The Futile At-Tempt

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It was 3:30pm and I was home alone as I came early from the office… The idea of me being alone at home in afternoon has the same level of excitement on my head as u r alone with your wife or girlfriend and nobody is there is to disturb u… That’s coz It allows me to have endless self sex sessions while watching my favourite porn stars in action… Believe me but that’s how deprived and depraved I was… Heterogeneity in Sex medium is something I have lacked for past years and surprisingly my parched body has just accepted it rationally as it has found an independent way to blow off the torch of my Wild Sexual desires! So, I was alone and I was hungry as ever… I had ample time to indulge into my favourite porn for 2 long hours till I cud manage to cum after reaching the culmination point and parachuting down! My wife would come after 5:30pm…

But when u have ample time to utilise, u waste most of it… I too did the same coz of the indomitable greed to get myself the best eye candy… I kept browsing and kept changing the models, categories, genres and ethnicity… At times I would reach to the highest peak of ejaculation and then would slip down coz of lack of consistency in content, unwanted thoughts and defying focus… I mean if you keep getting distracted amidst visuals of brunettes and blondes flaunting nude boobs and butts, something is seriously wrong with you… Let alone the reasons behind it but the fact of the matter is I was not imaginative enough… After achieving multiple peaks and valleys my 2 hour long ride through the sinusoidal curve of concupiscent emotions ended up with harsh sound multiple ring bells.

It was her and my 6 years old offspring whom we managed to create and conceive in one of the rare moments of passion we had… A Visual tour de nudity had ended with the arrival of 2 well dressed Civilians… One I couldn’t fuck enough and another was the product of my rare and erroneous fucking I had without using any elastic membrane! I paused for a while before opening a door as testosterone was still gushing out slowly and my dick was refusing to snooze! I don’t want my wife or son to have a glimpse of the thing which was protruding out of my body and has now become an extracorporeal component! There is a thing with Maltepe Escort our ‘Thing’. It will snooze when we want it to remain hard and erected and becomes adamant when we want to remain calm and civilised… The very reason of my nymphomania is not behaving and has its own user unfriendly menu!

My son wanted to go downwards and wife ordered me a Tea before going on a bath… I had to keep it ready till she is done with bathing… Spices, Cardamom, Tea leaves and milk has filled the surrounding with aroma and helped me to forget the misery I just had few mins back.

Tea was already boiling and she just came out of bathroom wrapping a towel which could only cover 1/3rd part of her body… Bosoms to hips in precise! She called me to check the tiny boil on the back of her left shoulder… I found the one and asked her to ignore… The post spa droplets on her semi nude body has filled my olfactory senses with the soothing aroma… There is this divine odour Evey time a woman comes out of bath… I guess one should bottle it and merchandise it… Any day better than the costliest perfume… A Scent of Woman!

The perimeter of the rectangular towel was not long enough to cover the circumference of her voluptuous body… The 2 ends of the towel was struggling to meet and she had to hold it from one arm… And yet I could see upper most portion of her twin assets from the tug which was loosely covered… Her thunder thighs got exhibited as the breadth of the towel was so short to hide them… I could also take a sneak peek at her bubble buts as she bent down to pick something… I felt few grams of extra pounds beneath my pants… The Hormone which just got diminished slowly returns to its favourite Muse. And there it is, My Cock was expressing its presence by hoisting its Survival instinct! She was covered enough and yet she was unintentionally flaunting more than enough to give me a ray of hope to give a vent to my machismo and Sexual bravado! Her Curves worked as beacon for the person who is so lost in lust… She was just a tiny n feeble force away from availing me a successful shag session… I was so determined to screw her with consent or to rape her if need arises… I dint mind either ways as both could lead me to fuck her Ümraniye Escort ravenously till I could jerk and jerk till I moan out loud with sigh of relief!

Her partially wet body and that Smell worked as an aphrodisiac here and I kept licking those droplets and kissing parts of her body which were on display! She stopped me and tried to push me away… Had she known the Condition of my innards, she would know that such attempts to forbid me was just so futile… I ignored her nudging completely… I mean she is just half my size and her tiny pushes and my huge amount of lustful diligence would deny her very existence if she tries to put any kind of protest… I rushed her to the kitchen while kissing and switched off the burner… Who would care about boiling Tea when fire inside me was enough to vaporize the water droplets on her body by Conduction of Heat… I pulled her or her fractionally hidden thorax region catapulted me to rush her to the bedroom and threw her to the bed… Yes, I actually threw her… Unwrap her and there she was… Lying nude and helpless on the bed… Trying to hide her vitals with her tiny hands and shrinking her legs… So, one hand was trying to hide her genital and the other was trying to cover 2 boobs which was mathematically impossible… She would know this had she studied the principles of size and shapes properly… Her boobs were Big enough that even the collective attempt of 2 palms wont be able to Eclipse the outlines of the same completely… Let alone the idea of covering the 2 of them with one hand… Girls do this… The sane part in them gets extinct when they sense they are about to get fucked and there is no way to escape.

I lied besides her kissed her wildly… Then I started enjoying her tits (which had perhaps equal gravitational pull as a Black Hole in the universe has) with all the possible utilisation of properties the mouth and hands were designed for… Pressing, Fondling, Squeezing, Biting, Leaking and Sucking! My left arm got a life of its own and navigated to her vagina… She tried to hold my hand… I smirked at her futile attempt… I started taking the feel of her partially shaved vagina and cervix… And soon my index finger went inside… She was moist from inside… Feeling İstanbul Escort the lubrication inside, I accompany another finger with the one which is already in… Now 2 fingers were doing all the possible mechanics inside… For me it was double bonanza, for her its was double jeopardy! The twin fingers digged her pussy relentlessly… They even rolled around her G Spot… She was moaning loud n louder… Women have 6 erogenous zones on her body… I rode through all of them systematically… Her screams would motivate me more and I continued doing it more wildly and roughly while eating her tits like an ethiopian kid when served with full course meals… She couldn’t hold it and so I had to stop eventually.

My Cock was hard as rod by then… I respected it’s need and ego and removed my pants and got myself inside her without seeking her permission… That was the first time I got to go inside in the span of 3 months… Gosh! She was hot as Tandoor! I started fucking her in missionary position… I would Savage on observable part of her frontal body simultaneously… She would keep screaming and my hips would work up even faster with her ongoing moaning… I wanted to fuck her like a bitch, trying all the positions I saw in my fantasia… I wanted to go deeper n deeper… Had my scrota been not hindering my quantum dig-out i would keep digging her and would have ventured into her heart through abdomen just to feel what’s in her heart and why she keeps depriving me from my most loved session… I was getting crazily wild… My dreams and Consensus to excavate her pussy interfered abruptly by multiple ring bells.

It was my son who is done with his cycling session and now wanted to end my drilling session… I ignored him for a while and kept fucking her but the child was getting restless outside and so eventually my filial love had superseded my lust which again left me in sheer incompleteness! 2 ring bells in a span of 1 hour has just ruined my idea of giving myself a good Coitus and made me lose my calm ness and satiety… I wanted to parachute down after reaching the culmination point but In stead I was forced to hit the ground… This time the Gravity hit me badly as I travelled from one end of emotion to another with high velocity! I was still fucking her in my mind but I was forced to stop physically… The quack of this abrupt retardation had multiple after shocks! The Lava couldn’t explode out and gave the crust an indefinite disturbia as a result of incomplete exothermic reaction!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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