The Futa Fairy – Futa Fairies’ Naughty Game Chapter 8: Mrs. Fatima , Keily’s Wicked Fun

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The Futa Fairy – Futa Fairies’ Naughty Game
Chapter Eight: Mrs. Fatima & Keily’s Wicked Fun
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Deidre Reddings

The Year’s Divide gurgled beside me as the water flowed smoothly past. I walked upriver on the sandy beach, naked beneath the strange sky of Faerie. Here, a perpetual night met an everlasting day, abutting together like two poorly joined pieces of architecture, two buildings constructed with wildly differing ascetics and places that happened to share the same block.

I bit my lip. Did that mean something? Querciola said that Winter and Summer never touched. That they never got along. So there must be someway to bridge it. The skies touched, but not the land itself. Here was the small Land of Transition, this valley that went from Autumn to Spring by crossing the river that divided it.

But she said us humans could bridge that gap. We weren’t bound by the silly rules that governed the futa-fairies. But how? What could Keily and I do? We were just two sisters who loved each other, who’d bred each other. My hands rubbed my belly, aching for the day I felt our daughter squirming in me.

The wind swirled around me. A violent gale whipped at my red hair. I gasped as it threw me off my feet. I hit the sandy ground in shock, landing with my arm splashing into the current of the river. Sand blew away from me, whipped up by the fury pinning me to the ground. I squeezed my eyes shut, stung by the force of the wind holding me in place.

What was happening?

It stopped.

I blinked. A woman stood over me. A futa. She had black hair framing a predatory face, large breasts swaying above me. A huge cock thrust from the trimmed bush adorning her pussy and pudenda. Fear shot through me even as my dick throbbed in lust.

“Got you,” she grinned and fell to her knees.

Before I could even move, I gasped, her clit-dick slamming into my cunt. Pleasure shot through me as the Winter futa filled my snatch to the hilt. My own girl-cock twitched on my stomach, drinking in the delight of her shaft.

She planted her hands on either side of me, her big tits swaying over me as she pumped her dick in and out of my barely legal cunt. I whimpered, my own breasts jiggling as they made two piles on my chest, my nipples hard and puckered.

“Officer Cindy,” I whimpered as she pumped away.

“I know you. You’re Keily’s sister. No wonder you looked so familiar,” she breathed. “I forgot you were one of Summer’s little whores.”

Such joy burned in her mature face. She took such pleasure in fucking my pregnant cunt, pumping away so hard. I whimpered, my body squirming on the soft sand, the river gurgling right beside me, almost mocking my defeat.

How could I figure a way out of this mess now?


Mrs. Fatima Samara

The auburn-haired girl’s cunt clenched down on my dick as she screamed out for help. And it came. The bush that had concealed me from her and Becca Brittany moved. The futa-reporter, standing blonde and busty over us, glared at me as she directed the leafy branches of the plant to seize my flesh.

Woody vines wrapped about my body, hauling me off of the girl. My dick popped out of her pussy, bobbing before me. A flick of her tangy pussy juices flew from the end of my cock and splattered my lips. My heart hammered in fear. I didn’t realize I was listening to two Winter futas fucking. I thought it was a contest.

“Well, look at her,” Becca Brittany said. “Eh, Keily, she must have been jerking of listening to us fuck.”

“Yeah,” Keily, said as she stood up. She was naked save for the glasses she pushed up with her middle finger, staring at me with undisguised lust. “Ooh, she has such a big cock. And she’s Arab. How hot.”

“And serving Winter,” Becca Brittany said. “If she’d cum in you, you’d lose.”

“Right, right,” the girl said. “Ooh, those futa-fairies really made us horny things. They must really like it when we cum. So, I guess we fuck her now.”

“Preference on which hole?” Becca Brittany asked. “After fucking your tight cunt, I wouldn’t mind giving her ass a try.”

My heart pounded. They talked to me like I’d already lost. Like it was a foregone conclusion that they would defeat me. They didn’t even look at me but treated me like an object. And yet I was so turned on. Two futas wanted to pound me hard. I stared at their clit-dicks with such hungry greed, Becca Brittany’s glistening with pussy juices while white cum dribbled down Keily’s slender thighs.

What was wrong with me? I need to think. I struggled, the vines wrapped tight about my wrist as they held me. I needed to find a way to slip out and…

Slip out…

I could do that.

Making myself slick turned out to be as easy as taking a deep breath. Suddenly, my body provided no friction. Gravity pulled me free of the vines. I landed on the sand and almost slipped. My feet wanted to slide across the coarse sand, but I made them not slick.

