The Girl – Stories: Mission 14

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— “Are you sure you want to do this?” — asked Juan, looking down on her small figure.

— “Yes.” — said Lilly smiling — “Don’t worry. I just have to tie a few loose ends.”

Lilly entered the heavy door, and closed the tight behind her.

It was one of the sound proofed rooms of the brothel, made for conducting business. There were some books and documents on the shelves, and a big dark desk in the middle. Apart from a computer, which one would expect in such a office, the desk was filled with different implements of rape and torture. Most of them were used on her body at least once during her short, but eventful stay. Whips, cuffs, hand-held dildos, electric tasers, nipple clamps, needles. Everything was laid there.

Behind the desk, there was a rolling chair, and to this chair, Jose was secured with his hands cuffed behind him.

— “You bitch.” — he spat at her, trashing in the chair — “You ruined this place.”

— “That wasn’t really my choice, sir.” — said Lilly in a humble voice.

The man looked slightly taken aback. But then continued his insults.

— “You worthless slut, why do you come here?” — he said, as she inspected some nipple clamps from the table — “You think you’ll get anything from me?”

— “Hopefully” — she said picking up some whip, and straining it against the table.

— “You want to torture me?” — he asked — “You can hurt me all you want!”

Lilly turned towards him, looking at him like he would say the worst offence possible.

— “Torture?” — she said, genuinely eager to clear up the misunderstanding — “No. I’m sorry, sir,” — she continued walking behind his chair — “I probably should have started with that.”

Lilly took a key from the string over her neck, showed it to him, and them opened the handcuffs which were holding him. He massaged his hands, looking at her with disbelief. She then placed one of the cuffs over her own wrist and turned her back to him, placing her hands together behind her back.

— “Would you be so kind, sir?” — she said, reversing a bit to give him easier access — “One of my hands is still quite useless, so I can’t do it myself.”

Jose was very unsure of the situation, and he looked around for a hidden trap. But when he closed the cuffs over her other hand, Lilly turned back to him, smiling.

— “That feels much better” — she said, putting her foot on his knee, showing she has not panties underneath the short skirt.

The puzzled look on Jose’s face quickly turned into a one of rage. She grabbed Lilly by the throat with one hand, his fingers nearly wrapping full way around her small neck.

— “You’re playing games with me, girl?” — he asked, choking her — “You think it’s funny?”

Lilly could not grab at his hands, as she was cuffed, and she could not utter bursa eskort a word as her windpipe was being squeezed.

— “They already have so much on me,” — he said, slowly cutting of the circulation in her neck — “I don’t have much to loose, whore.”

Her face started to turn red, but before she could squeeze any sound out of herself, Jose grabbed a taser from the table, and while still holding her by the throat, he jabbed the prongs of the taser directly into her exposed crotch and pushed the button. Her whole body trembled, and she managed only to gasp, as he released his grip on her, and she collapsed onto the ground.

— “Please” — she pleaded from the floor, after regaining her voice.

— “You dare to ask for mercy, you pig?” — he asked, grabbing her by the hair.

— “No,” — she said, as he slapped her face hard — “No, please.”

He slapped her two more times, as she just waited for him to allow her speak.

— “Please, sir.” — she said as he paused — “I’m not asking for mercy.” — she continued, moving to her knees, to relieve the tension on her scalp — “Please punish me, if I wronged you.”

— “If?” — said the man, with rage in his voice, making Lilly shiver.

The man, stabbed her tit with the taser, and jolt of electricity, like white-hot iron, pierced her flesh. This time nothing stopped her from screaming out. She just hoped the room was really soundproof, and Juan won’t be storming in.

To Lilly’s delight, the man laid the taser back on the table. He then grabbed the two sides of her buttoned up shirt, and ripped it open. Under the shirt, her body was still bruised from her torture, which gave him a moment’s pause.

— “I can recommend the nipple clamps, sir.” — said Lilly in a subserviant voice — “They are really painful.”

Jose took two of them, and placed them on her nipples, turning the screw, until he saw genuine pain on her face. After that, when he admired his handiwork, she leaned forward, and used her teeth to undo the button in his pants. She had enough experience now, that on her knees, and with her hands tied, she could probably do an origami swan with her teeth.

— “You want some of this?” — he asked, pulling out his dick.

— “I hope I was a good whore, sir.” — she said, kissing and licking the length of his shaft — “I tried to do my best.” — she continued, planting a deep kiss on the head — “It was an honour to serve you, sir.”

She took him in her mouth, and relaxed her throat to take him deeper. He rewarded it by catching her hair in a tight grip, and pushing her even further. He then grabbed her handcuffed hands, and used them to make her stand up on straight legs, with her face still impaled on his cock. It was a hard position to maintain, but he helped her by tightly holding bursa merkez escort to her hair. He took a riding crop from the table, and started to smack her ass. Every five times, he pulled her head off of his dick, for a second. And every time she was saying “Thank you, sir”, and dutifully opening her mouth again, to welcome his cock again.

