The Experience Room Story 04 Pt. 03

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Chapter 3 — Clothes Shopping

I check the mall directory inside the entrance and find the there are a couple of lingerie and women’s clothing stores between my current location and the salon. The mall is really quiet, almost as if I am the only one in it. The first lingerie store is just around the corner and as I enter it, I am greeted by a middle-aged saleslady. I don’t really pay much attention to her, as I am looking around at the variety of items in the store, and she is not that close to me. I let her know that I am going to look around a bit and that I will let her know if I need any help. There is a large selection in the store and I find several nice looking bras in my size very quickly.

She unlocks the door to one of the changing-rooms for me and I enter, then slip out of my blouse. I try on one bra, find that it is too snug over my breasts, and then try on the rest of them, all with the same result. I stick my head out the door and call out to her. “I think that I need to be measured. None of the bras that I picked seem to fit me. They are the size that I normally wear.”

She walks over to my changing-room with a cloth tape-measure in her hands and enters the room. She gives me a smile and I notice that there is a row of ceramic brackets on her bottom teeth. They must be fairly new, because she seems to move her bottom lip out and then up over them as she speaks to me. She reaches around me and places the cloth tape-measure across my back, bringing it around underneath my breasts and overlapping the end to get my band measurement. With a quick flip of her wrists, the tape-measure slips up my back and she takes a second measurement over my nipples, her fingers holding the tape snugly between my breasts without touching them.

She looks at the bras that I had picked out and asks, “Would you like me to get you the same bras in your correct size? I can also make a few suggestions for some other bras that you might like as well.”

I am a little confused when she says ‘correct size’ because I had been the same 34-B cup since I was about 16 years old. When I nod agreement, she leaves Bostancı Escort the room, closing the door behind herself. I look at myself in the mirror, examining my body. I haven’t been exercising as much as I usually do, but I don’t think that I have put on any weight, at least none that I can see. There is a gentle knock on the door, and when I open it a little and look out, find the saleslady standing there with quite a few bras in her hands.

“Would you like a hand with these? They usually need a little adjustment to get them to fit properly,” she asks. Once again I nod agreement and she enters the room. She sets the bras on the table and picks up the first one, adjusting the length of the straps, then hands it to me. I slip my hands through the straps and slide it up to my shoulder on one side, then the other with my back to her, bending over slightly so that my breasts fall into the cups on their own. As soon as the saleslady fastens the hooks on the back, I can feel that it fits better. Every so often I get a glimpse of her teeth as she is chatting with me, the little brackets on her teeth appearing and disappearing from view.

She helps me try on several more before there is a chirp from the alarm at the front of the store, alerting the saleslady that she has another customer. She excuses herself and goes to attend to the new arrival. I try on several more, finding that some are more comfortable than others and there are a couple that I really like. One is a lacy beige underwire push-up bra. The lower cup has just a little bit of padding on the bottom and sides and lace that extends up to just above my nipples, making my breasts look much bigger than I am used too and gives me a nice amount of cleavage. When I try it on underneath the blouse that I was wearing when I came in, I can see that it won’t work with that blouse.

The second bra looks like one that my grandmother might have worn when she was young. It has fairly stiff cups and when I put it on, it gives my breasts a very noticeable conical shape. I am immediately reminded of the look of the world war two pin-up-girl posters. As I turn Ümraniye Escort from side to side, looking at my profile in the mirror, I know that I have to buy this bra. This one doesn’t look right underneath my blouse either, so I take the bra off and put my blouse back on, going braless again.

I look closely at myself in the mirror and pay more attention to how my breasts look in this blouse. They do seem to be a little bigger than I remember, but not by much. I look at the labels on the bras and see that they are all 34-C’s. I have never been a C-cup, although my boyfriend has tried to get me to try falsies just for the fun of seeing what I would look like.

The two bras will do for now. Next, I need to get a couple of new blouses or sweaters to wear. I take my selections to the front of the store and pay for them. There is something about the ceramic brackets on her teeth that fascinates me and keeps drawing my attention to them. I prolong the conversation a little just so that I can see them a bit more. She seems to smile more as she notices the direction that my gaze takes.

As I wander through the mall towards the salon, my attention is drawn to a window display of women’s tops. There are a couple on display that appeal to me. When I enter the store, there is a table just inside with a good selection of sizes and colours of the styles in the window. I select a few different colours of the tops that caught my eye and slip into the dressing room to try them on.

I put on the lacy beige bra first, then try on the blouses. The one style of blouse is loose fitting and the material is thin enough that I can just slightly see the outline of the beige bra underneath it. There is something about the look of it that appeals to me. I try on several different colours, checking out how much of the bra is visible with each colour. I take pictures of how I look in each blouse so that I can compare the difference each makes. I eventually choose a white one that the bra can just about be seen through, a beige one that makes it look as if I am not wearing anything underneath and a black one that the bra is Kartal Escort more visible through. The black one is more for wearing when I am going to the nightclub and am feeling naughty.

Then I slip on the retro-bra. I try on the beige blouse, but can see right away that they don’t work together. My next choice is a white snug sleeveless knit sweater. As I pull it on over the bra, it conforms to my body, hiding nothing. The shape of the bra shows through without the bra actually being seen. The material of the bra is quite thick and the shape of the straps can be seen on my shoulders and, when I turn around, across my back. The front of the sweater hugs the conical shape of my breasts and the stitching on the cups can be distinguished when viewed at a slight angle. I fall in love with this sweater right away, selecting a cream-coloured one, which shows off quite a bit of the bra, and a dark blue one, which shows off my figure better without the bra being as visible. Both the cream-coloured and blue sweater give my body that world-war-two pin-up look, especially with the jean skirt and heels that I am wearing. I smile at myself many times as I am trying on the clothes, each time vaguely aware of how slightly uneven my teeth look. My thoughts drift back to how intriguing the lady with the ceramic brackets looked.

I take a quick look at the pictures that I have taken of myself, trying to decide what to wear to the salon. My balance is better when I am wearing a bra, especially the retro-bra, but I feel almost confined in them. Each look has it’s own appeal, but I am actually enjoying going bra-less and feeling the sway and jiggle of my breasts that the underwired blouse allows. There is also something about how I look in it that is exciting me.

I add the bag from this store to one from the lingerie store, then head to my salon appointment. The mall seems to be quite a bit busier now, with the mix being about equal between men and women. I notice that the sway of my breasts is drawing a bit of attention from some of the guys walking by, so I put a little more weight on the heels of my shoes, adding just a bit more swagger to my walk. This has the intended effect of adding a little bounce to them as well. When I catch a good looking guy watching me, I smile and run the tip of my tongue over my teeth. My smile fades slightly as I realize that they aren’t as straight as they could be.

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