I could control where I was or wasn’t slick.

“Fuck!” Becca Brittany gasped.

“How’d she do that?” Keily shouted, stumbling back from me. The girl tripped over her own feet and fell on her butt, her cock bobbing, her thighs splayed. I had a good look at the fine down of red hair covering her cum-soaked pussy.

The pussy I’d just been in.

The plant rustled. Branches reached for me. I didn’t care. I grinned and charged at Becca Brittany. I’d defeat her fast then take care of the girl. I would savor fucking her barely legal cunt just like I did with my own daughters.

Maybe I’d even breed her, give her a parting gift.

Branches slipped off my skin as I crashed into Becca Brittany. Our large breasts collided. The famous futa-reporter gasped as we tumbled to the ground in a splay of limbs. I landed on her and slipped right off, hitting the ground and heading right for the water.

I stopped being slick.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Becca Brittany gasped. “Get her!”

“Right,” Keily shouted, springing up.

I made myself slick as I gained my feet, sand falling off my body, unable to stick to my flesh. Keily lunged at me, the girl’s limber body looking so hot, like a naughty superheroine with her hair fanning out behind her. Then she hit my body, slipped right over my shoulder, and landed on her back behind me.

“Ow,” she groaned.

I leaped at Becca Brittany again. The futa-reporter crouched low, expecting me to slip right over her. Instead, I turned off my slickness on my front and then did the opposite. Instead of being so smooth nothing could grip me, I became the embodiment of friction. My breasts struck hers, almost gluing to them. She tumbled backwards, my body ending up on top of hers, our tits smooched together, nipples throbbing as they kissed.

“Oh, no,” the futa-reporter groaned. She trembled beneath me. I controlled my powers, letting me shift down her body. When her thighs brushed mine, they stuck to my flesh, stopping her from squeezing her legs shut and guarding her pussy. “Hurry, Keily!”

My cock nudged at the folds of the reporter’s twat. I grinned down at her. “I’ve always wanted to fuck your pussy, Becca Brittany, ever since I saw your interview with Dr. Rita.”

“That’s what everyone says!” she groaned then her eyes widened as my girl-cock slid into the famous futa’s snatch.

Our tits, still stuck together, quivered and shook as both of us trembled in delight. I braced myself on my elbows in the soft sand and pumped away at her pussy. I groaned, savoring her delicious cunt wrapped about my shaft. It felt so wonderful. The silky friction caressed my girl-dick pumping away at her depths.

Pleasure crossed her face. Her blue eyes fluttered as she groaned. She wrapped her arms about my body, and I held them in place. She hugged me to her, trapping me against her. I shuddered as I pumped away so hard, ramming my girl-dick into her hot pussy.

“My daughters are going to be so impressed when I tell them I fucked you,” I moaned. “We watch all your shows. It’s just a lesbian orgy in our house until my cock grows at sunset.”

“Glad you’re such fans,” she whimpered. “But you can’t… do this. I need my futa-cock. For my shows. A fan wouldn’t want to… to deny my world my futa-cock.”

“And deny my sister and our daughters mine?” I asked. “That would be so cruel. They love my clit-dick.”

“Oh, god, Keily, you’ll have to fuck her. You have to cum faster than she does.”

“I’m on it!” the girl gasped.

Keily pounced on me. Her lithe body felt so much like one of the twins, the youngest at eighteen in my harem. But neither of them had a futa-cock. Keily’s speared between the cheeks of my ass and rammed into my bowels.

I groaned at the invading shaft filling my bowels. My velvety sheath gripped her dick as she hammered away at me, driving my cock deep into Becca Brittany’s cunt. I groaned, more pleasure shuddering through me.

As good as it felt—and a huge part of me really, really wanted to keep letting Keily fuck my ass—I couldn’t take the chance she’d cum before I did. She was young. She could pop off like a firecracker, hosing my bowels with her cum and defeating me.

I made my bowels supper slick.

“Holy crap!” Keily gasped, her cock hammering so hard and fast into me, my bowels providing no resistance. “That’s the slipperiest thing I’ve ever fucked. Oh, my god, I’m going to explode in her.”

“Good!” groaned Becca Brittany.

Then I bucked my hips hard while slicking the rest of my back and rump. The girl popped right out of my asshole and slipped off my body. She tumbled onto the sands beside me with a grunt. Her futa-dick waved in the air, her entire body trembling.

I just grinned and kissed Becca Brittany on the mouth. I pumped my dick even faster in and out of her cunt, feeling my orgasm build in the depths of my twat. The futa-reporter moaned, kissing me back with such kayseri escort bayan passion, her girl-cock throbbing against my belly, her precum leaking out and staining my flesh.

