The Four Sluts Pt. 06

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Lauren was butt naked and choking on her bosses cock while he sat in his office chair. Her pussy was just barely kissing the filthy and stained floor. The thrums and beating of the house music was making its way into the office and Lauren could feel her body shaking. The room was just as it always was, dark, poorly lit, and walls covered in posters of naked women, most with cumstains on their bodies and faces, most of them past strippers. Lauren herself quickly made it on to the wall after only a few days of working. She was on her knees with a smile on her cum-soaked face, flanked by two black dicks she had only just sucked off.

“That’s good,” Her boss moaned. “You’ve gotten a lot better these last few days. Been a good little whore and fucked around, have you?” He slapped Lauren’s face for emphasis.

In response Lauren stuck her tongue out and licked her disgusting boss’s ball sack. Her pussy flooded at the taste.

Lauren had been fucking a lot. Her dad and her brothers had her going several times a day. Most mornings they would use her body on their parent’s bed while their mom was taking a shower in the other room. Lauren couldn’t make too much noise or she’d hear so while her brothers double penetrated her, her dad would fuck her throat. Of course their mom took less time in the shower then their sex so as soon as they heard the shower turn off they would quickly up and leave and face fuck her in her room, not even bothering to close the door behind them. There had already been six close calls where her mom had exited the shower only a fraction of a second after they had left for Lauren’s room.

Lauren was terrified every time they brought her to her parent’s room. She couldn’t imagine how her mom would react if she left the bathroom and caught the four of them on her side of the bed. But even though Lauren thought it was a terrible idea her dad loved the risk.

He told her how much it turned him on to fuck his daughter so close his wife. And it got to the point where the morning fuck wasn’t enough for him. At breakfast and more and more dinners he would cover for her, telling his wife that she was studying or already at school, while in actuality she was underneath the table linens cock worshiping her daddy’s dick.

And that wasn’t the only risk they began taking. After filling his daughters pussy up with his cum Lauren was laying on her bed exhausted when her dad rummaged around in her drawers and took out her pills, tossing them out the window. When she demanded an explanation he shook his head, not believing himself, simply saying, “It turns me on, knowing the risk we’re taking.”

Of course her brothers had been having plenty of fun with her as well. They always fucked before and after practice, and even joined in with Sarah and her brother every now and again.

The four friends had become very close over their sluttiness. Once the photos of Elizabeth had emerged and spread across town like wildfire, she confessed to fucking her dad and brother, and probably being pregnant by one of them. And then Rachel told them she’d been screwing her dad for months now. Soon enough they bonded over their addiction to cock and cum.

“I’m going to meet the first of your friends on Thursday.” Her employer said as her head bobbed up and down.

Lauren was hoping they’d get jobs at the same strip club she was working at. They all sent emails to the owner and she had been putting in good word for a while now.

Lauren pulled his dick out and slapped her face a few times, “Which one?’

“The one with bigger tits.” Lauren got up from the wet dick and sat her wet pussy on his cock. She gasped as the thick meat sank inside her tight hole. It was funny to her that it took her two weeks of getting faced fucked and practically raped by her boss to finally learn his name was Gary. It also turned her on, but so did everything now.

“That’s Sarah,” she replied as she started gyrating on his lap.

“As long as I get to fuck her like a whore, then I don’t really care.” Gary gripped Lauren’s hips and sucked on one of her nipples as he pounded in and out of her.

When he finished inside her Lauren tallied off another man that probably impregnated her. But in actuality she had already lost count.

Cum still leaking out of her eighteen year old pussy she put on a tiny top that barely held her fat tits, matched by a red thong and thigh high pantyhose, and a short white skirt that didn’t cover her ass in the slightest.

She danced on several men, and stayed clothed for a grand total of twelve minutes before she was bare ass naked again and dancing on the main pole. After that it didn’t take long for her to be given fifty dollars to be ass fucked by a fat old man. She moaned like a whore, and climaxed from his hard dick.

When she first started she had to be paid two hundred to belong to someone, but after a few days of work she Gary brought the price down when he saw that she was giving it out for free to men who didn’t want to pay the higher price.

After cebeci escort the old man two black men spit roasted her for all to see. They’re dicks were long and thick, and she was in heaven.

