The Family that Lays Together Pt. 02

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The Family that Lays Together, Part 2

All characters are at least 18 years of age. I was shocked at the positive reactions to the first story in this series. Your ratings, comments, and emails are the only reason that I wrote this episode.

Marvin Johnson had always been a good, upright man. He had been brought up in a very strict, yet loving, Christian home. His parents had made sure all the children prayed and read the Bible every day. Marvin never thought of rebelling. He loved his parents and he loved their way of life. He had wanted to emulate that family structure and ethos in his own home; for the most part, as far as he could tell, he had succeeded.

One thing that had bothered him a bit, down through the years, however, was the fact that Chrissy, his wife, just wasn’t like his mother. She was a good, wholesome woman, for sure, but her ideas just were not as conservative as those with which he had been brought up. Chrissy was beautiful and, even though she was not the least bit conceited, she sometimes used her feminine wiles to persuade Marvin. Over the years he had become a bit more flexible because he deeply loved Chrissy and wanted her to be happy.

He had known that Chrissy was not a virgin when they married and it had bothered him quite a bit for the first few years of their marriage. He had not dated many girls and had never come close to having sex. Over time, however, he came to realize that Chrissy was committed to him. As they got older, Chrissy was even more beautiful to him every day, despite having borne four children. She still had a girlish figure, even though her pretty face was beginning to age somewhat. He still loved to just sit and watch her and marvel at her graceful beauty.

And then there was Renee, the oldest girl. He could remember the very night that, in his eyes, she turned from a cute girl to a ripe, sexy young woman. He was sitting in his recliner, reading the paper, as he usually did each evening after supper. She had come into the room, chattering about something that happened at school. Chrissy was on the couch talking to Renee when he looked up and noticed that Renee was wearing a sheer nightie that barely covered her bottom. He could clearly see the outline of her panties through the material and noted, to his great surprise, that her bottom was shapely and sexy like her mother’s.

As he gazed, preparing himself to tell her to go put some clothes on, she turned a bit. He could see that she wore no bra and that he could clearly see her nipples through the material. Not only that, but she obviously had breasts — breasts that were almost as big as his wife’s! He realized that Renee was barely 18 years old. Then he realized that he had a raging erection!

“Renee,” he shouted. “Go get some clothes on! What are you thinking? What if your brother sees you like this? Get upstairs — now!”

Renee had looked around at him, fearfully, and had burst into tears. “I am sorry, Daddy! Robert isn’t even home!” She then ran upstairs, but he could hear her sobbing.

“Marvin! That’s awfully harsh!” Chrissy had said.

Marvin sighed. “Sheesh, Chrissy. I looked up and this half-naked girl was in here. I don’t want my daughters looking like street walkers!”

“I understand that. I will talk to her, but you should apologize. You hurt her feelings,” Chrissy had admonished him.

Marvin had gotten up from his chair, trudged up the stairs, and knocked on Renee’s door. When she told him to come in, she had been laying on the bed, crying. She had not changed clothes. Much to his consternation, Marvin’s cock began to harden again as he sat on the edge of the bed and stroked her hair. She was turned away from him; his eyes were drawn to her sweet ass. Her nightie had ridden up and he could see her tight little panties covering her delectable bottom. He stroked her hair and apologized for yelling at her, then made his way downstairs.

Later that night, as he made love with Chrissy, she mentioned their daughter and how shapely she was getting. Marvin didn’t realize at the time that Chrissy purposely did this to see what his reaction would be. For perhaps the first time, when he was making love to Chrissy, his mind focused on someone else — his own daughter.

In the days and weeks that followed, when he and Chrissy made love, she almost always mentioned Renee. After a while, he came to expect it, and even to relish it. Even though Chrissy never failed to arouse him, he realized that bringing the image of their sexy young daughter into their lovemaking made it even more exciting.

One night, as they were making love, Chrissy whispered, “Are you imagining Renee as you do this?” When he stopped his slow thrusting into her she giggled and said, “It’s okay if you do. It just spices it up.” She had heard his soft grunt as he came inside her.

Over time, this became part of their lovemaking ritual. It got to the point that they would turn the lights out and Chrissy would tell him to pretend that she was Renee. She had played the part, even calling 1xbet yeni giriş him “Daddy”. They both agreed that this bit of spice in their lovemaking increased its intensity and certainly its frequency. Whereas they had been making love perhaps once a week, it had become 3 or 4 times a week.