She ached for me to cum in her. She didn’t care she was about to lose.


Keily Reddings

I lay on my back, dazed by that experience. It had felt incredible for those brief moments pumping away at her slick bowels. No resistance and yet she still stimulated me. My clit-dick had drunk in the delight of plowing as fast as I could thrust into her asshole. I wanted to be back in her.

But how?

How could I overcome her slickness? What could I do? Soon, she’d cum in Becca Brittany, and then come after me. How would I find my older sister then? How could our incestuous love save the day and make everyone happy if I was fucked out of the game?

“Think,” I hissed, stroking my girl-dick, my pussy clenching. I watched the two MILFs writhe beside me. The Arab woman looked so sexy with her dusky skin contrasting with Becca’s tanned flesh. Black hair spilled down to brush the reporter’s blonde curls. Their lips dueled.

They were both having so much fun.

I shoved a hand down to my cum-filled snatch, scooping up some of Becca Brittany’s jizz. I popped it into my mouth, savoring the salty delight seasoned by my tangy musk. I sucked my fingers clean, hungering for more.

No! This wasn’t helping. Think!

How do I make my body sticky and…? I squirmed on the sand. Wet sand was sticky. But there was something even stickier. Mud. I popped up, staring at the nearby ponds that dotted the land on this side of the river. I darted towards them. Frogs croaked and hopped out of the way in fear as I knelt down by the water.

It didn’t smell foul. In fact, it smelled nice. I shoved my hands into the pond, scooping up the rich, brown mud. It felt so wonderfully gloopy in between my fingers. The type of mud you’d put on at the spa to make your skin feel all nice and smooth and silky.

I rubbed it all over my small breasts. I shuddered, my nipples tingled at the cool caress of it. It felt wonderful on me. I smeared it down to my belly, coating my torso with the sticky substance. It clung to me as I hopped to my feet, my futa-cock swaying before me.

This had to work.

I charged back in, staring at the delicious, dusky rump pumping away. I needed to experience the delight of the Arab MILF’s ass once more. I loved fucking older women, especially my mother. I would give this woman so much pleasure as I plowed her slick bowels until I erupted.

I knew I wouldn’t last long in her. Not with how good she felt.

I reached her and threw myself onto her back. My muddy body smacked against hers. My cock slipped between her butt-cheeks. I found her asshole, my precum-lubed dick burying into her velvety bowels. She felt normal for one heartbeat.

And then she became so slick.

The pleasure surged through my cock. The crown of my dick drank in the gliding friction. It was like fucking the softest Teflon in the world. It gripped my dick in warm heaven. My flesh slapping her rump with my every thrust while my muddy tits clung to her back. She wouldn’t buck me off this time.

“Oh, yes, that’s good,” groaned the Arab MILF.

“Fuck her,” Becca Brittany groaned. “Fuck her so hard, Keily. Defeat her!”

“I will,” I promised, the delight burning through my body. My eyes rolled back into my head, my pussy clenching. Futa-cum leaked out of my snatch, squeezed out as my orgasm came nearer and nearer. This hole was amazing.

Just a few more strokes and I would erupt. I whimpered, my flesh smacking into her rump. The MILF groaned beneath me, lost to the pleasure. She couldn’t help herself. The futa-fairies made us into these horny creatures so we would give them power every time we came.

They needed it. That must be why they made pacts with us. Sexual energy. They fed on it. And so they made us give it to them over and over. I smiled, pounding the Arab MILF so hard, eager to give Bean Sidhe another burst of my sexual energy.

“Yes!” I howled, my clit-dick throbbing.

“No,” the Arab woman moaned and bucked upward as she drew back her hips to fuck Becca Brittany.

Her back became slick. Me and my mud slipped off of her. I gasped then hit face-first into the sand, getting a mouthful of the wet grit. My dick popped right out of her. I rolled over and splashed into the river. I blinked in shock as I sat up, water streaming off of me. I stared at her back and gaped.

Not a single bit of mud remained. It had all slipped off with me.

“Crap!” Now what?


Officer Cindy Matheson

I loved barely legal cunt. There was something just so wonderful about fucking a barely legal trouble-maker’s tight snatch, to feel her silky flesh wrapped about my clit-dick as I plundered her. Dominated her. She writhed beneath me, already lost to the thrill of my fleshy baton reaming her naughty cunt.

“Officer Cindy!” Deidre moaned, her face twisting with rapture, her blue eyes so wide with bliss.

