The Doctor

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My name is Charlotte and I am 30 years old frustrated housewife. I have long dark hair, stand at 6ft tall and have 36c boobs. My husband Donald whom I love dearly is not very good in the bedroom. Sometimes I have gotten so frustrated and have thought of going elsewhere to be satisfied but just haven’t had the courage to do so yet. I love having sex with my husband but have only had a few orgasms during sex with him.

I was out with my close girlfriend Lucy for dinner after work. She and I have been very close friends and have known each other since we were teenagers. We always talked about everything and yes it always ended up including sex. It was on that night that she told me about a doctor that she and a few of our friends had visited for similar problems. I thought about it for a couple of weeks and again after I had chatted with my friend Lucy I decided what the hell it would probably be only 1 appointment then I would never see him again anyways. So I made an appointment to see this new doctor that most of my friends have visited and said they thought he was the cure for every sexually frustrated wife out there in the city.

I was a bit nervous when I entered the doctor’s office but I needed help as my pussy quivered and throbbed almost continuously. I never stopped thinking of wild, rough dirty sex as it was on my mind 24/7. I needed a cure before I did something I would regret and would ruin my marriage to my loving husband. I sat down after letting the receptionist that I was here to see doctor Findley. I picked up a magazine and sat nervously paging through it. I nearly jumped out of my skin when the adjoining door opened and a deep voice came from inside it informing me that it was my appointment to see the doctor.

I got up and put the magazine back from where I had picked it up from and as I turned around and walked towards the doctor’s consulting room I stopped in my tracks. The doctor must have stood about 6ft 4 in height kozyatağı escort and was looked very muscular but in a good way and not like some of the men that look almost like comic book heroes. He was gorgeous with deep blue eyes and dark hair and a smile that could make a woman’s heart stop which mine nearly did. No wonder all my friends were talking non-stop about this guy he was drop dead gorgeous.

I started to turn around ready to bolt for the exit as there was no way I was going to tell this man about any of my sexual problems. Before I could decide what I wanted to do he moved towards me and placing a hand at the centre of my lower back as he guided me towards the nearest chair after shutting his consulting room door. Moving around to his side of the big desk in front of me he sat down and gave me the full benefit of his gorgeous smile and white teeth. It almost had me nearly coming in my panties and he hadn’t even talked to me yet. I thought I had problems before now my raging hormones and too vivid imagination was creating all scenarios about what I would like to do with his naked body and what I would like him to do with that sensual mouth and strong hands.

I whimpered from the merciless throbbing that was going on between my thighs while looking up and seeing him grinning at me. Blushing I looked down again concentrating on the place that was giving me all these problems. He chuckled and told me not to worry I was in good hands. Being in his good hands was now the problem as I couldn’t stop thinking about those hands of his now. I was now day dreaming how they would feel caressing my breasts, gliding along my silky thighs and finding my pleasure spot. I just couldn’t think straight in his presence now.

He asked me to go behind the curtain and to change into a gown then make myself comfortable on the bed. He had to be kidding me right, there is no way I küçükyalı escort was ever going to be comfortable near this perfect specimen of masculinity clothed let alone being in just a paper gown. After a few minutes I was able lay back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling wondering what possessed me to come here in the first place. A few seconds later he peeped around the curtain to see if I was ready and gave me a wink. Oh Lord!!! I was so aroused and was now struggling to contain myself. I just wished he wasn’t so damn hot now.

Wheeling his chair between my thighs he swiftly pulled me down further and hooks my legs into the stirrups either side of him. Grinning he informed me that there is no escape now which now scared the fuck out of me. As his hands slid smoothly down my thighs he eased my legs apart as soft moan escaped my mouth. Giving off a soft laugh he told me that he could already see what my ailment was and that he certainly had the cure. I gasp as he gently rubbed my now throbbing clit with thumb as he slowly traced the shape of my swollen nub. Driving me almost over the edge he traced his fingers down my soft moist folds and smoothly slipped two of his fingers up my quivering snatch.

I cry out as my vaginal muscles clenched hungrily around his fingers as he probed deeper and deeper inside me. I thrust my hips upwards wanting more and more of his fingers inside me now as he told me to be patient and relax just a little longer. How the hell could I relax with this gorgeous hunk’s hand seeking out my pleasure core I ask myself? By now he was sliding his two fingers as far as they would go inside me in a fluid motion making me gasp and pant with every thrust of his fingers that he made. He watched my reactions with those penetrating blue eyes of his as he drove me closer to the point of no return. Crying out I thrust upwards and surrendered to the waves of my mutlukent escort mind blowing orgasm that were now shooting threw me. After coming down from my high he smiles as he tells me that the first part of my examination is over and now it was time get to the root of my problem.

Still feeling weak from my orgasm I wasn’t paying that much attention to anything until I felt something nudge up against my soaking wet hole. As I now stared up at him in shock he guided what I felt as a massive cock inside my soaking cunt. In my aroused state I found him to be a very tight fit and felt my cunt hole stretch and yield to his enormous bulk. When I though I couldn’t take anymore of him inside me he gave one last final push. Now I knew what it felt like to be impaled on a huge meaty lance. The man had a monster for a cock and it was now buried deep in my more than ready pussy.

He waited until I was relaxed enough to take his monster inside me and allowed my body to get used to it. I then submitted to what seemed like an eternity of the most amazing sex I have ever had. Thrusting in and out of me like a well-oiled piston the doctor was insatiable. He never stopped fucking me as hard as he could as I climaxed over and over as he just kept drilling my pussy deeper and deeper. By the time he came and shot a mother load of hot thick creamy cum up my aching twat I was screaming my head off. It took me almost half an hour to have some control over my body. My legs were like jelly by the time I was dressed and it was now already dark outside.

Lounging in his chair he grinned at me and said he was relieved that his office was sound proofed seeing that I was such a screamer. He said he liked that, he like it a lot. As I wobbled over to the nearest chair and collapsed into it with a shaky breath I asked him when was my next appointment. With a chuckle he told me that next Wednesday would be fine and he would need to see me at least once a week for the foreseeable future to cure me of my problem. As I finally managed to get out of the chair I was sat in and headed for the door I turned around and asked him how long it would take to cure me?

“That could take years”. He said laughing out loud.

I left the doctor’s office with a huge smile now on my face as I realised I really liked the sound of that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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