After this had gone on for a while, and as they were making love one night, Marvin said, “What if we reverse roles?”

“What does that mean?” Chrissy asked, unable to imagine what he was talking about. After all, she couldn’t pretend to be Marvin and he, Renee.

“Imagine that I am Robert!” he laughed. “Is that okay?” He thought for a second that he had, indeed, overstepped.

Chrissy had been having fantasies of Robert for quite some time, but they were entirely her secret. It took a few seconds for Marvin’s words to register, and then she had to be careful to not appear too eager. “Well, we can try it, I guess,” she replied.

They had turned the lights out and in total darkness, Chrissy whispered, “Robert, your mommy needs you.”

Despite her worry that she might appear too eager, she had orgasmed almost immediately when Marvin entered her. Marvin, who was no fool, laughed and said, “Well, that worked out very well, didn’t it?” Then they both had laughed and kissed and made love again — this time with no roleplay.

This had continued until after both Robert and Renee had moved out of the house. Then one night, as they were preparing to make love and Marvin had just turned out the lights, Chrissy giggled and whispered, “Doug, are you ready to make love to your mommy?”

“Did you do that on purpose? Use Doug’s name?” Marvin asked.

Chrissy giggled, that cute, girlish giggle that Marvin loved so much. “Well, I thought it was time to add a little more spice. Or, if you want, you can call me Daphne, Daddy!”

Thus began an entirely new set of fantasies for Marvin and Chrissy. They still, on occasion, used Renee and Robert, but Marvin much preferred Daphne. Chrissy liked either one and secretly wished they could roleplay in a way that would include her first lover, her brother, Al. She was just too fearful that Marvin might figure out what she and Al had done as teenagers.

One night, Marvin crawled into bed and snuggled up against Chrissy’s bottom. He reached around and stroked her breast, one of his signals that he wanted sex.

Chrissy pushed her ass against Marvin’s hard cock. “What brought this on?” Chrissy whispered, sleepily.

“Well, I was sitting in my chair, reading the paper, when I heard Daphne in the kitchen. You know, I had made an extra set of keys for the truck and I happened to think I’d tell her. I called her and she came into the room with a little short shirt on that barely covered her panties. I told her not to dress like that in front of Doug, but I couldn’t help looking myself. When she hugged me, my hand fell right on her sweet little bottom. I think I may have squeezed it just a little… I swear I didn’t meant to…”

Chrissy turned over and looked into his eyes. She smiled, then laughed. “Marvin!” she chided. “Did she know you squeezed her ass?”

“No, at least I don’t think she knows!” he said, defensively.

“Turn that light off,” she suggested.

Marvin rolled over and turned the bedside lamp off, then rolled over and took Chrissy in his arms.

“Daddy,” she whispered.

“Daphne,” he gasped, as Chrissy reached into his boxers and grasped his lust-hardened cock.


It had been several months since Doug and Daphne had begun having sex with each other. At least 3 or 4 times a week they engaged in some sort of sex, whether intercourse or oral.

One afternoon the twins got home from school and found a note from Chrissy that she would be late and to warm up the leftovers in the refrigerator for their supper. Unbeknownst to the twins, Chrissy made sure that she gave them plenty of alone time — at least once every week or two. She, of course, knew that they were having sex and she imagined that it was much better if they didn’t have to worry about privacy. She remembered when she was in college, living at home with her parents, how difficult it was to find time to be alone with her brother, Al.

The twins hurried upstairs, discarded their clothes, and got in the shower. They washed thoroughly, unable to keep their hands off of each other as they soaped up each other’s bodies. They dried off, brushed their teeth, and headed for Daphne’s bedroom.

Doug’s cock was already rock hard. He lay down and gathered Daphne into his arms. They kissed deeply as she ran her hands over his enraged cock and sperm-heavy balls. Doug tweaked her nipples, causing her to gasp, and then ran a hand down her firm tummy to her sopping wet pussy.

“Oh, baby, I need my brother so bad!” she moaned.

“Me or Robert?” Doug teased. Daphne had admitted to him what had happened between Robert and her when they had gone swimming in the creek. She had told him how Robert had kissed her and pushed himself against her, 1xbet giriş so that she could feel his hard cock through her tiny bikini.

“You’ll have to do, since he’s not here,” she whispered as she gently stroked his cock.