“Ooh, you are as tight as your little sister,” I groaned, loving all those times I visited Washington College where my girlfriend taught English. I’d enjoyed many girls, including Keily. “I’ve fucked her with Marcie before and after she gained her own naughty dick.”

“I know,” she whimpered. “She’s told me. I’ve eaten your cum out of you.”

“And now you get to enjoy the real thing spurting into you,” I panted, my tits swaying above her as I drilled my girl-dick into her steamy depths. “It’s just your lucky day, isn’t it?”

“Yes!” she whimpered, pleasure crossing her face. Her snatch clenched down at me as she then gasped, “No, no, wait! Stop!”

“I can’t do that,” I cooed, the tips of my nipples just grazing her youthful titties. “You’ve been naughty by serving Summer. You need to be punished.”

“What if there was a way…” she panted, her eyes fluttering. “A way that we didn’t have… lose our cocks. None of us.”

I frowned at her. What was she up to?

“Just stop… fucking me. Let’s talk. We can… We can team up. You don’t want to lose your cock.”

“I won’t,” I grinned. “My side’s winning. I just spoke to Ms. Kim. She defeated Cassie or Kimmie. I’ve defeated Dr. Rita. And as soon as I cum in your tight snatch, well, you’ll be out of the game, too. Have you defeated anyone?”

“No,” she moaned. “Come on, please, Officer Cindy. I don’t want to lose my girl-dick.”

“Neither do I!” I panted, plunging into her tight cunt, driving into her sweet depths. “I won’t loose it. I have to punish naughty girls like you. You’re trying to trick me. To get your dick in me.”

“No, no,” she begged, her body twisting, her firm tits jiggling beneath me. “Oh, god, just listen. Please, please!”

“Ooh, keep wiggling like that,” I panted as she squirmed. “You’re going to make me cum so hard in you. I know you’re just aching for it. That wonderful spurt of a futa’s hot seed flooding your snatch, your little pussy going wild, milking out every drop. You crave it.”

“I do!” she whimpered. “Oh, god, I do. But so do you.”

“See!” I hissed. “You are trying to trick me. What a naughty slut. I’m going to fuck you so hard.”

“Not a… a trick. The futa-fairies made us this horny. We… We can do something. Use that against them.”

“Mmm, I’m not going to be tricked by a little temptress,” I groaned. “I’m sorry, but I won’t lose by letting you fuck my cunt with that delicious girl-dick of yours.” But it would feel so good. Maybe, just for a moment, I could slid my pussy up and down her dick and…

I shook my head, concentrating on her pussy instead. On the grip of it. The silky feel. She was right about one thing, those futas made us so horny. I groaned, my back arching as the pleasure swelled in the depths of my pussy, brewing around my clit.

I had a big load of girl-jizz just aching to fire into her snatch.

She grabbed her futa-dick, giving up her ploy and embracing her final moments as a futa. She stroked her hand up and down her dick, fisting it so hard as she squirmed beneath me. Her back arched as I fucked her on the river bank.

“Mmm, your pussy clenches so hard on my cock when you stroke that naughty girl-dick,” I panted. “Savor it. It’s your last time enjoying that wonderful shaft.”

“Yes,” she whimpered, pumping up and down it. “Ooh, pound me, Officer Cindy. Make me cum! Let me enjoy one last bout of rapture.”

“Sure,” I groaned, savoring her tight cunt, fighting to hold off my orgasm even as her pussy became hotter and hotter. “One last explosion with your futa-dick.”

“Thank you,” she moaned, her face twisting with rapture.

I didn’t answer, enjoying the hot, silky grip of her barely legal cunt too much. She whimpered and shuddered, fisting her cock hard. The tip brushed my stomach as I plunged into her delights. Her silky flesh gripped me, sending such pleasure coursing through my body.

My orgasm wanted to explode out of me already, just eager to spurt into her young snatch. But I held off. I grit my teeth, fighting my orgasm, letting the girl enjoy herself one last time. She was cute, her blue eyes scrunching closed, her fiery hair fanned out on the beach. Some of her tresses had spilled into the water lapping at the shore, they swayed in the slight current of the Year’s Divide.

“God, you are a cutie, Deidre,” I groaned. “Your sister’s must love fucking your body.”

“She does!” the girl panted. “We’ve bred each other.”

“You’re pregnant with a futa’s child?” I groaned, my lusts surging through me. I imagined my own daughter, Amber, pregnant with my child, her belly swollen, a huge smile on her lips. Then Marcie joined her in my imagination, pregnant as well, her girl-dick thrusting out from beneath her fertile swell.