After her shift was over, she left the strip club in her school outfit. Her outfits, like her friends, had gotten much sluttier over the past few weeks. That day she was wearing tiny jean shorts that showed off her ass, and a tiny white tank top that did nothing to hide her nipples or her midriff, and her red high heels. Her cleavage was displayed beautifully, and the tank top exposed her side boob.

Lauren made her way to her car but knew what was coming next. A group of men came out from behind the strip club and grabbed her, covering her mouth and holding her arms. It was a local gang that didn’t want to pay the money to fuck her, so ever day after work they would grab and rape her behind the club. Gary had seen it happen several times and didn’t say anything, sometimes even joining in. Today he did.

They started off by making her suck on all of their dicks. Soon after they double penetrated her and pit roasted her, taking turns. Sometimes even putting two dicks in any of her holes. When they were close to finishing they laid her on her back on the hood of their car and took turns fucking her pussy. By the end of it Lauren had over a dozen loads of cum in her pussy.

The first time she resisted and they made it worse for her, slapping her around and fucking her roughly. After that Lauren resigned to it and let them ravage her. And to be honest she liked it. After all she knew she was a babe and not many girls like her and her friends were as slutty as them. So they had to pleasure any man that wanted their bodies. They were whores and deserved to be fucked like prostitutes.

After they gang-raped her she put on her clothes and drove home. She had to go to bed soon, it was already midnight on a Tuesday and she had school the next morning.


At school the next morning Rachel, Lauren, and Sarah were waiting on Elizabeth. Ten minutes before class started Elizabeth came back, wiping the cum from her mouth. She had taken to sucking off a lucky guy in the morning. She would grab someone at random and let him face fuck her in the guys bathroom.

Elizabeth was wearing a tight white t-shirt and yoga shorts a size too small, so that her ass was hanging out shamelessly. Her nipples could just barely be seen under the shirt, and was so small that her midriff showed.

Sarah was wearing tight red shorts that served more as larger panties, and a tight V-neck t-shirt, showing most of her cleavage with ankle socks and flats. Her hair was especially curly and smooth as if cascaded down her back and shoulders.

Rachel was wearing a small maroon halter top and jean shorts as that were as small as Sarah’s her make up was perfect and hair was straight and silky.

Lauren wore a loose navy blue blouse with no sleeves so her side boobs and cleavage were showing for everyone to see. And a tiny red skirt that stopped halfway down her ass.

None of them were wearing panties or bras.

They had made it into a competition to see who could dress sluttier for the day. Today Lauren was winning because of the blouse, but Sarah was usually the one who showed the most skin. They were also seeing who would get forced to change first, and who could convince the teacher to fuck them instead. But so far no one had made them go change into other clothes so they hadn’t gotten a chance. But that didn’t stop them from flirting with their male teachers. Elizabeth was getting fucked by Mr. McLaren regularly.

Lauren wanted to fuck one of her teachers, but so far to no avail, but she wasn’t worried. There were plenty of horny men in her high school.

The four of them chatted away that morning. Every now and again someone would come up and grab or slap Elizabeth’s ass. Right now Elizabeth was the only one of them that ever one knew was a slut since her pictures surfaced and theirs hadn’t. But the others were about to let their reputation blossom pretty soon.

When the bell rang they all left for their respective classes.

Lauren’s day was pretty boring at first. She was getting a few looks from guys and teachers, but not as many people had fondle her ass or tits, and she had only given one blowjob in class today. It was to one of the more popular seniors who grabbed, and dragged her behind one of the staircases and raped her face. She tried shoving him off and pulling him out because she couldn’t breath and had class, but he was pretty forceful. Plus she kind of liked it.

After her algebra class the bell rang for her lunch period. The periods worked in sections so the entire cafeteria was packed with the entire school. Lauren’s period was he first one and right after her class which she was pretty glad for.

She was on her way to the cafeteria to meet some of the team for her lunch period when some guys she knew caught cebeci escort bayan her attention and started flirting with her. At first it was innocent enough but as the crowd of migrating students and teachers thinned the boys started to eye fuck her more and more, and soon began to touch her.

They were touching her thighs and lower back, occasionally flicking her blouse, trying to catch a peek of her tits.

