! That thing vibrates too?! Shit!!! Oh ohhhhhhhhhhh… Here we go!” The Goddess was appeased, and the waves of pleasure seemed to flitter on the cusp of crashing…


“Fuck! I don’t know what sin I’ve committed to earn this torture, but I swear to commit it every fucking chance I get! Please…! I was SO CLOSE! ASSHOLE!!!!”

He smirked. “Very well,” and he ripped the toy from her hand. Her eyes flashed… “What are you going to do to me now???”

He flipped her onto her knees and drove his cock all the way into her pussy with one powerful thrust. He held the toy in front of her face, showing her how it was still covered in her cunt juices… Holding himself deep and still in her core, he put the tip of the fucktoy on the tight rosebud of her ass and slowly pushed it inside. Every muscle in her pussy twitched. The feeling was amazing. Slowly, inch by inch, the insistent vibrations were forced deeper and deeper, invading her most secret, most filthy fantasy, one she wasn’t even aware of until that moment.

He held the end of the dildo against his stomach, so when he sloooooooowly slid in her pussy, the dildo kept the same rhythm in her ass. He slowly sped up. A split second faster with each thrust. Faster, deeper. Faster. Faster. Until, at last, his cock was a blur pounding her cunt, and the fucktoy the same blur, deep inside her bowels…

until there was no more Goddess of the volcano inside her core. There was only the volcano, and the eruption which would not be denied. It was coming… *coming*… CUMMING!!! IT …

And the flood walls broke, the dam burst. Thick ropes of cum shot out of his cock, buried inside her core, and that feeling, of the head of his cock flaring again and again finally pushed her over the edge. The volcano erupted. Torrents of juices exploded inside her, flooding her core with cum: hers, his, theirs. Stars went supernova behind their eyelids. She left her body behind, her soul soaring while her body went completely limp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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