“When you fuck him, I want all the details,” Doug said as he maneuvered himself so that he could lick and kiss her breasts.

“Ohh, baby, that’s so good! Renee taught you so well!”

Doug had also told Daphne all about the week-long visit of their older sister while Daphne was at the beach with their Uncle Al’s family. Daphne had not planned on ever admitting what she and Uncle Al had done, but after Doug’s revelation, she felt compelled. To her great delight, it only turned him on. He was, however, very glad that Uncle Al had sent her home with the suggestion that she seduce him, her twin brother.

Doug began to suck her nipples, tweaking the opposite one as he tongued and licked. Daphne was arching her chest toward him, grasping his hair, moaning her appreciation.

“Eat me, baby,” she gasped. “I need it!” she said as she pushed the top of his head, urging him to crawl down her body until his head was between her thighs.

Doug gazed at her face. “What do I get if I do this for you, Daphne?” he teased.

“Whatever you want, and you know it,” she panted as she grasped her own breasts and began massaging them. “Please don’t make me beg, Doug!”

“Hmmm, let’s see…” he smiled. “Suck my cock?”

“Yes! You know I will!”

“Let me cum in your mouth?”

“Doug! Yes, yes, I’ll drink your cum. Whatever you want. Please, baby? Lick it. Lick your little sister’s pussy?”

Doug touched his tongue to her clit, causing an electric pulse to travel through his ultra-sexy sister’s body. She arched herself up toward him, her hands entangling in his hair, insistently pushing his face into her steaming pussy.

Doug feverishly tongued and sucked at her pussy. It never failed — as soon as he got a taste of Daphne’s juices, he was almost insane with lust for her. He took her firm ass in his hands and began flicking her clit as she arched herself up and gripped his hair, encouraging him to continue his passionate ministrations. He placed his mouth over the hood of her clit and, very gently, began to suckle.

“Ohhhhh, Doug, baby…. Oh that’s so good!” she moaned.

Sensing that his sister was well on her way to an orgasm, Doug reached and took his sister’s hand out of his hair and rose up, a smile on his face. His sister’s juices were smeared all around his mouth.

“You want me to… you know?” he grinned.

Without hesitation, Daphne flipped over, grabbed a pillow and placed it under her crotch. This had the effect of raising her ass a few inches off the bed and opening her butt-cheeks. Doug kissed both of her butt cheeks, marveling at how perfectly shaped and wondrously sexy his sister’s ass was.

He leaned forward, spread her cheeks with his thumbs, and forced his tongue into his sister’s asshole.

“Yes!” she moaned. “That feels so good, baby. Oh tongue it, Doug. Ohhh!”

A few weeks after they first started having sex, Doug had been kissing his sister’s bottom and, on a whim, kissed her right on her nether ring. Such a thing had never really entered his mind, but when he did so, it was immediately apparent that his sister loved it. She had failed to mention to him that Uncle Al had briefly tongued her ass and that she had thought of it many times since. She had not known how to ask her brother to do such a thing, but when he did it without having been asked, she was delighted. It had become a regular part of his oral lovemaking, though he had never really done anything but lick and kiss it for a short time.

“Doug, baby, fuck me!” she moaned. “I can’t wait. I need you!”

Doug rose to his knees as Daphne flipped over to her back and opened her long legs to welcome her twin brother. Doug kneeled and, grasping his thick member, rubbed it up and down her slick pussy. He carefully inserted the head into her opening as she arched herself upward to receive him. He slid slowly into her tight, wet cunt, simultaneously placing his hands on the backs of her thighs to push her legs back until her knees touched her breasts.

Deep inside her now, he fought off the urge to cum and lay prone on his sister. They siblings began kissing, thrusting their tongues into each other’s mouths as their bodies began moving. They wallowed in the sheer, unparalleled pleasure of their incestuous coupling. Nothing could be better. Nothing could ever feel this good. Nothing could ever be this perfect.

After after a few moments, Doug picked up the pace just a bit. He sensed that his sister was on the verge of orgasm and his nuts were aching to cum. “Don’t cum in me,” she moaned. “Take it out. Let me suck it,” she whispered.

This was no surprise. Daphne had found that she liked her own taste and preferred taking his cum in her mouth to “wasting” it in her pussy. She loved the feel of him fucking her, whether slowly or hard and fast, 1xbet güvenilirmi but she didn’t care whether he came inside her or not. It was much more exciting to take his delicious cum in her mouth.