One of the guys grabbed a handful of her ass when they got called out. “Boy’s! Back to class” It was Mr. Smith, Lauren’s old gym teacher from sophomore year. “Lauren, can I speak with you?”

The boys grumbled and left for class, eyeing Lauren up and down. Lauren followed Mr. Smith to his office.

When he sat down behind his desk he motioned for her to sit across from him. His office wasn’t very large, and was next to the main gym. It had a large glass panel that out looked over the boy’s locker room below it. It was connected to the locker room by a door and a staircase just outside.

Lauren sat, nervous but excited. Mr. Smith was an attractive man more than twice her age. His hair was greying lightly on the edges. He was just over six foot tall and very fit with a strong jaw.

“Lauren I wanted to talk to you because I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to change into your gym clothes.” Lauren perked up at the opportunity. “I’ve been seeing you dress similarly lately and I was hoping you’re parents would do something but now that it’s affecting some of the boys and teachers I’m going to put my foot down.”

Lauren bit her lip, “But Mr. Smith, I’m not doing anything wrong.”

He rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Yes you are. You see when you dress like that you’re inviting men to use you. When you dress like a slut then people will think you’re a slut, and you can’t blame them for treating you like one. If it were like back in the day you’d be spanked until you learned your lesson, but since they’ve done away with corporal punishment I have to make you change.”

“Well, if you think it will teach me a lesson then I’ll let you spank me.”

“Excuse me?” he asked dumbly.

“Yeah, I don’t mind.” Lauren hiked her skirt up so that her ass was bare, and bent over his desk. She wiggled her sculpted ass enticingly. “Well, are you going to teach me a lesson?”

Mr. Smith looked wildly uncomfortable, looking back and forth at Lauren, and the wide open door. “I can’t do that Lauren, I’ll get in a lot of trouble. Now put your skirt back on.”

“Bu Mr. Smith you just told me I had to take it off. Besides, I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

Mr. Smith swallowed hard. After slowly getting up, Mr. Smith closed the door and locked it. “If we’re going to do this you have to swear you won’t tell anyone.” Lauren swore. “Ok, but I don’t think you’ll like this as much as you think.” Mr. Smith stood to Lauren’s side, and lined his hand up with her round ass.

He spanked her hard and Lauren yelped. He hit her again and she cried out. When he looked at her face, he could see the pained expression etched on her face, but there was a level of pleasure on her lips.

After the fourth spank her cheeks were reddening and she was breathing heavily. Despite his better judgment he began rubbing her globes of ass, taking it in for all it was worth. That was when he noticed that she wasn’t wearing anything under her skirt. Not even a slutty G-string.

He spanked her again and she squealed. “You really are enjoying this aren’t you?”

“Yes,” She said breathlessly. Mr. Smith spanked her hard for another ten strokes on each cheek. When he was finished he pulled her up.

“Now go change into new clothes.” He told her.

“But sir, I don’t have any change of clothes. Do you have any extra gym uniforms in here.”

Mr. Smith was hesitant, unsure of what to do. Finally he decided to give her a uniform. He threw it on his desk. “There, no go change.”

Lauren bit her lip again. “Yes, sir.” Suddenly, right in front of Mr. Smith Lauren dropped her skirt, and pulled her blouse over her head. She was butt naked except for her flats in front of Mr. Smith, who simply stood there, looking at her in shock.

They stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds. Then Mr. Smith grabbed her head and kissed her fiercely. He shoved her down to her knees, where she quickly un-buckled, and unzipped his pants, pulling out his throbbing erection.

She licked him until his dick was glistening. “Mr. Smith, you’re sooo biiiig, I can’t wait to get it all the way down.” She opened up wide and filled her mouth with his dick. She began to bob her head up and down, quicker and faster until the only way she could go faster was with his help.

He grabbed the back of her head and forced her down on his thick meat, thrusting into her throat repeatedly. Lauren slobbered and choked on his meat, letting him fuck her throat as hard and rough as he could.

Mr. Smith could feel the back escort cebeci of Lauren’s throat, and watching his dick plunge into her eighteen year old mouth was driving him wild. Lauren’s eyes were watering, smearing her bit of mascara. Spittle and pre-cum were dripping from her lips. And when she looked up at him she poked her tongue out to lick his ball sack.