By the time he finally came, she had a hook up her ass, some additional weights on the clips attached to her tits, and her ass was a grid of whip marks.

— “Thank you very much, sir.” — she said

— “Why you doing this kid?” — Jose asked, as she cleaned his cock.

— “To thank you.” — she said, climbing on straddling him awkwardly, while holding the hook in her ass with her tied hands.

— “Is this the only reason?” — he asked, as she erotically rubbed herself on his still erect penis.

— “No.” — she said, hovering over his shaft — “You see, sir, … I am an object. A property.” — she said, biting her lip in anticipation, as he grabbed his cock to align it with her hole — “And you see … any profits on my body …” — she said, slowly pushing herself on his cock — “should belong to my owners.”

The man enjoyed the warmth and tightness of her pussy for a minute, then grabbed the hook, which was still embedded in her ass, and used it to pull her up and down over his cock.

— “So you want money?” — he asked, as she moaned.

— “No, sir.” — she said between gasps — “We have the money from the safe downstairs, but, ahhhh, I need to know how much of it was made on me. Ahhh.” — the position was turning her on, and she was nearing an orgasm.

— “You think we keep records on all you filthy whores?” — asked Jose, pulling on the her nipple clamps

— “Yes, sir. Ahhh. I know you do.” — she said, closing her eyes and gyrating her pelvis over his crotch — “I saw them when you were checking Eleni’s track record.”

— “You cheeky little minx.” — said Jose, enjoying her movements

— “Please?” — she said, looking into his eyes — “I just want to know how much I made for my owners.”

Jose, weighted his options. On one hand he blamed her for the police raid, on the other, deep down he had to admit she saved his life.

— “You’re one weird whore.” — he said.

— “Thank you, sir.” — she said, lifting herself off of his dick, — “I’m your whore, sir.” — she went back down again, taking the length of his shaft into her pussy on one go.

The man grunted, feeling the tight hole swallowing his cock. He moved the chair closer to the desk, and opened up the computer. He logged in and opened up the books. All while she fucked herself on his cock, rubbing her clit on his abdomen at the same time. The man wrote the numbers on a piece of paper, while bursa sınırsız escort she did what she could to hold herself steady. And just as he finished, she rammed herself on him, bringing herself to and orgasm. Then, to his surprise, she stood up.

— “Hey …” — he stood up, wanting to grab her.

— “Sorry, sir,” — he said, while laying herself, tits-down, on the high table. Her legs hanging down from the edge — “but a slut like me, should not enjoy herself like that.” — she said, grabbing the hook with her tied hands, and pulling it out of her ass — “She should be used like a worthless whore she is.”

The man looked at her ass, hanging on the edge of the desk, then grabbed her hips, and shoved his cock deep into her tight anal passage. She grunted in pain, as her tits, still with the clamps attached to them, moved across the desk. Soon the man got into a pace, using her cuffed hands to pull her onto his cock. It hurt her nipples, tummy and thighs, but when he came deep in her bowels, it just felt right.

— “You played me, girl” — he said, uncuffing her hands a while after, — “Didn’t you?”

Lilly stood up, massaging her wrists, and dropping her head.

— “Yes.” — she said — “A bit.”

— “I knew it.” — he said, with a smirk in his voice.

— “I mean, I did key-logged your access, so they will have the access to all the records” — she said motioning towards the door — “but I wasn’t lying about the info I wanted.”

The man smiled to himself, while sitting back in the chair and looking at her sexy, abused body.

— “I’m sorry, sir, we don’t have more time for you to punish me, but I can’t give you more than” — she paused looking at the clock — “more than 5 minutes head start.”

— “5 minutes? Head start?”

— “Yes. I’m very sorry, but I lost track of time.” — she said — “Please, use the secret exit beside the statue.”

— “How did you …” — he started to say, looking at the place she pointed and back at her.

— “No time to explain.” — she said — “Please go, sir.”

As Jose was climbing into a small opening, hidden under a shelf near a statue, Lilly read the note he left on the desk, and took out a wad of rolled up dollars form her skirt inner pocket, and counted out an approximate sum.

— “One more thing, sir.” — she said before he disappeared — “I asked my owners to give you your cut. You know, for pimping me out.” — she smiled shyly — “And they agreed to 15 percent.”

He looked at her dumbfounded as she passed the neatly folded banknotes to him.

— “Don’t worry, sir.” — she said — “They will surely make me pay it off.”

He did not know what to say, but before he could, Lilly closed the passage door behind him. After a few seconds he realized he was wasting time, and started to quickly walk down the service stairs, to escape through a window in the basement.

Lilly got back to the desk and hid the note in her inner pocket. She then sat on the chair, handcuffed her hands behind the back of the chair, and waited. Smiling.

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