Just the thought of what his sister was about to do almost pushed Doug over the edge. He quickly withdrew and rolled over onto his back. His sister rolled toward him and kissed him deeply before kissing down his chest and stomach, reaching to grasp his cock, wet with their mixed secretions.

Her heart raced. This was not only taboo; not just incest — this was really perverted and she loved it! She kissed and licked his nuts, then licked the length of his wet shaft, her eyes gazing intently into her brother’s face.

“You are one nasty little girl,” Doug gasped. “And you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen — and I love you, baby.”

Daphne smiled as she took the head of his cock into her mouth and closed her eyes in perfect pleasure. She felt that she might cum spontaneously from this forbidden act. She slowly moved her head downward, taking great pride in the fact that she had taught herself to take almost his entire length into her mouth and throat. As she felt his cockhead begin to enter her throat, she paused to fight the gag reflex. She had learned to relax and, most of the time anyway, she was able to continue. She couldn’t manage to completely deep throat him, but she had learned to love the euphoric feeling when the head of his cock blocked her ability to breathe. She could hold this position but a matter of seconds, however, then she quickly pulled her head back. Tears were in her eyes and saliva dripped down her chin. A strand of it linked her mouth and his throbbing cock.

“I love that,” she panted. “I can’t even explain it.”

“You’re a nasty girl, Daphne. Nasty!” he grinned as he stroked her face. “I love you, Daphne.”

“I love you, Doug. I want your essence!” she giggled as she, once again, took him into her mouth, her tongue wrapping itself expertly around his shaft as she moved her head slowly up and down, taking a little more than half of his thick cock in and out of her cum-starved mouth.

“Oh Daphne, that is just Heaven, baby. I’m going to cum soon,” he whispered.

She held his nuts in her hand, gently grasping and stroking them. She dropped his cock from her mouth and panted, “Cum in my mouth. Then I’ll show you nasty.” With that, she continued moving her mouth up and down his tumescent shaft.

“Cumming!” Doug moaned.

Daphne grasped his cock and aimed it so that his first, forceful blasts would not go directly into her throat. She felt his cock pulse in her hand followed immediately by a warm gush of semen onto her tongue. She moaned with rapture, then moved her head back and aimed his cock at her face. Blast after blast of his cum spurted onto her face as she moved her face and his cock so that, in a few seconds, almost her entire face was covered with his thick seed. She had managed to keep it from getting in her eyes, but it was all over both sides of her face, on her nose, her lips, her neck and dripping off her chin.

She continued to stroke him slowly until there was no more. She squeezed gently and delved into his meatus, seeking a last delicious drop.

“Oh, fuckkkkk, Daphne,” he gasped. “You’re so fucking hot.”

“Did it feel good, Big Brother?” she smiled. “If it doesn’t feel good, there’s no point, right?”

“It feels better than anything, Daphne,” he gasped.

Daphne crawled up over his body, her face completely covered in his sperm. “You know what I want now, don’t you, Baby?” she whispered as she began kissing him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth.

She raised up, gazing into his face. “Lick it off, Baby,” she whispered.

Doug had balked, at first, when his sister wanted to kiss him and let him taste his own cum. He knew, however, that it was a huge turn-on to her and, over time, he had learned to enjoy it, even though it was not his favorite thing. He would do almost anything she wanted, he told himself.

He licked at her cum-covered lips, then thrust his tongue into her open mouth. She moaned and moved her lower body, hunching herself against his leg. He kissed her face and licked another dollop of his semen, gathering it into his mouth. Daphne opened her mouth wide as he allowed the cum-saliva mixture to drip into her mouth.

“Ungggggh!” she moaned and Doug sensed that she was having an orgasm. Why this particular thing did it for her, he didn’t know, but whatever his sweet Daphne wanted, he would give her, within reason.

She grasped his face with both hands, working her tongue into his mouth. She moaned as she wiped more sperm from her face and stuck her fingers into her brother’s mouth. He sucked her fingers, admitting to himself that he was really getting into this nasty game himself. He suddenly realized that his cock was fully hard again. He wiped a dollop of his spent cum from the side of her face and fed it to her as he rolled over on top of her and thrust deep inside her.

She opened her eyes wide as he hit bottom. He could feel her body seize under him and knew that she was cumming again. She moaned as she continued to gaze into his eyes. He could see tears forming in her eyes as his own orgasm gripped him.

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