Lauren took her head off of his dick and sat on his desk, spreading her legs so he could see her bare glistening pussy for all it was worth. Mr. Smith grabbed her by the hips and plunged his dick into her sopping cunt. Lauren moaned loudly.

“Quiet,” He hissed. “We can’t let any of the teachers hear us.”

Mr. Smith pumped into Lauren, and she pushed back into him, wrapping her arms around his neck. “You don’t want anyone to know your fucking your student?” Lauren asked. “You don’t want to brag to your friends how you stuck your cock into an eighteen year olds pussy and fucked her in your office, or how you spanked her for being a little whore?”

He fucked her harder and faster, fondling her tits and biting her neck. He pushed her down so that she was on her back and he could get a full view of her body as he fucked her. “Sluts like you deserve to be fucked. It’s your responsibility to pleasure man whenever they want to use you.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Fuck me Mr. Smith! Use me. I need to learn a lesson. Fuck the lesson into my pussy. Fill me up with you cum.”

The bell rang twice as they fucked. At the last one they could hear people move through the halls, but that didn’t stop them from fucking. In fact Mr. Smith pulled out and picked her up, bringing her to the window panel overlooking the boys locker room. He slammed her against the glass, pressing her tits onto the see through panel.

“Are you going to fuck me in the ass Mr. Smith. I really hope you do, I think I need an extra special lesson right in my back hole.”

Obliging her Mr. Smith pulled her ass towards him so that it was sticking out behind Lauren, and spread her ass cheeks. Using only her juices as lube he slipped into her asshole. Lauren gasped loudly as he sunk his prick inside her colon. But she also gasped because right as he was putting his prick inside her ass, her friends Chris and Ben from Mr. Smiths other period came into the locker room. The last bell marked when Mr. Smith’s class was done watching a movie after weight lifting, and when they could go and change. And his weight lifting class was greeted with the image of their coach fucking an eighteen-year-old babe anally in the middle of the school day. There were at least twenty of them. They started to cheer and clap for their teacher.

“See that, they like what they see.” He punished her asshole, fucking her anally roughly and painfully. Lauren screamed into the glass with half lidded eyes and an open mouth, lolling her tongue out for them to see. She was having a huge climax as he pounded her ass and pulled on her curly hair. He slapped her butt cheek, “Once, I’m done fucking you like a slut, I’m going to give you over to them.”

He peeled her off the glass and forced her on her back so he could straddle her sexy belly and put his dick in between her round globes of tits. Pressing them tightly on his cock, and using his pit to lubricate it more, Mr. Smith raped her tits, and held her face close to his prick, which popped out from between her tits every time he stroked forward. Lauren licked the tip of his cock, until finally he shot a dozen thick streams of semen onto her face and mouth.

When he pushed her out of his office she had to quickly make it to the locker room so no one would see her in her nakedness. The moment she stepped on the floor of the locker room twenty well built seniors grabbed at her and gang raped her. They put her on a bench and spit roasted her while others jacked off towards her naked body.

Lauren was feeling abused and used. She had no idea that it would go here. A lot of these guys were rumored to be rapists and drug dealers. She thought her Ben and Chris would be gentle on her, maybe even stop the others from fucking her, but they were the first ones on her. Ben jammed his long dick into her throat, and Chris slammed his cock into her pussy.

“Ugh, Lauren, I’ve jacked off to the thought of your naked body so many times.” Ben said as he forced her to deep throat his dick. “I’ve always hoped to fuck you.”

Chris slapped her ass hard, “I’ve always known you were a whore. There was no way a sexy little girl like you hadn’t bee fucked before. I bet you’ve been a whore for years, pleasuring men like a good little girl.”

Lauren couldn’t say anything or defend herself with Ben’s eight-inch cock hilt deep inside her mouth and throat. And obviously it was hard to argue with them, especially when Chris flipped her over so that she was on top riding him. He spread her ass cheeks and within seconds there was someone in her asshole that she knew had drugged one of her friend’s drinks so she would pass out and he could rape her.

But Lauren found herself not caring very much as his thick meat filled her backdoor. She moaned loudly into Ben’s cock, and randomly grabbed onto two more, jerking them off and aiming towards her face. The two she was giving hand jobs grabbed onto her tits and pinched and twisted her nipples.

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