My ovaries wanted to explode. kayseri bayan escort I buried into Deidre’s cunt, fighting my orgasm so hard. I groaned through clenched teeth, my hips thrusting so hard. Her pussy felt so hot. A pregnant pussy. A pregnant futa.

“Hurry up and cum!” I moaned. “I can’t hold back. That’s too hot!”

“I know!” she whimpered, her round breasts jiggling as she fisted her dick as fast as she could. “Oh, yes, Officer Cindy, it’s so hot! You need to breed your daughter, Amber!”

“I will!” I groaned, plowing so hard. “Fuck, stop talking about it our I’ll cum in you before you get off!”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned, her body twisting. Her hand flew on her dick.

Her pussy grew so hot and juicy. It caressed me, making it so hard to fight my orgasm. Every plunge into her silky heaven sent such hot friction through me. Her cunt felt like it would melt about my cock.

I needed to explode.

Had to spurt my cum into her pregnant snatch.

Images of pregnant girls, their bellies round, burned through my thoughts. My daughter’s innocent face shining with joy as my cum leaked out of her bred snatch, her hands holding her round belly, filled my mind. It was so hot. I had to make it happen.

I slammed into Deidre’s tight cunt, my orgasm about to ripple through me. Her hand pumped so hard at her dick as I drew back. My next plunge would do it. I could feel it. I would erupt into her pussy. Nothing would stop it.

“Fuck!” I howled, my dick pulled all the way back, only my tip in her.

“Keily!” Deidre shouted and bucked.

Her cock erupted.

Hot cum shot from her dick and splashed on my chin and cheek.

Fear shot through me. I clamped my mouth shut as I threw myself back. Her cum splattered across my sealed lips before I got clear. I landed on my ass on the sand, my momentum rolling me onto my back.

I wiped the cum off my lips, anger surging through me. That little bitch tried to beat me. She almost did. If that first burst hadn’t hit my chin but my open mouth… I gained my feet, summoning the wind to engulf her and…

Witnessed her diving into the river.

She swam fast, kicking, thrashing through the river, swimming away from me as fast as you can. Water splashed around her feet and stroking hands. She moved fast, her body bursting with youthful adrenaline.

I wiped the cum off my mouth and snarled, “You fucking cunt! You think you can trick me?”

I rose into the air, my dick aching so badly, needing to erupt in the whore’s cunt and defeat her. Never do favors for criminals. Never! I knew that. But I couldn’t think straight while fucking her. I was in her pussy and…


Winds howled down at the swimming bitch.


Becca Brittany

I gasped as the Arab futa rolled us onto her back. I had to go with her, my legs, arms, and tits stuck to her body. Her cock jabbed deep into my snatch. I groaned, twisting my hips on her, unable to stop myself from fucking back into this cock.

“That’s it,” the Arab MILF moaned. “Ride my cock.”

Suddenly, my arms and tits came free, but my calves were still glued to her body. I rose, unable to stop myself. My big tits bounced before me as I did just that. I worked my cunt up and down on her dick. My lusts were too great. I knew I would lose, and still I fucked her.


My cock smacked into her dusky belly every time I rammed down her girth. I groaned, the pleasure surging through me. My eyes rolled back into my head. No wonder Kimmie kept fucking me when I was tied up and helpless, taking the risk that I would cum in her before she got off. This was addictive. I knew I would lose when she came in me, and that only made my pleasure swell. It was such a risk.

Only I couldn’t throw myself off of her. I was stuck.

I grabbed her tits with my hands, squeezing those pillowy mounds. She grinned at me, her face, matured to a dusky beauty, twisted in delight. She glued my hands to her mounds. I could knead them but couldn’t let go.

So I kneaded them.

“Yes, yes, yes, Becca Brittany is riding my cock,” moaned the Arab woman. “Ooh, yes, work that cunt on my dick.”

“It’s such an amazing dick!” I moaned, my cunt clenching hard on it as I drove my cunt down her shaft. Pleasure rippled through me. My futa-cock smacked into her belly, sending shivers through my body.

“Becca Brittany!” Keily spluttered as she crawled out of the river, her auburn hair plastered about her young face. “Stop fucking her.”

“I can’t!” I moaned. “I want her to cum in me. My pussy craves it.”

“Darn it, B!” shouted Keily. “You made us too horny!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped in agreement, squeezing the Arab woman’s tits again. My pussy worked faster and faster on her cock. I wanted to cum so badly. I wanted to feel that jizz spurt into my cunt. It would be so hot. So thick.

She would feel me up with her girl-cum. My snatch clenched down harder and harder, working up and down her clit-dick. Such pleasure rippled across the Arab futa’s face. She came closer and closer to erupting into me.

To defeating me.

But I would explode on this dick first. My pleasure swelled, too. My last orgasm as a futanari. My jizz would fire out of my cock. Maybe I could splatter her face. It was a small hope. If I could aim my cock, maybe, but my hands were so busy right now.

Keily crawled forward on her knees, her girl-dick thrusting out before her. She stroked it in her hand, cumming closer and closer to us. Her budding breasts jiggled. The nineteen-year-old girl’s face twisted with pleasure as she stroked herself harder and harder.

“Oh, Becca Brittany!” the Arab MILF groaned as I worked my cunt so fast on her dick.


My dick shuddered each time I came down on her.

“Oh, Becca Brittany, I’m going to cum in your pussy! I’m going to flood you with so much jizz! Just keep working that pussy down on my cock and—”

Her words cut off as Keily shouted, “Gotcha!”

The girl rammed her girl-dick into the Arab woman’s open mouth. Mrs. Fatima’s eyes bulged. Keily stroked her pale shaft hard and fast, her face contorting with pleasure. She was so young, able to cum so easily.

“You’re going to get a mouthful of… FUCK!”

Keily jerked her shaft out of the Arab MILF’s mouth. Tears burst from the girl’s green eyes. She whimpered, cradling her cock while the Arab MILF gave her a stern look. The impression of teeth faded on the tip of her clit-dick.

“That hurt!” Keily accused.

“I didn’t bite you that hard,” the MILF moaned, her hips thrusting up, driving her cock into my pussy.

“Fine, I’ll just cum on your lips,” the girl said, stroking her dick which had started to wilt. “Darn it, I was almost there. And Becca Brittany, stop riding her!”

“I…” My eyes widened as Keily aimed her cock right at the Arab woman’s mouth. If I kept riding the futa, I’d lose.

But I wanted to keep riding her.

With a herculean scream, I slammed my pussy down the Arab futa’s shaft. And didn’t rise up it. I just sat their, feeling her dick buried to the hilt in me. My pussy twitched and squeezed down on her cock, itching for me to keep riding her. I groaned, fighting that urge as Keily jerked her dick off right by the Arab woman’s face.

The more I itched, the more I squirmed. My pussy stirred around the Arab futa’s dick. Pleasure rippled across her face. Her hands shot up, grabbing my nipples. She squeezed and twisted them, moaning through clamped tight lips.

“You got to make her open her mouth,” panted Keily. “Pinch her nipples or something.”

“I can’t,” I whimpered. “My hands are stuck to her tits.”

Keily just kept stroking her dick, the pink tip hovering inches from the Arab MILF’s lips. She hadn’t given up. And neither would I. But it was so hard to stay still. I couldn’t. I squirmed more and more, wiggling my hips, my pussy drinking in the friction.

And building my orgasm.

“No, no, no,” I moaned, my body twitching. “Hurry up, Keily! You have to defeat her. I can’t hold out. This dick… I want to fuck this dick.”

“Oh, god, I’m trying,” whimpered Keily. “But she bit my dick! Ooh, I’ll cum so hard! I’ll get you for that. It was so mean of you to do!”

My toes curled. The woman twisted my nipples. Jolts of electricity shot down to my pussy. I gasped, my hips rising out up of instinct. My pussy slid up her cock, the friction shooting to the aching tip of my futa-dick. Then I slammed down her.

My girl-cock smacked into her stomach. The tip drank in the sensation.

I came.

My hot cum spurted up her dusky body and splattered her pillowy tits, a barrier to my cum hitting her mouth at this angle. I shuddered, watching my futa-seed spill across her breasts while my pussy writhed on her dick.

The Arab woman moaned, “Yes!” her mouth opening so wide as my pussy milked her cock. “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Come on,” I whimpered to Keily as my orgasm writhed through me. My pussy convulsed so hard on the futa’s dick, milking it, bringing her to her orgasm.”

“So close!” Keily whimpered.

“Oh, yes!” the Arab futa moaned.

And she came in me.

My pussy welcomed her jetting cum. It spurted so hard into my snatch. I felt every blast striking my cervix. Then it swirled hot about her throbbing dick. My own orgasm intensified. Rapture shot through me. I whimpered, my eyes rolling back into my head.

Ecstasy drowned me.

Blue light spilled around me.

I convulsed and shuddered as the light swallowed me. Suddenly, my pussy was empty of cock. My hands weren’t squeezing plump tits any longer. I traveled through eternity for a heartbeat and appeared in the same snowy, austere paradise of Winter.

B hissed in irritation, her busty form hovering in the air over me. “It’s fine,” she spat as I appeared. “It’s still three on two. And Officer Cindy is out there. She’s not as pathetic as her girlfriend.”

“I’m sorry,” Marcie said, sitting nearby stroking her futa-cock. “Kimmie caught my by surprise.”

“I thought you could handle your own students,” B snapped. She buzzed closer. “At least Becca here had the balls to take that cheerleader down. Defeated her in a little cock duel.” She smirked at me. “Now let’s see if little Keily can defeat Mrs. Fatima. Not she doesn’t matter. I only recruited the little bitch to stick it to Summer’s first choice.”

“Keily’s motivated and about to cum,” I panted. “She just needs to get it in the woman’s body.”

“And then only Deidre’s left in the game for Summer. And she’s getting her ass kicked by Officer Cindy right now.” B chortled in delight. “I have this! That’ll teach the Summer slut!”


Deidre Reddings

I swam as hard as I could, the current dragging at me as I struggled to get away from Officer Cindy. My heart thudded in my chest. Energy surged through me, making me tremble but powering my muscles. My legs kicked so hard. My arms stroked through the water. I was swimming upstream.


Because the futa-cop scared me. She almost beat me.

“You little bitch!” shouted Officer Cindy from the above.

She was flying.

That was totally unfair.

Winds howled down at me. I squeaked and dove beneath the river. I kicked hard as the gravely river bottom passed me by, waving fronds of something green and frilly brushing my futa-cock. Above, the surface rippled with the strength of her wind. I wanted to keep beneath the surface.

But my lungs began to burn. I had to breathe. I wasn’t a fish. I groaned, clawing my way back up to the surface. I burst up amid the wind. It pulled at my wet hair, trying to grip my body in the river. I gasped a deep breath and dove back beneath the surface.

My hands clawed at the water before me, pulling me along with panicked strokes. What could I do? She could fly? My legs kicked hard, fighting to escape her. They already started to burn with muscle fatigue. I ignored the build up of lactic acid in my flesh, forcing my legs to keep propelling me forward.

I burst up for air.

“I’ll fuck you so hard up the ass, bitch!” the futa-cop shouted, flying in the air like mad banshee, her big tits heaving, her hand furiously masturbating her girl-dick. A waterspout surged at me, sucking up water.

I squawked in panic, dove beneath the surface. I was so going to lose. There was no way I could escape. She could fly. How much longer could I keep swimming. I looked up, the waterspout rippling past me, and swam for the surface.

My arms and legs felt like lead as I came up for air. My hair plastered to my head. I sucked in grateful air, my body wanting to sink back to the bottom. I let it as the waterspout roared and churned back towards me. A spray of mist washed over me before I vanished beneath the river.

I felt like such a failure. I promised Keily I’d find a way to let us both keep our dicks. And I was about to lose. At least… At least my sister would have hers. She didn’t deserve to suffer for my mistake.

I kicked myself towards the surface, my body burning, aching, at its limits. It was over. I lost.


Keily Reddings

Becca Brittany vanished in a flash of swirling blue. I whimpered, my orgasm on the verge of exploding out of me. I aimed it right at her mouth which was wide open as she squirmed in her orgasmic delight, her cum-stained breasts heaving with her passion.

Just a few more strokes. I could do this. I could avenge Becca Brittany and then… And then find my sister. Together, we would end this stupid game and find a way for us to be both happy as pregnant futas.

The image of my sister and me both heavily pregnant, our bellies so swollen with the other’s daughter, flashed through my mind. We lay on our sides, sucking on each other’s dicks, loving each other with all our passion.

It’s such a beautiful love, Querciola whispered in my thoughts. Something that should be treasured.

“Yes!” I gasped and came.

My ovaries convulsed. My cum shot out of them and up my cock. I groaned, feeling that blast of jizz racing for the tip of my dick. The spongy crown quivered. And then my cum fired out of me aimed right at her—

Her hand shoved itself over the tip of my dick, cupping it. My cum fired against her palm. My white cream squirted around my shaft, splattering back on my stomach and upper thighs. My body quivered and quaked. My pussy convulsed as my orgasm surged through me.

“No!” I groaned as I trembled in rapture. I almost had her.

My cum kept firing, my body not caring it was all going to waste. I drenched her hand and sprayed my own body. But not a drop fell on her mature, lush lips. She grinned at me as she rose, her jizz-splattered tits heaving before her. Such hunger burned in her eyes.

She wanted to fuck my barely legal pussy so badly. I could feel it in the hunger of her gaze. She yearned to feast on me. I shuddered, my snatch convulsing even harder. Bliss shuddered through me. I wanted to fall on my back, spread my legs, and let this wonderful MILF fuck me so hard. Her cock would slid into my pregnant cunt. Her big tits would sway over me, Becca Brittany’s cum dribbling on to my face, into my open mouth.

I wanted that so badly but… But then I would fail my sister. We’d promised to find away. She was counting on me not to lose my futa-cock. I couldn’t let this sexy MILF fuck me no matter how wet it made my pussy.

I jerked back from her and—

Pain flared in my cock. It stretched and stretched, stuck to her palm. Her fingers weren’t even holding it. Her power held my dick’s tip against her hand. I whimpered, my pussy clenching. I couldn’t flee without ripping my shaft off.

“No!” I groaned.

“Ooh, yes,” she purred. “I’m going to fuck your pussy and breed your tight cunt! I love breeding barely legal twats.”

“But I’m already pregnant!” I moaned, my head casting about. I had to do something. What?

The MILF grabbed my shoulder with her free hand, pushing me back. I struggled to stay upright, but she was a bigger woman than me, all curves and bountiful flesh, while I was a petite, dainty thing. I ended up on my back. Her hand released my still-hard cock, my cum dripping from it as she grabbed my right breast, gripping it hard.

Then her cock once again plunged into my pussy. For a moment, there was an incredible shock of pleasure. My body utterly welcomed her in me. It felt so good. If her cumming in me wouldn’t have caused me to be defeated, I would let her pump away in me, just pounding her cock in and out of my cunt until we both exploded in rapture.

But I couldn’t do that.

“Help!” I shouted at the top of my lungs as the Arab futa fucked me so hard, Becca Brittany’s jizz flicking from those heaving tits and splattering my face. “Deidre! Help! Help! Anyone! I need help! I can’t lose!”

“But you’re going to, my little angel,” groaned the futa. “Ooh, yes, you’re just such a delicious creature. We’re going to have so much fun.”



Officer Cindy Matheson

The waterspout rushed for the girl as her head popped up above the surface. Triumph surged through me. I shuddered, fisting my dick so hard. I had her this time. I could see the exhaustion on her face as she stared at my approaching waterspout.

She had resigned herself to her punishment, surrendering.

“Help!” The piercing cry reached my ears. My cop instincts whirled me around. I peered down river. Thanks to my height, I spotted two figures on the bank downriver, struggling together.


“Deidre! Help! Help! Anyone! I need help! I can’t lose!”

The figures were so far away, I shouldn’t be able to hear them, but I did. I shuddered, wanting to scoop up Deidre and fuck her so hard and beat the bitch, but that had to be Keily in trouble. She must have run into the Arab futa. My teammate was losing. She was being fucked so hard right now, pinned beneath that MILF.

“Dammit!” I snarled. I couldn’t let her lose. She was in need. I had to help her. I was a cop, even here in Faerie. Keily was on my side. I needed to protect her.

I’d have to track down her sister later.


Deidre Reddings

The waterspout vanished. The futa-cop suddenly flew off downriver.

I was too tired too care why. I had a reprieve. I would embrace it. My body wanted to sink beneath the flowing river. I groaned, forcing myself to swim to shore. Hope gave me energy. I could still figure out a way to let us all keep our futa-dicks. I sucked in ragged breaths, spluttering and coughing, the bank coming closer and closer. Every stroke made my legs burn and my arms protest.

I groaned in relief when I reached the beach. My fingers sunk into the sand. I panted, crawling up onto the shore. I gasped for breath. My heart labored as I trembled. Why did the futa-cop suddenly take off? What was happening that could have distracted…?

“Keily!” I gasped, hopping to my feet. My little sister was in that direction.

Footsteps slapped on wet sand behind me.

I spun around to see Ms. Kim, the futa-mother of one of Keily’s friends, rounding a bend in the river. The Korean woman froze at the sight of me. Then she smiled. Her fingers flexed. Cold whirled around her digits. I wanted to let out a hysterical laugh.

Another Winter futa with magic?

Why couldn’t I have any powers?

Ice flew at me and I threw my exhausted body to the ground. I couldn’t give up. Hope gave me the energy to keep fighting. There had to be a way to stop this mess. The chill hissed over my head. I rolled on the ground like tumbling in PE and came up on my feet.

Ms. Kim conjured more ice, a wild grin on her face, her futa-dick thrusting so hard from her petite form.

I. Would. Not. Lose!

To be concluded…

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